Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 154

Elise returned to her residence in an anti-aircraft carriage. I asked him to get off at the entrance and stopped by the store. He climbed the hill with bacon, cheese, milk bottles and starch syrup in his arms.

She was afraid of being in her arms.

Even the advance on the bill was a lot of money for her. Even the rest of the payment is a great sum.

With that money, you can live without doing anything for years. Or you can buy farmland or shops. The income paid for tenant farming or rent was enough to make ends meet.

Then there’s no need to get support from Yonatan. It’s okay to live a life of two hats in a faraway region.

‘You don’t have to commit a sin with this money…….’

Life ends when you give yourself up to a man who has returned to God. You don’t have to be nervous about worrying about being noticed by a child or others.

But there is one more in this arms.

“At times like this.”


It was supposed to be indigestion out of the blue. However, the anti-aircraft doctor, who was suffering from stethoscope, suddenly became serious. He took his pulse, took his temperature, and finally asked.

“Do you menstruate on time?」

Come to think of it, did you?

I forgot because I was so busy with household accounts and childcare. I haven’t had a memory of the past.

The first thing that came to her mind was the day when she was involved in Daishin War. Yonatan’s words of love crossed my mind.

And, and…….

There are too many cases!’

Of course, relationships were a routine! Yonatan is actually the father of a child!

The unintelligent head was overwhelmed to even remember the date. How can I remember so many nights when I’m confused four days ago and a week ago? It was only clear that Jonathan had not visited the last few days.

He said he was using birth control. Elise has repeatedly promised to do nothing to worry about. In fact, no accidents have happened in years, so I feel relaxed.

But how can you suddenly be a child?Did he sneak up on you? I’m not satisfied with raising my nephew like a child, so did he intend to plant my seed in this ship?

Elise leaned on the outer wall of a house, struggling. I’ve got an anemia. What was considered a sign of fatigue was actually a by-product of pregnancy.

‘I wasn’t like this when I had John.….’

Don’t tell me it’s because my dad’s different?

The husband died without knowing his wife’s pregnancy. Elise, who was clumsy as her first child, knew late. No matter what she said, she could not hear her husband, who had already become ill.

It was Yonatan who knew she was pregnant and took care of her.

At the thought, Elise turned red and bit her lips. I endured a cold sweat and moved.

Lunch was near. The child will wait. The maid must be taking care of, but she never gets nervous and cries. I rushed my feet to go.

It was when I opened the door and came inside.

“Where have you been?”

I was horrified by the shadow that appeared in the narrow hallway of the front door.

Jonathan leaned languidly on his shoulders. It’s a dress of honor. It seems that he came straight here from Daesinjeon.

The hair grown around my ears was slightly disheveled. Elise guessed he had done something equivalent to an all-night stay.

My voice has dried up.

“You said you were busy. He won’t be here until the day after tomorrow.”

“Uh, I’ve been wandering around for nothing, even if I turn the library upside down. I thought it’d be better here to get some sleep.”

As for Elysee, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I asked, looking into the quiet inside.

“What about the kid?”

“I had the maid tease me outside. Where’s my sister-in-law been since the morning?”

“……can’t you see? I went to the store.”

Elise strode in with her eyes wide open. Jonathan grabbed her and jerked off her luggage. Then, naturally, I entered the kitchen and began to organize what I had bought.

“I’d never let a maid do this. But somehow, I think I only bought the ingredients I like. Did you actually know I was coming?”

“I can do this alone at this alone. He, and he’ll be here any time.”

Yonatan smiled. A dish that boiled down milk and cheese, boiled noodles, and just stuffed bacon in. Even simple home-style meals taste bad when Elyse’s hands are on it, but he likes them.

But being cute is being cute, and I had something else to say.

“Really? I don’t think you can manage the plants at all. Where’d you clean it up?”

He slammed the cupboard.

“Well, when I came here before, they said I was still growing well. Even his wife-in-law couldn’t have stopped him, and he couldn’t easily. I know all the places to hide in this house, but there’s nowhere to hide. What happened?”

“Moo, what!”

Jonathan came up out of nowhere and put his hand in Elysee’s clothes. Elise, who grabbed her chest, hesitated. Yonatan stirred the valley recklessly, then grabbed the top of his head and pulled it. A bill fell off when the neckline dress was torn.

Elise freaked out. Even he was slow to reach out and pick up. Jonathan quickly withdrew the draft and knocked Elysee down on the table.


“Elysé, you shouldn’t have been sloppy if you were going to do something secretly.”

Jonathan kissed Elysee, holding a piece of paper in one hand. He gently swept his cheek and read the draft with his sidelong eyes.

“What’s the point of getting caught renting a station wagon even if you’re out like dawn? You didn’t expect me to come all of a sudden, did you use your brain for your wife?””Give it to me!”

“Your naive look is so lovely.”

I can’t even imagine a maid spilling words secretly.

“Does Count Keitel even seal this big money? A friend living with a beauty wouldn’t have taken a picture of a widow with a child. Did you happen to have a blue flower?”


“Look, it’s obvious. Where’s the pot? Did you give it to him?”

Jonathan was a soothing tone. Finally, Elise began to whimper.

Then he stood her up and patted her back. I let loose my messy up-hair and said.

“Elise, don’t cry. Were you scared of being rough? I’m sorry, I’m afraid you’ll get caught up in a bad conspiracy.”

“Uh, uh, Jonah…….”

“Listen, I won’t ask you what you were going to spend this money on. So far, I’ve thought it was just a coincidence that my friends died. But it’s suspicious at this point, isn’t it? What if Count Keitel tries to kill me next time?”

