Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 158

Juju let out a short exclamation with a ‘Ah’.”Yes, I’ve seen some drawings. The Earl says it’s easy to hide secret documents. As far as I know, most of them returned it after searching.”

“Most means not all.”

Albert leaned deeply against the backrest. He looked at Juju without giving any snow to the field.

“I understand that the Marquis had a painting of me.”

“Your Majesty?”

“It’s like a token of old friendship. As a friend Albert, not a lord, I want to share the traces of the past.”

How far is that true? Albert was told that he had let go of the top combination’s internal scramble.

He also avoided visiting Irene’s parents. As if I can’t talk to a couple of local slaughterhouses unless I’m the prince of a rural castle.

“Well, I’ve destroyed the writer I served myself, and that’s not a big deal.’

Friendship is an excuse for that man. Juju gave a cold answer.

“I think I know what you’re talking about.”


“Your Majesty and his friends from a young age, right? The Count said he was afraid that His Majesty would find the painting ominous. Maybe that’s why I’m reluctant to return it and put it in the warehouse.”


“There’s a picture of the guilty and the unfortunate dead. The whole group of lights supporting your Holiness has become a dark cloud.”

Albert suddenly sighed as if it were painful.

Part of it was true. Facing three dead people again only makes me feel bad. Once shining with them, the dirt of time has become dirty. Rather, for him, I wonder how he ended up with these people.

But apart from him, I wanted to get my hands on the painting again.

A replica of Irene’s summer villa has already been secretly obtained. But there was a Batilde painted.

The original was needed. But Irene refrained from speaking in her lifetime. I thought she would surely demand a ridiculous price for her personality.

The person who was quietly measuring the time died.

If so, wouldn’t it be no problem if he had it?

For Albert, the sense of security that he had the only trace of Charlotte in his hands was important. It also serves as an excuse to mix a word with the girl in front of you.

I haven’t seen much of it lately. There was only a lot of news, but there were fewer opportunities to meet face to face. This girl seemed determined to be cold-hearted for the new year.

A girl who doesn’t know if she’s a reincarnation or a ghost. Perhaps that’s why even the current sense of distance seemed to replace the dead Rotte circle. I remembered dancing together in the new year.

Albert held out his elbows subtly. As soon as her sleeves were about to reach from the armrest, Juju quickly reached her knees.

“Shall I speak to the Earl? I want you to post a picture to His Majesty.”

That was the plan anyway.

Ruslan and the Chancellor’s secret talks were also involved. By now he must be making a request to the Chancellor. Please invite the Emperor to open a place to celebrate the arrival of the Grand Princess. The Prime Minister’s intention is suspicious, but he cannot refuse it because it is not a wrong request.

Albert didn’t know about this. I just looked down at my elbow, feeling sorry for myself.

“Will you tell me so? It was a car that hesitated because it could not be asked to present the painting that was taken for construction as a personal interest of Jim.”

“All the Imperial objects belong to you, and you are the king of the kingdom. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you to take the time and tell the truth.”

Then Juju let out a rather ominous sigh.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, no. I’m sure I’ll give it back to you. I thought it would be rude of him to be late.””I don’t think there’s a reason it’s gonna take long to search for a frame.”

“It’s… ..there’s a thick coating of the Empress on the painting.”

Albert has hardened.

Juju went on, chuckling inside.

“Isn’t it strange that only Her Majesty has a lot of paints? The world knows that the marquis loved to show off and had complicated relationships with men. They asked us to investigate the paint marks because they were jealous of the empress or anyone else.”

“So what?”

“In fact, that’s why I asked the artist to restore it. Your Majesty will have to wait a little longer because we’re not underwater.”

Albert, who heard the word restoration, grabbed the armrest with his whole palm. I put up with what I wanted to stand up. He was conscious of the rear row and the empress in front.

In fact, it was something he was going to do with the original. The fact that they touched it first caused unusual confusion.

I asked Juju.

“Do you know what is being restored in the painting?”

Juju tilted her head and smiled.

“A little bit.”

“What are you thinking?”

Does this girl really mean that Lotte is a specter who turns up to bewitch her?

Juju stood up slowly. I kneeled before being told I stood up without orders. He bowed his head with his hands together over the wide skirt.

“Forgive me your rudeness.”

“……What’s the rudeness you have done to Jim?”

“I’ve already heard from the artist what was painted under the painting. But I was wondering what kind of woman you were looking for in me.… I begged the count to restore it.”

Albert was speechless.

Juju kept her head down and shut up.

My heart was wonderfully still. It had nothing to do with me, no matter how Albert.

A few months ago, he would have been furious at his agitation one by one. Every time I found traces of abominable regret and repentance, it boiled over.

In fact, he belatedly realized that even he was bound by Albert. Even though I realized that love had been extinguished so much, it seems that the faint residual fire was mixed with firewood burning hatred.

At the moment, there is only one concern. Ruslan should not be reprimanded for restoring the painting carelessly.

Albert is good at picking holes. No matter how determined Ruslan was to offend the emperor, the risk factor was minimal.

Restoration has become the responsibility of the Juju. Now the Kengi side was Albert.

