Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 166

The weather was very sunny. The scenery of the road was beautiful in the middle of summer. The shade cast by the leaves depicts patterns such as finely cut paper crafts.

In the distance, I could see the walls of a small town nearby. It was a dense field and an orchard grazed the view. Looking at it alone, it was like an empire rich and peaceful country.

However, there are residents who do not have enough tenant farming in the direction of sunrise. They are separated from the ranks of neighboring cities or landowners’ farms to do their chores.

It’s lunch time, no one knows if the Emperor is worried about him.

There was a preliminary place. The emperor’s procession arrived first and was waiting. The guards put a stake in the grass of the hill and set up a shade to greet the empress.

It was a picnic lunch. Juju raised her hand mirror as she kept up with the ladies’ chatter. I looked around pretending to check my makeup.

Albert was also surrounded by the laymen at this time. He didn’t say anything lazy, but he looked bored.

But that man is better now.

Rather, I wanted to see Ruslan in the back. Juju lifted up the mirror as if she had a rash on her chin. I tried to capture him by turning the angle around.

Oh, I can see it.

I’m listening with my hands behind my back. He had a smile that was as hard to pin down as ever. I was relieved to see that there was no problem.

Then his gaze suddenly came this way. My eyes met in the mirror.


The moment I raised a small exclamation, the situation of my smile changed at first glance. That’s the look on her face when she pats her cheek in bed and gives a shameful compliment.

My heart sank because I felt hugged by him for a moment.

But Ruslan suddenly became expressionless and turned his head away.

I wondered and looked back myself. Albert was calling him and saying something. What troublesome agenda are you talking about, and you have a headache look on your face.

‘You’re not helpful in everything…….’

However, if he watched for a long time, he would have been caught and teased. Juju pressed the mirror against her pounding chest.

Last year, it was not such a busy practice. Ruslan and I went to the villa with only those anti-aircraft people.

At that time, we had lunch near the valley. The touch of his feet, the kisses he poured out of his mouth, the lust he wanted to hide because he was caught. Every touch was as vivid as yesterday’s.At that time, he himself was attracted to Ruslan. And yet I misunderstood him. I was torn because I was afraid I’d be left alone again.

Considering that, the current change was remarkable.

He confessed that he loved him and realized that he loved him too. This could have changed the relationship in which hatred and anger were met in style.

And today the Empire is planning a surprise together.

It is until today that Albert is having a tantrum at will. Juju stood up, expecting what look he would look like tomorrow.

The emperor, who had finished eating first, completely left the grass. The procession of the empress arranged a little later and began to move slowly.

The carriage speed was slow, so it was less shaky. In normal times, you’d get bored and fall into an afternoon nap.

But the carriage, which Juju shared with Magda, became tense over time.

Nadia has her hands stuck in the shawl and her mouth shut. Even the maid sitting next to Magda nibbled her nails.

Juju opened her mouth first to lighten the mood.

“You don’t belong to the Duke. They’re dressed differently.”

The maid suddenly stopped biting her nails. I heard Magda’s gaze on the bookshelf.

“I think I’ve seen someone since I was a kid. Bernhardt said he’d put a separate Grand Duke, but I refused.”

“Because of Godfather’s perception?”

Juju asked, recalling lunch time earlier.

The godfather stuck close to his daughter. Even a glass of water interfered. On the other hand, her son’s fiancé even criticized the spoon-raising gesture.

Magda put a bookmark with a smile.

“No way. If I were to accompany the Grand Duke maid, she would be presumptuous before marriage. But if you bring a housemaid, you’ll lose your temper. That’s how he is, so he’s more comfortable. I can do whatever I want.”

“I don’t think I’d want to marry a godfather. Do you want to go so far as to associate yourself with the Duke?”

Juju asked with rare sincerity. If I were you, I would have been bullied a hundred times. If I really messed up, I might have done something scary.

Magda squinted and laughed.

“You mean I’m trying to be a duchess?”

“It’s nice. The hostess of a prestigious family. I’m not saying anything. I’m curious what kind of love story you have to endure.”

“If it’s trivial, it’s trivial. There was a semi-baron Young-ae, who was standing in an old dress at a ball where he was invited as a bonus, and a man who spoke to the girl first. That’s about it.”

Juju let out a laugh that it was understandable. Duke Karnstein is a man of gentle character. He could have approached the flowers on the wall in a caring way.

“Thanks to him, he was beyond his means, and the godfather was scolded. The eldest son, who has grown up, has made up his mind, so he can’t get bitten, and he can’t get married right away because of this or that……maybe you’ve been waiting for Bernhardt to change his mind and cancel.”

Magda opened the car window and watched the outside scenery carefully. I searched the bookmark and opened a page with a map.

“I don’t know if it’s going to work out the way you want it to.”

There was a milestone on the side of the road.

It was a crossroads. Waveals rode down to this side. He was a person who had been reporting trends from morning to morning.

He approached the Knights Commander and announced the situation ahead.

“Your majesty is wading through the river. He took a shortcut through the Langfeld Bridge.””That’s the topography of a swift current on a cliff. Did you leave a detour that wouldn’t cross the water and choose that path?”

“He said the condition of his legs is not bad, and there’s no reason to turn far away. It’s better to arrive early than to spend time on the road.”

Juju recalled with bated breath what was said through the open window.

It worked out as scheduled. Philippe had decided to recommend so. If Albert didn’t like it, Ruslan was going to be cleverly impulsive and push his back.

The Knights Commander smacked his tongue. Other knights shouted as if to hear.

