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Chapter 165

It was out of the blue. Albert asked back Philippe.

“The procession would have been divided into two. Didn’t the Knightsman escort Jim, second only to Lord In, take command of the Imperial Palace knights?”

Is there any reason to change what has been divided as usual?Philippe bowed his head.

“That’s what it was originally said, but things are special. I’ve been reorganized this way.”

“Who is in charge and escorting the Empress?”

“It’s the general manager.”

Albert heard it and looked across the street. The Knights Commander was rearranging the ranks of Imperial Palace knights.

Philippe added a supplementary explanation.

“I’m sorry to change it without a prior statement. I will do my best to protect your king.”

“No… I know your skill well. I don’t even know if this is a good idea. The queen’s body must be kept in her care, and she deserves protection.”

After all, the Knights Commander is also a woman. It would be better to protect the pregnant woman.

“Your engagement is the same as the sea. Then I’ll arrange for you.”

Philippe stepped down in honor. Albert observed him on horseback and encouraging his knights.

The second in the order of Knights is skill, but he was always buried in the shadow of the leader. A man who always stays calm. So there wasn’t much to talk to Albert directly.

At the time of the attack, the author was chosen as a supporting soldier. It was purely in accordance with the desired conditions. A layman with a normal background and excellent skills. A position that is capable of overpowering a mysterious man and easy to dispose of in the future.

So until now, Philippe was nothing to Albert. To paraphrase it, it was one of the wallpaper, the ruddles in the kitchen, and one of the many dogs.

A man who was only that much will be attached throughout the entire flight. No wonder it was awkward. This may be because a leader like an old tree has become too used to protecting the front.

“There’s something the new year leader said. Did he say it’s not good to see an unmarried man stand by the empress…….’

I hope the old man has a lot of unnecessary worries.

How can a wall window like that have any dark feelings for the empress? And how dare a woman who grew up as beautiful as the empress have a different heart?

Albert himself thought, he was a decent husband. Not once did I commit abusive language or violence. My wife’s budget and supplies have always been generous. He has never skipped court days or showed interest in vulgar play.

Batilde knows him, so he treats him with a smile. She has always been a quiet and gentle wife. I’ve never had a fight since I got married.

Only one thing. Recently, he danced with his ex-lover’s shadow, a girl who looked like Lotte.….

That’s about it.

It’s a shame, but she couldn’t even steal her lips once.

She was even Batilde’s companion. Batilde was rather grateful to her husband for allowing her to interact with a commoner.

At this point, it would be mutual assistance if you could invite a girl to serve the bedroom.

How nice it would be if a girl who heard the empress’ words voluntarily entered the palace.

Then Batilde got his hands full, and Albert was able to achieve what he wanted without any political burden.

Of course life is not easy. Albert knew it was an idea bordering on delusional. In the first place, Batilde wasn’t even thought to have that much judgment.

For now, it would be best for the empress to give birth to a succession safely.

Philippe reported to Albert, who read the situation alone.

“We’re about ready to go. Here comes the Grand Duchess.”

Dorothea with a chair appeared at the entrance. The middle class accompanied by the march paved the way for the granddaughter.

Albert glanced at Ruslan, who was close to him. Juju was holding hands behind him.I chewed on the inside of my lips several times. Dorothea was not even conscious of leaning in front of her. Looking at the two people over there, other thoughts covered my head.

Just try to get to the annex.

I heard you stayed at a hotel last year. This year, he was allowed to stay at the palace pretending to be a good judge. Blood ties and status have become the right excuse.

For a month in the heat wave, he lives in a building with Juju.

You can make as many gaps as you want. While packing, I also took pictures of Lotte preciously. The empress with the child will refrain from going outside. And no one knows what kind of calls will be made in the greenhouse with the scent of the recording…….

The reverie became clear and felt like it was going to be real.

Albert was sure. All the circumstances were in his favor.

* * *

The emperor completely ignored the granddaughter’s greeting to the last syllable. The media exchanged glances that they were fed up with the blatant neglect.

Either way or not, a departure order was issued.

Those accompanying the procession boarded the prepared wagon. The circle has begun. It was a long march, including front and back guards.

The empress’ carriage started slowly after they had taken the lead.

Juju climbed onto the carriage to assist behind the Empress.

Ruslan will be in the front matrix. The interval between the wagons was close while passing through the city. It was a close call.

Juju tried to talk as long as he could, as he would not have a chance to talk to him directly for a while.

I won’t be able to see the palace this year. Are you sad?

Ruslan’s voice seeped into my ears from the other side.

I’ll have another time. I’d like to visit there as soon as it’s owned by my sister.

How’s Albert doing?

I heard the carriage in front is reviewing the issue. Most of them are miscellaneous budget issues. The Eastern Reconstruction Project is scheduled to have a carriage meeting between the middlemen from now.

It must be hard. It’s tiring to sit down for a long time, but if you want to use your head too.

Juju said out of genuine concern. His four-man carriage was accompanied by a top position. It was no ordinary thing to deal with old and experienced people all the time.

Ruslan seemed to be laughing a little over there.