Albert raised his hand that held the armrest and wrapped it around his forehead.

I needed time to control my emotions. I don’t know how far one’s emotional illusion and where one’s objective truth comes from. I wondered if that girl was Charlotte’s incarnation, but she felt like an English stranger.

But the odd joy crept up from one corner.

Juju is conscious of herself!

I felt this pity and tried to understand it!

In the new year, I pushed him so coldly as an out-of-town man, but it wasn’t true! You must have been keeping your mind on the story of the dead Lotte!

Albert suddenly felt a faint ray of hope. For a moment, I wondered what excuse I could use to take this girl.

I want to be alone. I’d like to talk more about Charlotte. And I want to confess my penance to her if I can.

If you put your head down on that knee and beg for forgiveness. If that canary hugs you with a smile like the old rotte. If you bury your cheek in the valley under the collar. If you feel a friendly pat on the head.Then won’t all the disgrace in the past be inherited, and the broken bowl will be made of new pottery?

“I shouldn’t have disturbed you.”

Albert pulled his lips in the shade.

“I won’t blame you. It’s just a thank you thing to say, so wake up.”

“There is no way to repay Hwang-eun, because she understands that I begged her.”

It’s none of my business if you hug the painting and cry.

Find the ghost to your heart’s content. There’s not much time left for this man to relax. In the meantime, Juju had no intention of paying attention to the trick. I just wait for the day to end the bad relationship.

I stood up shaking the dirt off my knee. The clothes were light because it was time to move on to the summer season.

It was a moment to keep the collar around the neck intact. The wind blew through the ridge of the artificial garden.


The skirt flew. The lace on the finger flapped over. I pressed the neck a little embarrassed by the unexpected harmony of nature.

There was still a bruise left by Ruslan.

Batilde teased last night if it was a trace, and the truth was far more shameless. I did it while changing my dress just before I left home. When Juju couldn’t stand the climax and tore the man’s back with his nails, he was caught up in an impulse and bit his neck.

Did Albert see it?

Juju glanced back at him with a hint of shame in his underwear. I knew as soon as I saw the expression.

It must have been visible.

Albert looked up at Juju for a moment with his eyes wide open.

Observation to recognize even the smallest things was the source of the fire. I didn’t think so at first. The next moment, the girl was caught and bit her lip shyly and turned around.

What a mess! The bottom of the chair was lost like hell. Everything I saw in front of me was true.

“Is this the Earl?”

A question that I couldn’t say out loud lingered in my tongue.

Of course you are. If it’s not him, who’s gonna touch him?

Albert once imagined the bedroom of two people with an unknown hunch. In the new year, I also heard that the count publicly kissed.

But none of them has ever met directly with their own eyes. I’ve only witnessed him wearing shoes.

So I could turn a blind eye to the fact that the girl was another man’s lover.

As long as I get my hands on it. Then the girl seemed to greet Albert as she was born. Just as Lotte, who was still young, lay in his bed, scared, trembling and ecstatic. Just as it sucked him in blood and joyfully and sweetly.

But the brand under that collar is. Not only did he make a public fuss about it, but now…….

“Your Majesty, don’t make fun of me.”

Juju nailed it first in case he poked for no reason.

Since we were caught, we added that we should just pour oil.

“I learned it from many wives. Even if you know everything, you shouldn’t show it until the engagement.”

“Didn’t you say that the Earl… ..isn’t you say you’re engaged to be engaged?


Juju smiled broadly.

Although his conversation partner may be Albert, Ruslan’s confession always brightens his mind.

“You told me a while ago. He wants to stay with me forever. It’ll take time to get ready, but we’ll do it sooner or later.

As soon as he heard it, Albert stopped breathing. Both eyes and ears turned black.

I felt like I was dropped in a vacuum with nothing. So the disturbance over there in the farm was far from him. Batilde’s voice was scattered from his ears, so he couldn’t reach it.Juju heard it right. She left Albert behind and ran to the garden.

Batilde pointed over with an empty watering can.

“Look, barley has already formed. There are some flowers left.”

“Bori is faster than autumn crops. I think the seeds here are very good.”

In the meantime, Batilde lowered his voice.

“I saw you talking earlier. If he says anything, please avoid him. You can make an excuse that I’m jealous. The palace is large and deep, so there are still many places that my eyes cannot reach.”

“You can’t do anything dangerous, even in the presence of Her Majesty Batilde.”

“I avoid his eyes, and I don’t know what he’s gonna do to avoid my eyes…….”

Batilde pressed his chest to recover his terrible imagination. Juju helped Batilde out. He whispered reassuring words.

“I don’t mind if something bad happens.”

Then I’ll break the back of my head with self-defense.

Even if something bad coincides with the worst, it’s a brief humiliation. I wouldn’t wake up like that myself.

But Batilde had a straight face and grabbed Juju’s arm.

“It can’t be okay.”

Last year, she sounded unthinkably determined.

“Even if you can endure it, pain is pain. You are stronger than me, Juju, but sometimes you tend to believe it too much. You’re being too hard on yourself.”

“Your majesty, I’m.”

“And I never want to see my friend get sick.”

Purple eyes are shaped like blue.

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