Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 160

Act 15 – Happy Family, Unhappy Family.

By that time, Liriya had returned to the islands and lay dormant.

While I was leaving for the west, I cut my hair for disguise. When my hair became short, my impression changed significantly.

‘Even more, you changed the color of your hair and your eyes, so who would have noticed?’

Whenever I think of the prince’s glaring face, my lips are chewed.

The west was still a poor, dusty land. Prisoners at the quarry were in and out of the camp.Liriya found a man named Oscar among them, and went to visit him with his sister’sister.

Oscar, whom I met in the visiting room, had a rough beard from hard labor. The noble mother, who was once chosen as the groom of an army marshal, was nowhere to be found.

Liriya checked the veil on her face in the name of dustproof.

“You said you had a grudge against Count Keitel. I’m here to listen to your inner thoughts. Tell me everything you remember.」

“Who the hell are you? Is this some kind of high-ranking errand boy?」


“Oh, aha, he’s going to get caught in some kind of political scandal. Hey, go tell your master. Confirm my release to get something out of my mouth, two gold boxes with settlement money. Enuri, go away.」

Ririya woke up without Katabuta. He twisted his wrist pretending to hold hands. Whispered to a man who was screaming sick to death.

“Are you a negotiator with a man who’s been sucking his ass? What you know comes out after a week of searching the system.」


“It’s a hassle to verify rumors, so I’m trying to listen to your own open mouth. All you need to do is feed her. What? Release? Gold box?」

And I just needed to hide myself for a while while my face was exposed. You didn’t have to tell this guy that far.

Oscar slammed the table. At this point, they would have expected a disturbance to leak outside. However, the guard was neglecting it as a family fight.

After confirming the fact, Liriya loosened her hands. The man’s wrist swelled up in a moment. Oscar murmured abuse as he shook his hands.

“Oh, my God! He’s an errand boy from some family. Whenever I’m released…….」

“Shut up, tell me what you’ve done to the count. Don’t you know some parts of it in person? You have to pay for the oil in your intestines.」

Oscar, who had been whining for a while, finally turned his mind around. Earlier, Pascalina’s crime was blamed as the main culprit, but his crime did not disappear. It was difficult to release for the time being.

Let’s screw him with the unfair complaints. Oscar finally opened his mouth.

“Let me see. The first time I saw his face was at the palace ball last spring, and then we met for a drink at the social hall.」

His story was thoroughly biased and needed to be filtered out.

But after a few visits, I could get a lot.

Especially, when he entered the system and how he became a key figure in the court, etc. were valuable information because it was difficult to know from rumors.

Count Keitel found and conciliated the child of the forest nation hidden in the green area as quickly as he could. Liriya also noticed the truth that Oscar did not know in the passage.

You must have used magic. Even the palace wizard doesn’t know the full extent of the art of the art, and the sad news that was handed down only to the royal family. The magic of a king sitting in the palace and looking out for the people outside Chenli. Elders once said there was such a thing.

Arriya, who returned from the west, shared the above information to a meeting of leaders. Some elderly people kneeled down and cried when they told the story.

Lyria could not readily sympathize.

Anyway, they couldn’t protect the country, so we’re wandering around.’

How hard the Korean immigrants lived in barren of land to live.

The prince grew up to be a boy of the great nobility of the Empire. Because he’s so sad and amazing?”Liri, you don’t look so happy.”

Liriya, who was lost in thought, suddenly regained consciousness.

The buzzing noise of the arcade was sucked into my ears. A close colleague was sitting over the horizontal table.

The two jumbled the cards posing as guests with the host.

“Nichol, you have a bad temper for smiling and penetrating people.”

“Not good? I said it because I kept my mouth shut and stared at the card. Well, if you want to work in a place like this, you’ll have to smile, so stay scary even in front of me.”

“That’s a nasty thing to say. Now you look like a jerk, that reminds me of Count Keitel.”

Nikolai pulled his jacket collar once.

“Clothes are wings.”

“Right, if you dress a school teacher like this, he’s an aristocrat least of all.

Liriya said bluntly. Nikolai smiled and held out his hand.

“I don’t recognize you because you cut your hair and wear a dress. How have you been?”

“Not bad.”

Ippeniya’s remnants have been dormant for the past few months. This is because discussions on how to accept the prince did not reach a conclusion.

As the youth leader of the leadership, Liriya was at the forefront of the extremists. It is a descendant of the royal family that has disappeared anyway. Betraying one’s country is unforgivable, but it only hinders one’s grand achievement. Let’s kill him secretly.

While I was at it, I also wanted to get back the pitch that the man would have taken.

However, many older people also missed the royal family. Those who put high political weight on the prince could not be ignored.

In the meantime, the atmosphere of the system has become chaotic, with entertainment theaters collapsing. Perhaps in order to turn the eyes of the citizens, the temple went on a crackdown on heretical rallies again.

The leadership stopped the heated debate. There is a risk that the horsepower will be revealed while focusing only on this. Then, the whole organization gathered to the conclusion that it was in crisis.

That’s why we decided to disperse underwater, waiting for a moment.

Liriyah permeated an arcade close to the collapsed theater. The purpose was to earn funds for activities and to hide his identity. I’m making full use of Oscar’s delectable gambling knowledge.

Nikolai was contacted after a long time. He brought it up as if he were talking about gossip.

“Did you hear that the Grand Princess has entered the country?”

Liriyah traded cards with them. I felt a sense of incompatibility when I touched the surface of the card with my hand. Nikolai switched from the bottom of his sleeve to another card.

She also snuck the card into her sleeve and answered nonchalantly.

“I heard, all the guests were talking about it. I’m in the palace now.”

“But the rumors of weakness seem to have been exaggerated. I heard you can actually ride a horse and have a good complexion.”

