Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 169

Albert entered the bedroom of the official residence.

I didn’t let anyone follow me. There may be people waiting outside, but at least in this space I wanted to be completely alone.

The room I used to stay at every summer’s annex. The Emperor’s husband and wife’s room. Decorating this room would have cost the administrative expenses of the city hall.

Batilde never complained about this room. Last year I went on a separate vacation, but until the year before last I used to lie down next to him beautifully.


He fell on the bed with his jacket on.

I wanted to close my eyes. So I wrapped my hands around my face. My vision is black, but I can’t sleep. There’s no way it’s coming.

The emperor has many restrictions on movement. It’s already night outside. You can’t drag the whole procession back to the system at this time.

However, he can’t run with just one horse like any other Pilbu. No, even if possible, he would never have done it.

It’s funny enough already. I’ve ordered a gag order, but it won’t spread out of the official residence. Everyone in here must be whispering by now.

“You said you didn’t think the Empress was a member of the Council?’

“He punished the Knights Commander on the way and returned to the palace.”What a surprise! Why would an old man cancel his original plan just because he’s neglectful?’

The Duke’s fiancé once said that he had brought up the subject of departure. I thought it was farmland, but I didn’t know it would actually work…….’


The empress leaves the palace.

If you go out for a while because of illness or fatigue, you don’t use this word. I would have described it as care or treatment. There is a very limited situation in which the expression “gutung” has to be used.

It’s nothing special.

Or divorce.

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

Albert shouted into the ceiling.

My body trembled with anger. A naturally sensitive temper quickly caused pain. My joints hurt all over.

“You don’t know I raised you to win the seat of empress! I’ve been changing my fiancé so much and now I can’t do it?! Do this without a word of consultation! In an empty palace! Who the hell put that thought into her head? !

I was out of breath. Sweat went into my eyes. Albert couldn’t resist and jumped to his feet.

My wife doesn’t have the chin to suddenly show up there just because my vision is open. The bedroom was still petulantly sumptuous. I put new summer flowers in the vase.

I didn’t even want to see him. He reached out to remove the flowers and even knocked down the pottery. Water splashed all over the place as broken debris scattered.

I have to call my subordinates to clean this up. Even he became a stimulus to anger, and Albert threw flowers away. I punched down the furniture.

“What are you going to do with all this demonstration? What can I do!! What did I do, I!”

By the way, your hand hurts when you hit a hard object.

Albert eventually didn’t even last long and stepped back. I fell back on the bed and knocked on the sheet.

Once anger swept away, there was a vulnerable disposition. He buried his head in the blanket and murmured.

“Did I fall short of her as a husband? Have you ever done something like this……?”

No way.

You must have been a good husband. That’s all I’m sure about.

She gave her status, wealth and authority. There was no heavy drinking, no violence, no violence. I have never complained about the delay of her successor, let alone bothering her parents.

There’s only one thing I know.

Her soul was shaken by a girl who looked like her old lover. It wasn’t until five years after I got married that I looked away for the first time.

Isn’t it just him? Did you call the girl to the bedroom or kiss her? At least, I didn’t remember showing my true feelings in front of Batilde.

Then why.

He did something wrong to his wife. What the hell.

I gave you the seat you wanted. You’ve been through your past relationships so that you don’t get offended. This is really enough.

Albert, curled up in bed, suddenly became terribly lonely. The dream I had one day was mixed with the reality of Aslai. It was as if I had actually heard it one day.

“She’s not funny, I don’t know what she’s thinking, and she doesn’t like Albert. She’s a very bad girl.」

That’s right, Lotte, I think so.

This wouldn’t happen to you, would it? If you were the empress. If I had given you the pearl crown as promised.

What were you afraid of? An illegitimate child from the country, a woman who killed a man. I got rid of her because I was afraid of what I was about to hear. I threw it away far away because I was afraid of coming back.

Even he was nothing compared to today’s disgrace and misery. A wife wouldn’t have been considered a stupid husband with a heart to break up with…….The sound of breathing and the movement of the lips were mixed to barely become a language.

“Lotte, Lotte, come, Lotte…….”

Desperate, Albert imagined Charlotte coming through the door. I wanted to hear words of comfort, hugging my knees.

Albert, it’s okay. I really like Albert. You don’t like him? I’ll kill all the bastards that bother Albert…….

I didn’t have a chance for that to happen.

Charlotte is already dead. The fact that even her reincarnation-like girl is now with Batilde reminded Albert.

My body trembled. It was cold even though it was summer. The unaffordable truth began to tighten the whole body.

He was now completely alone. There’s not a single woman left in the world who loves him as a man.

This was the result of the act of kicking Charlotte out with his own hands and having Batilde as his wife.

Albert grabbed the blanket with both hands. I felt like throwing up the other day. I spat out my nausea several times and buried my forehead very much. A groan of burp and burp came out.

He was sobbing.

The sound of crying leaked slightly through the wall. Philippe’s face, who was guarding the side room for security, darkened.

“You look unhappy.”

Ruslan, who was sitting in an armchair across from him, asked softly.

Philippe put on a belated look of consciousness. I smiled forcefully to hide my embarrassment.

“I was thinking about human life. It’s not a good sound to hear someone cry.”

“Your character may be a virtue as a knight…….”

