Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 140

Irene had a complexion that seemed to have been soaked and drained.

While running here, the hand that had pierced through the scissors complained of a throbbing grudge. The moment I faced the blonde, my dull pain got worse at once. Blood flow pulsed with the accelerated heart.

I clenched my molars to the ground. The pain that penetrated the tooth nerves awakened the mind.

I barely kept my composure and opened my mouth.

“Early Count Keitel. I’ve told you before. Chong Hee is good at educating people. Who are you to talk down to me?”

“Hey, Lena. Is it time to argue about that?”

Juju burst into laughter.

Irene cringed. How does that know its own pet name. Even Moden’s friends don’t call me that often these days. It’s a spy organization. Did you steal it from a card? Or Michael Koch?

Juju put a violin bow on her shoulder. He looked around the circle around him and Ruslan.

About a hundred people. It was clear that all the people who could be secured had been raked in and ran.

“Fire sounds good. You brought pigs.”

“He’s the one who’s going to pick up the pieces and get back on track. The threat of physical destruction would have been immediate. Marquis, is that correct?”

“Where are you playing with words? It’s a hundred years too early to know how a woman feels!”

Irene worked hard.

Sadly, that was the correct answer. It’s a theater that hasn’t fully recovered its buyouts yet. If the operating costs burn down before they even turn into a clear surplus, where do you make up for the loss?

But she realized she shouldn’t be swayed here. In a relaxed manner, Nora, who was guarding the back, was handed a water beak.

I had to smoke cigarettes instead of poisonous candles. He hid his sore hand under his elbow on the other side.

“Yes, I’m here because you’re making a scene here. The more you say that it became a state funeral service, the more you are disrespectful you are. You deserve to grab the kite and drag it before His Majesty, don’t”

Of course it was a lie. Trust in Albert has already bottomed out for her. The depth of Janggang is much more reliable than that son of a bitch.

Ruslan leaned deeply against the back of his chair. There was a mixture of derision in the glances.

“Used as a propaganda tower to buy entertainment theaters and manipulate the impression of certain products as the top union leader. Hospitality for the convenience of speculation. Exploitation of manpower in the process…Marquis, wouldn’t it be cleaner to burn all this than to carry it?”

“You’ve only been in the system for a year, and what do you know?”

Irene put her chin back and laughed. I felt a little better when I sucked in the smoke from the smoke from the cigarette smoke.

“Early Count Keitel. You may have fooled the Emperor’s eyes and ears all this time, but study the world more! Albi can’t abandon me as long as there’s money in the world. Not unless I try to kill him! I’m so scared of a square meter that he can’t handle this big country!”

A little excited, even the thought of sneaking alone popped out. But it was good anyway. Because he won’t be able to babble in the water.Let’s grab them and see if they used real magic. Irene made up her mind and went on.

“You’ve taken advantage of the fact that people move in a blue flower-like illusion. What do you mean you’re showing off on your own?”

“I see, you had to bewitch this whole city to win your heart. Marquis, I admire that.”

Ruslan’s grinning expression was visible to Irene on the second floor.

“The truth is, when I sent the palace secretary, you wanted to deal with it. The Emperor forgave you for giving evidence of touching the Imperial Palace supplies. At that point, I also gave up using him.”

“You, of course, attacked the house.…!”

“By the way. Let’s clarify the flow of the relationship. As a servant under the imperial command, I dug up the injustice hidden in the theater. And the Marquis brought people together like this. Apparently, he’s the one who’s mobilized to hurt us.

Ruslan only moved his eyes to look around the gang. They brought full-scale weapons, reflecting their failure last time. Knives and iron clubs, or any kind of extension.

“So whatever the disturbance from now on, it’s in our own defense.

“It’s no use bluffing with Chong-hui in it! You set the fire on fire and pulled people out to escape! ……and now that I see it, you’re the one who decorated Pasha’s arson!”

“No false accusations. Oh, but let me clarify one thing.”

Juju lowered the bow on her shoulder. The high heels seemed to interfere. I kicked off each pair.

I exchanged glances with Ruslan. He nodded his head slightly and sent a sign.

“Even so, the former enemy, Hilaryon, died similarly.”

Juju threw a violin bow out of the blue.

He threw the ball with his shoulder wide open. A long bow flew off like a spear fired from the stage.


Nora forced her over before Irene could clearly understand what was in front of her.

The bow is stuck in the railing. As the mason broke, the live stream vibrated. If I hadn’t avoided it, I would have stuck in Irene’s plexus.

Only then did Irene realize something was wrong and was stopped trying to get up.

“Who the fuck is she?”

“More than that, stay away! You’ll get hurt… …”

“Is it because of her that all the people who have died for incomprehensible reasons so far?””

Irene jumped up despite the dissuasion.

For a moment the near-by death tore through her head with a sharp stimulus. He recalled his work with enough calories to add up all the land prices of the system.

It was like a taillight. All the situations I’ve understood so far. Things that a girl who pets with one beauty would write off as a level of play to satisfy her quirky tastes.

Irene realized. Now I have a perfect grasp.

What she was missing. But the most important factor in understanding a series of events, was on that stage!

Juju shook off an empty hand. He walked on the stage with his feet in stockings only. This time, I listened to the violin body.

“You, boy, supporting Lena…… no, it’s a girl. Yeah, I saw you at the horse race, too. You were cleaning up the tent, weren’t you? I threw it because it was too much, and you know how to use your body.”

