Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 167

But in this situation, giving orders could not have been followed immediately. The procession could not even fully understand what was happening in front of them.

Was the Empress like this?

And this is who the Earl’s Chonghui is?

The Knightsman was said to be a man of no rival. As he grew older and his retirement was delayed, he added prestige within the Knights.

In a blink of an eye, such a person disappeared in vain under the bridge.

That blonde threw it away without giving me a chance to react. She didn’t hesitate a bit, even at the borderline where people’s lives might end up.The articles were rather slow to respond. Common sense and reality collided with the disease, so I needed time to organize my thoughts.

Rather, a godfather who knew nothing responded immediately. Recognizing the situation before her eyes, she screamed.

“Your Majesty!”

At first glance, other people came back to their senses with the jagged voice. But the godfather shouted incessantly, giving them no time to react.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty! What the hell is this is this? With the heir apparent, the man, the Knights Commander! How did you do this, how, how, how!”


No matter how she stomped and panicked, her similarly embarrassed doctor approached her first.

Her doctor held her armpit in the back to prevent her from glowing. I forced my jaw to bend over, trying to breathe. But the godfather shook off even him and shouted something more.

She is the mother of the empress. It was the knights who actually disappeared from sight, but they didn’t even get a chance to protest. I was overwhelmed by the cry of the godfather and hardened.

‘That’s not good.’

Juju raised an eyebrow.

There is no time to procrastinate. It’s not time to let others off the hook, even if they’re parents. Leaving that woman alone will also affect Batilde’s feelings. In reaching the conclusion that he should faint, Batilde raised his arm and blocked it.

She was expressionless. I shook my head slightly and opened my mouth.


Did his smooth tone awaken him? The godfather stopped with a twitch.

Batilde looked straight at her.

“Go ahead and rest. Barty has something to do, so I have to go back.”

The godfather opened his eyes wide. To the point where I’m afraid that my eyes will roll outwards.

She looked as if she had heard goodbye from her hands or feet. Something came up from my stomach and made a squeaky voice.

“Empress, Your Majesty, where the hell are you……. It’s a precious body I gave birth to myself.… there is an empire star in it, where are you going?….”

“You’re mistaken.”

Batilde replied calmly.

“It’s my body, so I know. As expected, I don’t think I have children. The pain in my lower abdomen that always came out just before the moon.”

That statement was true. Menstruation, which had been delayed by birth control pills, showed signs of returning.

The godfather shook his head as if he couldn’t believe it.

Batilde glanced at the woman who looked like her.

There was a time when that person sat on his lap and patted him. Around the time it was okay to loose your lady demeanor yet. He was more relaxed than he is now.

My Batti, I’m glad my daughter is prettier than my mother. Our princess will grow up to be the empress. To be the highest lady in the empire.

If that happens, you’ll show your mother around the Imperial Palace, right?

Of course, even if my superiors couldn’t, they’d let my daughter be the empress.

A noble lady can live quietly and preciously for the rest of her life. There’s no need for our batty to be as restless as others…….

“What do you know, Your Majesty? Why do you know so much?”

The godfather cried out.

Looking at him, Juju grabbed Batilde’s sleeve slightly.

If you listen to more than that, you’ll end up getting caught up by the other side. The bond of love shall be restored. The best thing to do is to leave when you take it off for a while.

Batilde also knew what Juju meant.

She turned gracefully as she was trained. He walked lightly so that there would be no sound even on the wooden bridge.”Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Your Majesty!!”

The godfather ran away from his doctor. As soon as she tried to grab the hem of her daughter’s dress, Juju pushed her off. He nodded at Magda, who was watching the condition from the back.

Magda stepped in as if she had waited and held on to the godfather. For a girl who lacks strength, she only put her arms around her waist to give strength.

“Let’s go, Godfather. Get on this wagon.”

“Why do you…… right, is that you? What have you said to my daughter, Her Majesty?”

