Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 156

“Of course, I’ll teach the lay priests how to read their minds for a while.”

Surprisingly, the answer was cool.

Originally, it was planned to spray water around a quiet farm. This period is not a very important season for farming, so there is not much to manage.

Perhaps Batilde invited Juju for a different purpose. While we’re at it, let’s talk about secrets in a remote place.

But suddenly, I changed my clothes, so the maidens. Emphasia quickly found and opened the key to the small farmhouse waiting room.

The number of people was limited under the pretext of being narrow inside. Only the maid-in-law and her sister were allowed under her wing.

Emphasia closed the door, looked at the signs, and knelt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have a veto because it was the order of the archbishop.”

“Don’t be sorry. It’s hard for me to go against him, too. Juju, you’re quick to move on, so I’m over it right now, but do you know anything?”

Juju shook her head.

“I don’t have a point. The Earl’s meeting with the Chancellor today has nothing to do with the temple. Maybe they’re feeling a sense of crisis, too.”

Juju quickly recounted the information he had gathered.

First of all, the incident in which Elise changed her mind and regained the blue flower.

At first, Juju also took a step back. At first, he was angry that he was in trouble because he had finished talking to the client. Next, he also complained that he seemed to expect a lot from themselves.

I thought this would be enough. Elysee finds it difficult to keep up when things get complicated. And her ingrained morality used to spread to the habit of avoiding others by affirming them.

This time, I tried to break through with the same method, and Elise was unexpectedly stubborn. I prayed for a flowerpot while returning the bill.

It’s hard to even threaten someone like this. He also cared about the employees’ eyes as he stood on the porch and held out.

Juju thought then. Elise is not brave enough to go back on what she has done. I’m sure Jonathan did something behind the scenes.

Maybe I was caught up in pregnancy.

In my head, there was a hypothesis that the Archbishop forcibly exploited the poor widow. Yonatan, she knew, had never been serious with a woman, so the hypothesis quickly came close to conviction. He asked a question of questioning, concealing contempt and sympathy.

“Is there a reason why I have to take it?」

“The child… cried with regret.」

Elise avoided the eye.

Juju sighed.The scuffle dragged on for a long time. Let’s give it back to him. Let Ruslan pick up the pieces.

It was rather unusual to ask for a flowerpot. Perhaps Irene has willed to delve into the fabrication of blue flowers.

But Jonathan won’t be able to figure out the magic.

Magic is a secret recipe made up of high-level aura manipulation. Common aura use does not detect traces. That fact has already been proven by Liriya’s pitch. Juju touched the pitch several times and found nothing special.

Once a doubt was broken, it was safe to break it. If you were suspicious of blue flowers, it would be better to let them dry up in vain.

The priests outside therefore seemed irrelevant to this case. Sending someone to the Imperial Palace to do something to Juju or Ruslan doesn’t make sense. The risks were also serious.

It was likely to be closely intertwined with the political situation.

Irene’s sinking weakened the link between the top union and the emperor. Albert now has no guarantees of friendship in the Army, in the court, or in the top union.

The emperor himself knows this. The archbishop also cannot afford to sit on the hunch that his next target will be himself.

They are best friends in private as well. Even in the form of Albert relying on Jonathan.

Ruslan once analyzed this.

“The emperor didn’t like the top union leader recently, but he didn’t want to die. My shooting her down, showing off my status as an undercover investigator, is an act of extortion. I called him separately and said something, so he’ll be more vigilant than trust for the time being.」

Then who is left for Albert now.

“There was a situation in which the Archbishop took control of the patronage of the Academy of Arts. In fact, this year’s new exhibition is mostly religious. As you said, he knows how to use his brain more than he looks and has the will to power.」

“Yonatan is a man who does when he does it when he does it.」

“Then we have a stake in the Emperor. Son of a bitch wouldn’t want to miss the archbishop…….」

The temple would want to penetrate the imperial court and wield authority over the temple.

The denomination is another country within the empire. In the past, war and division boasted supreme authority.

An era in which faith was the only and most integrated value. Member always misses those days.

I don’t know what Jonathan himself is like. But it was clear that this was the move the organization that supported him was aiming for.

By the way, Jonathan must know Albert hates plantation rituals.

On the other hand, the bishop naturally wants the emperor’s permission to fall.

Jonathan would have missed that part and told the bishop. If not, it would be burdensome to enter the Imperial Palace as a bishop. Did he think he could fix it if he told Albert well later?

After thinking for a while, Juju concluded.

“I think the Archbishop is inquiring about His Majesty Batilde.”

Batilde, who was undressing, looked calm.

“The other day, we had a serious problem with the dimensional system.”

“What happened?”

Batilde looked back for a moment, wary of Emphasia. Standing by, she bowed her head hastily.

“I don’t know all of them, but I know most of them. I owe Count Keitel a great deal of trouble, so don’t try to make a dangerous statement.”

In fact, she had a history of signing an IOU while exchanging acquisition funds. As long as the document is in Ruslan’s secret cabinet, it will not be easily betrayed.

Only then did Batilde open his mouth as Juju winked at him that he was safe.

“I asked if you were using birth control.”Instead of being surprised, Juju looked at the sisters’ eyes.