“Blonde. Who are you?”

“Me? Your master’s friend. It’s a past tense.”

Irene trembled like a fish on a hook at the horse.

I’ve never had a friend like you. Along with antipathy, a bizarrely clear sense of deja vu came over.Jouju’s speech, familiar familiarity with the tone of speaking without honorifics.

I would have forgotten vaguely over the years. But as soon as I heard it, I immediately remembered someone.

A frenzied cry swept down my cheek under my eyes. Irene bit her lips and burst. Nora pulled herself out of the railing even though she was held.

“Earl Keitel! What a man you can’t live up to! You sell me a body with that girl?”

As expected, that man must have done something about Charlotte. He is trying to confuse himself by knowing his speaking habits in advance.

To destroy all of us… by bringing out a child who was stuck in a brain cell and repented of his wrongdoing.…!

There is no need to hesitate any more. Irene ordered the capture of the old man.

Then the bully, who was nervous and couldn’t take off, moved only then. Somehow, it was a move that I wasn’t confident about.

I don’t know what kind of eyes I’m looking at. They were crushed by a girl with a violin.

Irene threw away her water beak in frustration.

“Do you know how much gold you ate? If that’s the only thing you can do against two people, throw up!”

By then, a few people ran out belatedly. There was a crowd of people leading the way. A shout broke out to encourage us.

Juju jumped on stage. Ruslan is sitting in the chair over there. Some bastard intended to blow his head off if he swung something at him.

I landed barefoot on the table. Swing the violin while straightening up.

Hard wood passed through the lower human head. It broke apart and was in tatters at the same time. I swung it at the other guy. The opponent’s neck was bent and collapsed due to the impact of being hit on the cheek.

Instruments are durable to use for a long time. It quickly became obsolete. I managed to use what was left of the skeleton to break some guy’s head and throw it away.

At that point, he leaped under the table and landed in front of Ruslan’s seat.

Ruslan asked as he sat on the sidelines with his fingers crossed.

“You’re not gonna use my cane, are you?”

“It’s a waste because your toys are expensive.”

I cut it with a single knife.

Actually, I didn’t like the blood in his stuff.

Juju turned around and pierced one of his breasts with his bare hands. He was the one who tried to pull Ruslan’s chair out of the back.

He picked up an empty chair and swung it around. I beat a few people in a row and threw them over there because it was a hassle. A group of people who were running fell down with our feet tangled together.

“I guess I don’t really need a position like this.”

“You did it all by yourself. This is my main job, so just watch.”

The table in touch gradually disappeared. It was troublesome to get some of them back up and go at me even though I was beaten and knocked down.

Should I crawl to see blood? After a brief measure of necessity, it occurred to me that these bullies might have contributed to Murtha’s death.

Emotions wriggled.

You have no choice but to keep your promise to avenge me!

“Stay there for a minute!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Juju ran back to the stage. He took a leap forward using his face as a stepping stone.

There were not many types of instruments scattered on the empty stage.

Viola, one guy, cello, three guy, trumpet, one guy dropped a blade and stuck it in his eyehole. Timpani, useful for keeping a bitch upside down.

Flute. It’s short. All I can do is pierce my stomach. Clarinet. It’s worn out. It broke quickly. Bassoon. It’s too big. It doesn’t look good for a sleek move.The only option left is oboe. I don’t know how to hold it right, so I caught it roughly. Focus on the aura…… cut!

Because the blade is not attached, the utility as a weapon is reduced.

But what if you fly the flag?

Aura was released simultaneously from one intake and dozens of metal keys. The atmosphere twitched together at the fluctuation of the aura, emitting a high-pitched tone. Several burly bodies were engulfed in pebbles and flew into fleeting debris.

There is no blockage in the flow of blood. As I said once, now she could destroy this whole theater. The ruffle of the Cancan dress rose like a foam as it leaped high and swung.

Irene hid and watched the sight beyond the balcony railing.

Her brain developed only in the way of swaying psychology in bed and counting at her desk. So the bottom of the railing was already a sight beyond comprehension.

I thought Count Keitel was armed. How would it be possible to commit a rampage so far if it were not for the majority. Unless you bring back the old Charlotte…….

“Don’t tell me, seriously.…?”

And Ruslan, sitting on his feet, looked up at Juju’s leap.

She’s barely stuck to the floor since a while ago. It was a little different from the sense of leg. The aura exploding all over the body was close to pushing the bottom of the foot.

So Ruslan couldn’t see her face very well.

It didn’t matter.

Because it didn’t matter from the beginning. It was still a class seat.

It would be a terrible scene for someone. It will be seen as a slaughter of a wicked woman who has no blood, tears, or loyalty. Violence wasn’t exactly something to encourage people to do.

So maybe.

I’m probably the one who twisted.’

The truth is that he is crazier than a southern businessman, than an emperor, than any other man.

The energy of life explodes from her. A desire that burns in grace but does not break is burning. Come to think of it, it has been a long time since I saw him stir so freely.

Ruslan is infatuated with the soul. No matter what shell you put around you, you can’t hide the essence. My true intention to shout out loud immediately boiled over.

It’s beautiful.

One person fell to pieces. A drop of blood splashed over Ruslan’s face. Red ran down the straight curved surface.

It’s probably not an illusion to feel diluted with tears.

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