Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 157

Juju lost her words for a moment and blinked. Batilde said with a crying look on his face.

“It’s been a little strange since the New Year’s ball. Why does he recommend dancing? Do you doubt that you’re hovering around me?”

So when you were convicted of profanity, you looked at the atmosphere.

However, Albert’s increasingly empty attitude was extraordinary. He lay the Batilde on his side and was drawing someone else.

“You had less access to the Imperial Palace to trap the top union leader, didn’t you? I’ve been trying to figure it out of the way. Yeah, I called you to apologize for that today! I lied about your story or ghosted your letter…….”

Batilde’s hands trembled, holding Juju’s left hand.

Juju was surprised, too. But I was more grateful to Batilde, who was truly sorry. He put his right hand in a determined manner to rest assured.

“And what about Her Majesty?”

“Your eyes changed every time I heard your name. You didn’t react like that to other women’s stories. The one who regarded the maid as a tea table holder always asks back or finds out…….””Have you ever pointed that out to your Majesty?”

Batilde shook his head with excitement.

“I pretended I didn’t know. You said you were happy that your Majesty cared for you. I didn’t think I’d have to show that I knew him until the big deal.”

“You did a very good job. I know you’re frustrated, but please bear with me a little longer.”

Juju said, admiring Batilde’s judgment.

Is there another woman who can escape Albert’s keen gaze? He knows Batilde only as the incarnation of the moral and ladylike nature, but you’re welcome.

Among the flying yellow girls, few were as good at reading psychology as they are. It was the best time for Juju to endure the time and control her emotions.

Should this natural talent be consumed by confusion? Juju continued, secretly lamenting the complacency of the duke.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s rather good. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you before there was any misunderstanding.”

“Juju, you don’t mean that. Oh, he’s the one involved. He knows. Oh, my God, you’re only nineteen!”

Batilde cuddled with Juju, unable to overcome the overwhelming emotions. The eldest sister swept down the hair flowing on her back as if she was patting her sister.

“Didn’t it offend you? Did he happen to do anything?”

“Your Majesty Albert is not the only man without guns.”

I’ve tried kissing in a dark garden. There was no reason to disturb Batilde’s mind, so he omitted it.

Batilde sighed, saying he was lucky.

“However, he’s still the emperor, no matter what the future holds. Still, he has an insidious hand, so what kind of devil will he give to you? What will happen if I decide to take you away from the Earl…….”

She soon choked up and said.

“I’m the only one who gives up without a heart.”

“Your Majesty Batilde. I’m really fine.”

Juju tapped her back rather to reassure her.

If it was around New Year’s Day, I might have been perturbed by Batilde’s words.

Every time I noticed Albert’s complicated gaze, my anger boiled. All the more reasonable, knowing that it was blatant enough to be considered a flirtation with a third party. And he would still resent the fact that he was under his influence.

But it’s different now.

There is Ruslan. He said he liked Charlotte. It was different from a confession disguised as a lover under the guise of a contract. The wick of sincerity was embedded in it.

He grabbed Juju’s drifting mind with both hands. He tied a rope to the flagpole, which was prone to collapse in the rain and wind.

The crow with a nest does not get excited by the dawn stars in the distant sky.

I just crouch in there and wait. That is actually the light of a quilt fly. Let’s aim for a fall to the ground and peck it with a beak.

Ruslan is with him.

No matter what Albert says, I’m sure it won’t shake like it used to.

“There is Count Keitel. The emperor will also be conscious of him and cautious. I’m not going to be easy either.”


“Trust me and call me first. You might be in a hurry because I’m here. It’s a great opportunity to prove your identity, Your Majesty Batilde.

Juju loosened Batilde’s arms and watched out of the waiting room.

* * *

The new driver who went to get in touch is back. It was with a reply that the emperor was about to go. He says the office was reviewing the agenda alone.

In the meantime, a blessing has been made.

Priests circled around the farm. It was like drawing a truth as a human being. In search of the central axis of the zimac, the bishop knelt on one knee while praying like a lord.The rest moved along. With one hand, the crystal cane is held high and the aura is breathed in the atmosphere. Press the ground with the other hand.

Aura gathered in their hands. Those with outstanding skills sometimes embody their energy like light. Slowly the human aura was absorbed into the vagina while the airway rang.

This is like adding a grain of salt to a large pot of a large pot. It will be brief if several people take turns putting it in. It tastes better than plain water. That doesn’t make the water soup.

This is usually the case for blessing. However, the result of farming is not at will like cooking, so it is still customary.

“Yonatan would have built this much on his own. If it’s up to him, he’ll be able to help the whole farm.”

Maybe the faithful Elise is bowing down to his formidable aura? Juju tried different reasoning during a boring time.

But by the end of the prayer, it was collected. There was a sign of a march on the other side.

A fish appeared. The sound of horse bells was loud because I was riding on the road instead of the promenade.

Everyone is on their knees. Juju, who was in the front row, looked up with her head down.

Albert showed up. I knew him too well, so I noticed a change even if I hated him.

‘Your face… is a little damaged?’

