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Chapter 155

Baron Lal was passing through the hallway of the Privy Council. An aide who was guiding reached a room and knocked on the door. The answer to come in came back.

As he entered the room, the woman standing with her hands behind her back slowly turned around the desk.

“Baron Rahl, welcome. Have you been to Gangnyeong?”

“I’m not much of a stray. You’re the only one who’s busy with meetings every day.”

Privy Council chairman looked down at the old man with a smile of intent.

The aide familiarly prepared refreshments and began to set them on one table. She straightened her back and began to walk in the office.

“You’re right. I’m old enough to have swollen legs if I don’t move. I’ve been working out in the middle of the afternoon.”

The baron chuckled and pointed to the glass terrarium over there.

“The chairman lives too absorbed in his work. That’s why there’s more clutter in the office. That’s a popular southern plant, isn’t it?”

“I don’t like hatching thunder, but life isn’t bad near flowers.”

The chairman picked up the kettle of water as if he had just remembered and followed the Terrarium. The white petals shook against the water droplets.

“I think this flower is beautiful, too. Not long ago, I had a chance to get precious blue, but I missed it.”

“Huh? The color of the water gunbird. It’s a rare color.”

“It wasn’t without worldly greed. I was going to look at the rare species in question because I thought it might be Count Keitel’s political trick, but it was a waste.”

The chairman looked this way.

“The Earl introduced me to the man who was supposed to sell was bitten back.”

“Does that happen? Didn’t the Earl lie to test the Chair?

“That’s very polite of you to say so. I don’t think it’s a lie. If it doesn’t reach the kite, that’s fine. I’ve confirmed that he’s not a friend who’s blinded by ingratiating himself.”

In fact, even he may be a designed statement.

Even so, the chairman was willing to give a high score. It’s more honest than trying to look good on purpose.

The baron asked as he picked up the refreshment.

“There’s a beauty to look at from afar. But didn’t you say Chancellor Otto would come? Is it a party?”

“There’s something we need to discuss with the Eastern Reconstruction Project.The Count of Keitel in question asked for an interview.”

“He often puts his mouth on national projects, let alone managing the national bird.”

“As is often the case with the competent…… I’m not going to hide behind the scenes anymore.”

Privy Council Speaker looked down significantly at an old acquaintance.

It has been more than Dalfo since the top union leader died. The progress of the business has slowed significantly as she, who was in charge of coordinating the delivery, spun off due to various unfavorable factors. The union cannot afford to clean up the various debris she has caused, starting with the recovery of the collapsed Cancan Theater.

The people of the East, where hope sprouted, were naturally disappointed. Of all things, the emperor’s chief confidant died in a mess that was going well. Albert’s approval rating, which had been on the verge of recovery due to the reconstruction project, is stagnant again.

“These days, the court is very wary of the Earl. Everyone had a rough idea, but the fact that he was under the shadow of the Emperor has become a great agreement. Is it simply a show of power, or is it an attempt to take Anton’s bloodline to become the next emperor?””Is that why you called me?”

“You’re doing a great job. I was wondering if he knew anything for his own good.”

Baron Lal is a luxury visitor to any social issue. However, the Chairman was well aware that it was not purely a matter of interest.

He, who chases after many gossip, holds tight the opinion of the upper class and high office. This is his own way of doing things, risking criticism that he is “nucksal” and “silly.”

In other words, a man who could not read this trend did not survive the succession war.

The same was true of Privy Council Chairmen. She also climbed this far for decades, serving in the emperor’s advisory body. It was sensitive to the flow of power.

However, a young man who was initially only an honorary adviser quickly followed him to his next pecking order. It doesn’t even seem to stop there.

She had no choice but to keep an eye on what it was for.

replied the baron, sweeping down his beard.

“Let’s see, there’s not much movement in the Earl’s. After the warehouse of the top union leader burned down, the southern plant trend has also withered.”

“Didn’t you say the Grand Princess was coming to Seoul? I thought brother and sister were making peace.”

“You’re welcome. They’ve been saying that they’ve refused to book a hotel for you because the Grand Duke is small.”

It’s just a matter of outrage for a granddaughter. The chairman raised an eyebrow.

“As a Grand Princess, you have no choice but to entrust yourself to the Imperial Palace. I know you’re desperate not to lose your title, but it’s too dangerous.”

“It’s a matter of concern. They’re talking in unison, regardless of aristocracy, ivory towers, and art institutions.”

The laughing baron spoke privately.

“I’m glad I didn’t get bitten by the mouse king’s front teeth.”

The chairman shut his mouth tightly.

This is the imperial view of Emperor Albert.

Albert was once a rising star. However, from a certain point on, it has not been successful. I knew that I was not bold from the beginning of my ascension, but as time goes by, I am becoming more narrow-minded rather than mature.

His personality also greatly influenced the series of processes in which his aides were swept away. Public opinion worsened after the death of Irene, who was incorporated into the upper class entirely.

“The Emperor never believed anyone from the beginning.’

“What a cold hearted old friend of mine. The truth is, didn’t Young-Girl 4 manipulate her from behind?

