Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 168

Until just now, the Knights Commander was exhaling his bubbly breath in the water.

The moment of the crash was sharp and short. The shock of floating and falling suddenly swept the body.

She has failed several previous conquest wars. There have been many crises in the swamps of mountain ranges and descending swamps. But it’s the first time in decades that I’ve fallen off a bridge.

I instinctively squeezed my power failure. He radiated his aura throughout his body. The body, which was hardened like a diamond, eased the impact of the fall. Every day, the muscles of the body hit the surface of the water and held the bones tightly, prone to fractures.

I did everything I could, but I couldn’t help the flow of water.

As soon as the whole body was submerged, it began to drift like a storm. As a human being, even she was helpless in front of nature.

I forgot to drink water.

I kept thinking about my past life, rather than a solution, to see if the word “jumadung” was real.Most of them were memories of war. At that time, Shenhwang Georg also looked like a statue built in the civic square. After the young king who proclaimed the south, the days went from strength to strength. Memories of Merit and Glory.

She was also honoured by continental domination. The joy of victory made loyalty a habit. That remained the same even after Georg became emperor, not king.

There was a lot to do in the first half of the year after the accolade. Rebellion against the new system, a civil war that breaks out at the drop of a hat. A myriad of grudges aimed at the Emperor.

Whenever that happened, the emperor left his parents’ house. She carried out merciless repression by his side.

She was strong, so the jungle was always fun. There couldn’t have been a sense of guilt. Serving our lord with all his heart was the virtue of knighthood.

The second half of the year when the regime began to stabilize was rather boring.

The young king slowly turned into an old emperor. She was also intent on training her successor because she didn’t know when she would retire from the helm. It was a time when I didn’t expect my successor to step down first.

In the meantime, the Lord has changed.

It collapsed very slowly with aging. As if mold was penetrating.

The fruit in the basket certainly looks fine until some day. So did Georg until his old age. Everyone thought that they would continue to maintain the reign of the great army.

And from one day on, people have changed ostensibly.

Georg’s youth was too brilliant for a man to handle. For him, however, senility and death were many times as black as others, and an abyss that caused madness.

A huge amount of tax was spent to prevent only one person from dying. A lot of manpower has spread around the world.

The Knights Order doesn’t even know how much he spent.

However, there was a person who tried to find a hint of immortality on the ice coast. He happened to pick up a rumor.

“In Ippenya, there is magic?」

The war didn’t take long.

An envoy came from a remote North Korea. There was a letter in his arms, which politely returned the diplomatic threat that the empire had beaten.

The emperor was right to nitpick his rudeness. The body was sent in a grain of salt. A massive political tremor has occurred.

Nevertheless, the Knights Commander was excited. It’s a war, her master is friendly and she’s on her side. The enemy’s bodies form mountains and flow into the bloodstream!

“Doesn’t your youthful blood boil? What if the secret is false rumors? Perhaps the soul will rejuvenate and the short circuit will be energized.」

Until then, the Emperor seemed to grin in agreement.

The more enjoyable the time, the closer it is to the moment. Punishment did not last long. After trampling on dozens of villages, the king voluntarily opened the palace.

The emperor gloated into the palace. The Knights Commander followed suit.

There was no ambush in the palace. Even Gasol seemed to have sneaked away.

But that much could have been captured later. The symbolism of King Iphenya kneeling before the emperor was much more important.

“Are you sure you’re King Zahari? I don’t think he’s a stand-in.」

“There is no reason to come here and cheat, and there was a footprint of outsiders in the palace of the broken men. What’s the point of running away and saving your life?」

“You’re a good speaker, hiding the rain of despair. Since I’m here, I’m going to make Jim the seventh empress, so why don’t I bring him in?」

“……Georg Emperor. We are now monarch to monarch, and we have met to discuss the hundred thousand people of this country. Why don’t we treat each other with courtesy.」”What a blue young man!」

In times like this, librarians record ‘scolded for doing so’. With any sign of violence removed.