“Where else did you get that story?”

“Fund sources, one of them was Army personnel.”

Liriyah understood. Nikolai added that it was a little insufficient.

“And the former deputy leader, who had been demoted to the North, came back to Seoul this time. Because she’s the only one who can guide the granddaughter around the system.”

“What about Count Keitel? You didn’t give a single guide to the daughter of the man you raised?

“They keep a distance. Now the social world is all about the granddaughter. He’s surprisingly active and intelligent.”

Nikolai quenched his throat with a drink and continued.

“Yes, I heard that the bell-mongering event was the talk of the town.”

“Is this a gathering of imperial servants?”

“Yes, Emperor Albert called in all the blood relatives of the imperial blood to commemorate his coming to Seoul. Most families in the same defense system are inferior to the Grand House. It’s to mix them together regardless of their status. Maybe it was a trick to discourage them.””What a great family the Imperial family is.”

“By the way, the way she knew and chose…….”

She finished grooming early in the morning and moved on to Crystal Hall.

I had a chair brought under my roof and sat upright. I asked the servant and the maid who were preparing for the meeting. It is said that even people with long experience stuck out their tongues because they are sharp at deciding which is customary and inertia.

After the preparation was completed, the guests began to enter one by one. Dorothea was greeted in turn as the first person to come. In the meantime, it never happened.

The pecking order had already been sorted out there.

I just sat down, watched the preparation process, and was greeted. However, they are unfamiliar palaces and adults who I have never seen before. It wasn’t even easy to hold on.

The courtiers were impressed. The spirit of standing upright with me from early hours. A calm distribution of questions that are sometimes ridiculed. When the emperor and his wife entered in the last order, they naturally stepped down.

It was also said that the atmosphere was chilly with his stepbrother, but it was evaluated that the bowl was large. Indeed, some say that she is the enemy of Prince Licht.

“What’s wrong with the girl because she’s great.

Lyria got annoyed and asked back.

“I see from the way you treat your step sister, that the count is not only a man of country but also a man of grace. And yet, he was born with the blood that destroyed us.”

“The Grand Duke was in conflict with the Emperor throughout the war, and his brother opposed the invasion and lost.”

Nikolai looked around, worried that anyone might hear him. The arcade was busy mixing and chatting with each other.

“Liri, your determined temper is reliable, but we want our country back rather than burn the empire down. It’s hard to distinguish between black and white.”

“Nichol, how did you get in the middle of everything? If I were you, I would blame my injured leg.….”

Liriya, throwing up the fire, paused when she saw the look on her colleague’s face. Soon he bowed his head deeply.

“Sorry. I made a slip of the tongue.”

“At times, Liriyah feels more sorry for my legs than I do.”

Nikolai smiled coolly.

“Anyway, it’s in our favor that she stands out like this. It is predicted that the Emperor will be busy keeping her in check. If you get a chance to move in between, you’re more than grateful.”

He stood up slowly with a cane. I took out a bill envelope from my pocket.

“For the time being, Count Keitel will go on a tightrope walk. His rise is a desire to secure my place. Let’s conciliate when his range of movements narrows between his sister and emperor. Adults think they’ll miss the open land at the dead end.”

“……and after all, the use of the royal family prevailed.”

I was expecting this to happen. The modern royalists who want to be loyal to the old Ippeniah. Realists who value the political value of the royal family even though loyalty has faded. The extremists were weak in position from the beginning as the two groups supported them in unison.

Liriya grabbed the sleeve of the card tightly. How would Earl Keitel emerge if he approached this direction?

It is the Parakho, which is proud to imitate the emperor. How interested would he be in the wages of the fallen ruins?

Maybe the whole organization works for him. What if an organization united with patriotism turns into an interest group? Far from rebuilding my country, I was afraid of the imagination that I might fall into the count’s coaxial arms and be quarantined in a small residence.

Nikolai, wearing a top hat, spoke low.

“Anyway, now that we know each other’s existence, we have to each other. For the past few months, we’ve been hiding unilaterally.”“…….”

“Let’s talk about the details later. Exchange bills at the courtesy bank. It’s activity funds for the time being. That’s enough.”

Liriya nodded silently. With a cane, I watched Nikolai walk out. He was careful not to let his uncomfortable legs stand out.

The scars of war are so close. So Lyria was sometimes hated for being the whole people of the empire.

How can a childhood friend judge so coldly? Does that happen when you touch information from a young age?

I left the table to calm down. After asking for an understanding from the manager, he climbed the stairs. I opened the window of the attic where I stayed and breathed in the night breeze.

After turning on the hand-stained lamp, I pulled out the card I had put in my sleeve. There were fine traces of glue attached to the front and back. A small note came out from the inside when I ripped it off with my nails.

I repeated the location hidden in the code a few times and burned the note. The bill, which confirmed the amount, was tucked underneath the underwear and hidden.

‘Fund source… ..but I’m not sure I’m a southerner.’

Although it is a cooperative relationship on the surface, it is based on the principle that the enemy’s enemy is a comrade.

Separatist fever instigated by personnel from the west to the south. Businessmen and businessmen often do not accept that view. But the old aristocrats, bureaucrats, or soldiers, were in different positions.

They longed for the hegemony of the old times and hoped to escape the empire. So I’m funding the Ippeniyans whose interests match.

You asked me to stir up the system on their behalf.

It was obvious that he wanted to use it as a hound, but he had no other option. Iphenya, who lost her country, has no foundation. I needed the money.

Still, the outlook is optimistic. The public sentiment that supported Emperor Albert is slowly cracking and crumbling.

So, Liri, no matter what–

“We take back what is ours.”

Lyria recited her comrades’ slogans low. I left the attic and went downstairs.

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