Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 159

Juju somehow had a hard time facing it and dropped her eyes.

Friend, Batilde’s declaration weighed far more than Juju had declared himself an ally. In comparison with my old colleagues, complex emotions were intertwined.

I felt embarrassed to let it out, so my cheeks heated up. The answer stuttered.

“Careful, I’ll do it.”

“Sure, if you go wrong, Count Keitel will be sadder than anyone else.”

Shall we?

But Juju intended to throw himself away, even if Ruslan was sad. If it’s judged to be the best, by all means.

As the shade approached, Batilde changed his face. As usual, he spoke to Albert with a gentle smile.

“I cried out to you to watch. Are you tired?”

“……Oh, maybe I dozed off a little.”

“I’m glad you took the time to rest. I’ll get a seal in the car and bring it out.”

While Batilde was calling the maid of honor, Albert rose heavily.

“That’s enough, I’m going back to my office.”

“Your Majesty.”

Batilde was about to fold his arms as a courtesy, when his elbows snapped.

Albert looked back at Batilde, who had stopped. An uneasy shaking gaze was directed to the juju in the back and returned. He obviously managed his facial expression and then softened his voice.

“I’m busy with the backlog. I’ll see you later tonight.”

It would have been better if another woman was in the bedroom.

I just don’t feel like fitting in with the empress. My hands trembled with jealousy. He was all the more angry because he had a faint sense that he was clumsy to others.

He is the emperor. It has overtaken numerous successors in the barley fields. So why do we have to go into the morass so often?

I don’t care what you call a North Korean boy!

‘Promise? Funny thing to say……!’

Unfortunately for the Earl, he has the right to interfere in his marriage. Albert had forgotten until just now, but the genealogy was half his servant anyway.

You should be prepared to listen if you picked up crumbs at the last minute of your father’s speech.

Yeah, it bothered me to clean up Irene by bragging about the medal. I’ve forgotten that it’s all due to the Emperor’s kindness.You’ll see, it’ll only be used until the Grandmother gives in. When my sister arrives, try to compete bloodily…….

He suddenly became desperate for a successor. The succession structure is unstable from the beginning, so the defense system is going wild. If only seeds were planted entirely in Batilde’s womb, both siblings were destined to fall apart.

And the girl who is unfortunately alone.

‘……I can do what I should have done for Lotte.’

Albert got on the wagon grinding his teeth.

It became a little noisy as the emperor left. Batilde sent him off and ordered him to help prepare the priests for their return. And I brought Juju to the waiting room and gave her clothes to wait for her.

Batilde also looked tired. She told Juju pulling a knot on her back.

“You’re over the hump anyway.”

“I know. Please keep an eye on the temple trends.”

This movement is ominous. We’d better get rid of Jonathan.

“Hiding in the judge’s mansion and slapping his neck.’

The church is separate from the court, so it’s internal chaos. It’s up to them.

However, he was concerned that the group had a majority of aura users.

No matter how different the direction of training is, Yonatan is not an easy opponent. To kill, I had to prepare myself for a physical fight.

Then there will be quite a lingering aroma of aura at the scene, and high-ranking priests will be able to read clues here.

To be safe, the existing treatment was much better. In other words, isolating him within his group.

Why don’t we conciliate Elise and urge her to accuse him of exploitation? I don’t think Yonatando has the strength to stand in the face of this scandal.

But she is not like Batilde. She has no background, no knowledge, no talent. All I have is a deep faith with my young son, a gullible and naive heart.

It is unclear whether there is a willingness to escape from the current situation. If she was obedient to Yonatan, Juju was not confident in pulling it out at all costs. Didn’t Batilde come this far because he had his own will?

If Elysee decides to remain silent, Juju has no choice but to force her into the middle of the board.

It will make the person who lived quietly unhappy.

You have no choice but to live with it?

I think I need to talk to Ruslan about this. Because he might come up with some tricks…….’

My head quickly became obsessed with Yonatan. Juju moved her hand almost mechanically. Then, while lowering down and tying a ribbon, Batilde suddenly opened his mouth.

“Juju, do you mind if I ask you a question?”

Juju looked up in astonishment.

“Yes, of course. By all means.”

“I couldn’t ask you earlier because I was distracted by something else. It’s been six years since I’ve served you, and I didn’t know you’d read a vein, but you knew it. Can you see that when you’re dealing with the aura?”

Juju thought for a moment and replied.


“Then how did you know? Your Majesty has acted as you predicted.”

“You don’t want me to hide it?”

Juju rose to her feet. I arranged Batilde’s hair and put in a decorative pin. Batilde, who had finished grooming, looked this way.

She swallowed a bit of anxiety and straightened her shoulders.

“If it’s hard for you to reveal, you don’t have to say it. I believe in you and I will also be silent as a friend. But I’d be very happy if you could tell me. It means you trust me as a friend and confide in me.”

Juju was grateful for that remark.

I thought I should reveal it one day, but I couldn’t say it.I thought maybe I could move on without revealing my life.

But Batilde is on edge. Albert’s agitation was also conveyed to her. This wasn’t very beneficial for the future.

Information had to be shared. What’s shaking Albert, why he’s causing a protruding behavior. Now Batilde needs to know exactly. It was not enough to explain that he was a delusional emperor.

From now on, she’ll have to endure a foggy fight. Even so, the road ahead was blurry. Only alliances needed to be clear and transparent.

Above all, it was also beneficial for Juju to know Batilde at this point. I can ask you a big favor.

