Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 174

Act 16 – Lost Paradise

The priest who entered the palace delivered the report.

“The inside of the Knights was also in a state of turmoil. The atmosphere of joining the team was clear. I don’t think anyone knew the general would die like that.”

“Who knew?”

Sitting in the reception room chair, Yonatan replied briefly. With a dry cloth, the round crystal of the cane head was rubbed off endlessly.

The report continued a little further.

“The general manager hasn’t planned to retire for a while, so he’s in a mess about his replacement.”

“I’m sure you have a replacement in case of an emergency.”

“Well, as the hand-written knight is young, he and his surroundings are feeling uncomfortable. Although the leader used a person for his ability, things changed because he died. I couldn’t help but think about my seniority.”

“There’s a tug-of-war there in its own way.”

In addition, the emperor and empress are in danger of breaking up. The Knights are also divided over him and somewhat difficult to unite.

The article of the palace criticized that the knights of the empress were incompetent. Opposition parties protested, saying, “We only practiced top-down uniforms.”

In the meantime, even the leader who had been leading them for a long time has died. It will be busy with internal arrangements.

If Albert’s mistake is a mistake, it is a mistake. If I hadn’t ordered the wrong background investigation, the leader wouldn’t have died.

‘What if he makes the Knights have something to notice…….’

Jonathan bit the inside of his lips and asked a question.

“And what about the funeral? Don’t tell me to take it for granted?

“There was no such request. The leader is single and relatives are already dead or scattered far away, so the Knights are responsible for the funeral. I was asked to send a bishop with empty hands and make it happen.”

“Didn’t he tell you he was going to be a director?”

“It’s a matter of course…… but I’m afraid I can’t afford it, so I’m told you’ll proceed in a private form.”

Jonathan read there how a friend weighed.

Politically, the death of the Knights Commander was rather favorable. When external enemies appear, internal confusion is easily covered.

The one who died just in time is the oldest of the old. It is not awkward to hold a state funeral in a loud. In the meantime, it was easy to set the scene by criticizing the wicked’s terrible behavior. At least ostensible public opinion would have gathered for Albert.

But Albert chose to take a step back from a golden opportunity.

You didn’t want to look like a fish flapping with its prey just in time. It was half pride, half moderation.

The greater the propaganda of the Knight’s death, the more public opinion is raised on the other side. It is like strengthening the prejudice that all of the emperor’s aides are dying once again.Now that Hwang Kwon has fallen due to a divorce wish, speculation may arise that he has sacrificed his long-standing loyalties to appease public opinion. Then the wind turns into a headwind.

So I gave up the director general. He chose to pose as a simple natural person.

An evil assassination politician. A husband whose wife wants to cut off the relationship and run away. They will try to be humane enough to dampen this public opinion. Is he going to pretend to sing while recalling his relationship with his father?

He seemed lethargic for a while, but in this situation, his judgment flashes again. He seems to have never forgotten that he won the succession war.

“You’ll have to read my countenance.”

The last time I got angry, I guess it was quite a shock.

Anyhow, baby.

Since survival was the first task from birth, it was Albert’s chronic problem that all accidents converge to “self.” If you make it float with a smile, you will be flattered endlessly, and if you push it away with displeasure, you will scream like a fatal injury.

An incurable disease that can be cured by death.

Jonathan didn’t exactly dislike that aspect of Albert. There was also a time when he said he felt sorry for her. However, I couldn’t find it cute to see him hanging on to this side when he was dying.

“If you think about it, you might want to move away a little…….’

Now that Albert was still emperor, there was a crowd.

Even a penny of friendship has come back to haunt me. Albert’s family name would have held a grudge against Jonathan in no time. But when there was no one else to rely on, he began to notice Jonathan.

It was pathetic, even if it looked pathetic.

Please. Albert. This side also has a problem that Irene left over.’

Jonathan asked, looking down at the crystal clear surface.

“So you’re sure the North Koreans are the culprits?”

“We’ve contacted the Western Diocese because there’s a request for help from the National Security Service. The letter written by the parishioner has just arrived and I’m reporting it to you, so please read it.”

