Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 180

Is this woman crazy?

Juju realized her agitation and bit her lower lip. I stared at Liriya like I was killing her.

After seeing the reaction, Liriya breathed a disturbing sigh. She cleared her throat by drinking water.

“I’m not happy with this decision. However, I was the only woman who was of the same age as the leader of the organization.”

The glass stand snapped at the table. Liriya guarded the back of Ruslan and looked over at Semyon.

“Also, I don’t have it because I want it, but it supports my background. My biological parents were palace wizards. They say you deserve to get married if you stop.”

“Liriyah doesn’t look like she’s going to fall anywhere. It’s a pretty good axis.”

Nikolai spewed out lightly as if he was trying to lighten the mood. Several women, including Liriya, shed their eyes. On the other hand, he continued in a serious analytical tone.

“That’s why it’s easy for the elders to think that way. Marriage is the only political tactic that works best for internal solidarity.…, seeing how the Imperial family was overthrown.”

Perhaps it is an expression of pride that they are different from the empire.

The older generation wants to restore the old days. Kingdom of Iphenya, ruled by the king, protected by the sorcerer, and made up of aristocrats and free people.

To complete their worldview, Wangtong had to marry someone and form a family. That is the starting point for the restoration of the House of Ipeniya. It was also an extension of the memory of the king who died young during his honeymoon.

And Liriyah herself was uncomfortable, but her origins played a big part in the foundation on which she gained a say in the leadership. In the eyes of the leadership, it was hard to find a better partner.

Liriya couldn’t bring herself to defy their expectations and pressure. Also, marriage was the least expensive way to keep a prince tied to this organization.But it did feel dirty to give notice. Aside from not liking the prince known as Parakho, I felt like I was doing something bad to the blonde over there.

Still, Liriyah held it in. I said, arm in arm more tightly.

“I don’t want to sleep with you, have children, or anything like that. You can keep that woman guarding you in government.”

“What did you just say?”

The juju asked back reflexively. Lyria tried to ignore it and went on.

“You may have a better idea with your hair, but here’s the deal. A woman who happens to be from the old ruling class while looking into the case related to Ipeniya…… that is, you met me.”

And Ruslan sneaks Liriyah to the Grand Duke. Interchangeable interrogation and conciliation to find out the inside story of the case.

But no matter how hard I try, Liriya doesn’t know anything at all. Finally, we find that we have worked in vain to capture someone who is not involved in the murder of a factor.

“But through my interrogations, I’ve found out that my status works quite well for Ippeniya people. If I get my hands on this woman, I think I can control her power. After calculating those gains and losses, you marry me.”

“It’s a pretty good progress for the Parakho.”

Ruslan, who was listening silently, opened his mouth for the first time. Juju looked over there in a flash.

He was expressionless as ever. As a juju, I had no idea what he was up to.

My feet became dim as if they were floating in the air. I kept hearing Liriya in my ears.

“Is it a heart-warming scenario? A wedding can be just like any other aristocrat. Put me on the temple register as a spouse and introduce me to society as a political place. Then I’ll act as a ladder for the organization behind me to naturally subside. And now you’re not abandoning your identity, you’re naturally finding your way back into your veins.”

Behind-the-scenes work through public opinion is as important as retaliation through violence. It is successful to hear that the upper class wants to grant Ippeniya’s demands quickly.

It was reprehensible that the prince abandoned his veins and rose to prominence, but the position he had polished could be used in a useful way.

First of all, recapturing autonomy was a priority. After the annexation of Ipeniya, the empire grew in demand for gas. There is no turning back now, and there is no substitute. The upper class are buying expensive imported gas by taking private routes.

It was not a dream for a small country to negotiate with a large country if it had gas on.

By then, it will be possible for Ruslan to reveal his identity without hesitation and return to his original position.

He went through the vicar of the Grand Duke and the State Preceptor’s Appeal, and was brightened by circumstances in various parts of the country. Personally, he must be a reliable figure on the negotiating table.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s a losing story. Even if you’re close to the emperor who rules the continent, you’re on a leash and crawling under his feet. It is my ambition to lead a loyal party and become an independent monarch.”

“Certainly, besides that, there’s no better way than marriage to declare yourself a community of your country and destiny.”

Ruslan replied, wrapping his chin around.

Juju, who was listening, felt increasingly helpless.

He’s been standing up for a while. I didn’t feel like sitting down again. I was more distracted by Liriyah’s suggestion than I thought. What she said seemed credible enough.

Do you think that’s a good idea for Ruslan?It may be so. Ruslan had plenty of room to walk here.

Anyway, it was clear that their assassination would have troubled Albert. Gas was an even more important issue. There was plenty of room for revenge.

In addition, Liriya said, “Let’s just look like a married couple.” Only with her interrupting, Ruslan’s relationship with Juju remains the same.

‘Just like ever…….’

As a beautiful lover, proving Count Parakho’s unwarranted privacy.

People will whisper that they are married and live with the government. However, Ruslan had lived in a profligate mask, so nothing changed.

No, maybe.

After all this revenge, isn’t Liriya worthy of the role of wife?

Ruslan actually has an idea for a faraway North Korea. Juju knew it better than anyone else. If he had really completely forgotten his responsibilities, he would not have kept his royal fantasy and shown it.

He faces his country one day. To clear up the tangled clutter and take responsibility for the fate lost with birth.

When I think of him, Lyria’s argument was right. She was the most suitable bride to return to the Prince of Ippenia.

