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Chapter 161

Batilde, who changed into an afternoon tea gown, appeared in a gazette installed in the patronage. The pleasant shade of early summer was drenched.

She’s been bright lately. This is because Granddaughter Dorothea stays at the palace and says hello in the morning and evening.

The Imperial Palace is a place where artificial peace always stops. But it slowly perked up as the girls, including Juju, came and went. In addition, there was a girl who came to visit regularly, so Batilde was lively as if water was flowing on dry land.

At times like this, I think of the conversation I had with my mother at the time of Gantaek.

“Why, do you think it’s a bust because he’s a straightforward emperor? There are only one or two monarchs who have made such a decision in history.」


“You were blessed. Much better than the bustle of the imperial family. I’d take off my shoes and run to the empty palace!」


“When you were in trouble, it was a mess, but I took a breather when I saw the Emperor’s disposition. If you’d given me the benefit of the doubt that I knew her for a while back, I’d have taken the lead in stopping her! Where is the country girl without knowing her place?….」


“Our pretty Barty. Brides are supposed to be anxious. Everyone else is like that, so don’t worry about it and just prepare for Daerye. Mom’s sending you to the old man’s house? Your majesty is young, handsome, good for you. I’m so glad you’re in a precious place, don’t you know that? How much does my father want you to be loved?」

There’s a dry smile. I tried to convince my parents of their opinion, but eventually I failed.However, he gained a painful conclusion due to his experience in trying to comply.

He can never live like this.

While patient, the girl in the north grew steadily. That alone was meaningful enough for the past.

While the maidens were setting refreshments, Batilde opened the ring he had brought in advance. Then, a tapestry embroidered with complex designs was unfolded.

It was on the verge of completion. The stuff that I used to do at the embroidery meeting. It became a very routine to work on Juju’s part before going to bed.

The clumsy juju also made progress as the needle got used to it. The numbers are much more meticulous than they were at the beginning. Batilde, who was comparing crooked vines with fairly shaped leaves, laughed his head off.

How precious it is to be a friend who lets out a secret.

Age, class, or position were not important to this mind. Strong trust has spread in my heart.

Then from the other side, a girl appeared riding a horse.

Far away, Haman Dorothea knelt before Batilde.

“Your Majesty, thank you for inviting me to the afternoon tea party. “I am honored to be the wife of the Empire.”

“Stop the hard manners. I’ve been giving the kitchen a hard time since the morning when I heard you were coming.”

Dorothea sat across with a gentle smile. Refreshments were made of milk and eggs, which valued nutrition rather than appearance. It was the result of careful consideration for her after a long trip.

It didn’t take long for the two to get rid of themselves. It was because they knew each other’s characteristics well in writing.

The emperor’s attention was also avoided. He believed in Batilde in a different sense. Today’s episode was also known as an entertainment to soothe the Queen’s boredom.

Light chatting such as weather stories went back and forth first. Dorothea then pointed to Batilde’s tapestry on his knee.

“It’s so beautiful. Miss Juju used to compliment you on your embroidery. Is it a traditional pattern somewhere?”

“It’s a beautiful selection of patterns from various countries. It’s a sham I’ve been working on, so to speak.

“Your Majesty really loves foreign customs.”

“Even if the empire is large, it’s one continent after all. I learn a lot from new things in unfamiliar places. Sometimes some of them are ours.”

“Your Majesty is right, but I am concerned about those who abuse the logic.”

Dorothea said casually with a stroke. The next moment I realized the rudeness and blushed.

“I’m sorry, it’s just a matter of my mind.”

“No. Feel free to tell me. I’ve lived my life in luxury, so I sometimes say things that I don’t know about the hardships outside.”

Batilde was often surprised by the stories that Juju often told. I was embarrassed by how the world lived such a life, and sometimes I tried to turn my eyes away from reality. It’s comfortable to think that they’re lazy and mistaken.

He also accepted that it was a hidden evil. Although Juju praises her goodness, it’s actually a lot more complicated.

Therefore, I wanted to learn more and cleanse my mind.

Dorothea understood Batilde’s true feelings. But it was a sensitive issue, so I opened my mouth carefully.

“I was thinking of the fallen Ippeniah.”

Batilde let out a low groan.

“Yes, it was close to the north.”

“Even though the mountainous areas of the border are blocking it. The late Grand Duke…… My mother always blamed herself. I heard you helped attack other countries in your delusions.”

Her brother died in opposition to a war without cause. Nevertheless, it is said that it was difficult to forgive himself for having to support backward distribution.Batilde asked, conscious of the city maids and knights over there.

“There are times when you run a country and you live with disputes over practicality. They say it was actually a war for gas.”

“I heard that too, but my mother said differently. It is said that my mother was determined to pursue the Zen emperor. He.”

“Fire and burn.”

“Yes, that one.”

Dorothea had a puzzled look on her face.

“But maybe the gas theory is right. My mother started looking into unexplored areas after the gas was nationalized.”

“Whatever it is, it’s a good thing. It’s a new home for the people.”

Batilde quickly wrapped up the issue there. Naturally, the focus shifted to the eastern issue.

“The reconstruction project, which has been going well for a while, is faltering. Your Majesty can’t come up with a sharp remedy, so he’s having a hard time working on his hands.”

