Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 153

Juju quickly approached the unusual signs.

“Madam, are you sick?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I just suddenly felt squeamish.….”

Elise took a deep breath and controlled her nausea. Juju didn’t know what was going on, so she wiped her back.

Ruslan, who was watching, was on the verge of calling a doctor. Elise managed to pull herself together and took a sip of tea water. He bowed his head in admiration.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to prepare it for you. The smell of food suddenly came up.”

“At the sandwich? Is it a chicken problem?”

Juju, wondering, picked up what Elise had put down. Baked breast with thick ham, leaf vegetables and pulp, mustard. Let’s not say it’s a perfect composition for my taste. It didn’t smell bad. He was fine even if he took a bite as a test.

Elise felt sorry for the juju checking what she was being eaten. I was on the edge of my seat and took care of it.

“It’s probably because I ate something full of fountains on an empty stomach. Well, selling blue flowers more than that.”

“Have some pickles over here. Do you want to sell it?”

“Are you okay… Actually, it’s a gift from Miss Juju, so I came to give it back to you…….”

She is not without anguish. I was worried to death that the enormous value of blue flowers was glaring.

However, it is a newly acquired flower that has already been dried and killed. I tried to cherish it. I thought I would be punished if I sold it because it suddenly bloomed a rare color.

I couldn’t sleep well last night. I was scared of my shaky heart in front of money. That’s why I visited in the morning to get it quickly before I was tempted.

When asked if they would sell it first, it was difficult to decide whether to like it or not.

Juju quickly guessed what was on her mind when she saw her fidgety attitude.

Ruslan folded his knees and helped.

“Do you need to return it? Yiyi solved her curiosity about the blue flowers. At the time of presentation, the owner of the flower is his wife, so we have no rights.”

“Yes, as you know, the bounty was quite expensive. You’ll run out of mines if you get a few.”

“It just so happens that the Privy Council chairman is a noble woman. There’s no need to misunderstand selling flowers to such a personally. If you want, I’ll arrange it on my way to the palace.”

Elise was caught in the thick of the two men’s words. I thought you were right to hear that. As the speculative craze has gone out, there will be no reason for them to collect several southern plants that are difficult to manage.

Wouldn’t flowers be happy to go to the person they really want?

Elise, who gets attached to everything easily, has developed feelings for the new plant. Even the usual religious lifestyles were overlapped, leading to speculation that this was all the guidance of the Creator.Elise finally nodded her head.

“Well, then could you put in a word for the chairman to take it?”

“Good, let’s do it! Would you like to make a deal in person? Or do you want us to be mediocre?

“State, middle ground.”

Although Juju is younger than the common people and acquainted with the temple, Privy Council chairman is a distant aristocrat. Elise, who was only a local aristocrat, did not dare to meet.

Ruslan ordered Semyon to bring the documents. A white document was placed where the plate was removed. It was a huge sales contract for a flower to be sold.

“If we do this, we don’t have to worry about intercepting in the middle. I’ll pay half of the price in advance based on the general market price. After the haggling, when the ownership is finally transferred, the remaining payment will be transferred to the bank. We are responsible for managing the condition of the plants during temporary storage. I’ll sign here that I guarantee you as an intermediary.”

“Oh, oh, wait a minute. Uh, it’s hard…….”

Frustrated Elyse turned blue. Ruslan then put on a friendly look instead of his usual cold smile.

“I was inconsiderate of the lady.”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry. “Jae, I’m short of cultivation.”

“It’s not about culture. Because most of these things are difficult. If it was easy, no one in the world would be swindled. Let me explain again. I mean…….”

Ruslan said easily, pointing to the first line of the contract. While watching the scene, Juju burst into laughter.

You’re a good speaker. He’s using a scam. You’re pretending to be for the other person and dragging them as you want.’

It’s not something you should say first, but.

But the contract itself was honest. There was no reason to manipulate it. It was also true that the chairman of the Privy Council showed interest in rare beauty.

The important thing is to give Elysee gold in some way and make a response.

It’s unclear what kind of hand Yonatan is holding right now.’

Juju had the ghost investigate Irene’s secretary, Nora’s last whereabouts. Intelligence came in that a person who worked as a volunteer in Daishinjeon witnessed her.

Other than the fact that he met Yonatan, the details remained unknown. This is because the ghost could not confirm the message delivered in writing instead of the message.

What will did Irene leave for Jonathan. That was the car that I thought was the main homework in the future.

Jonathan is different from the other four young girls. Others had no sense of belonging to the organization or were tied up for profit. On the other hand, he has belonged to the denomination since he was young, and his aura abilities are not one of the most daring.

Albert’s trust is most certainly held on to a topic that has always been a wait-and-see position in the gang.

It was a tricky opponent. Jonathan didn’t do anything directly, even as Pascalina broke his knee, Dietrich encouraged him behind his back, and Irene took the lead in locking him up.

Is his participation as a priest so much that he read the enforcement statement after holding prayers? Then the sight of Albert giving a penny of kindness to his broken body flashed through his memory.

