Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 111

Juju opened her mouth wide.

From the beginning, Batilde’s proposal was too readily accepted. Was this actually what you were looking for? So you’re right. Did you accept that?I can’t keep up with this son of a bitch’s idea!

Juju quickly removed Albert’s hand. It was unpleasant as if it had been touched by a bug, but the actual movement seemed to be reluctant to do so.

A chill rose and my shoulders shrank in the fur.

“Your Majesty is… too kind to me.”

It was even more reprehensible—the back of my eyes was hot. I wanted to dig to the bottom of that hypocrisy.

“Are you really doing this because of the Count or Empress? Or because of someone who looks like me?”

Albert then felt a sore throat.

I meant it when I tried to keep my distance. But at this moment it’s passed on to the girl. Like a scene of poetry, I felt a whirlwind of sorrow.

His baritone dispersed in a low fashion.

“Both sides. Without the latter……I can’t do it.”

Juju finally spewed out a ball.

“Is the man you speak of, by any chance, the wicked woman Charlotte?”

Albert became sentimental. Would this girl hate it if it were revealed. I’m sure you’ve already guessed enough and asked. Then it was better to be honest.

Slowly, he took his eyes off the winter dry tree.

“Well, there must be rumors in the North. You’re right.”

I admitted it myself.

Juju bit her lips and pulled herself together. Don’t get carried away. Nearby is a court lady and there are hundreds of people in the crystal hall.

Right now, I’m a juju. It’s not Charlotte. It’s Juju. A southern state resident in the Northern Grand House. Juju was only thirteen years old when Charlotte was locked in a brain cell.

She broached, constantly asking questions at the bottom of her consciousness which words would suit her position.

“Do I look so mean to you?”

“It’s not like that. Actually, she wasn’t that mean either. …wasn’t even nice.”

I actually liked that part.

Albert was overcome with grief. She was alive, sharing some of her depression with her. A temper that wasn’t just good and sweet, but rather had a bit of a desire.

It looks just like the juju in front of my eyes.

“But I heard you did something very bad. So I heard he was locked in a brain cage after being punished for breaking his knee.”

The girl’s words turned into a knife and poked Albert. He answered in an excuse tone.

“Maybe it was a moment when she was distracted. Like the one who hugged you. I wouldn’t know what I’m doing.”

“And yet, did you punish him with fearfully?”

“I couldn’t help it. It was an inevitable choice. Yes, the dead former minister strongly advocated punishment. Now that I think about it, I think I trusted him too much. As the count said, it’s a good thing that you printed it.….”

He was slightly mortified by this reality as he spoke. She was an emperor, and the girl before her was a maid-turned-government. But why are they babbling like they’re begging for a fault?

I also hated the fact that I was reminded of Dietrich who died. His unexpected death was accompanied by an unpleasant weight of responsibility.

Furthermore, he admitted to being manipulated, trying to completely pass the blame on Dietrich and forgetting it. The emperor has lost face. So I can’t even pose as a victim entirely.

It was unusual for Albert. The more rationalization went on, the more logic got twisted. I don’t know what’s what for myself.

Nevertheless, he has yet to see the truth that he should reflect on himself.

The fog of damage consciousness, thick and thick, rather stimulated anger.

It was incredibly hard for me too. I came all the way up here after all that hard work. After barely surviving, he was obliged to promote the well-being of the empire. That’s why I cut it hard with tears in my eyes.I wouldn’t have had this misfortune if I’d accepted the means of issuing wallpaper!

“A sin is a sin. It was inevitable, but it was a reasonable disposition.”

Albert managed to assert.

It’s a sin to upset the Emperor anyway.

“But people are still missing. Anyway, as it was known, I dated her when I was young…… I still feel a little unchanged.”

Conscious of the empress, she expressed it vaguely. Only enough to be interpreted as human warmth.

Juju saw through the impudence and quietly shut up.

I’m sure it’s

I’m sure you tried to forget. That’s why you didn’t send anyone to the brain cell. You must have tried to adjust to your new marriage somehow.

When you almost succeeded, you suddenly became a body, and a similar girl appeared somewhere, so you were shaken. You think I don’t know?

What if he didn’t show up? Albert must have been depressed for about two months before leaving Charlotte in gold. I know better than anyone who tries to get rid of everything that scratches his vulnerable temper.

But himself, Juju stepped into the court. It threw a stimulus at me again and again. The existence alone reminded you of Charlotte, so you must have missed it. Sometimes you’ll regret it, sometimes you’ll get angry.

Albert, you’re so…….

‘You’re in trouble…….’

Juju hid her frigid heart as innocent as possible. He approached Albert and built a comforting tone.

“Your Majesty is such a sweet man.”


“However, Your Majesty thinks only good things about longing. I’ve heard the name of the wicked woman. I heard you were in a brain cell, too. What if she tries to hurt you? When the scattered souls come around and come back here…….”

“It’s a crazy superstition. It’s probably a false rumor that it was brutal. I prayed for sin as I was carried north.”

I used to cry like a fool and beg for sorry. I didn’t know what I was sorry for, but anyway, I thought I would forgive you if I said I was sorry.

Albert was stopped with the last impression of Charlotte.

In fact, Charlotte has fluctuated constantly over the years. Emotions rotted and rotted, and finally began to burn as manure. He would have destroyed his body for fear of the aftermath, but the truth was in tatters with Albert’s logic, which was busy making excuses.

Juju stabbed Albert pretending to be concerned.