I said it in a nice way.

Albert never showed any particular motivation for eastern affairs in the first place.

The collapse of self-employed farming in the east has caused many evils. However, it is not enough to deal a serious blow to the system. Other local production also held up the empire. Rather than spending budget and manpower to rescue some, Albert’s standard was reasonable to ignore and endure until it was eliminated.

However, the death of his aides last year dampened his mind. At that point, he only granted approval because of the recommendation of his subjects, including Count Keitel.

It was just a short time, too.

Now the emperor is in a personal state of mind before state affairs.

Count Keitel asked the emperor to pay for the money. The court quickly rumored what it was like.

According to a preliminary report by the court lady, the emperor brought the painting to the bedroom. And it is often said that they stay put and watch.

Some analyzed it as a political move to quell rumors of assassination politics.

It was a much simpler motive for Batilde to see.

However, there was no need to teach passion to a minor. Batilde glossed over this part.

“You can’t continue charity, which is only a stopgap measure. The donation to organize my jewels was far from enough.”

“It’s a great task, though. Signs of rioting by the refugees have been delayed by a month.”

“Moreover, according to Mrs. Giuseppina, there are others who are worse off.”

“You’ve been through a lot, Juju. Nevertheless, he was always nice to me. My personality has changed a little now.”

Batilde asked curiously.

“His personality has changed?”

“Yes, I used to be quiet and shy. I once hid behind the curtains when a stranger came.”

Dorothea scooped pudding with an innocent face.

“You can’t imagine it, can you? Maybe he changed his personality to join society.”

At one time, I thought Ruslan seduced her and made her bad. Now every time I think of Juju, who would have stopped trying to get revenge, I feel miserable.

Batilde smiled awkwardly to hide his embarrassment.

“I see……” She was a very cheerful person from the beginning, I know.”

This kid doesn’t know the truth.

Then I’ll have to shut up.

Batilde couldn’t believe it when he first heard the magic of immortality.

In fact, aura was a kind of legend for most people. The concept of training in the Danjeon was widely known. However, the opportunity to see a freehand user was very rare.

Moreover, foreign usage was unfamiliar. In the first place, Batilde first heard the concept of magic itself.

I was worried if it was delusional. Albert told Juju to overlap the dead. Didn’t Juju find it difficult to approach him, so I thought I was Charlotte?The question was resolved quickly.

She was able to explain the main events of the past in perspective. Above all, the memories with Albert were constant. Even the characteristics that only those who slept with him knew were insignificant.

Batilde was belatedly convinced. Come to think of it, Juju had a unique atmosphere for an adult. Even Batilde often forgot her age and looked up to her.

Juju continued to repent after returning to the imperial palace salon.

“I wanted to say sorry to you. Somewhere back in the day, it would have been nice if I’d acted a little differently, your life might have changed…….」

“Stop—why are you apologizing to me? I’m the one who needs to apologize. You’re the one who made this happen because of me!」

“I was going to take advantage of you before I knew your true feelings…….」

I heard it’s been on your mind all along.

“Maybe I’ve fed you something, maybe I’ve used a deadly weapon. I didn’t save you because I was nice. I happened to get along well and helped…….」

“That idea is useless! At first anyway, I believe you now!」

That day Batilde held her hand and cried.

I knew it in my head. Generally, they were never close.

But they were a long-standing ally. A firm sense of comradeship was unbroken by the shocking truth.

Rather, I was relieved. Several questionable questions have been answered coolly. How the thin Juju exercised such force. Where did you come from when you were young?

“Thank you for letting me know now. Now I feel like we’re real friends.Listen to ….

Batilde said so from the bottom of his heart.

Whatever’s in it, what happened to Juju last time is true. I helped Batilde faithfully.

After wiping away tears, Juju regained her coolness. Batilde was surprised that even that seemed to be evidence of the soul’s age.

Juju held hands and said firmly.

“So I have a responsibility to make you happy.」

“Such a word….”

“You can do it. Batilde, you’re much stronger than I am. You’re the only one who’ll reveal the truth you’ve been dealt with.」

After speaking, Juju asked Batilde a secret favor.

Answers will be delivered shortly.

* * *

It was night time.

Juju rode a horse around the corner of the dark imperial park. It was a remote road away from the promenade.

Before long, a man drove a horse and appeared from the other side.

A familiar voice was heard under the hood.

“I brought what you asked for.”

Philippe took a small scroll out of his saddle pocket.

The document seemed at first glance to have rolled up Harp’s sheet music. Juju quickly found out that the real thing was mixed between several sheets disguised as layers.

“Thank you. Wasn’t it hard to get?”

“As the Count said, the bully found in the top union leader’s mansion the other day was a good excuse.

Philippe spoke as if it were nothing.

“You said the attempt to attack a woman was reminiscent of a past incident. I said I’d find out if it was related to the gunman at the time, and I was also involved, so I got permission to read it easily.”

“This is a copy of it.”

Philippe nodded slightly.

Juju cautiously grabbed a sheet of music. I didn’t have to open it and check it. It’s obvious that only dry facts are written.

A half-forgotten incident six years ago. It was a record at the time of the Batilde attack, which was said to have been masterminded by the wicked woman Charlotte.

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