Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 171

Whether Jonathan is disturbed or not, Batilde said quietly.

“Of course I can change my mind. If His Majesty would re-examine the inside story of the incident at that time and completely resolve my fears.”

Yonatan felt a little strange. Does this woman happen to know the truth?

“I can’t discuss the criminal law of the world without permission, but I know it’s the law not to review cases that have already been disposed of.”

“Then you have no choice but to leave the country.

“You keep dragging logic in one direction……!”

“Your Holiness keeps pushing me in one direction, asking me to use condensed milk. Yes, I know. It’s a tough story for the Holy Father, who keeps men and women away from their work.”

Batilde stopped talking. Her voice is thinner than before.

“But any married woman here would know. Couples are complicated and subtle, so you need to cut one pillow to know. All because of my lack, I want to resign from my duty early for the sake of the country and your majesty.”

This was what Batilde said half-remembered. She didn’t know much about Elise’s existence. I just remembered and used what Juju had hinted at in advance.

“I think the Archbishop has a private life that’s hard to reveal. If so, push an abstinence priest to know something about marriage. The more you feel guilty, the harder it will be to argue.」

It worked as intended. Jonathan, who is externally single, dared not say anything.

On the other hand, the servants had a haughty thought in their heads. The empress voluntarily downplayed herself. This style of speech, in general, was intended to defend oneself and highlight the flaws of the opponent.How did Emperor Albert treat the Empress in her bedroom?

What the hell is wrong with you?

No one dared speak out, but the fact that the successor was delayed led to all kinds of rude imaginations.

If you let them out of the palace, rumors will explode from that moment on.

But it’s already late at night.

I had to cover this up somehow. Yonatan opened his mouth.

“……Your husband, the Emperor, is absent. In this situation, the temple cannot proceed with anything.”

But I knew it. The approval of the archbishop was of no consequence to the empress. It would have been important to declare my intention in a situation that was not controlled by anyone.

“As an officiant of the national spirit and the rent, making a wish is not the end. The bishops’ meeting should examine whether the reason is doctrinal. Without a ruling through him, a divorce settlement is impossible.”

“I understand, my thoughts have been fully communicated, and I will refuse to hold official events and personal duties with His Majesty Albert until the verdict is reached.”

Jonathan was just listening. He had no authority to stop the empress from doing so.

But next time, he was stunned too.

“But… I see. It’s going to take a while. It does not change that I am the empress until the verdict is made. You wouldn’t argue that you would exercise your authority while living in the Imperial Palace as you have done so far. Is that so?”

Oh, my God. Then Yonatan squeezed his cane.

It was better that Albert was absent. He wouldn’t have come to his senses if he had heard that in person.

She declared that she would leave out the title of empress and abandon her duties!

* * *

It was not until dawn that the commotion was over.

Batilde, who confirmed that both the priest and the priest had returned, came out of the aisle supported.

Juju ran to her quickly. Batilde’s complexion was pale. I asked because I was worried about the shortness of breath.

“Are you all right?”

“It’s okay. Just a little…… tired…….”

Batilde sweated like an actor who came down from a performance.

Of course, I’ve been a long way for half a day and I’ve declared her whole life a change. His/her heart would have been weakened by coping with the pressure of the archbishop.

Juju quickly put her right hand on her abdomen. Now that everyone who knows will know, there is no reason to hesitate to use the aura. The aura was gathered at the fingertips to stimulate the blood vessels lightly.

His skills lagged behind Jonathan’s miracles and Albert’s mucus. Batilde himself was not a black sheep to fully digest contact therapy. But it would have had a wake-up effect.

Batilde groaned like a cough. Juju told the maid of honor.

“Get your Majesty a cup of chocolate. Change into something comfortable. Do you want to sleep like this?”

Batilde shook his head.

“Sunrise will be early because it’s summer. Your Majesty will depart as soon as the dusk clears. We’ll arrive in the morning, so shouldn’t we greet him?”

Thinking about something for a while, she called Dorothea, who was standing in the corner over there.

“I’m sorry to have kept you awake until dawn. I think the nearest bathroom from here is your guest room. Do you mind if I borrow it for a while?”

“Oh, yeah! Linde. Go get the hot water first!”

Dorothea rushed to the forefront.

She also noticed. In fact, it is tactless to determine whether the guest room is close to here. The empress rented the granddaughter’s bathroom, the act itself was important.

Batilde disappeared to the other side after Dorothea.Only then did Juju sigh.

I’m used to being a long day. But I’m exceptionally tired today. It seems that Batilde was anxious whether he could do well.

This has never happened to Ruslan.’

A man I could always trust. His reading was correct from yesterday to today. Perfectly developed according to his prearranged information.

Indeed, none of the unexpected variables happened. From the idea of making excuses for the original act to using the bridge as a point of return, to objections prepared for the archbishop, he followed his slander.

“What are they doing now? They’ll come with you when the procession returns.’

It won’t be a big deal because Philippe is with you. If Angela’s medication worked, Albert would have been quiet last night.

“What would you do, miss?”

Nadia rescued what was in the middle of an instant thought. Juju looked back at her.

“I don’t think you have any business in the palace anymore. You should take a rest, too.”

“I know. Nadia must be tired, but she dragged her around. Let’s go home.”

Juju, speaking out, swallowed her breath. Unconsciously, he described the grand house of the system as a “home.”