“You’re like a victorious nation on the subject of a defeated monarch! Is this the way a small country treats a big country! Everywhere in the Empire is an octave, whether the people of your land starve to death or burn to death! Why are you pretending to be a saint if you haven’t kept a fist?」

Only witnesses at the time know. The old emperor intensively destroyed the young king’s face. As if he didn’t like the sight of his youth and appearance. Like if you get bruised and bloated, you can’t do anything.

The king’s silver hair and the floor of the hall were stained with blood. The old man, who had no time, shouted nervously.

“Give me what you’ve got in your hand!」

“Did you fear to die so much……. Is the word immortal so plausible…….」

Then come closer.

Sorrow of the House of Ipeniah, the final spell shall be cast upon you.

The Knights Commander was off guard at the time. The king, crushed by violence, was deceived because he was obedient. There was no living in the hand of magic.

The young man laid his hand on the old man’s sudden heart.

It was just that.

After a moment of silence.

“Human Georg, how are you? What a waste of life and love.」

At the time when questions such as philosophical discussions rang low.

The old man trembled. I covered my eyes with my hands. Raging. Wailed, as if on the steps of a violent dance, moving into a frenzy and reeling. Even those close to him who approached him thinking he had some trauma were rejected.

There was nothing wrong with the old man’s body. Later tests showed no specific internal injuries.

And yet he clasped his chest with a deeply distorted face. I cried out with bloodshot eyes as if I had shed blood tears.

“The last thing I know is to deplete my luggage with this trick!」

The Knightsman doesn’t know the truth of the day.

What did her master really experience then?

“There you go! I know what magic is all about! Cut him down, kill him and throw him away with wolf food!」

“Then, would you like to search for immortality gradually?」

“I’m sick of it. There’s no way this can make you immortal! Burn all the disturbing magic books! Catch a wizard or something and bury it in the pit!」

The whole mess, Grand Duke Licht was watching from behind. With a wretched look on her face, she barely spoke out.

“No matter how hard it may be for the monarch of a country…….」

“Anne, did you join a handsome man because you’re a girl? What the hell was wrong with my brother’s education so brother and sister don’t know respect side by side! If you’re going to vomit in the wilderness, get out of here! I’m protecting the snow mountains!」

Later, King Zahari was killed. The House of Ipeniya is officially extinct. The palace is closed and the territory is annexed. Most of the surviving residents were displaced.

Georg lived for more than ten years after that. After discovering the secrets of ethnic minorities living in the Great Mountains, he survived.

Even then, the Knights Commander stood by the Emperor.

The young monarch, who once took possession of the world, grew old. Crumpled up, sucking someone’s life greedily. I wouldn’t give anyone what I had in my hand. As a result, I let my children fight.

Even then, the Knights Commander was loyal without a word of advice.

She was just as old as she was. The enthusiasm gradually cooled and the desire to maintain the status quo grew. It became the best value to be loyal to the people who stood on it, a country that was built by running horses in their youth.Now I don’t want to reflect on what’s wrong. At an age that doesn’t wither away, I don’t want to deny my past life. I don’t want to hear any more criticism from young people who don’t know much.

So I stopped thinking.

Stand by the Emperor. Rebellious weightlifting is trampled on.

That was the only value of her existence, the maximum the brain could think of forgoing movement.

Georg is finally dead. After a hell of a confirmation of which one will succeed. The next generation was Albert, the youngest of the master’s children.

The Knights Commander didn’t care. Only people changed, but the emperor’s position remained unchanged. She, who stood by him, was alive and well.

Georg died, but he was never likely to die. As it is, the desire to endure the collapse of the empire has faded.

by the way

“Gam, he…”

A big rock appeared. The old man, swept away by the current, held it. I tried not to be swept away, but I pulled up my upper body.

The soaked body barely managed to climb up. The gray hair from the water was loosened and drooped. After several breaths with her elbows on her hands on the cliff.

My stomach is strained. A lion’s roar with an aura rumbled.

“How dare you not be thin make me fall!”

The forest vibrated. The frightened bird flew away and the beast ran away. The echo was so strong that the atmosphere distorted.

