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Chapter 131

Plants were located in the innermost part of the greenhouse.

Michael nodded his head as if to look well. As I followed the guide and went inside, the sunlight penetrated by the glass was hot. Shawl, who was trying to protect himself from the chilly weather, was almost hot.

Juju passed the landscaping plants and long flowerpot stands and entered it.

On a pedestal that occupied one side, a small potted plant, like a cup, was placed in a dense space. It itself was a commonly used glass terrarium. Some containers contained soil inside the round container, and others filled with water were noticeable. It was possible to grow aquatic plants.

Some lamps were left on even though it was daytime around the pot. As I got closer, I felt the heat.

Michael tapped the lampshade with his finger and laughed.

“Is it hot?”

“A little. Is it because you’re from the South?””

“The lady’s request is so delicate. If this is right, it’s not that. This is the result of a narrow compromise. The sun in the south was the only thing missing while meeting all the conditions. We have to use human fire to confuse them.”

Juju was convinced. I was prepared to live with that shortcoming. It wasn’t an easy request at first.

I asked to check the conditions that I had first suggested on this occasion one by one.

“It’s a plant that’s never been imported, is it?”

“That depends on the interpretation. A few decades ago, it was introduced near the border. But it was brought for food, so it was quickly forgotten because it was tasteless.”

“That’s enough. If you make it bright with a lamp, you can grow it in the system.”

“Yes, I heard it’s common in the wild in inland countries where it’s origin, but it’s now perfect indoor use. And the lady asked for beautiful looks and variety…… I’ll have to hear his judgment now.”

Michael, who handed over the answer to this question, crossed his arms with confidence. Juju looked through dozens of terrariums and nodded.


It’s a look that can fascinate people.

The submerged roots were round bulbs. It looks like an onion. I could see why it was first noticed as food.

The buds at the end of the stem had already bloomed some buds. The petals spread upwards as if they were upside down in an inflated dress. The background color was white, but it was thin as if the other side of the organization could be seen. The primary color patterns on top of them were not only colorful but also irregular in shape.It’s like dropping paint on insect wings. Each flower gave a different impression because of this smudge pattern.

“According to the importer, the southern insect is as big as the palm of your hand. It’s like this to seduce them.”

Michael turned the pot this way so that the pattern could be seen clearly.

“It’s a weed at its root, so it grows fast. Pattern shapes and colors can be varied by strangulation.It’s hot.”

“Are all the colors here? Can’t you make more?”

“Ms. Juju, I got it from a faraway country. We found out that the lighting level of the lamp was increased or decreased so that it could grow on its own. How open the possibility of improvement of this plant is is a future task. But I know one thing that’s not here.”

Michael opened the drawer under the pedestal. In the wooden coffin where scrolls are placed, paper woven with reed unique to the south came out. The contents spread out.

There was a picture of a bulbous plant here. However, the underlying petals were coated with blue pigments instead of white.

“There’s an extremely rare chance that water guns bloom. This still life painting was also obtained by the importer I asked for by giving me a penny. Unless the seed merchant in the South cheated.”

“I don’t think you drew colors that weren’t there on purpose. It would be worth a fortune to get these petals, wouldn’t it?”

So I would have left it as a picture on purpose. As Juju became interested, Michael spoke as if he wanted to put on a brave face.

“You know, it’s usually a product of chance. There are occasional grapes like this. Mutants with unusually large fruit or odd colors. But receiving his seed doesn’t guarantee his offspring.”

“Is that so?”

“Six hands don’t necessarily produce six hands, do they? The blue color is beautiful, but it’s hard to get it on purpose. Miss Juju can’t ask for this.”

Michael drew the line as he rolled the still life back. His eyes became a light to open his mind.

“So, what are you going to do with it?”

“I told you, I needed a new plant in my garden.”

“Let’s stop fooling around when we know everything. At first, you said it’s better to wear a shirt if you want to wear it quickly. That’s when I knew it wasn’t going to end after planting one or two. That’s why I wanted a plant that I think is quite commercially viable.”

Anyway, you’re quick to read the room. Juju smiled, thinking she was an unguarded opponent.

“What did Count Keitel ask you to do? Unless you’re competing with someone for gardening.”

Juju looked around to see if there were any eavesdroppers. I checked the safety and lowered my voice.

“I wasn’t lying. This kind of plant will get enough attention at social gatherings. Michael, do you remember the New Year’s ball? Social circles respond quickly to strange topics. I’m going to make this plant popular while it’s booming in the south.”

Juju lifted a new shawl, proving him. Michael’s eyes got thinner.

“So what?”

“This is going to be a new horticultural product. You think the Marquis would leave the smell of money alone?”

“She would nitpick that bringing in more than a certain number of foreign species requires union approval. And take away the import route. What if I let him ride like that?”

“I’m going to bankrupt you.”

Michael was stunned by what he said with a smile.

“What do you mean bankruptcy……”The Marquis?He shook his head as if he thought the two words could never be connected.

