Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 173

Albert felt a wince, cold sweat running down his spine.

I think I was fooled. There is no way such a huge scam exists. The hand that hit the table curled up.

I don’t know her. She has never had such a woman as the empress.

I see. The psychic phenomenon that a municipal servant talks about keeps happening. Something must have been written on Batilde, too.

Albert asked with a feeling of vomiting blood.

“……Jim didn’t marry a woman like this. Who are you?”

“It’s Batilde, Your Majesty.”

The same way you talk when you come into the room with a tea table.

A smile that used to show over the haze of a teacup. Now the maidens didn’t bring dessert tea because they were wary. Albert was now able to face that look clearly.

I was laughing.

“Are you surprised? He’s soft-hearted, but he’s smart. It’s a kind of business and it’s calculated, so you don’t have to be surprised that I don’t love you, do you?”

‘Then you’ll have to live on a calculating basis—what a load of crap now!’

“It’s a modest calculation. Your Majesty.”

Batilde stood up slowly. He left a spell to bring dessert to his place and walked to the door.

“What the hell are you worried about? Country? People may be shaken? Don’t worry about it. Fortunately, it’s been 6 years since we had a successor. There are as many couples who break up because they don’t have children. Of course, no matter how many children you have, there are precedents that you changed your partner.….”Albert read some lines in the tail of Batilde’s horse. I looked back at her with my dropped eyes on the table.

“Empress, is this about the juju?”

Yeah, it was this one, of course.

I wondered why he complained that he didn’t fit in, and he must have thought of the situation. He must have thrown himself in the towel and started hitting the ball with the fear that he might bring a new empress!

“How many times did I dance and talk to her? Maybe I’ll kick you out of the empress’ seat?”

Albert shook his shoulders and laughed. It was ridiculous. I approached Batilde with the intention of placating him well.

“I’m worried about nothing. I don’t become a man like a father and son. Although he is my biological father, he has been a mess in private because he has spent his life on the task of unification. Jim is fully satisfied that you are the empress. So get rid of the misunderstanding…….”

“Is that because I’m Princess Karnstein?”

Batilde asked without looking back.

Albert wasn’t stupid enough to nod here either. It jumped consciously.

“What are you talking about? Of course, the empress’ requirements will include her background. But don’t you know how happy it is as a man to have a wife like you before that? You’ve always been good enough. Enough to put fish bones on my plate…….”

“Thanks to my mother’s education. But Your Majesty.”

Batilde pushed his hand off his shoulder.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not angry about juju. I don’t deserve to blame you for that.”

Realizing what he meant, Albert felt stabbed in the chest with a sharp icicle. It tingled to the top of my head and asked again.


“You don’t have to think complicatedly. The reason I put in my divorce wish is exactly the same as I told you earlier. Because I don’t love you.”

Batilde looked straight at Albert. There was a chill in the whispering voice.

“Your Majesty, please do a good job of calculating. To flee to a foreign country at night, to divorce the ignorant for complicated reasons, which would benefit your honor and heart.”

“Batilde, wait, what kind of son of a bitch is he? What kind of man is so handsome……!”

“This is my last loyalty as a wife. Emperor Albert.”

Batilde opened the restaurant. Albert struggled behind his back.

“She’s like Sagal! Jim never ordered me out!”

“Your Majesty, keep your dignity! I am the owner of this palace! Your Majesty has no authority to interfere as long as I manage here as Empress!”

Batilde barely crossed his trembling hands and looked over at Philippe.

Philippe almost crushed the doorknob he was holding. She looked like she wanted to reach out to her and hug her soon.

I was heartbroken. But I’m afraid of others’ eyes. I’m afraid of my mind as much as double it. Afraid of jumping into that man’s chest out of control, Batilde deliberately turned a blind eye.

I’ve endured years. I could press it at this point. Philippe also understood her and bowed down.

There was a noise coming from the restaurant. Batilde ignored it and walked over to the other side. I instructed the cowering maid in the city.

“Go tell the hand-written driver. Stop the king, don’t use your strength, just use your words. The angrier you get, the more you’ll stop hinting that others will laugh secretly.”

“Hua, Her Majesty. It’s the first time the Emperor has been so angry. I’m sorry, but my courage…….”

“Relax. I’m sure I’ll save your lives.”Only women with guaranteed status enter the Imperial Palace anyway. The Emperor wouldn’t dare punish them for driving them away. Because he’s afraid of being accused of being a tyrant.

A bit of compassion and bitter sympathy were mixed. That man was once a prince rising out of darkness. But this happened because I was too scared to bear the natural environment.

Six years as a compulsory couple, the crumbs of ugly justice may roll at the bottom of the heart…….

However, I do not intend to withdraw.

The Duke chased Batilde, who was raised to his residence.


Batilde let him in. As I approached the window and looked at the patronage, I said.

“Do you have any questions for me?”

“No, I…… I believe you did it because you had an idea.”

The Duke dropped his eyes, blurring his tender impression.

“Honestly, I still don’t know what was wrong with you and your Majesty. Well, if life in the palace was hard, I’d understand! Otherwise, how did you end up dissatisfied, Magda seems to know everything, but I have no idea…….”

Batilde pulled his lips, twisting his eyes. Suddenly, the same way of speaking as when I was young came out.

“Good for you. It’s always easy.”


“No, Ms. Magda is a good person, so please cherish her. You’d better listen to it over there, so please go to the villa and comfort your parents. Encouraging the youngest who must have been surprised to hear the news……, you’re the oldest.”

The Duke understood only that. I nodded quickly and turned around.

Batilde looked far away at the patronage and thought of the villa landscape. What is she talking about her daughter’s sudden departure? The image of a mother who would cling to her eldest son and complain passed by.