Elise trembled at the words.

Jonathan was visibly pleased with the response.

“I actually don’t care if I die. The bone powder will be buried in the temple farm. But what if you get caught up and become unhappy?”

“Ju, Miss Ju is a good person. You don’t tell me!”

“No way. He’s a kid with a lot of hair, though. A woman like her sister-in-law would stick out her tongue because it’s easy to fool.”

Elise couldn’t bring herself to argue back. Her parents were also swindled into returning their titles. It didn’t teach me any of the tricks of living weakly in the world.

So is the difficult contract. I heard the easy explanation, but I wasn’t sure if I really fully understood and signed it.

“Elyse, why did I go up to the Archbishop? I can’t afford you this much with a priest or a bishop.”

Jonathan stroked Elise’s hair like a comb.

“You have to think about John’s future. Are you going to see him suffer from being seen as an apprentice or a page? An archbishop’s nephew would have the best education in the temple.”

“Yo, Hahn, Johan…….”

Elise was visibly shaken. The dilemma up until now was shaken my mind.

Holding that note can break the relationship with Yonatan. It was an opportunity to shake off the guilt of committing injustice with her late husband’s brother, even the shepherd of the Creator.

But there was already a fruit of sin in her stomach.

Coincidentally, she wasn’t strong enough to handle it herself. What can a clumsy hand do with a raw chicken?

Elise looked at Yonatan with tears young.

“I’ve already promised to give it to you. I signed it…….”

“You mean this?”

Yonatan opened and scoured the clip-bound sales contract.

“With documents like this, it’s easier. If you return the payment, all the provisions here will be invalid. Return the bill and ask for the flowers back. If you’re scared, I’ll add you a few priests.”

Maybe I should take a look at the blue flowers myself.

Foreign secrets It may not be possible to analyze, but in short the fact that ‘impossible’ is important in itself.

There is no record of magic in the temple. I thought it might be here because there is a little related technology in the shirt. It didn’t come out at all.

It was a pretty isolated country to do so. A land where the empire would have suffered if it had not been for the delusion of eternal immortality. No matter how much I wanted the gas, it didn’t pay off.

Now the only place I could see was the Imperial Palace.

There may be some clues left in their storage.”We need to come up with a plan to expand our power inside the court. You have to buy the generosity of the old people in the church to get away with it…….’

We must establish a firm position in the temple. So that even if there’s a scandal with his wife-in-law, he can be crushed.

It is common for priests to have a relationship with believers. The assessment may be cut, but it does not lead to a stir.

However, it is problematic that his opponent is his wife-in-law.

The archbishop position is easily attacked because many people covet it.

Jonathan himself honestly didn’t mind being excommunicated. But the story is different to keep this woman from worrying about food, clothing and shelter for the rest of her life.

I wanted to have about ten maids in a suburban mansion. They don’t know how it feels to keep it this high.

Jonathan returned the draft to Elysee. I asked to double check.

“You can do it, right?”

Elise couldn’t say anything.

Only the clothes grabbed the torn marks.

Would that man listen if you asked him to run away for money?

If you want to quit being a priest and become an ordinary man and live like a couple who never had any kind of scandal in the first place.

He and her parents both died of the same disease as her husband, so there was no obstacle. At that time, the epidemic, which had previously been prevalent in the south, spread belatedly.

Elise saved her life. Luckily, the sick man didn’t get away with it.

Jonathan saved her life.

Old memories piled up and crushed Elysee.

I didn’t forget to worship the temple even when I was young. He was always the first to enter the hospital and settle down, and he happened to meet eyes with a boy priest who was helping the preparation process. And somehow, from that day on, we met every time we went to the temple.

I don’t even know what we talked about on the way here. But Elysé didn’t have a good memory, so she didn’t know the details.

Maybe he didn’t sense the meaning of what he said. Because she had a harmless prejudice. I thought only those who were naturally devoid of lust wanted a priest.

Meanwhile, the boy was sent to another parish after a lot of rebellion. When I heard that, I felt sorry that I got attached to it.….

A few years later, the family collapsed.

My parents looked for me from the start. It just so happened that his brother was in an arranged opponent.

The conditions were not bad. The fallen aristocratic spirituality was the right place to choose. She also had a habit of comforting familiarity. I thought a man who looked like a familiar boy was fine.

On the wedding day, until he came to her waiting alone.


The boy had grown up to be a man. Wearing an investigative outfit, he walked recklessly on the bridal veil.

“You took it away. Of all things, it happened to be you.」

Elysee doesn’t know the meaning of the word until a long time later.

Jonathan called her silent again like an old man.


Elise closed her eyes with difficulty.

Finally, remembering, Jonathan hugged her as if he had waited.

“That’s right. I don’t want to spend time like this. Elise, I was dying to meet you.”

“You ripped your clothes. Like a man who hears evil…….”

“Buy me ten clothes. Lie down. I’ll take one step before the baby comes. I put up with wanting to masturbate thinking about you.”

“Wait, Yonatan, wait……!”

Elysee pushed Jonathan, who was coming at him. But he knocked her down again. He suddenly took off his underwear and licked it from the sound door and said.

“What’s wrong with you asking for more?””Oh, Giga….”

Yonatan has hardened.

Elysee closed her legs in shame. There was little choice but to cry.

“I think it looks like……, your child! Did you do it on purpose?”

Jonathan rose up and looked down at Elysee.

An uncharacteristic embarrassment occurred to me. He raised his hand reflexively and covered his mouth.

“Is it a miracle?”

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