It used to be a Viscount Moden house. After following Albert, he stayed in the next room of the Seven Crown Prince’s chambers. I didn’t feel like living in a house because it was part of the palace. I was granted a house only after I became a meritorious subject, but since I lived for a very short time…….

Only a year and a half. In the meantime, it was amazing that this body, the house, was used to it as it was.

Nadia put a shawl around her shoulder while walking to the wagon waiting area. It was a gift from Juju the other day.

“Do you carry shawls in the summer?”

“My mother told me to wear it when there’s no harm. I may have weak lungs just like my mother.”

Juju laughed when she heard that. I remembered that Batilde’s mother had said something similar.

“That’s what mothers do. I don’t know because I died when I was young.”

The biological mother died as soon as she had a sinful child. Charlotte doesn’t even know her face. Just a faint stutter of her traces in her now-defunct body.

The original owner of this body also had little memory of losing his parents when he was young. Even if the two souls are combined, the only memory of the mother is about Viscountess Moden.

Why did she say sorry to Charlotte just before she died. You failed to embrace an illegitimate child until the end. It wouldn’t have been enough to blame the family for their ruin, why.


Nadia reminded her again, thinking about something else in the carriage. Juju was stunned.


“Well, speaking of which, would it be all right to visit your mother if everything was fine today? Even if it’s for a while in the afternoon.”

“Okay, take a nap. What’s up with you these days?”

“No, if anything happened, it would be me…….”

Nadia looked shy for a moment and then opened her mouth.

“While waiting behind the hall earlier, I was surprised to hear that Her Majesty doubted the authenticity of the old case.”


“Because Young-ae, who was punished at the time, was the first person I followed.”

“I know, that’s why your recruit was handed over to Hilaryon. The first owner must have blamed you.”

“What do you mean resent?”

Nadia suddenly raised her voice.

Nadia, who has always been silent, is the first to make a violent expression of opinion. The next word went on very quickly.

“Well, I, uh, I still remember. He lent the new maid the medical expenses without hesitation. That’s what happened, and I’ve lost my duty to pay back……. My mother was always grateful. My mother was always grateful!”

Nadia was so excited that she said the same thing twice.It was a surprise: Juju didn’t know how to take it, so she kept her face as low as she could.

So Nadia felt no confusion or agitation from her opponent.

She shut her mouth. I wasn’t very good at speaking in the first place. And whatever came to mind, I had a habit of holding back first. I have no idea how to express it anymore.

I ended up with a clumsy finish.

“Mr. Hillarion always laughed that he didn’t know anything about people, but……. I hope not. And to someone high up there that I’m not worth killing…I hoped it wasn’t ….”

Juju put her hands together and interlocked her fingers. It was an act to hide the swaying mind.

“So, are you happy that Her Majesty suspects the case?”

“I don’t know. I’m sorry. I don’t know.”

Nadia lowered her head. A dying whisper leaked out.

“I’m just, I’… because I, of course, wasn’t a big deal, but I might have had a chance to help him before he was unfortunate…….”


Juju gave her nails strength to dig into the flesh. My stepmother’s thoughts overlapped.

Nadia, unaware of the circumstances, barely asked Juju.

“Aren’t you happy, young lady?”

Juju did not respond hastily.

I bit my lips secretly.

I forgot because it was much bigger than before and the original was silent. Nadia may be older than this body, but she is not mature. It was an age when emotions fluctuated a little over twenty.

Does Nadia know?

How far did he notice?

It’s hard not to know at all even though I’ve been following him around until now. You may have guessed vaguely. I wondered if her conjecture had come close to the truth or reached the wrong place. I wanted to ask you specifically.

But Juju decided to quell the curiosity.

As Ruslan once said, the less people know, the stronger the secret becomes.

Instead of answering, I brought up another story.

“I’ll take a bath as soon as I get home. I want to drown in cold water and drink something hot. Tell them to grind steamed pumpkins and burn almond milk. Give the gardener some used water.”

“Oh… Oh, yes. I see.”

“I’ll have breakfast on the terrace when the Earl gets back. It’ll be hot around that time, so plum granita is better for dessert. Put blueberries on top.”

“I’ll have it directed to the kitchen.”

“I’ll lend you a bucket of ice, so bring it to your mother.”

Nadia opened her mouth casually.

The wagon passed the gate and entered the road in front of the mansion. Juju looked out into the garden and spat out indifferently.

“You have the decency to be a great man. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, so I’m going to send you

“However, you don’t have to…….”

Nadia, who was about to say something, soon changed her mind. I bent down with a posture of refusal.

“I’ll do as you say. I’m sure your mother will appreciate it.”

“You don’t want to be blamed for all night long.”

Juju spoke lightly and entered the mansion.

You don’t have to tell me everything. Like she didn’t pry into Nadia’s past troubles. Nadia would have understood. Sometimes it is beneficial to have a vague relationship.

Nadia, who delivers instructions to the kitchen, was back to normal, as Juju thought.

Drinking hot drinks while taking a cold bath made me feel refreshed. Juju came out in a summer gown.

The gardener picked up the flower scissors next to the sprinkling of water. I thought about the future while gathering withered deung-hwa in bundles.

This tied Albert and Jonathan together in a troubling matter. What should I do with Elise in this moment?

She had a child of Jonathan. How do you feel right now?I don’t have a clue. Juju had a shallow relationship with her mother and never had a child in person.

She’s not good at anything. She’s nothing. Maybe she is the most difficult…….’

Then, a familiar hand appeared and tilted the flower bed.

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