Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 164

As the heat wave approached, preparations for the move to the annex began.

Last year, things were complicated because the emperor insisted on staying in the system. This year, the trip to the annex was decided without any noise. The emperor himself did not want to remain in the hot system.

“Meanwhile, you remain in the palace. Are you ready for the heat wave?”

“Citizens are still making a living at this time of year, and there’s no way I’m going to burn myself in the palace.”

Dorothea answered Jofi’s question casually.

A few weeks after he was entrusted to the Imperial Palace under the pretext of Bongjak, the nobles did not even send him a humble invitation to read the emperor’s countenance. Albert showed his face several times only at the events he held with kindness.

He could have been nervous about blatant political exclusion. Nevertheless, Dorothea was determined. Rather, he dismissed it as a good thing that he didn’t have to pay attention to miscellaneous matters.

Any day, the habit of reading on time also remained.Dorothea handed over a book on the reading stand. It is a librarian who compiled royal records of the ancient kingdom.

“How are you doing, Lord? It’s been a while since you’ve been to the system. Don’t you think it’s a shame that you’re attached to a kite with a broken string?”

“It’s a new way of life for me. But I met several acquaintances and heard a lot about the changes in the system.”

“You must have a lot of friends in the system.”

“It was Pascalina’s bonus, but I happened to have a deputy. I had a hard time greeting you all at once.”

Sophie chuckled. Dorothea also smiled faintly.

“I’ve seen and found out that she’s a popular person. We did well in the unfamiliar north. I wonder if there’s a lot of acquaintances gathering if you order.”

“You can’t have a regional commander overstepping his authority over the headquarters. Unless it’s quite an emergency.”

She was in relationship with the word ’emergency’. From the room across, a body mass came this way.

Linde had a plate of baked confectionery in his hand. She had to pick up the snack in the middle and hand it to the lady.

“Have a bite, lady. It’s a snack sent from the royal kitchen. I heard it’s better to eat it before it gets cold since it’s just baked.”

“It’s a long way from snack time. What did you say?

“I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself while reading.”

Dorothea nodded when she heard it. Instead of taking the snacks directly to his mouth, he split them into two hands. The crumbs crumbled to reveal their insides.

A small note was rolled up. While Dorothea opened it and read it, Linde also handed over snacks to Sophie. Sophie put it right in her mouth and chewed it and said.

“As expected, the palace has many eyes and ears to see and hear. I guess I’m here already.”

“That’s how many whispers there are. When I first stepped in, I was surprised by the structure of the palace.… Her Majesty’s patience was most surprising.”

The maid who handed over the snack earlier is the result of Batilde’s capture over a long period of time. She herself planted people underwater little by little, posing as if she had no mettle.

The palace and the empress are physically distant. How long has it been for the emperor and his subjects to be his own people, starting with the courtiers who come and go on a daily basis? I could also guess in Dorothea’s eyes, which had just come from the north.

And the long-awaited operation was finally showing its full picture.

Dorothea, a note for instructions on how to act was written on it. Dorothea read, memorized, and handed it to Sophie.

After finding out the content, Jofi swallowed it and removed it. And I asked the princess who turned the pages as if nothing had happened.

“You read today with a very interesting look on your face. Which part of the story makes you so excited?”

Dorothea replied, biting the crackers with her front teeth.

“It’s nothing. It’s a battle of old-fashioned evils.”

* * *

A few days later in the morning, the emperor couple’s carriage was ready to depart.

The emperor was going to ride his usual carriage alone. Albert heard the report that it was time of departure and slowly headed to the fishing area.

Ruslan, who was waiting in advance at the entrance of the court palace, spoke quietly behind him.

“Inside, she’s going to see me off.”

Albert, with his hands behind his back, retorted without looking back at him.

“What do you want Jim to do?”

“Your majesty, you go as you please, but what kind of wind would God have?”

Ruslan said with a hint of laughter.

Albert glanced gently at the fish.

He was reading his mind for the most part. The grandmother came to me as an excuse for New Year’s Bonjak and bowed her head, but she would actually try to appeal herself to the court against the orabi.I also heard that the child had a stiff head in front of Jongsil. When I met her face to face, I felt that her body was not as weak as rumors.

There was no reason to support him by taking him to a separate palace. It was foolish of Grand Duke Licht’s red girl to let it grow any larger.

So I ordered not to accompany the original flight.

“If you go to Seoul, your tired body will be weakened if you go to the palace. Worried with the old heart, the granddaughter should rest quietly in the palace and keep her place in my sake.」

It is not clear how hard the hot weather will be in the middle of summer.

It also appears that Mal has given him some serious mission. During this period, however, the core of state affairs and social circles also moved to the villa in line with the emperor’s movement. It was meaningless.

Stay in the empty palace, suffering from the heat, as a shell.

A disposition containing a touch of malice. But Albert’s sense of doing badly to a little girl was paralysed.

Granddaughter’s articulate speech reminded me of Grand Duke Licht.

A woman guarding the periphery dared to teach the emperor. He has repeatedly filed an appeal, saying that the issue of Yoo Min needs to be fundamentally resolved. Whenever I faced the granddaughter, I felt bad because I remembered her advice.

