Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 11

The drugstore was also located in the back of the alley market. Strangely enough, it was stuck in the middle of a row of bars, so the location was strange.

As I walked the foam with imitation jewelry, I smelled bitter grass. The air was bad, too. It was like putting something in an incense burner and burning it. Ruslan naturally took out a handkerchief and covered his nose and mouth.

“It’s not a place for expensive customers. What are you looking for?”

The old man sitting over the scale opened his eyes to doubt.

Is that old man Juju looking for a doctor? It was when Ruslan became curious. Juju glanced back at Ruslan and told the old man to listen.

“Why did you bring me here? Sleepy cars can’t be sold in places like this. What a liar!”

Ruslan momentarily realized what it meant and lowered his handkerchief. He lowered himself with a gimsymptomatically.”When did I lie to you? I meant you’d have a good night’s sleep if you went to heaven with me.”

“Just playing with words……! I won’t eat the tea you give me from now on!”

Ruslan naturally started haggling with Juju afterwards.

“You say that, but if you soothe him, he’ll eat it. Do you have any good stuff?”

Juju tapped the quibbling sheep Ruslan on the shoulder. It’s a lover who doesn’t know what to do you?

The old man who saw it sighed and relaxed his guard.

“Come on, you little prince. There’s no such thing as a weak spot in the world. No man would suffer if he had that.”

“Really? That’s not what I heard. You don’t deal with anything illegal?”

“This isn’t the store, it’s your job to take care of the bed. I don’t need to see you. Go back.”

The old man was about to roll up the scale while kicking his tongue. The juju aimed at the gap jumped out and jumped onto the counter.

She already had a medicine slicer in her hand. The rest of the hand slammed into the medicine cabinet in the back. The tip of the knife shone at the place where the old man’s neck was about to touch.

The old man stopped without breathing. Juju slightly turned her wrist, flashing her eyes under the cover. Very fine drops of blood formed.

“Hey, what, a robber!”

The moment the old man shouted, Juju whispered low.

“Old man, I knew you weren’t the owner. Where’s Angela?”

“Nonsense! Don’t be a bully and get out of here!”

Juju walked gracefully with her blonde hair that fell down.

“I’m not saying I don’t know anyone like that. You’re here, right? Maybe it’s time to get up.”

The old man’s throat gulped. It was a light of intense tension.

“Did the Emperor send you?”


Juju denied it at once.

“Prince One’s Mushroom Soup. Just go tell him this. I’m gonna ask you to understand and let me in.”

“I’ve already heard of it. I don’t need it. Put the knife down.”

As the back door opened, one person stepped in.

Juju turned his head in a triumphant light. Ruslan, on the other hand, looked at it rather oddly.

When I heard the name, I expected it to a certain extent. Still, it was amazing to see the real thing in personally.

The doctor in question was a young woman.

It was a face with a developed jaw to match the husky voice. The thin hair was disheveled. There was a feeling of alcohol on his cheek, but the gun in his eyes didn’t go away.

There are only three people in the world who know the inside story of the death of “Prince One.” There’s no way the emperor would have turned up in disguise as a girl.”

Angela picked up a nearby display of licorice and chewed it. Even though it would taste sweet, I crumpled my face and stared at Juju.

“You, and there’s a young man. What’s your relationship with Charlotte?”

It was in the system that Charlotte first met Angela.

Albert was a rising year at that time. He was recognized for his administrative ability as a result of managing the lands of the second prince, who was later disposed of. The old emperor was thrilled that his youngest brother, who had been left in the countryside, had grown up and came up to the palace immediately.

At that time, a gang that followed Albert went to the island together. Angela was one of the people Charlotte called around that time.

A spray doesn’t just do a throat job. When necessary, trap and poison are used. But Charlotte was illiterate with poison and needed a doctor to consult.

Angela was actually quite capable. Charlotte didn’t hate her either. There was no great exchange as a friend, but tea time in the afternoon was worth being together.At the height of his pressure on Albert, Charlotte asked her furtively.

“How do you tell the difference between edible and poisonous mushrooms?」

Angela taught Charlotte her knowledge of mushrooms. I brought some samples myself and had them take a look at them.

Shortly after, it was reported that mushrooms had been mixed incorrectly and delivered to the first prince’s residence.

It’s only a story of his own.

The exchange between the two ended five years ago. It is time for Charlotte to be punished. It was Angela who diagnosed Charlotte with broken knees and broken blood vessels.

“Your Majesty, a sinner will never walk again.」

She left a poignant message for Charlotte, bound by a cart and leaving for the North.

“I also saw your family’s execution. There was a will, but…….」

The two broke up at the end of the conversation.

“I’m going to leave the system and live in Ovenhappen.” It was a plan Angela had told only to Charlotte. I didn’t say specific reasons, but just one word spoke for her feelings.

“It’s just, it’s getting boring. I didn’t want to see this.」

Angela seems to have been secluded ever since. Juju was guided into the back room and roughly looked into the situation.

The back room was a mess to look at. The old bed had traces of waking up.

On the other hand, I can’t see the medical tools that have always been there for her. It was full of booze to kill the boredom.

A life of living by loosely selling medicinal herbs entering the harbor without using your knowledge as a doctor. It was quickly drawn into this snow for the past five years.

“If you’re here, why don’t you say something? What the hell is your relationship with Charlotte?”

Angela perched on the bed. Then, suddenly, he realized that there was a guest who was presumed to be a nobleman and beckoned.

