Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 152

Juju was ashamed of Ruslan’s courtship.

The good old days. Several parables that Albert had modeled after poetry came to mind.

I only vaguely remembered the “said that” situation. It was a memory that I had long thought about in a brain cell, so it remained in my mind until now, but the specific words were scattered empty. There was no way that the woman in the examination or the ideal of literature would be memorable to her.

I’ve never heard Albert speak up in particular.

Actually, Charlotte is not a very rare name. Rather, it became so common in the central part of the country that the trend passed slightly. The woman with the name nicked Lotte by seven in ten.

Ruslan said he liked his only name.

Recently, she was much more familiar with the name Juju, but her heart ached at the ringing of her real name. Ten fingers fumbled down the line of her body, which had swallowed her breath.

Her body was kindly conquered one after another. The lump of flesh touched the scrotum, which had been attached due to strong pressure earlier.

Before I knew it, the feisty penis began to get on her nerves. Ruslan clung to her with his pelvis close together. A man who had existed only by a glance reached her in a clear shape.”Lou, Sloane.”

So Juju called his name, too.

Carefully stretched out his arms and touched the man. The outline she knew was conveyed through her fingertips. A well-shaped chin and a distinct crybaby. Shoulder muscles tightly wrapped around the lateral ligament.

When I put my palm on it, I could feel the breathing of a thick chest pain clearly. Ruslan was continuing to drop his hot breath.

The heat became more pronounced when the juju pressed the boundary of the faintly cut thoracic muscles. It was even worse when you touched the protruding area on both sides.

It’s true that I’m attracted to this body.

But even with his eyes covered, he’s excited to the core. Ruslan said he knew his true nature and loved him. She’s a man who sees her as herself, so she’s full of emotions.

She gently pulled her lips.

“I like it because it’s easy for Ruslan to call. Actually, Ruslanid is good, too. You look like a foreign prince.”

No, actually, that’s true.

Ruslan smiled shallowly.

“Stop, I’m a count now.”

“And there is the Grand Duke’s quantum and the State Preceptor?”

“He’s the man who sold you his soul.”

Hearing the retort, Juju went wild in her head.

I can’t wait any longer. The feverish sound wanted him. Juju groped his penis carefully at hand gestures.

Ruslan’s body became tense for a moment. Juju felt her palm full of stuff and exhaled excitedly.

I thought I knew enough, but it felt different when I touched it with my eyes covered. From the root of the pillar, the fingers were carefully scanned and pulled this way.

He took the other hand down. Press the dampened mundock on its own and open it. He threw up his demands that he had only swallowed before because of his inferiority complex.

“Hurry up, come in…….”

Stick it in. Shake your body and engrave you. I need you to encroach on the deepest point of this road.

A sigh of sigh came out of him.

“You’re really.”

That’s it, I don’t think I could afford to carry on with the backbiting. Ruslan was faithful to her wishes.

It was strong enough to make familiar combinations unfamiliar. He approached the inside of her inside her.

Juju’s lower body was lifted from his waist and clung to Ruslan. The momentum from the front was overwhelming, so the heels rose. Juju couldn’t stand it and twisted her back.

“Ah, ah, ah, yeah, ah……!”

“Lotte, Charl, Lote, Ha, really, I wanted to call you…….”

Ruslan let out a moaning murmur.

It seems that the momentum that started pushing once was difficult to break. He grabbed Juju’s heel and put it on my shoulder. While the twisted body fell to the side and regained stability, both legs became as if scissors were opening. He delved into her body constantly.

“Sometimes I close my eyes…… I imagined hugging you in your own right.”

Ruslan lowered his feverish waist. Juju was distracted by the noise of her pelvis and mounds.

“Your inner self, wiggled like this. At intervals like this, tightening me up, yuck. Will I die in this hot water, or will I boil it, haha……. Lotte, I think I’m going crazy every time you shake like this, so, so good…….”

“Did you ever think of that every time you did it with me? Oh, wait, uh, ah……! Ah, red, la, red……!”

My back shook. The head shook accordingly on the sheet, and the ribbon covering the snow loosened before I knew it. The knot was compromised as if it were about to be untied.

But Juju enjoyed the sensation with her eyes closed. I wanted to get a little more wet.The same was true of her. Occasionally, I would imagine getting out of the flawless body and going back to the original body. Then, when I reached the scene of being hugged by Ruslan, I quickly shook off the shame that I fell into an unconscious idea.

But now that is not necessary.

Juju finally walked the ribbon. The bedroom was surprisingly bright, and for a moment it was incredibly embarrassing.

But beyond that, pleasure has eroded the body. The soul, who had forgotten his anxiety, moved its disconsolate body and looked up at Ruslan.


I was wondering what kind of look he had.

Face to face, you look passionately drunk on the woman in front of you.

The red eyes were blazing. Her slightly open lips seemed to devour her quickly. A groan broke out from beyond the evil teeth.

Feeling it, Juju felt the heat in her body. The gap in breathing has increased further increased. The lips, which were completely relaxed, kept showing insatiable doctrines.

“Oh, oh, there, there, there……. Black, ah, uh, ah! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

The giddy feeling of not much time left rattled her. He grabbed Ruslan’s forearm in an unidentified fear.

Then he dropped his lips as if he wanted a kiss. As soon as they fell down after exploring each other’s interior, they reached the foretold summit.

Feeling like I’m in a different world no matter how many times I’ve experienced it. My arms and legs twitching, feeling a shudder.

The bedroom was filled with breathing sounds. As the direction of the sun changed, the spring sun poured on Ruslan’s body. Having been wandering between Korea and China, he belatedly regained his sense of reality.

“……I’m going down a little late. The morning is going to cool down.”

