Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 162

Juju tucked the document into the sack of horses. Buried in grain, it was completely disguised.And I looked across at the article over there. Even though he sat on the horse, he made fun of him, thinking he was overbearing.

“You needed an excuse to meet Mrs. Greenhouse, but you managed to do it?”

It was a slang for the empress. Philippe understood. Even in the shade, his straight jaw wriggled slightly with a bitter smile.

“I’ve had a little trouble recently because there are a lot of visitors there, too. But thanks to the lady’ ma’am.’

“Did the lady ever roll your hair out the window?”

“……a little bit of an old court romance imitation.”

Juju exclaimed, ‘Ho!’

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but there was a famous perception. A lady of the old age secretly wears a veil at night and jumps off the balcony. It is an adventure that the government, which has been waiting secretly, expects to accept below.

Some criticize it as an unrealistic legend. This is because it is a reckless attempt to kill both of them. But the driver, Philippe, did not tear up his arm muscles when he picked up Batilde.

The bottom line would mean that we have found a means to communicate with each other even if the juju does not help us.

So how far has their rosy betrayal progressed? Is that knight still happy with one of Batilde’s fingers?

Juju was filled with wicked curiosity. However, I refrained from saying it because it was the right time.

“Anyway, thank you for coming in person. You know you’re doing something scary, right?”

“You’re welcome.”

Philippe grabbed the horse. Juju knew with a feeling that he was wary of surrounding air.

The night wind rustled through the tall garden trees. Philippe’s voice was intermingled in there.

“I’m not scared or nervous at all this. Do you know the most frightening moment of my life?”


“It was when the 18-year-old lady was crying with her mouth shut. Then when was the second time you were afraid?”

“I’m not good at hard reasoning.”

“When I found out that he was as ill as I was when he turned 23.”

He spurred once. He coaxed the horse to turn away. In the meantime, Juju found a glimmer of brown hair and the same-colored eyes.

Philip was as firm as an old tree, or as loyal as an ear-sticking dog in the doorway. The expressionless mouth said calmly.

“Compared to him, there is nothing to fear now. Now that you’ve dropped your lips, it’s not a waste if your head falls off right now.”

“You don’t want anything but lips?”

Juju said with a hint. Apparently that knight didn’t steal more than Batilde’s lips.

Philippe laughed even when he heard the joke back.

“There’s no reason to be impatient when you’ve committed the profanity of taking your soul first. To cover his body with premature blight is to cut the skin of a chrysalis. It will not be too late after the meaning is fulfilled and the meaning is justified.”

He left a last request.


“I’ll do my best.”

Philippe dragged the horse and disappeared over the darkness.

Juju also left. It is a park in the middle of the city, but I was careful about riding at night. Jedo horse is used to paved roads, so he quickly panics when he gets off the trail. Even a jockey with good skills is likely to fall.

So at this time, I could tell who was coming and going if I kept to a certain street.

Ruslan was waiting at the point where the three-pronged road merged.

He took a match out of his pocket and drew it. A small light flared up and separated the pia.

“I can tell by the look on your face. You must have received it.””He’s not the one to break his promise. They must have collected as much as they could.”

Juju took out a bunch of sheet music hidden in a sack of grain and handed it over. Ruslan, on the contrary, carefully gave her the matchlight in her hand.

After completing the exchange, Ruslan flung over the paper. Juju lit the fire so that he could see well. The text of the document inserted between the scores passed by and disappeared.

Speed reading is over. Juju asked Ruslan.

“How do you like it?”

It was decided not to read the case records directly.

Even when I hurt people, I was not confident that my cold heart would remain calm in front of me. Just by looking back on the memory, the chagrin of that time was revived. It would have been difficult to maintain an objective perspective if you brood over the text.

So I decided to trust Ruslan and leave it to him.

On the contrary, I wanted you to know. How Charlotte collapsed.

Ruslan mixed the copy with the sheet music again. The document went back to the horse’s hilt.

“I’ve heard the rough passage of this case from articles in the newsletter…….”

He caught his breath lightly and ran the horse. Juju followed behind.

“……The son of a bitch was cowardly than I expected.”

“How do you like it, De?”

“It was hard to tell from the outside how the subsequent disposition went. I was going to point out that part if there were any signs of artificial erasure, but it’s neat. I feel like I’ve left the ringleader behind in a brain cell.”

“What does that mean?”

“We have documented and preserved the main and the criminal’s disposition. I guess you’re nailing Charlotte as the main culprit. To cut off any room for a lottery later on.”


Juju shut her mouth. Recently, several words that were secretly circulating the court were recalled at once.

“What’s the Emperor thinking? Why are you drawing even the evil girl Charlotte, apart from the dead four young girls?」

“Is her old achievement bothering you now?” Or maybe not…….」

Ruslan spoke coolly.

“The Charlotte is supposed to be dead. Then the problem is Lee Jong-beom. That’s the problem with the guy who carried out the raid. The document says they bought their own types, but we need to investigate how it actually happened.”

