Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 172

Juju was not surprised because she had read the footprints earlier. The man cut the flower bed according to the tilted direction.

“I thought it would arrive in the morning, but it did.”

“It’s late compared to the rush. The shortcut, the Langfeld Bridge, burned down. Who the hell did this? I’ve been in a bad mood since dawn, taking a detour.”

“Oh, my God. That old bridge?”

Juju answered casually and looked around.

Sure enough, Ruslan was standing. He smiled coolly as soon as he made eye contact with Juju. The face looked incredibly refreshing as the man who designed today’s mess yesterday.

It seems that he drove home by himself. He handed over the reins he was holding to Semyon. He took a bouquet with that hand, and took Juju’s chin slightly with the other hand. He let his cheek stick out this way and dropped his lips.

“Hi, I guess everything’s fine.”

“In general, how was the official residence?”

“Everywhere is the same. Without you.”

In a straightforward remark, Juju clenched the flower scissors in her hands.

Bondi Ruslan enjoys double-thinking words. Sometimes a mystery that you don’t even know if it’s a joke or a truth.

He was, but these days, the expression has become simplified. Each time Juju would burn like a surprise attack.

Maybe it’s because you changed your mind. When he was unsure of himself, he often guessed that there would be other implications for what he said. Now I could fully accept his sincerity.

What kind of answer should I give back?

The juju dawgled.

In fact, I was out in the garden because I wanted to see him soon, or I was pruning Amen’s deung-su-hwa because I didn’t have the talent to take care of anything, or I was secretly excited from the sound of horses’ hooves outside the fence. There was so much I wanted to say that I was stuck.

Ruslan looked lovely and looked for a while. I took out the flowers that are still intact from the bundle.

“I slept one night, but you must be tired.”

“I’m going to sleep after breakfast. By the way, I said I’d eat with you on the terrace. You didn’t eat anything, did you?”

“Just a little tea food on the way. I came home quickly on the pretext of asking for help. The Emperor is not the kind of man who wants a third party to snoop in a marital dispute.”


Juju casually repeated the words he had in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Ruslan tied Juju’s hair with flower stems. As a result, several dexterous flowers appeared to have bloomed on the top of the head.

“This is my house.”

He put on a face quite satisfied with the outcome, saying in a natural tone.

Juju lowered her gaze. As a result, a flower that was not well fixed fell off. It was hard to blame him for playing useless tricks.

It was hard to calm down my pounding heart. Only the innocent flower scissors clicked.

There is still no proper guarantee in his relationship with her. So I once thought it was a flower-like relationship without roots.

But past life was more dense than that. The habit of getting used to it was the most powerful foundation. Living in one house, the experience of sharing daily lives and confronting the body took root as if it would not be pulled out by any draft.

I really didn’t think there would be any variables. If I achieve my future goal safely, Ruslan and…….Just in time, the maid drove out a tea cart. Breakfast was served on the terrace table facing the garden.

Ruslan reached out his hand as if to go ahead. Juju grabbed the hand and followed behind. I whispered slightly to him just before climbing the low stairs.

“When you go to bed later.”

Ruslan reached out his arms and hugged her waist. I could hear myself before I even stepped on the stairs.

“I told you I’d do something great. I’m so tired that I’m exhausted. It’s refreshing.”

Realizing something, Ruslan blinked quickly. He answered low as he put the juju down on the terrace.

“Don’t talk about that before dinner.”

“Why? I’ll tell you in advance.”

“I think they’ll send all the gardeners and maids here to the basement and tell them not to come out until the warehouse is cleared.”

Oh, this way of speaking is no joke.

Hearing a nervous tone, Juju suddenly looked back at the terrace. The recording is complete. The outdoor table in the morning sun looked spacious enough for one person to lie on today.

I almost tripped on my feet. Far from being subdued, it became more noisy.

* * *

After returning to the palace, Albert changed his clothes and headed to the Imperial Palace as if he had just remembered.

When I woke up overnight, my stomach was boiling and I almost flipped over. If it were up to me, I wanted to run right away and push. But I didn’t want to die trying to save the emperor’s face, so I tried to be as calm as I could.

The senior members of the procession were disbanded for now.

For older people, moving from dawn was a pushover.Such things as … were ostensible excuses. He was trying to reduce even one human being who talked about useless words.

Count Keitel, who was the most suspicious of them, also allowed him to return home.

I heard a lot of news on the way here and succeeded in putting things together. But all the clues were scattered around and didn’t readily lead to one.

Why did Juju actively support the empress’ plan?

There was testimony that she overpowered the Knights and burned her legs. I’m sure it was like a new chick. Turns out you’re a genius. Have you grown up? Or camouflage from the start?

So what does Count Keitel get out of the divorce ruckus.

I even heard that the granddaughter helped the empress enter the palace. Was it simply to impress the empress because she was a superior? Why do siblings intersect with the empress, while biting and tearing with her brother over the title of Grand Duke?

The only clue to this was the fact that Juju was originally a kind of granddaughter.

Then she may have decided to help the empress alone, leaving aside her handling of the aura. And I secretly contacted the grandmother and asked her to help me…….

If you connect it like this, the monk seemed to fit roughly.

“Maybe there’s been some kind of interference between women. He may also have the desire to mediate the relationship between the count and the granddaughter.’

So is the man. There’s a part that the same men understand. For example, when Jonathan crawled his sister-in-law to my side, Albert turned a blind eye to the relationship.