“But, Your Majesty, I don’t think it’s normal for a woman to freeze to death while escaping. He probably cursed even when he died. The North is really, really cold enough to turn your skin upside down.….”


“I hope she knows your true feelings, even in the afterlife. I’ll pray for that every day. This is the only way I can repay Hwang.”

Albert, who was being told, was slightly convulsed.

It was because Juju’s words reached a truth beyond the fog.

The truth was, the story of a brain cell told by Jonathan.

It is said that the lingering scent still lingers over how much Lotte broke his grudge just before he died. Albert was shaken by statements that even the archbishop was inaccessible.

Until now, he/she tried hard to pass it on, saying that it must have been his/her feelings.

The truth is, to yourself……?

If someone else had guessed Lotte’s end at will, he would be angry at the thought of trying to seize his weakness.


“Would you do that if you were Charlotte?”

Of all things, it is the girl who looks like Lotte who brought up the story.

Juju pretended to be innocent.

“I don’t know. It’s just a guess.”

“Tell me if you’re guessing. If so, what should I do?”

“Huh? I don’t know. You can ask me.”

“No, I want to hear from you!”Albert cried out in spite of himself being desperate. The juju backed off because it was a little unexpected.

Then the clock tower of the court palace rang.

It was the sound of the hour. It’s already midnight. The date is changing every time the clock rings.

A moment of tension was diluted by the sound of bells. Juju barely recovered his composure.

“It’s already time. If you don’t go back soon, I’ll miss the rest of the ball.”

I measured the distance between the current location and the palace corridor. I think we can run fast.

He threw a closing remark, hoping Albert would suffer.

“Your Majesty, don’t miss the dead too much. I’m just distressed by the fact that it’s all over. I always try not to reflect on my late parents.”

I bowed my knees to say hello.

“If you’ll let me, I’ll leave first. I’ve calmed down enough, so I’ll get dressed up and see you in the hall.”

I ran down the path before I got a proper answer. It was rather profane, but I didn’t care. I thought Albert would never be able to argue.

Albert was embarrassed by Juju’s departure. For a moment, they forgot each other’s identity and chased each other with quick steps.

“Don’t miss me?”

“Even the wicked woman would not have missed you, but you have a child alone. Your Majesty, don’t feel sorry for yourself.”

The juju is getting farther away. The silk of the East seemed to fade away like a ghost. Is it because of the glimmering lights of the landscaping gas lamp?

Running through the dry and beautiful garden, Albert was under the illusion that he was lost in a maze. Somehow I became desperate to catch her.

“She didn’t miss me? …because I punished you?”

While muttering, the victim’s consciousness rose. Albert shouted to an opponent who didn’t know if it was darkness or juju.

“What am I supposed to do with someone who died first? I’ve lost my chance to explain!”

Jouju, who was about to escape the shrub, was caught by the wrist. It was a moment to knock it down. A large body temperature approached my back.

“Wait, wait! Lotte!!”

Albert hugged him from behind.

It was a touch that I had forgotten for a long time.

Juju also became stiff with mixed emotions in an instant. The road came to its senses and consciously let out a weak scream. Turn quickly and push Albert.

Albert fell off easily. He also looked surprised at himself.

About two beats later, he covered his lips with one hand, as if he had reversed his remarks. The flamboyant eyes became distracted without looking anywhere.

Juju stuttered back and forth. One shoe came off by mistake. My shoelaces had loosened because I was running along the path.

I couldn’t bring myself to wear it and barely dropped a word.

“My name is Juju.”

Charlotte is no longer here. You killed him. Only the soul is parasitic on Juju’s body.

Albert came to his senses belatedly.

“I know. I thoughtlessly stopped…….”

It was called Lotte. I thought Juju’s words were Lotte’s. Albert himself couldn’t figure out why he thought so.

Besides, cuddling in the back. I did it because I was in a hurry, but it would have been a disaster if someone witnessed it. If the Queen’s parents hear the rumor, even though she’s not ready yet.

He picked up the flared shoes to calm the mood.

“Give me your foot. I’ll put them on for you.”

“The Sun of the Empire kneels down. Give it back!”

“I’m the one who took it off, so make me wonder!”

I had a long scuffle with my shoes. Juju was heartbroken because she couldn’t take it away by hitting her neck. Would it be better to wear these shoes and go back to the court?

But Albert’s touch of the foot was almost instinctively offensive.It was the moment when Juju tried to take out her shoes somehow. Albert, aiming for the gap, quickly supported his back. The body turned away from the light of the gas lamp without any time to resist.


Juju looked up at Albert with her upper body bent back.

She was in his arms.

Breathing out of the crisis has accelerated. The hand that stole the shoes interrupted Albert and her face.

I recited it coldly.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?”

Albert, who could no longer approach his lips, smiled self-helpfully.

“Your beauty is mesmerized by your baggage. It is deeply sinful of the Emperor to disturb his self-restraint.

“Are you saying I’m sorry?”

“That’s… ..yes, Jim’s fault. I made a mistake because I kept overlapping with others.”

It was when Juju thought she wanted to split her head with heels.

Albert realized the signs and glanced back. He hasn’t untied his arm around the girl’s waist yet.

Ruslan stopped at the edge of the area where the light touched him.

Juju looked so terribly subdued that she couldn’t even remember seeing him.

“I thought your return would be delayed, so I came out, and you were in the middle of an important part. May I ask why you have my lover?”

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