Juju took a step closer. I grabbed Batilde’s shoulder.

“Will you believe me?”

“Of course.”

“Even if I bring up nonsense?”

“I know you don’t talk nonsense.”

“Are you prepared to live with the truth that I have hidden, even if it is contemptible to you?”

Batilde looked a little angry at the words. On the contrary, I strode up to Juju.


Rather, the tone was strong enough to overwhelm Juju.

“Juju, five years. You’re the only one who’s reached out after five years of no one’s knowledge! I’m, I’m …… I will never despise you if you are the wicked woman and the murderer!”

Her lips trembled a little. Soon after, he couldn’t control his emotions and sat there. I crouched my knees and put my hands together.

“What difference do I know? Rather, I…… sitting on the empress, communicating, trying to drive a husband who has not committed a clear sin to me, into divorce and deposition.….”


Juju sat face to face and held her.

“That’s it, you’re guilty! What do you mean you’re not guilty? He’s committed a great crime against you!”

Batilde lifted his eyes wide open.

The moment he saw the face, Juju was convinced.

Perhaps it was too late to say. I think Batilde himself is involved. Shouldn’t she also know the truth about what happened to her.

I couldn’t say it easily because I thought I wouldn’t believe it easily.

It’s okay now. Batilde is strong. Perhaps she was the strongest person Juju has ever seen. The story poured out when I was convinced that I wouldn’t collapse from shock.

“Do you remember the attack? The one where a mysterious man appeared and tried to drag you from the wagon as the Empress. No one helped you until the guard came running!”

“How can I forget? I heard that His Majesty Albert was a long-term girlfriend who was accused of being a criminal, but he punished her as she was.….”

“It’s a false accusation!”

It was unfair to hear it again. The voice is mixed with water.

“She didn’t do it. It was all a hoax! Albert, he, the dog, the cub, to make you the empress, to remove the woman from the way…….”

“Juju, wait a minute. Juju?”

“You said she was the evil woman of the world…….”

Even though I have finished my calculations and resolutions, my confession is crushed. It was the first time I’d confessed like this to someone I didn’t know anything about. The most terrible memory came together and my whole body hurt.

Juju was forced to catch her breath. But I couldn’t stop the heartache, so I clenched my forearm and slammed it. I dropped my head on Batilde’s lap.

It became a position of penitence.

For a long time, I thought Batilde would be the first to ask someone for forgiveness. If he had behaved a little differently, Batilde’s fate might have changed.

I wouldn’t have come into this fire hell of Eunwon.

“It’s me.”


“Charlotte is me! Albert’s old lover……. He’s recognizing me unconsciously.* * *

Princess Dorothea of Licht had her eyes closed. The wind that came into the open car window tickled my cheeks.

The air is warm with moderate moisture. In the land where she was originally born, it was a very precious artifact.

3 years ago. Was it 4 years ago?

It was hard when I went on a nursing trip to the south. A journey down to the eastern port and round the continent on a ship. The southern part of the country, which arrived after suffering for a few days, was the same in winter. Compared to the North, the sky and the earth were dull.

Perhaps the irritation caused by fatigue has even changed the color of vision.

The world reflected in the body that often suffers becomes gray. The snow, ice, coniferous trees, wool, and even the fire in the brazier were not at their disposal, which made them feel stuffy.

This South River, the first time in my life, was different. She saw a lot of colors.

It was spring all the way down. After passing through a field where short grass grows, I climbed Mount Günt, which was filled with clear green. Flowers, fruits, and bright new clothes were scattered in each passing city and small town.

That’s what it was like.

What I only encountered with the ink of Jiriseo was this rich in color.

I thought there were only misfortunes in the world that could not be solved at will. It wasn’t.

Just in case her condition deteriorated, her private carriage was carefully constructed with a roofed-up structure on a cot. But the air was so clear that it was uncomfortable to move around surrounded by fertilizers, and the scenery was beautiful. Even though I was tired, I came down watching with my eyes.

I heard a notice from a distance that the city was close.

Dorothea slowly opened her eyes.

It was bright, it was still afternoon. The servant maid arranged the dress. I got off the wagon supported.

The sky is blue as if it had been rubbed against the heavenly stone.

The man sitting on the horse pointed to the panoramic view under the mountain on the other side.

“This is a nice spot to look down on. See? That’s the island.”

Some of the big cities that the long river runs through were overlooked. Dorothea approached the slope as she rolled up her thick curly hair.

“Holy Richt, I’ve lived knowing that the city is big, but my knowledge is ridiculous. It was no match for the city.”

“I always thought it was a little too big a city. Do you feel uncomfortable when you’re on the verge of it?”

Dorothea lifted her chin and looked up at the sky without saying a word.

The sun above my head glowed down on her over the muddy ground. I was blinded by the light that opened high and became hazy. Perhaps she considered her posture precarious, the maid made an uneasy noise as she continued to make a series of “lady.”

She curled down deeply. It rose again and looked straight down at the city under its feet.

“More than a burden, I think the weather is good.”

“It’s a warm land throughout the year. But it’s going to be a little hot in the summer.”

“It’s like a snowstorm.”

Dorothea looked back at the procession that followed. I strained my stomach as I had learned. So that it can ring loudly even with a small breath.

“Bring my horse!”

Resisting the maid’s embarrassment and dissuasion, she made her way up the mountain path.

“Come on, I’m the redneck of Grand Duke Licht. I’ll ride my horse and get in!”

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