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Chapter 170

Batilde spoke into a dead quiet hall.

“All of you here will remember the disturbance I had just before the national wedding. Even those who are not familiar with the situation at that time may have encountered it through satirical dramas. Viscount Moden Young-ae, commonly referred to as the evil woman Charlotte, attacked me by inciting a gunman.”

Is this all of a sudden a case here?

Yonatan is stiff. Some gave me a look of surprise. Batilde did not hesitate to continue.

“At that time, I was young and didn’t have the time, so I waited for your father’s disposition. As far as I know, she was the main culprit in the wake of the incident, and was jailed for wrecking the kneecap. I heard that the Viscount was destroyed. Is that right?”

She asked Jonathan as instructed in advance. Suddenly, the question came back, and Jonathan answered with a pinch of salt.

“Why do you ask the temple about the punishment of the world?”

“Wasn’t the Holy Father a friend of Her Majesty’s? The punishment for her was carried out behind closed doors. I heard you secretly disposed of your hometown friends for old times’ sake, is that wrong?”

How far do you know about her?

Jonathan hid his cold sweat. I tried to be as nonchalant as possible.

“You’re right. Please think about how you feel here. It wasn’t very pleasant to strike out friendship.”

“That’s it.”

Batilde was suddenly tidy. Ignoring Jonathan’s wide-open eyes, he looked back at the crowd.

“Even the Holy Father was curious and unpleasant. Although it is said that there are many people whose reason is clouded by great passion, it was feared that such prejudice would have lacked psychology. I wonder if the Emperor was too hasty to execute it because he was chased by the national spirit.”

“At that time, physical evidence came out of the mansion. A plan to inculcate an unidentified man. I heard there was a critical witness.”

“Your Holiness.”

Batilde spewed out sternly.

“What the hell is this? I wished for the king, but I’m still the empress. Don’t interrupt me while I’m talking.”

Some were surprised because it was the first time the empress had treated someone so cold.

Jonathan distorted his eyebrows.

Did she come back from a long drive to drive like this……!

In his absence, the old gods are beside him. Currently, there was no one in the palace to defeat her with authority. The archbishop was respected as an agent of God, so he was not in a position to be recklessly tortured when he stepped forward like that.

The words ahead were ominous. The hunch hit the mark.

“Just in time, there was a situation where the top union leader joined hands with a group of bad people. It’s probably on my mind, I was trying to revisit the case at the time. If the gunmen who attacked me had anything to do with these Moribans, wouldn’t it be a serious accident? In fact, isn’t it possible that the background could be reversed?”

Jonathan bit the flesh in his mouth.

Apart from the authority of the seat, there was no defence. Everyone knew that Irene did not hesitate to act in front of the empress in her lifetime. Here she only gives an excuse to be arraigned if she asserts she is never behind the scenes.

Albert, where are you? Are you sleeping in the official residence?I can’t play this game with myself. Unless you, the person concerned, come and explain anything……!

“It just so happened that the State Appeal was involved in the top union leader’s corruption search. Maybe he knows something, he put words through my friend.”

Batilde gave instructions with a nod.

Juju, who was waiting outside the door behind the hall, walked in. She handed over the documents she had kept to Batilde. She was proud of her faithful secretary.

In reality, this side was the leader.

Based on the records of the incident handed over by Philippe, he investigated the whereabouts of the unidentified man. For today, people were released from the back alley as well as the province where hydrogen doors touch.

Batilde opened the document with a good look.

“This is a record of the sentencing of unidentified criminals who were ordered.”

In the document, there were punishments for men arrested at the scene at the time. It was recorded that he was sentenced to pension.

Geographically, the eastern mountains. Set up a cabin in a remote area and put up a thorn fence. It pays two meals a day and is monitored alternately by a guard with a weapon.

“Don’t you think the punishment is a little light for those who attacked the princess who was chosen as Empress?”

The new members gathered in the hall seemed embarrassed. The main culprit, Charlotte, drew so much attention that the existence of Jongbeom was completely buried.

The situation was read to some extent by them. At that time, the emperor might have decided to remove Charlotte while she was in an accident. So far, it is a general political purge, but the pension type is somewhat weak due to the punishment of the executioner for her actions.

Unlike brain cells, pensioners are allowed to walk in the fence. The difference between sun and fresh air was huge.

Batilde handed over a page of the document.

“Even the main culprit died after five years without a promise, and it says that they were released on bail after only two years. I’m also concerned about the unclear technology of who made the bail, but more suspicious is…….”

The eyes of the empress turned to Yonatan.

“Your Holiness, is it possible to manipulate the charnel record?”

Jonathan looked up at Batilde for a moment. Before long, eyes turned to Dorothea, who was standing in the front row. He once ordered a fabrication that a fictional figure died in the north.

So I was a little confused as to what the intention was. There is no choice but to answer with integrity here.

“On the honor of the temple, such an act is impossible.”

“Then there’s no mistake in what’s written here. I heard that it was not difficult to get a copy because the local diocese was mobilized in this survey of the eastern reconstruction project.”

Batilde took another document from Juju.

“According to the records here, someone was beaten to death in a bar. Another is supposed to have died while miscooking toxic fish. Within three months of being released on bail. Is this really a coincidence?”

