Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 163

It wasn’t so hard for Jonathan to become infertile.

There is a secret vision in the denomination.

It was essentially a kind of self-inflicted wound. While operating the aura throughout the body, it stabs itself into certain veins in the lower half of the body. As a result, shock is tangled inside the body. Soon after, the organ was damaged and the body became unable to give birth to children.

Implementing this vision was an expression of willingness to keep the virtues of abstinence thoroughly. This means that even if you break the rules by mistake or by necessity, you will not leave any work behind.

At that time, I remember laughing while struggling with internal injuries. It is a vision that only the most fanatic of discipline has been committed. He did it himself, who used to be the scourge of the temple. Did Moden’s old priests dream of this sight?

It was not for a particularly noble purpose.

If he doesn’t have this woman, he’ll die. However, it is difficult to contracept one by one. But I didn’t want to pass this on to Elysee.

It’s hard to explain exactly how it feels. Maybe I felt that being able to get married or anything was the only responsible area.

Anyway, she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of having children any more child. You don’t have to be sick to give birth.

I wasn’t happy with my nephew who left it until my brother died, but I was able to find him cute because he was Elise’s child.

That’s enough.

It is the result of extreme expression of the personality that I always wanted to be rough about.

Anyway, his vision worked. Nothing has happened in the past few years. It was funny that the seed in the body must have died.

But now?

I searched the records after I found out the truth. I couldn’t get anything.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for a priest to use this vision to conceive a woman in the first place. I don’t want to be a pain in the ass.

The only answer was self-diagnosis. I had a rough idea.

The internal injury, which was said to be irreversible, seems to have recovered a little. Maybe because of his natural power failure and strong blood vessels.

God damn it. It was called a miracle of God thanks to you. It’s finally, to my heart’s content! A miracle of blooming in a dead tree!

Of course, it wouldn’t have been as easy as it sounds. Even healthy couples often visit temples because they don’t have children. There’s no way a damaged body could produce as good a seed as it used to be.

But the child crawled through the odds. It is already in Elise’s belly.

For the first time in his life, Yonatan realized the word God blesses.

“Elyse, why are you crying so much?」

He asked the crying woman to carry her to the bedroom. Elise began to wail, let alone stop.

“You have to talk to solve it. You don’t want to give birth to her? She’s a precious-looking girl, but if you don’t like her, get I’ll find a way not to overdo it.」”How can you do that? How……….

Elise shook her head in tears.

Well, that’s possible. If he’s about to die, is that all he cares about?

But the situation is so, Jonathan swallowed his mind. Lying side by side, swept her hair down.

“Are you going to give birth to my baby?」

Elise sang the song even louder. She buried her messed-up face in Yonatan’s.

“I thought you were using birth control.」

“I said it easily because I was too lazy to explain. It didn’t happen because of you, did it?」

“Why did you do something scary? Why……. Corrupt, did-but-do, impervious to morality, subject, body…….」


Does this woman care about the other person even in this situation?

Foolish. Good faith is foolish enough. This way of thinking never helps herself.

A woman who lives straight in the world should have been slapped on the cheek now. He was right when he yelled at him to come up with a way to take responsibility.

And yet, to Elyse, whose compassion was ahead, Yonatan was briefly shaken. Laughing at saints and saints of all time, he sensed something that stabbed him in the chest.

It was so old that it resembled a sense that I had forgotten.

A girl who comes early every worship day. I’ll take care of the front seats and say, ‘Thank you for your hard work.’ And smile.

I didn’t know what I was so eager to worship even though I wasn’t good at counting donations. I watched every time I came because I didn’t like it for a reason.

Why don’t you try to seduce me and kiss me? Maybe it’ll make you feel good to see you cry in surprise.

But the idea of playing games quickly stopped. Specifically, I found out which daughter she is from.

It was a family that owned a title. The aristocracy as a whole, if not insignificant, was a long way off in rural cities. Although it may have changed to an era where money precedes status, there was still an atmosphere of respect for aristocrats.

Baron Young-ae.

A girl I don’t think I’ll ever get to unless I’m an archbishop…….

“You dropped a woman like that all the way down here, and she deserved a knife.”

I didn’t expect you to really like me from the beginning.

It’s my husband’s brother. A relationship inevitably maintained due to child and livelihood. Every time I turned back on that fact, I went out of my mind.

Has this woman grown attached to such a man?

Beyond naivety, it is foolish. What’s the point of doing that? Albert also threw out Charlotte. Does your sister-in-law really not understand the logic of the world?

‘I don’t want to be afraid, so I have to do something…….’

Yonatan, seated on his legs, glared at the statue.

Prayer rooms are helpful on a day like this. I trembled when I got stuck in an accident. When you enter here, thick bricks silence all the noise. The vent was the size of a palm of the outer wall near the ceiling.

The light reflected there shone in the image of the Creator. His face, neither a woman nor a man, subtly lowered his eyes.



Give me a sign.

There must be a reason why you’ve got a baby in your head. It’s a piece of stone that’s been carved by a man.

It’s okay yet. It doesn’t show on the outside. Elysee also said there was no particular change except for fatigue and zone sometimes.

But what if I start feeling full?

It’s hard to explain to a child right away. Words will slip through the maid. It is difficult to go outside and to attend temple services. At least, he cannot show his face to volunteer gatherings, which were windows to interact with the outside world.

Until the existence of the child’s father was explained.

‘Someone as a father…….’

You’re saying we should have the right man as our deputy?I couldn’t accept myself. Who dares pretend to be sleeping with Elise? I thought I deserved to die for losing it to my brother.