The priest took a letter from his sleeve and offered it. Yonatan opened the seal and read the text. I just recited a sentence that caught my eye.

“There was a similar incident in the West…….”

“Is that what it says?”

“Here’s what the priest, who was going to confession in the quarry camp, saw and heard. Born in Ippenya accepted for tax arrears. In the night attack, the official hung upside down, and the Iphenyans escaped. He then fled to another area.”

“You’re saying that the official died, but nothing happened?”

“No, he was beaten and knocked out. Oh… I heard there was a gold coin in my mouth.”

There was a declaration of war in the mouth of the Knights.

The trick is the same. The difference is that the Knightsman has even lost his life.

The cause was easily guessed. The Knights Commander was a mortal enemy to Ippeniah. You must have sought revenge for the old war.

The security forces deduced the situation at that time from the state of the body, and the contents were also circulated in the media.

There are several criminals. At the same time, he rushed in and lynched. A scar on the forehead took a decisive toll on life. He may have used a spear or a hoe, but the sickle was the most likely given the shape and depth of the skull.

“Any sign of their use of sorcery.

“Do you mean the sage? No, I heard that there was no residual scent left at the scene. I’m sure the Knights have checked it themselves.”

At the dead end of the incident, there was a vivid and dark scent. The article that visited the scene was reminiscent of the sight of demons crying with anger and grief.

But it was obviously a sign of the Knights Chief. He would have put up a final resistance by spouting aura near the end of the war.Listening to the story, Jonathan recalled the enmity of the ice brain jade. A sense of crisis that Charlotte will bare her teeth and bite her head off.

There was a chill on the back that didn’t suit the summer.

“Technically, there were two wounds to the forehead wounds. The first attack was shallow. At that moment, he picked up the weapon and struck it down again. In my view, heresy would not have been involved in this act.”

Jonathan got it right too and nodded.

However, the possibility of sage cannot be completely ruled out.

The afterglow of the aura is, say, body odor. Only users can feel it, and each person has different sensitivity. It was exceptionally easy for a man as good as the Knights of Charlotena to remain strong.

But magic doesn’t leave a trace enough to doubt its existence.

Jonathan pointed that way with his crystal cane head. The priest, who understood it by reading the room, brought a pot that he had brought in advance.

“Take a look. What do you see in your eyes?”

“Isn’t this… ..a southern plant? Rare blue…….”

The priest tilted his head and examined the pot. I didn’t find anything different and apologized.

“I’m sorry I didn’t understand your great meaning. It only looks beautiful, but I don’t know what the problem is.”

“No, I didn’t find anything either.”

“What? Then.”

“I’ve asked most of them besides you. I heard not a single person felt any suspicious afterglow or trace…….”

Jonathan was lost in thought for a moment.

The blue flower that Elise has barely recovered. It was analyzed for a long time, but it did not find any peculiarities. Nothing was detected by conventional aura sensitivity.

For example, if you put your hand in a stream, you can see the direction of the water flow. But the taste of water is unknown. I didn’t even know I had to take such a fundamental approach.

Yonatando also tried from time to time. I collected the remaining bulbs on the market by ordering priests and believers. I took it and tried it myself a few times.

But even with his aura, a miracle of God, the flowers did not turn blue.

There were only two things Jonathan could do. Promoting flowers to bloom a little faster. Or building new bulbs and withering at the end of a burst of growth.

Yellow leaves could only be made on maple plants. However, it was impossible to produce blue mutations with these bulbs.

“It’s impossible to change colors with this ability, much less immortal.”

Jonathan’s miracle is like filling a dry hose with water. Crumpled and bursted hoses leak no matter how much water you fill them.

Even the inherently talented forest people had limitations in their secret to life. He only takes someone’s life and uses it as his own.

Is the magic of Ippeniya really a secret with a distinctive substance?

Rumors that the count’s Chong-hui used an aura further confused Yonatan. The most disorganized sentence of Irene’s will was reminiscent.

<Lotte is brought back to blonde>…….’

Immortal magic. Is it the resuscitation of a lion who had earlier admitted impossibility in the temple? As Irene surmises, did the dead lotte be reborn as a blonde?