Breathing out like smoke rose. She crawled up the cliff in a state of water. The moment the road reached flat ground, I stood up on my protection knee.

“It’s treason. A traitorous cabal has begun to be established……!”

I don’t know what happened, but even the Empress is in on it!

The brain, which has lived as one thing for many years, has simplified its thinking. I started to get excited like a dog aiming for a trained target.

You have to go to the emperor. Support him and pave the way for his return to the imperial palace. The Knights will follow in her footsteps and sweep the weightlifting in one fell swoop!

The old man began to run like a demon.

I was well aware of where the target official residence was. It was a place that has been used every year since the reign of Emperor.

By the time the destination was seen, it was low. Nevertheless, the old man squeezed enough energy to vomit blood. Somehow, I jumped into an official residence that was seriously sinking.

“Your Majesty!”

“Oh, please be quiet.”

The hand holding the cane blocked her.

Standing in the hallway by the entrance, Ruslan looked down at her, lifting his chin.

Somehow he had a sneering smile on his face.

“Your majesty is in conversation with a good man. He was telling me not to disturb the situation because it was serious. By the way, how did you end up running alone without a horse?”

The panting Knight wiped off his sweat and looked at the young man in front of him. The moment I looked closely into the face, I was captivated by a sense of deja vu.

Looking back at her memory, she first remembered the girl who had thrown her away. He rushed in and grabbed me by the collar.

“You’re a piece of work! It was you who plotted treason!”

“Lord of Knights, get down on your knees if you can afford to scream.”

The inner room door over there opened, and Albert came out in the dirt.

Behind him, Karnstein’s godfather stumbled. She was led here by Magda, but was unable to cope with the reality at hand. Just telling the progress of the incident in front of me was exhausting.

The Duke, who had arrived earlier and was waiting, supported her with Magda. Albert checked it out, then glanced down at the knight general who was kneeling down in front of him.

There was a lot I wanted to ask. But I couldn’t control my fuming anger. The question didn’t come up easily.So I turned the arrow to Ruslan first.

“Did you know that beforehand?”

Ruslan lowered his head with a smile removed.

“His Majesty, you don’t know, and I don’t know.”

Albert bit his lips.

It’s obvious that he’s trying to back out, but he can’t push it any harder. It was purely a matter of himself and Batilde. If you question more about something around here, you’ll be the only idiot.

The Knightsman, who was looking into the atmosphere, wondered.

It wasn’t a traitorous scheme? What did the Emperor hear from them?

“Your Majesty, it’s a terrible death! It’s obvious that you’ve overpowered me! Come on, step up and take over…….”

“Please refrain from speaking.”

Ruslan spoke on behalf of Albert.

He quietly spread his index finger and put it on his lips.

“Until you return to the palace and face the Empress, do not move your tongue and keep your mouth shut.”

“Earl, what do you trust to be a fox in front of a tiger? How dare the Count stand in the way of speaking directly to His Majesty as chief of the Imperial Knights!”

“Dress up.”

Albert walked like he was dragging his legs.

“Please shut up like that letter of return. My head is about to explode.”

He ignored the old man and passed by.

* * *

Although the sky was purple after sunset, the gateway to the system was filled with bright light.

The Army raised the torch. Jofi, who was in the lead, saluted the empress’ carriage.

“Your Majesty, thank you for your hard work. You’re in a safe state of emergency. Why are you sitting there, Juju? Why don’t you come down?”

Juju came down from the carriage roof and asked.

“What about the court?”

“Your Highness has cleaned it up in advance. The crystal hall is also open.”

Upon hearing that, Batilde called the maid of honor with ease.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Bring it on as you’ve got it. I will make an important announcement and all those who are qualified to attend the Cabinet meeting will enter the palace immediately…Even before the Daishin. I ask you to see the Archbishop.”

Even though it has been years since I had an enemy in the Imperial Palace, I have never issued such an order. She straightened her shoulders to be firm in front of a slight tremor.

“The Empress wants to defer to the Emperor.”

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