“Let’s get a grip on the situation.”

Magda worked coldly.

“Your Majesty will not accompany you. What would the world think if the Duchess of Karnstein was making a fuss with her insubordination?”

“What’s going on all of a sudden? I was walking to the palace in good health, and all of a sudden, this is!”

“Your Majesty’s system has a great deal to offer.”

Magda spoke to the godfather’s ear.

“Stop it, Godfather, even at this moment in time, you’ll still be sitting in the villa with your arms crossed. No one will recognize me even if I bump into him from the front. Step aside wisely before you hurt the heavens.”

“Who are you to interfere with me? Who’s going between a mother and a daughter now!”

“I’m the one who’s going to marry your son.”

Magda replied sternly.

The godfather looked dumbfounded.

But she has already raised her voice beyond the law of the noble lady. Unfamiliar behavior has left me weak, while anger has soared. The body, which had not been able to control, stumbled.

It has finally subsided. She stretched out just before she got mixed up.

Magda led the godfather away with the help of my maid. After loading into the wagon, she sat next to him and pulled the door. It was a planned action from the beginning, so we skipped greetings and started the carriage.

The wagon crossed the bridge and disappeared in the direction of the villa.

Meanwhile Batilde walked to his own carriage.

The splash caused by the downstream torrent was scattered over the rosy hair. A thin ivory dress fluttered like a swan’s feather.

The knights didn’t say anything rashly.

I wondered if it was the Batilde they knew. Everyone was thinking the same thing at this moment, regardless of who thought the vulnerable empress was ridiculous and who thought it was a thorough protection object.

Were they really the closest security personnel?

What did you know about that smile all this time?

The smiling face of the empress remains unchanged. She still dresses up and walks like a lady. With the support of a blonde girl who said she was a friend, she stepped on the platform of the carriage.

“What are you doing?”

Only then did the knights flabbergasted.

Whether the question was a signal, the maid in the following wagon pulled out. The procession was greeted with a loud shout.

“Everyone, turn around! Her Majesty heads to the islands!”

“Wait, wait. Your Majesty!”

A knight with experience and position among them hurriedly got off the horse.

She was also at her wits’ end, but the chivalry worked. In other words, instinctively I kneeled on one knee.

Other knights, like her, kneeled. Even if it was a newcomer who didn’t fully understand the situation, I had an intuition that I should move at the same time.

“It would not be faithful to move without knowing the heart of your master. Before we know what kind of a major…… all of a sudden…….”

“Do I need to give you another sermon I gave to the leader?”

Batilde didn’t even look at them. Her eyes looked the way they had come.

“I’m just quitting my circle at this point. “As you saw earlier, the leader was careless and punished a little.””Then it’s already a full and overflowing punishment! First of all, it’s better to take it out of cold water.….”

“Think about it. You’re all knights, old men who treat you like children. Shall we say thank you to him if we can pull it together?”

The knights swallowed the horse. I couldn’t imagine that the leader would die of this, either. On the other hand, the imagination of anger over the treatment of degeneration came to mind clearly.

Eventually, the front article asked back passively.

“You really don’t mean anything else?”

Batilde lowered his gaze.

“What are you afraid of? I’m afraid I’ll use you to usurp?”

“Your Majesty, the conspiracy to be afraid of hearing it in your dreams…….”

“Relax. I’d rather not sit in your place than you.”

If it were that easy, I wouldn’t have spun around like this.

If he had given another excuse to remain alone in the palace, the emperor would have said he would be there anyway. He’s a man who cares about his appearance.

Batilde needed to be separated from the emperor. He also needed an order to clean up his mother who used it for him. Above all, he had to rule out a knight general with years of experience and force.

This is where all three things fit together.

Count Keitel, who came up with the scheme, was said to have spoken as if he had pointed to a masterstroke on a chessboard.

In the back, Juju glanced at the dithering knights.