Juju just nodded with her face open. Her penis pulsed and choked up in her body. When I felt the endless eruption, I was filled with a feminine desire for conquest.

I grabbed him and said without realizing it.

“If it’s too late, stay a little longer. Give me a hug… We’re not on a contract anymore…….”

Ruslan blushed outright. He wrapped around Juju in a bit of a fluster, as if on his first experience. I let the residual heat cool by handing over the messy hair.

Juju hugged him. I secretly apologized to the girl who originally had this name. Lending her body was not enough, and she even took away the young master who was peeking.

At first glance, the flame in the heart, which had become subtle, was green and lively. Now the premonition of irreversible dominated her intensely.

Ruslan is a schemer, so he even looked forward to a new edition after revenge succeeded. On the other hand, the assassin Charlotte had in mind the means of revenge failing.

There may be any inevitable events. No matter how much Ruslan squeezes a contingency plan, the real game always contains the possibility of going awry. Perhaps there will be a moment to make extreme choices.

I love this man who loves me.

Then, no matter what happens, Ruslanman will be safe.

No matter what direction you roll. Whatever the result is.

Even if I can’t live up to Ruslan’s wishes.

Even if the soul burns down after being sad, hard, and unhappy.

That was the best that evil girl Charlotte could offer to maid Juju. She was prepared to pay as much as she could for hogging Ruslan.

‘I shouldn’t have told him this.’

I’m sure I’ll dry it.

So Juju buried her will only in her heart.

My fever cooled down and I groomed myself. I was coming down to the restaurant with a sad kiss, and Nadia was coming up this way first.

“Well, I’m afraid you have a visitor, ma’am.

“At this hour?””Yes, Mrs. Elise, who was here the other day, has something I’d like to consult with you about.”

Juju exchanged glances with Ruslan.

It seems that you should stop being so relaxed under the influence of affection.

* * *

Elise was very embarrassed to find out that she had come before breakfast. She even said she’d go back home and come back.

Juju spent a long time trying to convince how unreasonable the judgment was.

“It’s okay because we woke up late. And you have luggage in your cape, right? You came all the way here with something heavy.”

After repeating this a few times, Elise managed to change her mind.

She was rather haggard than parched. The colour was neat but not very good. The paper bag held preciously under the cape was crumpled.

Juju knew the content and turned a blind eye to it. The breakfast that was originally prepared was ordered to be eaten by the employee, and to bring something simple instead.

A quite luxurious sandwich plate came out for a hasty meal. Juju spoke softly, even pouring tea water.

“You left as soon as it dawned, didn’t you? I’m sure your wife hasn’t eaten yet, so I prepared enough. Let’s start with this.”

Only then did Elysee put the stuttering envelope on the table. After a shy and brief prayer, he bit the end of the bread in his mouth.

“Forgetting the courtesy and coming and eating……. I’m sorry. I was so surprised and in a hurry…….”

“You can think of it as a morning meeting. Did something happen to you?”

I deliberately tried to figure it out of the blue. Elise shook her head innocently.

“No, it’s not like that. The, uh, Southern plant that I gave you before.”

“Did you even bloom blue?”

In no time, neatly dressed Ruslan came inside.

Unlike Juju, who is dressed in a comfortable gown, it is a perfect guest outfit. Elise, who was the first to meet him properly, casually swallowed her breath.

The appearance of a lot of rumors is also appearance, but how did he get it right? While admiring that the word “zinang” was not a false name, Ruslan sat opposite him.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you officially. Ma’am, I’ve heard a lot from him.”

“Oh, hello, Count Keitel……. I’ve heard from time to time.”

“I wonder who told me this, but I’ll leave it at that. I just want to make sure that my guess was right.”

Ruslan stabbed significantly and pulled back the envelope.

Elise was surprised by the bold action. But already depressed, the envelope was weak. The blue flowers that came wrapped nicely appeared in fear of going bad.

Ruslan gave a little exclamation. Juju pretended to be deliberately surprised.

“Oh, my God! How did you smoke blue, ma’am? Do you have any special secrets?”

Of course, the truth was that he cast a spell on the bulb from the beginning. Elise replied hesitatingly, unaware of the truth.

“I don’t know. I just…… just changed the water and prayed.”

Then Elysee was afraid to misunderstand that he was impersonating spirituality. He added hastily.

“Oh, it’s a coincidence! Anyway, it bloomed yesterday. More than that, I’ve already earned it, so…….”

“Do you want to sell it?”

Juju spoke to me quickly. Elise lifted her surprised eyes. Juju looked back at Ruslan without caring.

“We have one, so it’s all right now. Count, aren’t there people who still live?”

“The Privy Council chairman was interested. I can arrange it if your wife wants. If you’re in a hurry, we can pay in advance.”

“What would you do? Although the trend has decreased, blue is still a lot of money. It’s more expensive than the rose of the flower contest.”Juju counted his fingers and said the price.

There are two reasons why I gave this woman a blue flower. First, to sell grace and use it for other occasions. Second, to shake up a relationship that is economically dependent on Jonathan.

Jonathan is also in charge of mediating at 4 Young Girls. Instead of getting along well with all my friends, I kept a certain distance. Then, no matter how much he is the mother of his nephew, he takes exceptional care of Elise. It was suspicious.

It just so happened that Ruslan’s magic had never been detected by others. Therefore, handing over magical bulbs will not cause any problems.

Let’s give a fortune to Elise.

Blue flowers were a simple excuse. If she hadn’t come to visit, Juju would have urged her to sell first. I wanted to observe whether the relationship between the two was purely monetary aid.

It was time for me to think that I could push a little harder because it was an easy opponent.

Suddenly, he put down what Elise was eating. There was a cold sweat on my pale face.

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