“Hey, there’s no chair in this room, so just stand there. If I knew who that girl was, I’d be done talking.”

Ruslan put his hand on his chest with courtesy.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a meeting, so I’ll wait for the underprivileged.”

“When did I ever see that girl…….”

Juju finally took off the cover. I showed my face completely and opened my mouth.

“‘In a will, Viscount Moden said nothing. The Viscountess left a message.’ Angela, you haven’t forgotten.”

Angela’s eyes got bigger momentarily.

She jumped out of the dusty bed. He strode up and grabbed Juju’s face with both hands. My face got so close that I could reach it quickly.

After a long stare, I barely let go of my hand. Angela took a couple of steps back in a daze.

“……the height is different.”

His eyes looked ridiculous. Mumbling came the next word.

“You have a completely different. The hair color, eyes color, features, voice. Even if you cut bones and put wax in it, does that make this face possible?

“You agree it’s something you don’t know unless you’re the one.”

“What happened? Did he come back to life in a brain cell? What the hell’s wrong with your body, no way!

Angela finally grabbed her hair. As a doctor and a normal person, common sense was broken and panicked.

Juju quickly explained before she tore off her innocent hair.

“No need to be surprised. ‘Cause I got the memory.’

The magic of immortality cannot be unleashed here. So Juju kissed Ruslan in advance and said as planned.

“This body is not Charlotte. I don’t know what happened, but Charlotte’s memory came into me when I woke up from drinking poison by accident.””Even the temple doesn’t mention miracles like that! I’ll kill you if you’re making weird noises!”

“You remember the habit of being harsh when you don’t understand.”

Juju slightly tilted her head and smiled.

Angela realized at the moment. It’s the same habit Charlotte used to have. The girl in front of me had a completely different face, but the feeling of laughter was Charlotte itself.


Angela finally uttered a word that was simply unacceptable as a doctor.

If you hide in a deserted market, you will meet all sorts of people. There were a lot of crooks, too. Some of them put up a doctrine, and some claimed that I was possessed by evil spirits.

They were all liars to Angela’s eyes. But this girl was different.

There’s no resemblance, but she’s clearly posing as someone she used to know.

She knew only a little, but she was disillusioned, so she was defeated unfairly.

Juju slowly approached Angela.

“Imagine as you like. I don’t know what it looks like to your eyes, but I think I’m both a juju and a charlotte.”

Bend down and whisper quietly.

“We’re going to play a big game in the system. Come on up if you want to quit this life. If you find Count Keitel, he’ll protect you soon.”

Angela glanced back at Ruslan at the words. Ruslan, who leaned against the closet with his arms crossed, replied with a wink.

“And one more thing. There’s a new rumor about poison, do you know anything? Poison that acts only on the short circuit without trace when it touches the skin.”

Angela was startled by the words and picked up a bottle of liquor that had fallen to the floor many times. As soon as she tried to smack Juju on the head, Juju escaped lightly. When I pulled back and tapped with my left hand, the bottle neck flew away as if I had cut it with a knife.

Angela swallowed her breath with incredible skill. Juju didn’t lose any breath, she said.

“If the Emperor is involved, he’s on alert. Well, Albert is good at bothering people.”

“You, imitating Charlotte…”…. What are you trying to do?”

Then Juju burst into laughter. The loud laughter continued for a long time.

“Drink your favorite drink and imagine hard. What will Charlotte want to do when she comes back alive?”

It was well past midnight when the two left the market.

The waves hit the harbor pier and made a clattering sound.

Ruslan said, looking at the broad shadow of the ship.

“If you imply that you’re Charlotte, you’ll lose Merritt, who deliberately changed his body, and you’re willing to take her on board.”

Juju opened the cape a little more. It was a little cold to get into the sea breeze of the night.

“……I’m leaning on the uncertainty of trust. I had a working relationship with Angela, and I never thought of her as a friend, but she was the only one who was upset about me going into a brain cell.”

“It’s an uncertain factor. My words seem to have been misunderstood.”

Ruslan took off his coat and put it on Juju’s shoulder.

“I’m relieved that there’s someone you’re close to.”

“Why are you so relieved of my relationship?”

“It would be sad if there were only traitors around you.”

Ruslan was a nonchalant tone. It would have been pure appreciation, not a word made up to console.

And yet Juju blushed a little. The warmth of the large-shouldered outerwear caused some illusion.

Eventually, he poked out his lips and tapped his toes.”What? I said I didn’t want to pretend to know. How cheeky.”

“You’re so easily offended.”

Ruslan laughed briefly and turned the subject around.

“No need to worry, she was in the mood to join. Where did you get the confidence that someone who turned his back on the world would join us.”

“In other words, I live in Obenhappen.”

Her cape, covered in Ruslan’s robe, was fixed, opening the front with a lace ribbon. Juju fiddled with it.

“If Angela had really avoided the Emperor, she would have gone somewhere in the mountains. But the foreign poison smee chose the eastern port and set up a medicinal market, keeping a low profile.”

Albert betrayed the closest man thoroughly.

Angela would have been uneasy about how such an emperor would use it next. As an empire of one person.

“Well, I’ve always been more of a slur than a steady doctor. “That’s the nature of the virus, so I’m sure you’ve been thoroughly collecting rumors about the new poison.”

That’s why I’m out of port now.

The two men, who were taking a walk around the pier, came to a stop in front of a warehouse.

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