And the remnants of the ruinous nation seeking a downward trend in the imperial region.

Each seemed to be a separate case. But everything is scattered and connected as one. Around the country where Jonathan was destroyed when he was young.Count Keitel stands at the end of the question mark.

There must be a hammer somewhere to straighten the bent symbol. If magic was a real secret, there must be evidence left in the Empire somewhere.

Lena, what the hell did you leave me with homework? I don’t want to be bothered, but everyone jumped at me.’

Jonathan stood up from his seat. He slipped out of the reception room. The priest, who put the pot back in place, followed with an urgent step.

Recognizing the Archbishop’s march, priests gradually joined behind him. The bishop, who came forward, asked the questioned the bishop.

“Where are you headed, Holy Father?”

“I should go to the palace.”

I said it like I was throwing it out.

“The loyalist of the country is dead. As the king is also attending the funeral, I am about to announce that I will hold the funeral myself as Archbishop.”

Under the guise of this, let’s approach the imperial vault.

Initially, the government intended to expand the power of the temple in the palace and enter the storage area. But this situation has become a dead end plan.

The story changes when you take charge of the funeral of the Knights.

You can ask them to read the storage to pay tribute to the deceased. I dare to repel criticism and opposition of accessing confidentiality from outside.

Anyway, we needed a record of the invasion of Ipeniya.

Memorandum that can’t be read unless it’s the emperor.

“It’s dangerous to move hastily. The checkers are investigating whether the empress’ statement fits the facts. It’s clear that you’re willing to take this opportunity to defeat your power.”

“Who knows they’re going to think they’re up to it? But can you get in the way of this side? If you run to the empress and complain, you’ll be at a disadvantage.”

You’re a bunch of people. Loud authors that the temple of recent years sells faith like a market. They are full of nagging that the church should regain its original intention and focus on saving simple lives.

Yonatan, who is professionally a priest, does not have a propensity in the first place. They tried to annoy Jonathan by taking over the archbishop and wielding the church only with the emperor’s protection and aura capabilities.

And by now, you’re willing to catch any weaknesses.

They were wary of the emperor behind the scenes to keep Jonathan in check. As a result, she was on the side of the empress in the divorce row.

‘Whatever it is, he’s the one. This side has something to take responsibility for, too. Do you think you’re gonna die pretty?’

Jonathan secretly instructed the bishop.

“It’s better now that they’re starting to move. Ask the lay priests to pick up their tails. As soon as I get anything, I’m ready to hold a prayer meeting.”



Jonathan suddenly stopped talking. The eyes were fixed on one place.

The outside window was visible to the government. I heard a peaceful laugh like another world, whether he was doing volunteer work for his wife.

Elise was mixed into the group. She hid her figure in plain clothes. She was diligently planting new paper flowers in the garden, covering the scorching sun with a wide brimmed hat.

Jonathan suddenly came up with a trick as he looked at her.

There is no need to complicate things. Let’s manipulate the child in her belly as the procreation of the Holy Spirit. Let’s say that the Creator has finally brought down miracles.

If you succeed, you can draw attention that overwhelms all the scandals. There may be a recapture of the authority of the old denomination, which humans in the back eagerly desire.

In doing so, Elise will be propped up as the new saint of this age.

Jonathan himself is the archbishop who grants saint approval. There’s nothing difficult. She can safely give birth to a child of the Holy Spirit on that road, and then live and die a life protected by the fences of the church.“…….”

Jonathan looked far away at Elysee. I was wondering if you’d notice and look back, but that didn’t happen.

Elise was doing her best in her trifling volunteer work. Even though his hands were much slower than others, he patiently focused and put flowers in them. In Jonathan’s eyes, she seemed the most sincere in the meeting.

“It’s perfect for someone to take advantage of with a bad heart…….”

“Your Holiness?”

When the bishop asked, Jonathan shook his head, saying it was nothing.

Let’s quit.

The mother of the Holy Spirit is absurd. Elise is not a woman capable of such slander.

I’d rather have my head blown. Jonathan truly thought so.

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