Ruslan tilted the kettle, leaving a lingering impression. Dark tea water crept up in the empty teacup.

He took a bag of medicinal herbs out of his arms. Powder resembling tea leaf powder spilled out. Then he picked up the saucer and handed it to Semyon in the back.

“Tell the servant. With a spoonful of honey.”

Philippe, who was watching the secretary step down, made a secret voice.

“What is it now?”

“It’s a medicine that makes you fall asleep a little faster. I’m in trouble if your heart is shaken any more.”

“Now I have no shame in observing chivalry. Please be frank with me.”

Philippe looked serious.

Ruslan put his fingers in his mouth and laughed.

“I’m a bit of a cheat, but I don’t lie while I’m on the same boat.”

“I didn’t mean to doubt it.Only…….”

“If you conspire here, you’ll soon find out. I’ll let you sleep quietly tonight, considering you’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

Philippe saw his smile creep up.

“You have to suffer. Much more to come.”

“……you have a strong hand.”

“Considering the great Duke who died, I still have a long way to go.”

Having said that, Ruslan again apologized to the wool in his heart. More than a grudge against her death, I’m confident that I want to pay off a woman’s hard work.

I hope you have a good night even if it’s long. It’s been great so far. Her actual moves would have been very concise, but she succeeded in delivering a fatal blow to the Knights without a direct fight.

The general manager fell off a bridge and was swept away by rapid currents. Add to that the confusion that Albert had kicked her allegiance, and now lay in bed.

The rest depends on how Batilde does it. The ingredients she needs have already been prepared by Juju.

Whether Philippe was thinking the same thing, he turned the subject around.

“I don’t know if you’re holding up.”

“Well, I can’t help it. It’s best for men to trust and watch from the back.”Ruslan poured his share of tea.

* * *

By the time Jonathan arrived at the palace, the hands of the clock were already close to midnight. Most of the city was asleep.

It was crazy. He didn’t stay in the system for this.

Last year he went to the villa too. Under the pretext of the heat, I invited Elise to play with my family. One of their parish volunteers was good at cutting trees, so I gave a toy to my nephew.

The kid played with it tonight, too. I asked innocently without knowing the circumstances of the adults.

“It’s hot. Are we going to a villa?」

“Yohan, I’m afraid not. Mom is having a hard time this year.」

“Are you tired? Why?”

“It’s hard for you to ride a wagon, too. I heard you cried because your butt hurt. Shake, shake, shake. Look, can you make it into a card? Shake shake.

The empress had a baby, and she was in love. A mother-in-law, a doctor, and a maid line up. Elise had only herself.

While Albert is at the palace, goodbye to troublesome counseling. I was going to take care of Elise while I was at it.

Would it be better to let another maid in even if she took the risk? I’ll have a priest downstairs ask for a teacher who can write to his nephew. No, then there’s no excuse to come and go to this house. I was in the middle of a complicated mind with that idea.

“Am I the last to arrive?”

Yonatan repaired the triplet above his head.

There were several officials lined up on both sides of the imperial palace hall. They were also very sudden. We talked about each other’s feelings.

In the front row, the grandmother was lowering her eyes with her hands together.

Jonathan turned back the imperial greenery he had looked at on the way. The army was laid out. It was the result of Emphasia, who was in charge of managing the team under the pretext of urgency.

Empress, what are you going to do to create such a stern atmosphere? I’ve heard what’s going on in the dictionary, but are you really going to do it?

Jonathan stood in the middle. Batilde, seated alone at the top of the front, looked down at him with his eyes down.

“You’re here.”

“Your Majesty, what are you doing at this hour?”

Batilde didn’t budge even though he spoke with sarcasm. He declared clearly as if he was about to finish his job.

“Look, the Archbishop, who officiated the national marriage and was in charge of the registration of marriage, was present here. Therefore, I will declare to you here. I, Batilde, wish to sever his marriage to His Majesty Albert von Lois and return to the original Karnstein.”

The whole hall became so noisy that it shook. cried Dorothea, looking back.


“Of course, I will return all of her stomach and coffin, inherited heirlooms and lands, and the qualifications to be posthumously granted. I’ll leave the country and return to the civilian population, but I hope to make amends for my last marriage.”


What do you think she’s doing calling people in the middle of the night?

Jonathan’s eyes became sharp. The noise around me bothered me like crazy. I knocked loudly on the floor with a crystal cane.

It was only then that it was quiet. This is the beginning of the interrogation. He shouted out loud to Batilde.

“Do you know yourself what you’re talking about?”

“Do I have to say this again?”

“So, you’re going to ask the Emperor for divorce and alimony?”

Batilde smiled slightly.

The servants were surprised. They were wondering what the empress was wearing wrong. But that smile was the empress they used to know and, as always, pure and fragile.

The voice, on the other hand, was as unshakable as steel.”That’s right.”

“Your majesty, I don’t want you to talk to me like this. Why is it that the stars of the Empire have barely settled down?”

“There is no meeting. It was a sudden change in my body because I was angry. Condensed milk has become a feeling that the national spirit cannot be maintained, can’t

“That makes sense!”

While Jonathan showed his teeth, Batilde was calm. She took a break from one tempo and opened her mouth.

“Then I’ll tell you why. Listen, everybody.”

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