The sisters are serving clothes as if they hadn’t heard. I decided that it was a reliable workforce and turned my eyes away.

“That’s how the archbishop always does. It’s okay if you’re not embarrassed.”

“Your Majesty has dealt with it well. But you’ve spoken to the archbishop.”

The maid of honor belatedly opened her heavy mouth. Batilde’s question at the time was this.

“I wonder how the Holy Father got such revelations. You didn’t have enough energy to see the Empire star?」

It was also said that the party was responsible for setting the date of joining the palace. Yonatan is also said to have shut up because there was nothing to argue against this.

After that, he suddenly sent a priest under the pretext of an unscheduled sacrament.

Juju approached the window and glanced outside.

The bishop led the priests and was tapping on the vein with a crystal cane. The next step will be to boost intelligence.

But did he only come to do that?

Compared to the size of the land, it was persistent to identify the vein.

“Miss Emphasia.”

Juju beckoned her to come closer.

The forest people are generally tall, so they have stepped up. I whispered carefully into the leaf-shaped ear.

“You’re a greenhouse keeper and a forest nation, so you’ve got a good grasp of the imperial lineage. What’s the vein of this farm?”

“Even though we are the same forest people, we are not as good as Pascalina.….”

After a moment of hesitation, she expressed her views carefully.

“I built it in a place where I could feel the energy, whether in the document or in the direction of the flow of the vein. Of course, it is connected to the Imperial Palace. And I raised the artificial garden so that the palace wouldn’t run out.”

Juju nodded silently.

Like the palace, it is also carefully constructed. In other words, prevent the collapse of the same cancan theater as before. It was designed to prevent external shocks from twisting at once and affecting the building.

Therefore, there is no point in those priests using tricks on their veins under the pretext of sacrament. The crops may wither away.

The strong candidate is probably somewhere else.

It’s a psychological attack.

“You’re trying to make up an excuse for your vagina. Bad things work better than good things, so bad energy is flowing into the empress…….’

There is one ostensibly weak point of Batilde here.

It’s a company meeting.

Juju suddenly shook off what Elise was trying to think of. I cut off the complicated side branches and saw only the phenomenon.

They claim that there is a problem with the land and that it affects the empress’ body. Put a priest in the empress to investigate him. Then we can watch Batilde’s movements and take control of the interior.’

It’s a hypothesis as far as it goes, so we don’t know if it’ll fit.

But it will be a pain in the ass when it comes to fruition. There are so many people to move with a single gesture of Yonatan.

The organization is also thorough in its internal protection. The other day, in the north, they were able to extricate how they allowed the sprinklers to infiltrate.

Juju washed her lips.

Batilde needed a little more time to file a divorce wish.

It is a public declaration that the empress will not live with the emperor. It was too big a hand politically. At this point when Dorothea has not yet arrived, we had to be careful about the timing to bring it out.

The presence of birth control drugs by priests here is overshadowed by the number of spleen. Batilde himself could be in danger.

Ruslan is now in secret talks with the Chancellor. He’s in the middle of something important, so I can’t ask him to come up with a plan right away. It’s not even within reach of the prelude anyway.

Juju finally made a decision. I looked back at Batilde, who had changed.”Call the Emperor.”

Batilde flinched.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“They came in with the Archbishop’s permission. Bring Her Majesty Albert here and ask him if he’s authorized in advance.”

“But either way…… Your Majesty will not take strong measures. They’re ready for a normal blessing. Wouldn’t it rather be considered that we have a fetish?”

“There is no problem with the emperor’s journey itself.”

Juju first cast a glance. The maid sisters and Emerencia went outside. I meant to end the story while they were dragging their feet.

He approached Batilde and whispered.

“If they go back after they’ve done it, that’s fine. But what if he’s going to get the Empress into some kind of trouble with his poking her veins like that?”


“In this situation, whatever lies they tell, they work. It’s a secret that I use a little aura, and at least I’m a maid, and there’s Miss Emerensia. And the knight specializes in combat. That bishop would insist that priests are experts in this field.”

“Calling Your Majesty will solve it?”


Juju nodded firmly.

Purple eyes were stained with confusion.

“I… I don’t know. Do you have any reason to be sure?”

“He’s a genius in connection.”

Juju first brought up the widely known conventional wisdom.

“Most accurate in the world. He knows it himself. You can see it very well, whether it’s blood or blood. If a bishop who came here without telling you anything beforehand says something wrong, you won’t fall for it.”

And he knows his eyeballs the best in the world.

Batilde was speechless. It was the first time I’ve heard of her since she didn’t know much about aura. It was questionable how strongly certain Juju was.

“Well, Juju, I found you fascinating. I’ve heard that people who are not even knights are very rare. But as far as I know, you are a great man who is not interested in training. How could you…….”

Batilde swallowed the question he was about to ask. More importantly, the fact that I kept thinking about it made me emotional. Unbearable, she snapped at Juju’s hand.

‘No, he shouldn’t be here!’

“Your Majesty?”

“I couldn’t tell you because I was afraid you’d be shaken……. Juju, don’t be surprised and listen.”

“What, you mean?”

“He has a different heart for you!”

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