Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 101

Irene’s eyes were bigger than a lamp. Dietrich poured words into his muddy face.

“I don’t know what’s inside you! I don’t even know why you’re sticking to me! You can’t wait to see the attention of the man who stands out the most! Since Miss Charlotte already monopolizes Albert’s army, you approached him with the intention of taking me next!”

A ball of fire sprang up from my neck. The inside of me, which I couldn’t reveal, burned my stomach.

“On the surface, you pretended to be close to Miss Charlotte, and you must have been jealous! Isn’t that why you’re so hard-pressed? Did I look easy now that I was reduced to her!”

Dietrich had a desired position. Charlotte got in the way of getting it. If she had room to get back on her feet, it would be over.

So I pressed Albert to destroy it thoroughly. Albert followed Dietrich well, as he intended, or more. He was literally the ideal emperor of his choice.

I didn’t want to judge you wrong now.

And yet one terrible thought kept messing with my head.

For Albert, Dietrich or Charlotte are the same.

Being able to bounce off with just one gesture.

I promised myself I’d give it a shot. As a result, it came up to here. Dietrich, though, was still a shadow behind someone.

Dietrich clenched his fist and exhaled a wild breath.

Only then did a little coolness return.

I took it out completely.

So far, I have postponed my marriage because I had to measure various conditions. I thought I’d find the best partner somewhere. The person who will be most helpful to his position. Like Batilde to Albert.

Irene fell behind in priority by that standard. I’m caught from a background. I felt like I was constantly craving someone. I didn’t think I could control myself.

Still, Irene was always hovering around.

As I got used to it as Sinab, on the other hand, I made ominous inference. As a result, I spewed out my imagination as if it were true.

Dietrich opened his mouth to patch up his slip of the tongue. But even before the first syllable was removed, Irene stood up first.

“What makes you say that?”

It was a frozen tone. The face that looked young like a girl was creepy. She slapped Dietrich on the cheek as soon as she pulled out a fan with decorations on her belt.

“Like this…”

It flew again. It was a deliberate slap. He was strong enough not to know where such power came from his small body.Dietrich’s lips are torn. Irene didn’t stop and kept hitting. Swinging and hitting, screaming words came out together.

“It’s not funny. You know what aristocracy is? An aristocrat, an emperor, nothing without a penny of gold! Who are you to say that to me? Dietrich, who do you think you are?”

“I’ll apologize, I’ll make a mistake.”

“I!! Because you guys are one! So Lotte, I……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Irene beat Dietrich with a groan of nonsense. My cheeks were swollen and my ears were burning. Dietrich endured a torrent of violence without being able to push. The frame of the glasses bent and caught at a strange angle, and the irene in front of my eyes was dimmed.

The frames of the glasses stopped the violence. The wrong fan bounced off and fell to the floor.

Irene stopped her twitching hand. Dietrich couldn’t quite see what look she had on her face. Only a wrinkled voice sounded like a deflated paper balloon.

“I found out too late. He wasn’t worth a damn.”

Then she picked up the fan and ran out.

Dietrich slumped into an armchair. I closed my eyes wistfully. I had a lot to say with my tight lips, but only one thing came and went in my head.

I wonder what the result will be if we follow here now.

He was still taking stock at this moment.

Dietrich straightened out his curved glasses. I managed to harden my mind with a clear view. I stood up and stepped towards the front door.

“Lena, Lena!”

It’s a nickname that I only called once or twice when I begged.

It’s all right. I’ll still be outside the front door. There was a high chance that I would wait because I changed my mind. Irene went into another man’s arms, but she kept hovering around her.

The remaining employees on duty fell asleep, and the mansion was grotesque. Dietrich had to open the front door himself.


My eyes met with a woman wet with rain.

It wasn’t Irene.

Juju took off her bonnet and loosened her blonde hair. A crescent-like smile came to my shady face. Dietrich, who was mesmerized, shut his mouth and stuck him on the railing.

“That’s too bad, Dido. Cute Lena has already left in the carriage. Why didn’t you hold him? I would’ve considered a suicide show with two kites. He’s lucky, by the way!”

A ridiculous force pressed Dietrich. I don’t understand the situation. I shook my arms and legs out of breath. There was a thumping noise. When I heard this sound, I hoped someone would show up.

“It’s no use resisting. ‘Cause there’s no one in this house tonight.

A man came in with an umbrella folded at the open porch.

Dietrich shouted his neck out as soon as he found the face. Ruslan, wearing a long coat, pulled on the porch and locked it.

“With very few employees left for the Marquis’ visit, there’s no one to stop you from coming in with such confidence. People here are very loyal because you’ve only lived in the palace. With a little preparation, I headed to the bar easily.”

“I splashed some money in your brother’s name and it worked out. They’ll think they’re in a brotherly fight by now. Don’t you understand this point? Mr. Dietrich.”

Juju said as she flung off her wet cape. Ruslan picked it up and dusted off the water. I even found a customer hanger and hung it.

Dietrich moaned like a nauseous man. I couldn’t understand. Wasn’t it a joke that Count Keitel’s Chonghui used a sword? What is this power?Even the way of speaking has changed. It was far from the lady’s way of speaking at a social gathering. It’s like the old…….


Dietrich struggled with his mouth shut. But he wasn’t a man of great force to resist the extraordinary ceremony. I flipped over and twisted my arm. Juju untied the rope wrapped around her body under the cape and trapped Dietrich.

“You’re good.”