So the answer is for a widow to dress up as a child everywhere? Should I drop Elise there?

The thought of Jonathan lost his composure without realizing it. Sweaty. I couldn’t tell which was the cause of the heat or menstruation.

I want to fall flat on my stomach.

I thought it would be okay because it was a secret relationship. A secret meeting that seems to last forever. You don’t have to push the urge as long as you hide it properly. I thought you wouldn’t.

Regret and reflection mixed up and twirled like a pot of hell. The past few years of profligacy have become a sin and have been hanging Yonatan. The offering was Elysee and the judge was that motherfucker’s stone.

‘Elyse, Elyse, Elyse, Elyse, Elyse…….’

I have to protect it.

I have to protect it.

Her personal safety. Her honor. She gave birth to a van. A foolishness that has not been compromised even if it has been shaken so freely.

What should I do? What should I do? She was even careful to go in and out of the official residence sometimes. How could you use an excuse for someone who’s already got it?

The archbishop’s position was a double-edged sword. It was the basis for supporting him, but I didn’t know when he would collapse and break his head.

Then Albert…… How did Albert…… Albert…….

What’s the point of being an emperor? You’re blind to my situation! What are you gonna do with a girl who looks like Lotte?

He’s the one who might or might not help me with my problems.

It was when Jonathan was rarely annoyed and about to explode. Someone knocked on the door of the prayer room and answered pointedly.

“I’m praying. Who forgot the quiet instructions?”

“Holy Father, I’m sorry for the disturbance, but the situation is urgent! We are forced to request a halt!”

What the hell is this?

As soon as I was told to come in, I opened the door and a group came in. Bishops were lined up. I sensed something unusual.

“Someone has arrived from the Imperial Palace!”

A woman dressed as a maid jumped out of the crowd and said.

“I congratulate you that your divine power has finally come to fruition. Since the date was correct, Her Majesty’s menstruation seems to have been cut off and there are signs!”

At the sudden news, Yonatan was puzzled and asked back.

“Wait, then that means.”


The maid stretched out her skirt and bent down.

“His Majesty Batilde has shown signs of exhaustion!”

* * *

After receiving the letter, Juju visited the Imperial Palace around afternoon tea time. Karnstein’s godfather was already sitting in Batilde’s bedroom.

He seemed pleased—he probably ran to him as soon as he heard the news. She held her daughter’s hand tightly and even stroked her hand.

“Oh, no, you’ve waited a long time, and finally, oh…….”

“Mother, stop it. The lady came to play, so I’m embarrassed.”

“No wonder you’re happy because it’s good news. Congratulations, Godfather. It’s been a while.”

“Miss Giuseppina is as beautiful as ever. Come sit here.”

The loaner was magnanimous and even offered a seat.

Juju sat with a smile on her face. But it was a strange view. The godfather was delighted as if his daughter’s value had doubled unexpectedly.

“Oh, my God, I sighed, wondering why you’re so focused on catching it. Yes, Your Majesty, did you need that much time to ripen the femaleize? It’s too early to have a baby.”

“I’m not sure yet. The imperial family doctor said we’ll see each other for another month.”

“You said it was definitely Mack. Your Majesty, your mother just let go of a sigh. As long as the heir in the ship grows up healthy, what else would he want…….”It was embarrassing to listen. Juju found a place to look while drinking tea.

Then suddenly, Magda and I met eyes in the back. She held her hands at a distance, like a godfather’s maid or servant.

A wink came and went implicitly. Magda must have known.

Of course Batilde can’t have had Albert’s child now.

But it’s not Philippe’s child either. If so, it would have been a little interesting for Juju, but the hand-written knight stuck to the innocent line.

Batilde still hasn’t committed a physical denial. There was no reason to take risks that were burdensome for the body ahead of the big deal.

In short, it was a simple fabrication.

Juju has been advised by Angela in advance. Upon hearing him, Batilde controlled the concentration of birth control pills. After confirming that menstruation was cut off, I called my doctor.

The principle of deceiving Mac was also simple. I drank strong coffee in advance. He secretly tied a ribbon to his forearm and disorganized his pulse. Even the imperial family doctor would have been mistaken.

Only the godfather, who doesn’t know the truth, was excited.

“I’m so glad Miss Juju is close to me. I’m glad to see that your tension has eased and that you’ve taken over the Empire.”

“Godfather, I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s time for the meeting.”

Magda approached and whispered. The godfather stood up, frowning.

“You’re good at interrupting things. All right, I need you to step back. Your Majesty, you have to preserve it until I see you again. Miss Juju, have a good time.”

The wife changed her expression and went out. He was reluctant to go out because of his previous engagement.

Magda, on the other hand, stood undisturbed. Looking at her face, Juju asked, beckoning to sit down.

“Miss Magda, you’re amazing. Do you want to marry a duke even if he’s the godfather?”

“You’re not marrying a godfather.”

Magda, who sat down, smiled leisurely. Juju turned the topic around, secretly admiring her mettle.

“I heard that this summer’s palace will be accompanied by a godfather.”

“Don’t let your body go wrong, he said he’d take care of you while you go.”

“The carriage will narrow down. You’ll have to take a different carriage from the Emperor.”

Juju said in a significant way.

Albert is also going on a vacation this year. The emperor couple will go on a parade together for the first time in a while.

However, when riding a carriage separately, the procession inevitably divides into two. The guard of the Knights will also be divided into two groups.

Batilde nodded his head.

“I’m sorry to your mother.”

She intends to commit the greatest injustice of her life.

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