Executives were gunmen who were overpowered by Philippe at the scene.

Their origins were simple miscreants. And through Hilaryon’s perjury, it was concluded that Charlotte had captured and bought them.

Juju knew they were all punished. Probably in some other brain cell somewhere.

It was Ruslan who first doubted this fact.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t end up with this. I’m gonna take the chance to shut these guys up. The Emperor must have felt the same way. If you want the name and the officer in charge of the document, you may get a clue in some way.”

Clues to reveal the inside story of the Batilde attack.

Juju ran the horse and went through Ruslan’s calculations.

It’s been six years. There was a possibility that even traces of insufficient cleaning had been washed away.

And yet Ruslan dug this way. Perhaps even by tampering with the evidence, he was prepared to play devil’s advocate.

Then Batilde faces the war instead and carries out his divorce wish.

“You were originally planning to clean up the archbishop, weren’t you?”

“I can’t help it because the temple’s penetration into the court is faster than expected. I have no choice but to throw you another prey.”

After the farm incident, Yonatan seemed to have given up the idea of stabbing the empress.

Instead, he issued a massive order of vigilance against heresy. Following the search, it encouraged reporting. The atmosphere was overheated as if an explosion was taking place in the middle of a heretical rally.In recent decades, the denomination has quietly remained in place. The secularized temple descended as part of life from the noble hall. The pale faith was not a flaw. The temple seemed to be struggling only to keep up with the changing tide.

Then heresy appeared. The temple was used as an excuse for its presence.

Even the court was shaken by the temple’s quasars. The emperor, who regarded Ippeniya’s remnants as a rump on the desk in his office, left the archbishop alone.

I needed a case to put the brakes on.

Ruslan came up with the amendment right there.

“You believe in the empress, I believe in her.”

Juju nodded her head.

If the archbishop had lost his life, the denomination would have focused on internal struggles to recruit new people. Their power structure is being reorganized. She couldn’t have mediated with the empress’ divorce wish.

Batilde’s own will is also firm, and Albert can’t handle this kind of stress. After all, the divorce would have been established without protection.

But Yonatan is doing more than expected. The search for priests was more thorough day by day.

Ruslan decided that it was dangerous. He temporarily gave up his attempts to re-contact his compatriots.

As a result, Batilde was adopted as a means to confront the temple head-on.

I’m glad Batilde is prepared to endure a long war. She sensed Charlotte’s grudges and is now fully understood.

Searching for clues as much as possible was the way to help her.

The horse got out of the park. I had to hurry. As the summer ripens, the nights become shorter.

* * *

Archbishop Jonathan had a lot on his mind.

It is not because of the “heresy rally” that has spread rumors. In fact, whether or not a North Korean was actually caught, it was not a matter of much importance to him.

First of all, the ruse didn’t go as well as I thought.

The other day, an attempt to stab the empress under the pretext of Ji-maek failed. After that, the empress seemed to have a feeling of suppression. It is said that he did not meet the priest who visited to deliver the day of the palace.

‘She…’ What are you thinking?’

I don’t think it’s time for that.

Batilde’s faith is close to the average these days. In other words, I do not believe more desperately than usual.

However, the empress without a successor is easy to pin down. Shouldn’t a normal woman come to Daishinjeon and beg? Please let me down with a child.

Moreover, her husband Albert is distracted by another woman.

His habit these days is to recall memories by calling Jonathan.

It’s not a big deal. Looking back at the old paintings, I picked up the story of Charlotte in the days of Moden. After commemorating the dead woman, I missed the living woman.

Sometimes, he told stories without filtration. A secret story that can be told under the agreement of friends. For example, a petty hatred of a rival, or a desire hidden from a girl.

Jonathan has let the whole story slide moderately. Because it’s not a day or two for this guy to pretend to be a half-hearted poet.

by the way

At this point, no matter how dull the empress is, she must feel a little something.

Batilde doesn’t seem to have any sense of crisis. Was it that stupid?

‘Not to that extent. She looks like a doll behind Albert, but she understands quite well.’

Albert had repeatedly declared that he would not emulate the evil of the Emperor. The remark was made to prevent a repeat of the battle for successors.

Does Batilde fully believe in the declaration? In Jonathan’s view, the grounds were shaky.”Some are in this mess because they’re not pregnant, and some are the opposite.”

Yonatan wrapped his hands around his forehead. He smiled crookedly. Even the statue in front of the prayer room seems to be laughing at himself.

Him and Elise’s child.

Jonathan was overwhelmed to recite the words. Elysé cried a lot instead.

She was gullible at everything anyway. I took no action because I believed the word contraception. The contraceptive drugs on the market were quite expensive. It would have been difficult to touch with ease.

It was a lie.

No, it was true in a way. Yonatan didn’t know he was going to have a child, either.

The day after Elysee gave birth to his brother, he cut off his own seed.

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