The Count encouraged this situation directly or indirectly. No matter how Albert looked, he couldn’t see it as fine.

Nevertheless, the count asked the prime minister to talk behind closed doors. Is it because he’s confident that he won’t be able to touch her as long as she’s a check on her?

“I wanted to make my retirement easy, so I’m afraid I’ll get caught up in the whirlwind of young people before…….”

Can we at least coordinate in a way that doesn’t harm a little girl?

The chairman, who was measuring the situation, was disappointed.

If Albert had a firm successor, the problem would not have been so complicated. Sensitive doubt may have been dampened. But even this is slow.

Baron Lal suddenly asked if he felt the same way.

“By the way, what is Her Majesty doing? I heard you’re less shy because you’re late these days. Any sign of meeting?

“So far, it’s quiet. The count said you went to the farm with Chong-hui.”

* * *

A farm refers to a place built beyond an artificial garden in the Imperial Palace.

Friendly scripture, so to speak. It’s a field of wages. There are a few seedlings planted there every year.

In fact, the gardener was in charge of actual care, but sometimes the emperor couple was supposed to visit and take care of them on a fixed date.

This meant that he understood the hearts of farmers as a monarch.It is not possible to fully understand the situation of various parts of the empire with large territories. However, it was meaningful to reflect on the reality of agriculture in a small way.

Emperor Albert was famous for his dislike of this ritual. This is because the reputation of a prince in every corner of the country who used to step on barley fields was regarded as a disgrace.

Especially around the harvest season, the servants were extremely reluctant to attend. Then he has to pretend to harvest farming equipment. I thought it was humiliating for others to watch it.

In the early days of his accession, he forced himself to perform the ceremony. However, the last two or three years have avoided farming under all sorts of pretexts.

Batilde has been watching him be sensitive for years. Therefore, he did not ask if he would attend the event at all this time.

“No matter what I say, I’ve been bitten. What’s the use of asking? Maybe the servants didn’t even mention today’s ceremony because they were looking around.”

As she was crossing the hill, she leaned toward mass production with a more relaxed expression.

Juju, who was following, asked with concern.

“If it’s the Emperor’s last name, wouldn’t you just say what you didn’t say if you didn’t ask?”

“Juju, I’m surprised. I thought you would compliment me.”

Batilde smiled at her with round eyes.

“Now we’re going to have a little fight. I rather hope he gets angry. Sometimes it’s necessary.”

“Ah, ahh! That’s right. Couples sometimes have to bend.”

Juju responded quickly to the words. This is because he was wary of the mouth of one of the maids and knights who followed the back.

At first glance, it sounded like a young wife complaining to her husband. Of course, that is not the case in practice.

Batilde still thinks it’s enough to use as an excuse for a divorce wish.

Juju folded his arms to Batilde and whispered.

“You look like you’re in a good mood. Is it because your destination is just around the corner?”

“I never thought I’d make it this far with you.”

Batilde took a walk and breathed in the scent of grass.

“Juju, you seem to be delightful. You’re still on good terms with the Earl, aren’t you?”

“What? The Earl all of a sudden?”

“You’re wearing a high collar in this weather. If you can’t even make an excuse for a bug, maybe last night?”

Juju was startled and touched her collar. Even with a face like a sugar doll, Batilde is surprisingly sharp at times like this. His personality has become much more natural since he carried out a bold double play.

Batilde covered his lips with his fingertips and laughed.

“I envy you. Being able to communicate with the body and mind……. I wish I could do that.”

“Your Majesty Batilde.”

“Oh, look, it’s already grown like that.”

Batilde naturally pointed to a farm at the bottom of the hill.

Even if it is a garden, it is said because of its purpose and purpose. It’s been a few. The barley and wheat grew quite tall and green.

Emphasia, an imperial greenhouse manager, was already out and waiting. She knelt as soon as Batilde appeared on the wooden steps of the hill.

“I see Her Majesty. It’s just great that you’re friendly without riding a cart.”

“Raise your head. Which farmer will go to my field by carriage? I thought walking would be a good example.”

Batilde spoke tenderly and looked over there. The expression got a little stiff.

“By the way, are the people behind you from Daishinjeon?”

Priests, who had long lined up to show their respect, looked up. The bishop standing on the right side of Emrencia stepped out and greeted with his hands together.”Yes, Your Majesty. May God bless you. Today, I was told to bless the Imperial Farm.”

“I’ve never heard of it. When was it decided? I didn’t hear anything like that when I took the measurements a while ago.

Batilde glanced at the maid-in-law. But she just bent over as if she didn’t know.

The bishop was nonchalant. replied with a smile on his face.

“I don’t know, the Archbishop just told me. Your majesty knows that you two are old friends.”

“Your Majesty Batilde. Wasn’t the newbie of the court lady clumsy? I guess he forgot to tell you.”

Juju quickly stepped in and snapped.

If you are wary for no reason and buy useless suspicions, you will lose money. It was not a big deal to celebrate in the field, so it was better to pass this issue lightly.

“Before that, go ahead and change. It takes time to take off the dress. The bishop can wait until then, right?”

The bishop opened his eyes dimly. Then naturally, he changed it to a smile with his eyes and said,

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