‘Well, the first step is over, but that’s the problem with the knights. He doesn’t try to move until he has a cause.’

There’s no time to listen around. For now, we decided to take action.

I cast a glance at Nadia. I unloaded the luggage box as I had arranged in advance.

The box with colorful decorations looked like a dress box. But the noise falling to the floor was dull. Several oil cans came out when I opened the lid. I pushed it with my foot and flipped it over.

The oil has begun to wet the bridge. Batilde got on the wagon before his shoes got dirty. The following words sounded like a final warning.

“If you’re confused about who to put on top of the tree, think the other way around. How do I keep my neck down right now?”

It was hot because it was still afternoon, even if it was water. She opened the folding fan again.

“Looks like there’s no one in here more than me.”

“Sure, if you’d like, I’ll arrange everything for you.”

I’ve got everything I can to hide my abilities. The beautiful woman who only knows how to play swordsmanship is now over.

The tide is turning from now on. Compared to the waves Batilde would have caused back in the system, the fact that he wore an aura was of little importance. Rather, I hope that the two children who are still alive will be as confused as possible.

I mean, you can imitate an old friend at least once.

Juju focused on her hands. I looked back at the finesse that Pascalina once did.

It was my first time trying, but it wasn’t that hard. Her anger was hotter than her desire to rise.

The aura gathered in the hand had a calorific content similar to the flame. Screamed at the driver who recognized it.

“Wait! Your legs are…….”

As soon as the hand touched the surface of the oil, it glued.

Only then did the knights realize that it was not the time to procrastinate. I jumped on the horse and turned my head around. The carriage carrying the others also backed down.

The bridge burned down. Nevertheless, Juju calmly waited for everyone to escape with his back to the heat. By nature, she was faster than a wagon if she wanted to.By the time it reached the brink of collapse, both legs leaped. She split the air and approached the procession. She stepped on the stepping stone behind the empress’ exclusive carriage. Holding on to the handle, I stared at the falling bridge.

Some driver looked back in the midst of a hectic run. And I was so surprised that my jaw dropped.

Not just the count’s friend, the empress’ embroidered friend? Where does that air power come from that surpass most articles?

However, it was difficult to catch up with the reality right away to ask for a questionable answer. They were half-asleep and focused solely on running.

At that time, a scream-like old man cut through the air and stuck to this side.

Jujudo, Batilde, Knights and maids-in-law had a hunch about what was going on.

The Knightsman came out of the water alive.

Juju knew that. You can’t kill the monster like that. Even when I dropped it under the bridge, I couldn’t feel any sense of treatment.

I couldn’t help it. If you attacked me with the heart of death, you would have read my life in a flash. Even as a juju, it was best to surprise her and clean her up.

The Knight’s Body trained for decades, if old. I’m sure he’s overcome the impact of the crash. Still, it seems to have drifted quite far from the harsh command.

A chase will be avoided. That woman puts the emperor’s protection first. First of all, I will focus on ensuring Albert’s safety.

Meanwhile, this side enters the palace at full speed.

“At this rate, horses must be tired. Where did you prepare for it?”

“I have a new horse ready for Bückberg. Tell the coachman it’s okay to be a little faster!”

Directions that chased Pascalina in the past. There is a forest people living near there. It is time for massive capture funds to shine. They were experts in taming horses without saddles.

All you have to do is arrive at the palace. Now there is less than half the workforce.

There is no Knight Commander. There is no emperor. Even the highest ranking officials such as the prime minister and chairman were absent.

The only people left are identities and courtiers who have yet to leave for the villa, grandmothers who have been left unattended, and security personnel of the Army.

First of all, it is no use for the emperor to rush back to the annex.

There’s a man there who loves Juju. He’s the best man to fool people with his tongue.

Even the bridge, which was a shortcut, burned down and disappeared.

In other words, there is not a single person in the palace who can control the Batilde now!

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