“Philippe, he was thoughtless. I would never have done that if I were here. It’s a bridge, no matter how many times you surround the escort, the floor will collapse once it’s cut off, so there’s no solution! He seems to have forgotten the trick of avoiding when there is a detour.”

“There’s no one else as old as you. Would you like to follow in your footsteps?”

Paval was comfortable with the old man’s nagging. The Knights Commander twitched his mouth drooping downward.

“I’m afraid the sun’s golden hands will go wrong. Tell him I’ll turn around even if he’s a little slow…….”

“Leader of Knights.”

Batilde stopped talking out of the blue.

The leader turned his wrinkled face. The old tree’s gong looked as if it were flashing. Batilde was determined, while the new knight shrugged.

“Go the way you chose it. I think it’s all very well on the side.”

“It’s impossible.

The Knightsman turned his head and shouted loudly. It was an incredible sound of old men.

Nadia cringed her hands in the shawl, and Magda’s maid covered her ears. Magda bit her lips and looked down at the bookshelf.

Juju looked out of the window and watched the situation. Batilde was not disturbed.

“What doesn’t work?”

“If your master has the wrong intentions, protecting him against him is the duty of the knight. What if a dangerous situation puts Hwang’s hands on the line?”

“Your Majesty, the Knights Commander is right a hundred times. There’s no reason to cross the water in spite of your mother’s thought. Slowly traveling the other way.”

“You’re getting old.”

Batilde suddenly broached a word. The Knights Commander paused.

Juju knew that Batilde’s tone had changed. Habitual laughter became as serene as frozen lake.

“The old Meyer used to be, and today he is the chief. I’m the only one who’s aged. Why should I be so distracted?”

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?”

“There are already three disadvantages you have committed. The first thing I said was backbiting over my master’s judgment. The second is that the emperor personally denied the safety proved by crossing the bridge. I’ve decided it’s wrong for my wife to follow in my husband’s footsteps, so third.”

“Stop your sophistry. You don’t even have to run with a body full of energy.”

“There’s one more. Knightsman, who the hell holds the golden hand?

The sound of Batilde’s words became so cold that even Juju felt it was her first time hearing it.

“The schoolboy is the schoolboy. I was about to arrive and take a rest because of the long flight. If I refuse to take a shortcut and take a detour saying it’s dangerous, what would I do to endure the distance? I’m in pain. Will Taejoong’s hands be comfortable?”

The Knights Commander clicked his tongue with a little by little. Batilde did not stop there.

“If you had heard this conversation, you would have been called to account. Do you want to hear that the leader has lost his flexibility with age?”

“The little man has supported this country since the reign of Emperor.”

“Your Majesty’s heart is different in the morning and in the evening, but do you want to be arrogant as an exception?”

As far as that was concerned, the Knights Chief said no more. There was a series of breathing sounds.The air was frozen because everyone was reading the room. Waveal rolled his eyes, too.

Recognizing the signs, Batilde smiled as brightly as a summer day.

The knights who found a familiar smile glowed with relief. She didn’t miss the gap and looked around them.

“They’re having a hard time getting horses. You guys want to go get some rest, don’t you?

Then, he persuaded the general manager with an annual leave of absence.

“Your Majesty, do as you wish. It would be better for the mind and body of a pregnant woman than to go back to the mountain road boringly.”

“Lanfeld’s legs are strong for a hundred years. It’s not even a bridge. It’s not a big risk.”

“They’re really……, how dare you teach your superior?”

“Lord of Knights, don’t say anything that might mislead you.”

Batilde opened a folding fan as if he felt the heat. The sky rose again with a strict tone.

“I’m afraid they’ll be confused by your words. Who is the knight of the Imperial Palace? Who do you think is the boss here now?”

“Your Majesty the Empress.”

“Give the wave to His Majesty Albert. Batilde will go the same way, so tell him not to worry.”

Perhaps because of a sense of relief that it had only come to a conclusion, Pavall nodded and set off. The Knightsman bent his mouth deeper.

But there was nothing to argue against. Eventually, the old man stepped up with a look of death because he didn’t like it. The procession made its way toward the Langfeld Bridge.

As this direction gradually approached the Great Mountains, the terrain used to change rapidly. Between the rocky valleys, a waterway to the main stream of the Janggang River flowed rapidly. The Langfeld Bridge, built there, is a wooden bridge that was built during the High Kingdom.

It was wide enough. No one was there because the military ahead of time was bitten by the surrounding traffic. The Knight’s opposition was a safe atmosphere to waste.

By the time it reached the middle of the bridge, Batilde instructed.

“Can you pull over for a second? I want to see the river cool.”

The carriage stopped and the procession stopped. Batilde was helped down the platform. Juju quickly got out of the carriage and followed her.

Batilde pointed his finger over there as if to look.

“There’s not a lot of water in the water. Is it from the family?”

“Maybe it’s because of the low rain these days. But there’s a splash of water all the way here.”

After speaking, Juju winked at her.

Batilde breathed a shallow breath.

“Then you don’t know what’s going to happen……. Juju, go ahead.”

At that moment, Juju grabbed the horse and jumped up.

I put my two running feet around the knight’s neck. Before he could take a defensive stance, his held body floated out of the saddle. Grabbed the old man’s bum and threw him under the bridge.

There was a sound of a splash in the distance.

Others have yet to grasp the situation. Batilde smiled at them and ordered them.

“Are you surprised? We’re going back to the island from now on.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“This is the order of the Empress of the Empire. Everybody, turn the horse and the wagon.”

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