“Lotte, this one is honestly hard to cover up for. What you did was the worst thing by my standards. Well, I won’t let you die, though. Because we’re friends.」

“Yo, you….”

“It’s up to you whether you’re lucky or cursed to survive. Roll over, even if it’s a shitty world.」

Stupid talk

You gave it to me because I shouldn’t die.

But there was room for reflection on what he said.

Yonatan even told me to get it when I gave him the pearl crown. He changed his attitude when he came across the Batilde attack. The reaction was particularly cold to the news that it was an act committed by jealousy.”You should have coveted it moderately. You’ve never been to the Empress from his backgrounded?」

‘……that has nothing to do with taking care of your sister-in-law?’

A man is bound to become unconsciously violent when his weaknesses are projected.

In the past, Jonathan had attended his brother’s wedding even in critical situations.

But strangely enough, there was not a word of brotherhood. Only the story of my sister-in-law who came in as a new bride. My memory was clear because I told Charlotte about Daeryebok.

My gut told me. Without Elise, Yonatan cannot be fully identified.

I’m sure the other side doesn’t know they’re in contact. You might think it’s a blatant move.

But first, it was necessary to shake it openly. Even by throwing provocations, I had to drag them into the plate designed by this side.

‘It bothers me that Mrs. Jeong is an extremely ordinary person.’

It’s the most reluctant type to attract blood and wind.

However, this side has reached a point where it cannot back down.

While Juju was determined, the explanation over there was over. Elysee signed where Ruslan pointed his finger. The whole process was over when the ink was coated and even stamped.

“That’s enough, ma’am! We’ll leave this flower to the gardener to take good care of it. There’s already one here, so it won’t be wrong.”

“I’ll pay you in advance. You can stop by our bank on your way home.”

“How can I thank you for your care…….”

Only then did Elise say hello with ease. Juju stood her up and affectionately folded her arms.

“I often owe it to the Archbishop. The secretary will come up with a draft, so don’t worry and take it. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you for the pickles.”

“But just in case, you should stop by my doctor. It’s a big deal if you get motion sickness on the way.”

It wasn’t hard to convince Elise that she didn’t have the decency to do so. She was a bit of a pushover on this side.

Juju went directly to Angela’s bedroom. After waking her up with a lot of sleep in the morning, she let her into the inner room where Elise was waiting.

Meanwhile, he went out to see off Ruslan, who was about to enter the palace.

“It’s been crazy since morning. Can you arrange it properly?”

“It’s good that it’s a natural way to live the mind of the chairman. It’s a good thing that she’s a conscientious person.”

“Even if you were a wife, you’d be about my age…….”

It even resembles the origin of Yeongae, a small local family.

Juju, who had been blurry, looked up at Ruslan.

The love that I whispered to this man only an hour or two ago happened like flames. The label “contract” that was transferred to a relationship has fallen.

The fact was a new relief. I smiled without realizing it.

“Anyway, go ahead. When are you coming today?”

“Early, if nothing else.”

Before I knew it, the greeting that became a habit came back. Lips hit my cheek once in a while.

“I’m going to miss you today.”

Ruslan spoke with confidence.

My fingers got stuck in my hair. Juju opened her lips slightly. When his tongue touched, his desire to torture him to concentrate on his work evaporated.

“Me too…… Today, I’ll be home. I’m going to get someone to dress up my summer house.”

“When I get back, I’ll be a Muslim country. I’ll be back.”

Ruslan kissed deeply for the last time and rushed out. It was a move in a hurry in case there would be any lingering regrets if it was delayed longer.

Juju was wet with lingering lips for a while. Holding onto the doorpost of the front door, I looked at the wagon moving away.

I wonder if one day I’ll get out of revenge and see him. Can it be called a different name than a lover at that time?It was in the middle of imagining a vague future for the first time. Elise walked out of the other side and quickly dispersed.

Elise looked somewhat uncomfortable. Angela, who followed, was in a state of equanimity, but Juju realized from her long experience that it was unusual.

Elise beat him before he even threw his words of concern.

“Thank you very much for today, Miss Juju. I’m sorry to always owe you, and I’ll invite you one day…….”

“Oh, yes, by all means. I’ll go to worship again when I have time.”

Elise smiled hard and opened the mass production.

She rechecked the draft in her arms and went out to the garden. Given that there are no separate wagons waiting, he seems to be thinking of taking to the streets to catch the station wagon.

Angela came close. He called Juju and spoke low.

“Give me a wagon. I think that would be better.”

“It’s not a matter of manners, doctor. Did you have any symptoms?”

“Juju, I’ve told you this before. I’m in mourning, and it’s nothing to interfere with things at night.”

Juju’s lips hardened in a straight line.

Angela continued.

“I’m a woman doctor. Even if you don’t like it, you end up as a midwife. There are quite a few people who know and understand when they live in the eastern harbor. I’m confident that even without confirmation, speculation is almost certain.”

“…are you pregnant?”

Angela was silent for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“What’s wrong with a widow meeting a new man? But he’s…… he turned blue and took it off.”

Juju glared at the fence. He ran out to call Elise.

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