Then Juju is.

Charlotte is.

Should we remain as a government and settle for the fact that we monopolize Ruslan as a woman?

The soul lost its family and became a sinner. The body is a maid. I wonder if this position fits my place.

The thought flowed like a current. It was a long way from standing still. After a moment of confusion, Juju suddenly realized that something was bothering her.


In this way, it is the same.

It is the same as when I was advised by Yonatan to receive a pearl crown.

It can’t be helped if Albert marries another woman. I’m not a beauty, I’m barely a child of my own – I’m thinking the same thing as I was when I was rationalizing and trying to control Arin’s mind!

The subsequent consequences are purely Albert’s responsibility. But at least I wouldn’t have any regrets if I hadn’t backed down. You’ve turned back countless times in your brain cell!

Ruslan asked me to stay with him. She said she was the wife who promised for the future.

You guys know something about us. How dare you make such a proposal with someone in front of you? I won’t touch your girlfriend’s seat. Just give me your wife’s seat?

Don’t be silly!

Empty hands trembled. I needed something to grab. There was only a glass of water in front of my eyes.

Juju grabbed it as she went along. Others thought they picked her up because they were thirsty and didn’t stop her. But Juju decided to pour out the burning emotions rather than cool them down.

The cold water splashed.

Lyria frowned on her face. Reflectively, water flowed over the eyelids and wet the chin.

Colleagues around me reacted a beat late. Some loaded the crossbow and aimed it this way. Nikolai and a couple of women were surprised and examined the condition.


“Perfect, bitch!”

Juju got a fever and shouted randomly. Nikolai looked this way with a furious face.

“If I refuse, I refuse. Why would I do such a disrespect? I’m not here to cheat! If I had any complaints, I would compromise and negotiate!”

“I’m not here to roll my head, so what? That’s why I sprayed water on my stomach!”


Semyon approached and stopped him. Juju almost threw a glass. As soon as Ruslan tried to see how he reacted, Liriyah’s words caught her.”Nicole, that’s enough. That must have been a bad thing to hear. I’m glad you didn’t lose your shoulder like last time.”

Liriya stole the water with her bare hands. The open eyes looked up at Juju.

“Did you say juju? I bumped into you the other day, but I’m actually a little grateful to you now.”

“Thanks? What kind of thanks?”

“The rumor is that you’ve dyed the Knights. Segan seemed surprised, but I wasn’t. Because I knew he was that talented. It would have been hard for me to avenge her too if you hadn’t tampered with her. I think that part is definitely grace.”

Liriya leaned down like a bow. The bobbed hair spilled down. Then a serious tone came out.

“I’m sorry to suggest this to you, but this side has no better choice than this, so it’s based on the upper decision. Three years, or two years, is fine. I’m asking you to pose as a couple during that time.”

“Anyway, Lyria is a popular friend in the organization, Earl, and you are a legitimate prince. If the two people combine, the tissue will be refreshed.”

Nikolai helped quickly.

Watching it, Juju became awkward and uncomfortable and backed off. I poured it out, but the other side didn’t come at me. This is why she looks like a pathetic woman.

A corner of my heart choked up. I turned to the entrance where I hung the curtain.

“That’s a very grateful favor. There you go, there’s nothing more to listen to! I’m going out.”


Suddenly Ruslan opened his mouth.

His voice was lowered as if there was a floor.

Juju glanced back at him.

He was arm in arm at some point. Afraid to see what the expression under her head looked like, she turned to the curtains.

“I’m going to find out if there’s a drink in the kitchen. I’m an imperial, so there’s no reason to be here. Ipenny, the problem is negotiated between the people of Ipenny.”

And the moment I tried to move, I was caught.

Juju hesitated to drop her gaze. Ruslan raised his arms and held her hand.

I pulled it to pull it out with force. It was pulled back. Without an aura, his strength was bound to far exceed her.


The other arm lost its balance and supported the faltering body. At that moment, I felt like I was hugging him. The body, which had been pulled toward the chest, was pushed back and sat on the chair.

Juju looked at Ruslan, catching his breath.

He also looked at her with his back on.

As soon as she saw the expression, Juju felt like she was going to burn. Even Semyon was leaning diagonally, so only he could see this expression.

Frowning eyebrows. Smooth red like enamel attracts attention like a match light.

My slightly open lips were mistaken. I might be swallowed by him.

If he tries to escape, Ruslan will then hold Juju in his arms. The ecstatic imperils lurked all over the body, as if they were going to dig her down, telling her not to leave.

It was a moment when only the juju could feel it.

Ruslan changed his face and sat upright.

“As you can see, the seats next to me are full.”

He swept the glass with his fingers with some implications. Then I filled the empty glass in front of the juju with water.

“Right now, the Privy Council has announced that he will be my wife. Merritt understood your offer, but unfortunately this negotiation breaks down.”

Ruslan’s fingers swept Juju’s palm from under the table. Felt the space between his fingers, dug deep and clasped.”Even the Parakho has a soul. I’m reluctant to name another woman over a woman I’ve fallen in love with.”

“What if it’s just a moratorium? It was the opinion of the leaders that there is no more politics than this. You’re saying you’re going to follow your feelings with the great nation in front of”

“Do you need a rational reason? Would you be happy to say that I can see how dangerous your organization is?”

Ruslan spoke sharply. The faces of the people of Ipeniya have hardened. Before I knew it, Liriya looked at me tightly and asked me back.

“What makes you spit out such a mess?”

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