Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 151

The man’s breath mixed with heat.

Juju whispered in bewilderment.

“It’s time to go down to the restaurant.”

“I feel that there’s still a little bit left. It’s enough to send you on time.”

“That’s a shameless thing to say, huh?”

It was when Juju, who was heated by the double expression, turned her head alone. Ruslan hit the surface of his lips wrapped around his chin. The surface gently pressed and fell, causing a rupture.

His face was close. Enough to count the direction of the eyebrows growing and the faint fluffy hair. Between the eyelashes stretched downward, the smooth round iris stared only at her.

It was a moment when Juju was mesmerized by the light. My lips are back together. He pecked out the outline several times. A pathetic question rang while the center of gravity gradually collapsed downward.

“You don’t like it?”

Juju grabbed the man’s shirt sleeve.

You’re so cheap. I know you can’t say no.

Is that his strategy, or is it his instinct? But the sun was too bright to let it slide.

Before I knew it, Juju, lying in bed, curled under the man. Like I want to hide in the shade he made. There was a small murmur of protest.

“It’s bright…”

“Are you going to use this?”

At that moment, my eyes were covered in darkness.

Juju was stunned and soon realized the truth. A lace that rises at the edge with a soft touch at the center.

It was a ribbon that I wrapped around my hair when I washed my face. Untie it and cover Ruslan’s eyes and kiss. This man is trying to play the same trick as him!

Ruslan tied a ribbon in a short time. My vision got dark because it was black. There is not even a faintly permeable figure. Juju shook her hands in the air by pure conjecture.

“Is this how you apply it? Yeah, already…….”

My pajamas are rolled up. I got out of my underwear first. At the same time as the bottom felt empty, something rushed into my chest. I vaguely sensed that Ruslan buried his head.

The button came undone. The cloth wrapped around the body becomes loose. I couldn’t see, so I could only guess it from the circumstances, but my lips touched my chest little by little. I felt like I was turning off the button with my teeth.

Imagining the sight, Juju felt red all over. The heart, which did not want to be gentle, dispersed like cream.

Soon after, the open pajamas quickly slipped out, and the cheeks met.


A whisper of his real name sounded unusually loud. Even the body temperature of my breath was sensitive. Ruslan’s next words covered his ears.

“I’ve always wanted to do this. Calling your name……, if you’d like to call me Lotte.”

There was a rustling sound. Ruslan seems to be taking off his shirt. Imagineing the sight, Juju trembled casually, reminiscent of what was to come.

Then, he remembered the misunderstanding and protested in a small amount.

“I wish I had sung it when I wanted to.”

“I thought you’d feel uncomfortable.”

My fingers touched my lips. I wonder if it’s Umji.

“When I first met you, I didn’t know anything. I thought you wouldn’t have to feel clumsy.”

“……it’s not like that.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

He smiled weakly. The sound of wrapping your heart in the dark.”I’m glad you’re not looking this way. It’s a little bit of a shame to be caught in this kind of face…….”

Ruslan spoke softly and wrapped her cheek around. Moistened lips are deeply overlapped this time. In the darkest darkness, the shapely tongue poked affectionately through her mouth.

Then Juju is forced to fall to him. Her fingers touched the back of her neck, moaning as she spilled saliva. Sweeping hands began to sweep through the skin without threat.

“Uh, yeah, aah…….”

Was Ruslan’s hand this hard? Was he this big and heavy like a rock?

She once had a fight with someone under the cover of night. It is not without any experience of blocking one’s sight. And yet, or rather so, the whole body was sensitive. All eyes were on Ruslan, who felt it from the top. Even the slightest movement felt great.

Ruslan scattered his lips over the bones of her latch as if he were devouring her. His hands pressed down on Sang-wan’s soft flesh and headed to his chest.

The wide palms gathered together, pressing sweetly against the chest. My tongue suddenly touched the tip of the air that rose in contact with the outside air.


Juju inadvertently put her knees together.

As the view was blocked, the future was not predicted. I could grab the arrow flying in the night, but I can’t read where the man’s hands and tongue would touch. Even the movement of five fingers in turn to grab seems like an unexpected surprise.

At least, I could predict how the tip of the tongue would move. Wet with saliva, it flapped her nipples. The movement that was licking the surroundings began to roll up and down.

There was a constant stream of irritation. The body, which has already learned intense adsorption, is itching. Even my groin wiggled nervously.

“Yes, oh, Rusla, An…….”

His heart, which was pressed by his majesty, gently knitted. The tongue was baptized on the other nipple.

Juju couldn’t stand the slow stimulus. The body, whose vision was blocked, was only keen on the caress presented by Ruslan. The right fever at the bottom began to control the head, and the hope that the next step would be soon taken away from the accident.

Finally, Juju reached out, clattering. Oddly held on to Ruslan’s elbow. Forgot the shame and muttered lewd plea.

“……Give it to me……”


“Wash it, give it to me……Yeah, yeah, yeah, huh!”

My heart got wet as I felt like I was pressing my whole body. It was not long before the desired stimulus poured out.

A sense of adsorption by pressing down on the nipple and the entire gluteum. My heart beat fast. The sharpness of the teeth and the softness of the lips are combined to make me lose my mind.

Juju clasped her hand unconsciously. The irritation of the sensitive area spread throughout the body. It seems to twist the whole muscle. Even his vocal cords were stimulated and groaned. All that heat converges into the groin and gets hotter, and Ruslan never stops caressing.

After enjoying the soft volume for a while, it soon spread to Juju’s whole body. The fingers measuring the number of ribs and the thickness of the waist swept down the thighs. I searched the inside and soon lifted both legs. I scoured my knee.