“Whoa, I learned it from Semyon. It’s very useful.”

Juju put the end of the rope stretched from the knot on her shoulder. As I pulled it, my collapsed body dragged to the floor like a mop.

Dietrich struggled with a barely free mouth.

“Earl Keitel! I resigned as minister for your sodomy! Take Chong-hui with you for this robbery.… I don’t think I’ll ever be forgiven for this charlatan!”

“Detrich, you still don’t know. The Earl doesn’t carry me around.”

Juju slightly turned around and laughed.

“I carry the Earl with me.”

“What the hell are you……! Ugh!”

I bumped into the stairs. Was the central staircase this high? It didn’t end even if it went up and up.

Juju dragged him into the middle of the drawing room like a toy cart. A scene unfolded in front of Dietrich’s eyes.

It was a stove.

The coal burned out in the meantime. Only the residual heat was hot. The black back wall was like a cave in brain jade for Dietrich.

Ruslan, who followed, sat in the armchair where Dietrich sat earlier. He picked up a bottle of liquor from the table and checked the contents.

“Help me?”

“You can do it alone.”

Juju brought a tin of standing coal by the fire. I opened the patterned lid and scooped the coal with a small shovel.

Dietrich looked at the coal piling up on the pedestal. I couldn’t resist the question from a while ago. At the end of the day, I asked.

“What the hell are you… ..?”

Juju blinked and crouched her legs. Dietrich’s face was right in front of his face.

“It’s Charlotte.”

Dietrich was convulsed by the name. Wicked by reflecting on the body of the funeral.

“Don’t lie to me!”

“By the way, if you don’t believe in this situation, it’s an intelligence problem. Dido, unlike me, is very smart, and you tried to get rid of this bitch next to Albert.”

I just raised my thumb and pressed the back of my head. Juju recited to him unrelentingly.

“For your information, I’ve cleaned up all the fountains. In fact, it was a unit you took from me. Oh, Albert took care of number two, except for him.”

“No way, my God, the ghost, the……!”

“Detrich, you’re about to die. Teach me.”

Juju looked at him with her head tilted. It didn’t even show that Irene beat him a few more times thanks to the fan.

“Didn’t you feel sorry for pushing me, Charlotte?”

At one time, he was trustworthy of Dietrich. Thanks, helped by his cool analysis and public opinion drive.

I truly thought it was a relief that such a determined friend appeared to the precarious Albert.

Dietrich clenched his teeth. There’s no way a dead man would suddenly come back alive. My body trembled with anger of being misled by the emergency ceremony.

“Earl Keitel, Earl Keitel! There is no weightlifting like you in the world! What a human being to dig up old friendships! What good are you going to gain by confusing me with this woman’s bullshit!”

Ruslan, who was listening from behind, laughed. Juju sat on his chin and appreciated his performance. I sighed briefly and stood up.

“Yes, I understand. You don’t even think of the possibility that Charlotte will come back. I was going to clean myself up as thoroughly as that.””Where did you hear about Miss Charlotte? She’s dead. In the way of the new emperor’s reign, only to disappear…….”

My body fell over the stove grid. Coal was just around the corner of Dietrich.

There was no sense of reality about what would happen in the future. So Dietrich focused on why they would do this. Then I suddenly came up with a conclusion.

“Albert…” So, was Albert interested in you?”

I purposely got a picture of a gold coin fairy and watched him appreciate it. Pretending not to be, Dietrich knew it. Interested in Count Keitel’s beautiful mistress!

Now I know everything. The Count will manipulate the Emperor using his woman. So it would have injected the knowledge of old lover Charlotte. Wasn’t even the ice encephalus in the north?

Nevertheless, Albert has tended to reflect and obsess over Charlotte since her death. There’s nothing more certain about beauty than this!

“Earl Keitel, you’re the one who’s going to rot in Mango! Even the emperor I built coughing up blood, ruining your fable empire in the Old Kingdom, huh!”

“Detrich, let’s stop playing loyalist.”

Juju grabbed Dietrich by the back and buried him in coal. I unfolded the tongs and plugged them in deeply. The back of my neck was pressed and my head was fixed.

Dietrich twisted his body and began the final resistance. Juju watched his wretched self for a moment and quietly sentenced him.

“You’ve done a lot of things, so I don’t even feel like saying hello. You know, you’ve always looked down on others, but look. You’re the funniest of all.”

“Ugh, ugh, sire, hah…… Charlotte, Te……!”

“I’ll tell you one thing before I die. You think Albert is as close as you are. Albert, I actually prefer Jonathan to you.”


Ruslan came up with a bottle of alcohol. I poured what was left of Dietrich’s head.

“The last drink. We owe a lot to your artistic aesthetic.”

He pulled a match out of his pocket and pulled it. Juju quickly took the embers from his hands.

Ruslan looked at her and turned to Dietrich. The icy face lit up against the matchlight.

“Don’t say goodbye.”

Juju threw a match on the coal.

The fire burned. The entire drawing room was bright and warm, as it was a large and deep stove like the time-honored court house.

The two men came down to the front door together. Ruslan brought a cape around Juju’s body.

At first glance, I looked up the stairs and saw the smoke of impurities burning was black.

“I wonder what’s left of riding.”

“Isn’t it just a lump of tin?”

Juju opened the front door. I folded my arms tightly to enter the umbrella supported by Ruslan.

“With his glasses on. If the frames don’t melt, they’ll stay.”

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