Now I haven’t lost my appearance. But the expression was clearly gloomy. It seems to be true that it has been empty.

Albert came down the ladder, refusing to support the knight. He looked around gravely and murmured.

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance on the day of the wedding? You’re rushing me here.”

“I was told I could only water it today. I didn’t tell you not to get busy. But you can’t miss the blessing.”

Batilde was completely tongue-tied and laughed.

Albert stared down at the empress. It is as tranquil as a swan in a calm lake. The clothes modeled after the farm girl’s outing clothes were simple.

He breathed out and greeted with a conscious smile. I pulled my hair back to make a good couple.

“Thanks to the Empress Jim, you’re living off your chores. Isn’t the sun hot?”

“It’s not too hot yet.”

Batilde, who was touched, bowed shyly. Albert, who confirmed him, quickly withdrew his hand and spoke to the bishop over there.

“Anyways, I’ve seen the finish. So, how’s it going?”

“Ah, ah, yeah. It’s been encouraged a lot, so it’s going to grow even in the heat. During the harvest season, a better crop than ever will be dedicated.”

The bishop showed his respect, and then carefully rhymed.

“But there’s no problem with the field, but there’s a bit of doubt about the condition of the vein…….”

“Is there a problem?”

Albert hung up firmly. The bishop looked at the vein regardless of what he felt.

“It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with Jim. Knights, do you think there’s a problem?”

Knights also exchanged glances of ambiguity. No matter how specialized they were in strengthening the body and loading the black flag, even the veins in this garden were not a dark bath.

Albert, in fact, was already mildly annoyed. The fact that he crawled into the farm, which Batilde did not mention beforehand. All of a sudden, the bishop who came to me suddenly bit a healthy vein.

Only the blonde kneeling in the front row over there was conscious. He nailed this matter with the intention of putting it away quickly.

“I respect the knowledge of the temple, but it is a fine field for Jim to see. Knights share the same view, but I don’t want to drag my feet on a hot day. If there’s a problem, I’ll ask the archbishop directly, so back off.”The bishop could not step up to the emperor’s request to the archbishop.

The bishop was also quite flummoxed at heart. He had been told that the emperor would not go to the farm. Is the Archbishop under any illusions?

Eventually, he also lost his tail.

“Now that you mention it, I’ll put this matter off for another day. Then let’s build it in water.”

“Your Majesty has just arrived, so just watch. I’ll take charge of it today.”

Batilde spoke generously and then winked at the maid-in-law. The order was to spread the shade. He noticed Albert’s squeamishness and tried to pick up the pieces.

Albert entered the vacant lot. Sitting on the chair that the maid brought, she looked at Batilde.

She accepted the watering can after the ceremony. Then he stepped directly between the crops and sprayed water on the soil.

It was clumsy, but it was hard work. It is an exemplary state appearance.

She’s the best woman to have as empress.

Albert thought crookedly, with his chin resting on his fist.

A woman who does her part, doesn’t defy quietness, and is tactful at the right moment.

Albert also briefly suspected Batilde. It is time to reorganize the personnel management of the Imperial Palace after the former head of the court was abolished. But she didn’t show any signs of doing anything. I was satisfied with my hobby of learning strange things while calling foreigners.

The Duke of Haggya is an easy-going idiot, and his sister under his hand won’t be so different. I thought it would be enough to give birth to a successor.

However, the news has been delayed, which is probably why the news is so flat.

I’ve been more reluctant to hug her lately.

Albert turned his head away. This was enough time to stall. I talked to Juju standing behind me.

“I didn’t know you followed me all the way here.”

The time has come.

Juju secretly clenched her fist. He knelt next to the chair he sat on.

“Please forgive me for not greeting you separately. Her Majesty wore the sacred silver that she cherished with friendship.”

“Do you enjoy your unchanging friendship with the Empress? I envy you.”

Juju opened her eyes secretly and glared at him.

It’s a poking remark. Albert had three people dead in mind. Especially the fact that Ruslan was directly involved in the dispensing of Irene.

The servants of Ruslan are secretly associated with the emperor. He would also have reported secretly that Juju was accompanied by the Cancan Theater. Then I bowed my head to pretend to be honest.

“I’m surprised the Marquis died suddenly. You said poisonous plants were harmful, but in such a moment…….”

“You don’t have to cringe because I’m not blaming you. Wake up and come closer.”

Albert naturally had a chair on the side. Juju hesitated at the sign to sit down.

“There’s Her Majesty. How can I?”

“You’re thinking profanely.”

Albert curled his lips and smiled curiously. I tapped the armrest.

“The Empress, who has only brothers, has you as a sister. How long has Jim been watching? It’s not a flaw to have your sister-in-law sit next to you, so sit down. I have something to say for a long time.”

Do you tell your sister-in-law she reminds you of an old woman?

Juju was careful not to be emotionally drawn into her eyes. Others are lined up in the back as far behind. I sat on the chair carefully, reading your countenance.

asked Batilde, hoping to finish the ceremony soon.

“What are you talking about?”

“I understand that the Marquis’s legacy sentiment is roughly over. But the Earl took the Pyeonaek and didn’t return it.”

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