Is that what you’re gonna say? You’re going to make a fuss. Is there any movement in the Knights?

– So far… I think it’s normal.

Juju said, keeping an eye on the Knightsman beyond the car window.

The author is the biggest obstacle to today’s big deal.

The Imperial Knights are traditionally the finest of men. Among them, the person who has been the leader for a long time.

She retained her seat while her successor retired one after another and died. Perhaps he was the only one in the present court who watched the emperor’s youth and the war of conquest.

– He’s told me a story from a woolen woman, too. They said he carried out the Emperor during the invasion of Ippenia. It was a diary for our soldiers, but a battlefield ghost for our enemies.

– I avoided getting involved with her when I was active.

Juju replied in a dry manner.

I’m not saying I ran directly into her in the succession battle.

Shen Huang half instigated and sat on the sidelines of the fight against his children’s And that woman was faithful to her duty to stand by the Emperor.

However, it seems that he read something from Charlotte. Perhaps he sensed his determination to clean up Sun-hwang by killing him? There was a time when I was walking behind Albert and stared at him in such a scary way when I encountered him, and I was so uncomfortable that I took a step.

A spectre is a reference to that woman.

The Knights Commander devoted too many years to the Emperor. Loyalty was a breathing way of life for her. It was that stubborn and blind.After the death of Emperor Shenzhen, only Albert changed his subjects and remained loyal.

An object that is impossible to persuade or capture. He concluded so from the beginning and judged that he poses the most threat to political affairs.

Fortunately, the loyalty goes to the false heir.

Thanks to this, the scheme to change seats with Philippe went smoothly.

“It won’t be difficult. He’s been suspicious of me for a while.」

When adjusting the pre-planning, Philippe himself said so.

He was a man I would trust even if he had sworn purity in his face. Where the hell did you find out? He smiled embarrassingly at two people who were feeling lonely.

“Anyways, he’s very experienced. You may have noticed a slight change in atmosphere. That’s why I reduced my visit to the empress palace.」

“That’s why I imitated court romance.」

“Stop talking about embarrassing things. Wouldn’t this plan be more reckless than that? Seniors still deal with three handlers. To place her next to the Empress…….」

Ruslan then dismissed it as a word.

“We’ll see. This side doesn’t have a long shot.」

On the other side, he asked a double confirmation question.

Can you do it?

That’s what I planned.

In the past, I was nervous in the face of the heavy-handed eyes of the Knights Commander.

It cannot be avoided to this day.

The author will certainly interfere with what Batilde will do in the future.

And she was the only one who could hold her down.

Juju glared at her side of the face. I had gray hair then and now. Originally dark, the color faded away. It was nothing like Ruslan’s silver hair, clean and natural.

I suddenly missed him when I reached that idea.

It will be a long day. I don’t know when I’ll see you again. Unknowingly, the whisper became mournful.

We should have kissed before we got on the wagon.

In front of the court, ladies and gentlemen, and Dorothea?

Who was the first one in the middle of the prom?

But I’d like you to refrain from doing so before the big deal. ……I think I’m going to say something that someone else shouldn’t have said.

Juju inadvertently swallowed her breath trying to be intense. What did this man come up with in that wagon? I looked around just in case my face was disheveled.

Fortunately, no one seemed to know. Magda, riding in the carriage, is eyeing the bookshelf. The maid who stood by them, for example Nadia, next to them, was preoccupied with the scenery outside the window.

I thought it would be okay to talk a little more. Juju whispered, covering her cheeks with her hands.

It’s hard to hear from others.

Oh, by the way, did you? Then I’ll change the expression. I think someone else will notice if I bring up what I’m thinking.


Ruslan did not say anything.

Realizing the meaning of silence, Juju was furious. Ruslan sighed, convincing her guess.

Look, if you’re more than happy, you’ll double the size of the Imperial battlefield. It’s already passing through the gate and going out to the suburbs. Please disguise yourself as usual for the time being.

Worrying about nothing. I look forward to your destination, too.

Juju closed her eyes for a moment and drew his figure. You’ll lean deep in the carriage seat with a confident smile. I’m sure they’ll talk about something complicated in a fluent way.

But when he was alone with her, he was extremely simple. I missed the scene where I was craving only Charlotte.

She spoke softly to her lover beyond.Way to go. I’ll cheer up. I’ll do something great when I get home.

– You always leave questions at times like this. I’ll leave it to you as a future pleasure. Please don’t get hurt.

I’ll try.

But in the event of an emergency, I’ll choose to get hurt.

For you

The sound broke while I was secretly swallowing the answer. This wagon was delayed for a while as it passed through the gate.

In the meantime, there was quite a gap with the front procession. Even if I sent a full note again, no answer came back.

Juju was not embarrassed. I expected this to happen. Then it will be a boring time to reach your destination.

The procession of the empress was simple compared to that of the emperor. The carriage also chose a simple one. The reason was that we should not be surprised by the cheers that someone recognized and shouted.

On the face of it, it was like a lady’s leisurely excursion. The Knights Commander was not on full alert. I felt like I could arrive at the official residence where I was scheduled to stay in peace like this evening.

So far so.

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