“The Mango of the Creator is not human-readable because it is both genital and dense. I have nothing to say even if you question me.”

“As far as I know, they have nothing to do with the gang that the top union leader mobilized. And the wicked woman who was the main culprit was in a brain cell at this time, who would have kept their mouths shut one after another?”

Batilde handed the document back and slowly stood up. I took my eyes off Jonathan and looked back at the crowd.

“After dealing with this record, I realized that there were so many things I didn’t know about what happened. I wondered why the circumstances were so dubious, but there was one incident that came to mind.”Her head turned away.

Dorothea, whose eyes met, leaned down and answered.

“My answer is the same as when Her Majesty first asked. Last year, a charlatan ordered by the former palace minister attacked Licht Castle.”

“My friend here was also at the scene. And when I searched for the Guards of the Court Palace, I heard that the king was a good man as soon as he heard the embroidery of the captured minnow.”

Batilde hung up for a moment and sighed.

“The shadow of the succession is still deep……will the star come down to the palace where the smell of blood has not disappeared? Those who refer to their relatives repeated similar tricks, and why did the Emperor not even ask for a single question for his wife? If I was wrong behind the scenes at the time, I would blame the wrongful person and treat the criminal with a smile.”

Batilde spoke to Jonathan.

“This is how I feel. Even though they are in the palace, trust between husband and wife is the same as sex. We cannot maintain our national spirit unless you explain the circumstances.”

It was a calm tone.

Jonathan clenched his teeth.

‘What’s the point of explaining……!’

It’s all Albert’s fault!

Yonatan didn’t know the details until the postmortem of the gunman. But I could guess the inside story.

You would have ordered a water fountain as usual. First, he pretends to reward them for bail, and later kills them and seals their mouths. It was a common sense treatment.

However, it is suspicious that two people suddenly evaporate. Albert, who was inwardly tempted, would have ordered him to deal with it naturally. As a result, local priests, who knew nothing, faithfully recorded the charnel!

This only makes Jonathan’s position increasingly difficult. Just because he officiated as archbishop, he would have to assume the mediation of the couple.

However, we cannot simply throw the blame away. Who the hell is urging the Emperor and Empress to break up? Albert can’t wait to see it, and the middlemen almost pushed their backs, saying, “Solve it somehow to prevent chaos in the country.”

Anyway, I had to refute it, so I opened my mouth.

“I know you’re afraid, Your Majesty, but isn’t divorce a violent demonstration?”

The court wouldn’t want this mess anyway. Wouldn’t a civilian want to see the country split into a marital dispute between a husband and wife? They were already fed up with Sun-hwang’s periodic replacement of the Empress.

“I’m nervous. I understand how you feel. But from what I hear, there’s only circumstantial evidence of guilt. You don’t have any physical evidence, do you? He returned to his country in neatness and sulk, and calling in men at night and causing a commotion is not a recommended attitude as a national mother.”

She worked hard, but she was stuck in the imperial palace. The young empress intended to drive public opinion by committing something immature.

“Asking for compensation, doubting the insides of uncertainty…Her Majesty, has anyone ever spoken to your parents in any particular way? I think you should start by distinguishing whether anyone is trying to rob you of your royal possessions.”

There is no precedent for divorce in the High Kingdom era. At that time, the continent was divided into several countries, so it was often married according to international mechanics. When a foreign queen divorced due to various circumstances, she paid alimony.

But it was more of a process of packing dowry returns or peacekeeping. In an empire that is all one country, the reasons for the accusation are not clear, but what alimony is this?But Batilde smiled readily.

“Then no compensation. As you said, there is nothing we can do if His Majesty cannot understand it. I can only hope for one exit.”

Oh, my God. Did you aim for this?

Yonatan was belatedly enlightened.

The alimony was a decoy in the first place. An operation to suggest some unreasonable conditions at first, point him out, and push for the purpose of compromise.

At this moment I was completely convinced of the background. It’s more of a trick than a trick. A trick used by a swindler. It was Count Keitel’s specialty to do such a thing nonchalantly!

A blonde girl suddenly came into view of him, his head burning hot.

Juju looked at Jonathan gently.

He was embarrassed by a series of unexpected events. I raised my hand because I couldn’t stand the savory heart. Pretending to cough in the early morning air, I smiled with my eyes.

Now, Yonnie, why don’t you do something?

I don’t think it’s possible to just let it slide. This is not the royal church you are. It’s not like a miracle can be used to soothe the aura!

Once Batilde has declared it, the temple’s capacity will now be focused solely on the issue of divorce rulings. This is the end of the expansion of the church’s power, which Jonathan would have planned extensively.

Jonathan didn’t know exactly what was in Juju’s mind.

But I could at least read that girl was laughing at her.

I pulled my lips so that I wouldn’t be shaken. Now that Elise was pregnant with his child, he needed the authority of the archbishop more than ever. The priests behind them had to keep a minimum of face.

Underneath the long sleeves of the robe, he secretly clenched his fist.

‘I got a shot……!’

I thought I’d settle down in the palace. I thought I’d trace Ippeniah’s magic or something. I thought I’d take care of Elise without any interruption.

At this critical juncture, this is a surprise?

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