I can take my husband off, but this is something I’ll carry for the rest of my life.’

In a grumpy mood, Batilde smiled bitterly.

Charlotte has lost all of her relationships. By a man who was glowing over there, he had lost the right to complain that his family was boring and heavy.

Compared to her, her love and hatred is a full luxury.

Batilde sighed. I started rummaging through the drawers to write letters to my parents.

* * *

The evening edition was filled with articles about the breakup of the emperor couple.

In ancient times, the monarch’s divorce was not as popular as this. Divorce at the time was a kind of diplomacy. It was not a matter for citizens to care much, and it was a time when news needed a long time to spread in the first place.

But the empire was established and times changed. The spread of the scandal was tremendous as urban expansion, high population density, and the development of printing presses matched.

As it was such a huge issue, there were many false rumors. Ridiculous speculation has been added to the news that has been repeatedly distorted. The story, which is almost a ghost story, decorated the ground like a well-known fact.

For example, the emperor grieved over the death of a wicked woman who died in a brain cell and fell into a strange path. Invoke the archbishop to try the code. Then, he wrote down the story of Doong, who caused sleepwalking every night.

There was no end to it. I tried to remove all my own duchess, saying that she had beaten the empress in her bedroom and became a legacy.Neni, it was also said that there was a problem with the emperor’s body and that there would be no successor.

Public opinion was overwhelmingly cold on the emperor’s side.

There was no choice but to do so. Batilde has been an impeccable bride since she was a princess. Even as the Empress of the Empire, she was, to say the least, devoid of presence and, to say the least, always plain. However, many people remembered the beautiful appearance and fragile sex, so it was assumed that the cause would naturally be the emperor.Nevertheless, Albert’s approval rating has been fluctuating recently. The divorce row was like a wedge into a worsening situation.

“At one time, I thought you were quite a clever servant.”

“Maybe it’s because Sun-hwang saw him in his later years that he’s inherited nothing but disruptions.”

“You’re still young, so you’ll have a chance to make up for it…….”

In the upper-class salon, there was a passive chat.

The lower classes were more outspoken in their comments.

“You can’t even get along with your wife, and you can’t rule the country properly.”

“In the first place, too many people die around the Emperor! A habit that was cruel to the brother must have come to the empress.”

“By the way, didn’t the wicked woman end up dead unjustly? I heard you were dating her when you were a prince.”

“Um… she said she did something wrong, too. The fact that I got a divorce ticket from my wife may have been a problem with Her Majesty…….”

The atmosphere of the court has also worsened as public opinion has been raging.

Even in the summer, the Cabinet meeting was as close as ice. Thanks to the cancellation of the annex, everyone was enduring the scorching heat of the system. The discomfort index rose day by day.

The fearless man also openly resented the emperor. It was a clear indication that the ecliptic was faltering.

The reputation of a sensitive and fastidious emperor was increasingly an abyss.

Albert was not unaware of this atmosphere, either. He gritted his teeth secretly. But alone, there was nothing I could do.

With Pascalina, she would have blocked the empress from entering the court from the beginning.

Dietrich would have instructed us to take hold of the public opinion that is rife with false rumors.

Irene would have asked them to blindfold them with a new speculative feat.

There was no one. His friends, whom he found uncomfortable and reprehensible, died one after another, and did not help him when he was in desperate need.

It was only Yonatan. Now he was Albert’s only friend and will. But he held onto the challenge that Batilde threw and locked himself in the fight instead.

“I’ll come up with a solution, so give me some time. I’m not sure if I can make a ruling as a companion because there are some people in the denomination who want to keep me in check. Don’t call me for a while—it’ll only raise false rumors.」

“Jonathan, do you want me to stand alone in this palace? I’ll give you as much support as you need, so as a friend…….」

“Hey, Albert.”

Yonatan, who had always moved on to Nucksal, suddenly showed the light that it was troublesome to meet.

“As a friend, why don’t you think about my situation? You know how many people I care for? Do you know what’s causing my head to explode? If you need someone to take you in, don’t throw Lotte out!」


“You’re trying to solve your problem, not anyone else! If you want to whine, do it against that painting!」

What’s wrong with him all of a sudden? Was it such a bad request to relax and talk for a while?

But this time, Albert couldn’t easily hate Jonathan.

It was the last bastion. If I miss it, there will be no one left around me.

He could have given anyone the seat of archbishop and put pressure on the ruling. But fear of being alone, and indeed, to my chagrin, had no choice but to be obedient.

Everything was in the dark. But the roof didn’t give me a day off. There is no shutdown in state affairs.

While mechanically carrying out meetings and approvals day after day, Albert slowly sank into the shell of inertia.

So I stopped forgetting the existence of the granddaughter. I couldn’t afford to keep the little girl in check because I was concentrating on my wounded self. She also let go of the fact that she toured ministries and sometimes had tea time with high-ranking officials.Only one thing stuck to his head. A woman who wants to beg forgiveness. A girl who looks like him. The fact that she knows how to use aura for some reason…….

‘I want to see your face…….’

However, now that he has not stopped by the Imperial Palace, even the chance to meet him has disappeared.

He still had power, though. At least I came to the idea of finding out about her.

However, since all the fountains had disappeared, we had to use the information network of the Imperial Knights. It was a difficult organization to order because it was not suitable for background checks. But the Knightsman bowed his head with habitual loyalty. Even though the old man, who had been swept away by the rapid current, has not fully recovered, he personally started collecting information.

It was only for a short time.

She was ambushed by an unidentified gang while exploring the streets at night in peace.

The body was found hanging from a gas lamp. There was a scar on my forehead that looked like a sickle. A note was found in the mouth.

We take back what is ours. – Ippenny, long live the liberation of Korea!>

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