What am I? Does the North know the logic of continental operations? What is the view from the roof?

Yeah, I forgot about it after I got rid of it, but I decided to kill it.

All the old and powerful Jongsil were potential targets anyway.

The only blood of the Imperial family is unbelievable human beings. You never know when you’re gonna kill yourself.

Albert felt even worse when the fear suddenly poked deep into his stomach at Moden’s small castle.

The sense of crisis was also felt by Count Keitel behind his back. Albert glanced back.

“Do what Jim wants. Then I’ll ask you something else. What would the Secretary of State have done?”

In the first place, Ruslan took the initiative in opposing the granddaughter’s actions. I read Albert’s mind and pushed his back.

Albert interpreted it as a struggle to push his sister away. So, I didn’t fully believe in Ruslan’s loyalty, but trust was established only in his will to power.

And now Ruslan has hinted at either.

Whether to leave early and put a full focus on the neglect. Or will I be seen off and put on a bare face?

When Albert asked the other way around, Ruslan pulled his lips.

“There’s a middle ground. Sometimes a half-hearted favor is more painful than malice.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll see you off. Instruct her to wait until the granddaughter comes out.”

It’s also a slur if you don’t give me an eye whether I say hello or not.

That is the temperature at which Albert treats Dorothea. I will not allow you to survive but let you grow. The doctor will also pass on to key posts and high-class people.

Albert went on a fishing expedition. Instead of the servant, Ruslan closed the carriage himself.

Showing your loyalty to the best of your ability. Albert watched Ruslan over the car window, half laughing. He was dictating something to an old secretary.

“He doesn’t have the guts to kill his sister with his own hands.”

So somehow read the emperor’s mind. I do my best to please. That was funny.

Maybe the author is just waiting for the Emperor to take care of him somehow. To clean up the granddaughter or instruct her to be a guardian. By then, if the engagement is completed, both public and private sectors can be on the rock.

You’re welcome. Why would I leave it like that?

Why do you conclude such a good relationship? Even now, when the right time comes, I will pretend to care for my granddaughter and defeat the count.Albert, who had been nervous for some time, regained some composure. The fact that he had a successor reassured him.

It is not clear yet. Still, it was encouraging that Batilde spoke first.

The date was almost right, too. It was shortly after the day when Juju was shy as she brought up her engagement. I remember pouring into anger, not lust, just that day. It was refreshing that the feeling led to conception.

“Maybe it’s God’s blessing. Just as I had the chance to become emperor. I’m sorry Jonathan couldn’t make it.’

Jonathan has given up on summer vacation this year. He said he was busy searching for heresies. Perhaps there are more complicated circumstances, but Albert didn’t care too much. It was a pity that I would not be able to consult one thing or another at the annex.

Just in time Batilde came out with his mother’s support.

Some of the imperial family doctors opposed the empress’s perversion. The early stages of pregnancy, which are already dangerous. It was even a difficult looking successor. It was recommended to stabilize in the Imperial Palace as much as possible.

But the empress missed the palace, so it couldn’t be helped. In the villa, the empress’ father was recuperating for a long time.

Some said that it is more dangerous to suffer from the heat. The argument prevailed that it would be a hundred times better to move carefully and stay cool afterwards.

Albert made the servant open the carriage door. Anyway, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to my pregnant wife.

“We’re leaving soon, so you’re early. Are you feeling well?”

“Yes, thanks to your grace, I don’t care.”

Batilde smiled brightly. Albert was relieved at heart. If he complained of discomfort, his behavior would have been slow.

“We don’t know yet because we’re on our way. Take a rest as soon as it gets any worse on the way. Since we’re riding separately, the empress can come slowly. Godfather, please.”

“I don’t think so. Mother and daughter are one body, so I’ll take care of them as soon as they change.”

Batilde looked at the godfather with a mysterious smile. Albert returned to his seat, not particularly conscious of the action.

The Empress’ carriage is accompanied by a godfather and a physician. Unlike the emperor, who was rushing to minimize the vacuum in state affairs, the Empress’ carriage was to drive slowly and carefully.

Therefore, the matrix was completely divided into two. The emperor’s procession is surrounded by a carriage carrying high-ranking officials and courtiers. Knights and escorts will follow suit.

The empress was expected to be accompanied by an empress knight, maid-in-law and other close lady. Attention was paid to the escort, but it was small.

She said she was following the empress. The Earl will follow in my footsteps, so you two will come separately.’

Albert looked around when he remembered the fact. People preparing to depart to the training ground were busy. The eyes that find anything sharply found Juju.

From a distance, you looked happy. The smile flirting with my maid was the same atmosphere as Lotte, who sneaked up and played tricks on her.

My mouth was about to dry out. The calm enthusiasm of the empress rose hot. When even the lower half of the body seemed to be on fire, someone knocked on the carriage door.

It was Philippe. Suddenly, I wondered what the report was.

“What’s going on?”

“I apologize for the sudden delivery. There’s been a change in the escort arrangement.”

“What’s the point of change?

“I have escorted His Majesty’s carriage.”

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