“Then is there any possibility that the Earl is truly irrelevant? The Grand Duke will not benefit from the loss of the Empress.’

Albert pushed back the possibility that the Count and the Granddaughter colluded at this moment. Rather, he was hitting endlessly low.

This is because he himself defeated his brothers and came up to this position.He has a history of disposing of even his six-year-old sister. While she was sent to the countryside earlier and trembled with anxiety and loneliness, her sister hated growing up next to her mother.

Her sister, who shared her blood, is also a crippling competitor in stealing her seat. There’s no way both of them would love a little girl. Red women will also be both menacing.

Albert recalled the count requesting his return home. He seemed nervous, saying, “I have to ask you what happened.” On the face of it, he also seemed surprised that Chong-hui was involved in a ridiculous case.


For a moment, I had a wild imagination.

It quickly disappeared. I couldn’t help but feel confident that Juju had him in mind.

But if the girl wanted to have an empress seat, how would she take the fuss today?

Albert, who was passing through the arch tunnel, managed to come to his senses.

This is an escape from reality. The current situation became even more reprehensible when he realized that it was an action to ease his immediate distress.

I had to meet Batilde. I’ll have to hear from her what the hell she’s thinking about complaining about.

Then the slow pace got faster and faster. I couldn’t beat my anger and went inside like a gale. Even the performers took frequent steps to keep up with the speed.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

I heard a sound of drying from the back. Albert glanced back.

There was Philippe. The Knights Commander still insisted on treason and made a noise, so Shira issued a gyoji and kicked him out.

If you’re on the front line of the escort, you’ll have to follow it without saying a word. Albert momentarily retorted Chimi.

“What is it?”

“Let’s slow down. The maidens are surprised and the servants are out of breath. If the footsteps are loud, Her Majesty will be afraid.”

“Are you afraid? Why would you do such a thing? You are loyal to the Emperor or the Emperor’s wife, being the hand knight of the Imperial Order?!”

Then Philip closed his mouth, frowning his dark eyebrows.

Albert, who had a fever, concluded that he could not refute. He hurried along, pulling the cape on one shoulder.

All the women in the Imperial Palace, who were established on both sides, are also part of the group. It was not good enough to bring out all of them and ask for them, but it was obvious that they only did what they were told to do as they were told. It was angry again, so the sound of footsteps grew louder.

The Duke of Karnstein, who joined the procession and followed, said in embarrassment.

“Your Majesty, there must have been some misunderstanding. If it’s him without raising his voice…….”

“Duke, is it time to pose as your brother-in-law? If you can’t control your fiancé and show up like this, I don’t want you to talk to me.”

Even the rest of the family, except the Duke, are in the villa. It is because Magda coaxed the godfather. She said her parents would only splash muddy water if they stepped in at once. However, no matter how much I looked at it, it smelled like I had planned it in advance after receiving orders from the Empress.

I heard Batilde is in the restaurant. Albert turned in a familiar direction and burst open the door.

“You’re here, Your Majesty.”

The greeting was peaceful.

As usual, Albert almost forgot his purpose here. Batilde spoke softly again.

“Your brother’s here, too. I’ll talk to your majesty first, so please wait a momentarily.

The Duke nodded before he knew it.

Albert stepped inside. As soon as he took a step away, Philippe pulled the door closed.

It became quiet.

Batilde was having halibut sote for breakfast. Asked with a smile, not even standing up.

“Would you like to sit down and talk?”

Albert wriggled his eyebrows. Of course, I thought I’d recommend you to sit down.Then it became funny. She filed a divorce wish, but she is still her husband. He was the emperor again. What do you believe in to be so rude?

“Anywhere in the empire is a territory of burden. It’s not just a seat, it’s a burden.”

Albert, wedged, sat in the opposite chair. I instructed the maid in the back.

“Something like the Empress.”

“Go to the court and eat.”

Batilde hit back immediately. Albert looked over there, increasingly unexpected.

“Are you going to eat alone in front of people?”

“Your Majesty, think of it as a period of adjustment.

She used a fork to remove tiny bones from the halibut.

“You’ll have to eat alone for a while after I leave the country.”

“When did I allow the Empress to leave?”

“It’s up to the bishops’ meeting to judge, not yours. Or are you going to keep a woman who’s been causing this much commotion for the rest of your life?”

There was a smile on Batilde’s face. Albert looked familiar with it.

“That’s going to be hard.”


Albert finally hit the table with both hands. He jumped to his feet. The woman in front of me was so inexplicable that I spoke quickly.

“What’s the matter? What’s the point of picking on past cases now? Does that affect you at the moment? Have I ever asked for anything unreasonable?”

Yeah, it didn’t matter to reason with political purposes, power dynamics, that sort of thing. The priorities of such things are far below.

Albert just couldn’t figure it out. Wasn’t he a plausible man to Batilde?

I thought I knew Batilde well. But what kind of woman is she in front of you?

“What’s the point of making you blush all over the neighborhood? You said it first in the new year! You said you wanted to get through this year! What’s the point of breaking the ice first!!”

“Ah, Your Majesty, as it is.”

Batilde swallowed halibut flesh and replied.

“I’ve filed for divorce this year. I’ve been waiting a long time since last year.”

“Last year……?”


The plate is empty. Batilde put down a fork and knife. At that moment on her face, Albert’s first sighting chill.

“Because I could never love you. Wouldn’t it be better to break up than die of thinness?”

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