“I can’t imagine the Marquis going down for money. She’ll buy a farm with a bowl of milk! There’s an old story, right? Change milk to chick, hit chicken to buy pigs…….”

Juju did not immediately respond. Michael went on after a moment of deep thought.

“I’ve heard enough from the hunt last time, so I know Count Keitel is up to something with his sister. I understand that the marquis is disturbed there. But I don’t think her bankruptcy matters much here? Why don’t you set me up?”

“It’s important to me.”

Juju nailed it. The hands on the pedestal raised their nails and scratched the wood.

“I never forget the fact that she cooperated with the minister who distributed the phonograph. I’ll clean up the sitting cushion first.”

And the old broken knees, the share of Mirta and the ghosts who lost their lives today.

Michael was a little bit involved in the phonics. Although he stayed in the South at that point, he was not at all unaware of the incident in questioned.

If Michael were a shameless man to the roots, he would quote and tie Juju up. However, perhaps because he was a young master of both families, he treated Juju as if nothing had happened.

Juju also acknowledged only his conscience in that regard.

But here he thought he had no choice but to kill if he changed his mind. I went on to try to have an impulse somehow.

“Michael, wouldn’t it be better for the Marquis to fall to the ground? She might as well completely lose her say in the factions within the union.”

“Did the Earl say that?”

“Earls, earls. I’m not the maid I used to be. I know most of them. Of course, Michael’s company with the Southern importers helped the lumber dealer a lot, although it was a story that could not be heard without a count.”

The prawned forest area is vast. It is often used as a hunting ground but also plays a role in forestry.

A large pine tree handled by the local timber dealer was also included in the reconstruction project in the eastern part of the country. I heard that Michael worked hard to introduce himself in many ways in the background.

Michael laughed as if he had had had enough.

“The other half is a child, and the other half is perfect.”

“I fully understand that Mr. Michael is trying to unite the Midlands and the South.”

“I hate the Southern War of Independence. I like the unified empire more than the old Cantova era, which was scattered and quarreled. I hope the West does something when the East is solved. Because you keep relying on the South economically, the extremists become noisy.”

“And the Marquis and the Emperor behind her have no will to solve it.”

Originally, it is up to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to establish national economic policy. The top union leader is merely a position to collect and represent the opinions of various private equity entities. It was right for the Treasury to play a role in stifling and encouraging them politically.

However, at Albert University, the top union leader’s right to speak has grown too much.

It has been since he gave support to his closest aide, Irene. Her opinion was strongly reflected in the delivery of state-run businesses, although she could not bear to pay taxes.

Irene once discussed the right to resell gas, which was fear. Michael did not know that she was the mastermind behind the war.

“Mr. Michael, I know this is a survival issue. That’s why you know the Earl’s true intentions and you can’t accuse him?”

“Well……I think it’s a good place to walk if I can get on a new line.””To do so, we must bring the marquis, the Emperor’s gold cord, down to the bottom. If you leave a dime, you’ll be able to revive it. Michael is not a family owner yet, so even if he can’t aim for the next union leader, he can gain quite a bit of power within the union by yielding to other leading candidates, right?”

“You’re going to raise your hands. If they can make it that far, parents who are so unreliable about their son will decide to retire. That’s all correct.”

Michael shook his hand as if he had lost. Juju said he was convinced he had moved on.

“If you understand what I mean, give me a few. Whatever it is, it’s a pretty flower, so I’d like to show it to Her Majesty.”

“Do you want the one that’s in bloom?”

“I’ll take your roots. But this flower. What’s your name again?”

Michael recited the Southern dialect stuttering. It was a tricky pronunciation, so Juju glared meaningfully at the flowers.

“You might as well name a bird.”

Freshness and popularity are essential for fashion.

I left the greenhouse after receiving a promise to send someone by evening.

I wanted to go home soon, but I was afraid that this servant would look askance. I accepted the tea party that I refused earlier. Michael led her to the drawing room connected to the garden with a jump of joy.

As I was drinking milk tea while looking at the newly planted vine, Michael asked.

“Since we’re sitting face to face, let me ask you one more question. I don’t take off my mouth because I’ve been walking around here and there. Rather, it’s time for the fishermen to benefit as much as they can.”

“I compliment you on your honesty.”

“But do you know that the Earl’s plan is dangerous? Don’t you think it’s dangerous to follow?”

Juju lowered the teacup on a saucer.

“I started with all my might.”

“He’s your girlfriend?”

“Of course.”

Is this man trying to talk nonsense again? While Juju was thinking, Michael slowly rose from the sofa and brought blackness from over there.

“Well, don’t you think I’ve had enough time to reflect on myself and become the gentleman that a lady wants me to be?”

“I’ll tell you I’m more calm than I used to be.”

When we first met, I barely fixed what I was going to say. Michael, visibly relieved, slowly opened the box.

“Then when things are sorted out, why don’t you stop being loyal to the Great House and reconsider my recommendation?”

“Oh, Cough!”

As soon as Juju saw the contents, she choked and coughed.

There was a headband with pearls in it!

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