Soon, he even touched his butt, which was pressed on the sheet. The motion of sweeping up the round line of the flesh and brushing through the mundeok. Juju reacted easily. The contractions were repeated, with the sound flinching.

Meanwhile, the rough hair kept digging into the chest. Ruslan washed both breasts as she wished. The pressure on her lips pressed her breast.

“Ah, ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah!”Maybe I’ll get bloated like this? It was time for the faint concern to emerge.

Ruslan bumped his lips in the chest. I took a deep breath of body odor in the deep valley of the two hills. Juju twisted her legs as she rubbed her cheeks and swept the ridge.

“Yes, you. You look like you have a big heart…”…….”

“You like it, don’t you? Did I mishear your request earlier?”

A nonchalant counterargument has returned. Because it was true, Juju rubbed her lips a little.

Ruslan laughed low for a moment and suddenly lifted himself up. The aircraft moved away that way.

What kind of expression does Ruslan have right now? I could read “excited” by the wheezing breath. And even though Juju covered her eyes, she could feel the pouring gaze.

Up there, Ruslan is going through her whole body. Imagineing him, Juju shrank with strange excitement. Then he suddenly opened his mouth.

“I kept feeling sorry for him.”

“You mean the original juju?”

Barely the water opened her legs again. Yes, returned a short answer. Ruslan continued in a subdued tone.

“Whatever, I’m greedy for her body. But your moaning and excitement……I couldn’t help it because I missed you.”

An unannounced kiss fell on the pit of the stomach. Juju trembled at the unexpected surprise. A hushed voice touched the bottom of the chest.

“Pay back the taboos in hell.”

As soon as the horse fell, kisses poured on the stomach. The kiss reached the borderline between the torso and the legs.

His lips and touch suddenly penetrated his mind in the dark. The sudden surge in unpredictable places made me much more excited than usual.

Realizing such self-awareness, Juju’s enthusiasm heightened. The bird, who came to play in the morning garden, sang along with the beat and cried. The sheet, which was warmed by the spring sun, was wet. I sweated like summer.

Something kept trickling down from below. This man was being urged to come in with a tame sound.

The juju was on the heat. Covering my eyes did not create fear. As lewdly as I say, I have not fallen into the odd illusion of committing a strange man.

The soul may remember another man, but this body only learned Ruslan. It was a man she knew completely from the senses of lips, tongue, and hands, to the slightly brushed nose and hair.

Ruslan has been her lover for the past year. It certainly was, even with a fake coat. It can’t be confusing now.

For example, the middle finger of the right hand. Even if you cover your eyes, it comes to mind quickly. The three long joints are hard, and the first of them is slightly protruding calluses made by the pen.….


Juju reclined her chin reflexively.

The finger suddenly entered her interior. The length alone guessed it. Rather than being surprised, the flexible muscles by turning the fluid upside down embraced foreign objects. The entrance curled and sucked in the roots of the fingers.

“Oh, Ruslan, uh…….”

“Do you feel it? You’re wet right now.”

Ironically, a laughable voice is back. Fingers began to stir little by little in the body.

“I’ve heard that some people don’t get wet easily. You’re always soaking wet like this…… I’ve always wondered if it’s the nature of the body or something else.”

“Where did you know that, uh…….”

“Let’s just say it’s extracurricular self-study. Because you taught me women, it became easier for me to pretend to understand the white noise of gentlemen…….”My fingers slipped out of my body at once. It was a pity that the dull irritation disappeared. As if to appease him, the folded flesh was pulled through and opened. Ruslan began rubbing the nukes as if he knew where Juju wanted them.

“Ah, hah, hah! Uh-huh……!”

The darkness before my eyes was colored with flames. So far, a sharp stimulus has spread. My back was up and down and my thighs and stomach were tense. My bottom trembled beyond words when my nails, which I always manage flawlessly, slightly scratched the place.

“Oh, my God!”

“Did you always get wet like this?”

whispered Ruslan. Juju let out a short breath. I burned my throat as if it were splitting. My toes were curled by a quick sense of rubbing.

“Please, I want to know.”

“He, uh, probably…….”

Juju managed to answer.

I used to think he didn’t like asking this. I misunderstood it as an attempt to measure the comparative advantage with an ugly body.

But now I know that I’ve blocked unnecessary vision. Ruslan when asking something like this utters such an open voice.

He was gasping anxiously like a hound on a sprint. A mixture of lust and affection was something only she could hear.

So Juju decided to be honest.

“Because it’s you……. When you touch it, always, with excitement……. I’ve never hated it from the beginning…….”

Then Ruslan let out his baby’s boiling exclamation. To the point where I wonder what kind of expression he really made. Then, he couldn’t control his emotions and hugged Juju as if an excited puppy was running toward him and bumped his lips.

There was a kiss that was more of a kiss than a kiss. He fell only after the suffocating juju fluttered in protest.

“Lotte, Lote, Charlotte.”

He called his soul several times as if he had solved the circle. As she was listening, she was embarrassed and repeated the name enough to loosen her mouth.

“I like your name. I especially like the sound that flows smoothly in front of me and pops up at the end while removing my tongue. I think of you just by moving my tongue into my mouth. Because the pronunciation is your soul itself. Your name comes back to life like a flame when you’re locked on the floor…….”

His voice turned into light in the dark view and seemed to be basking. She smelled a clear scent from him clinging from the top. Like when we first met a long time ago.

“I’ve always thought I’d like to hug you by that name.”

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