Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 175

The wagon stopped in front of the Privy Council building. Ruslan got off first and then held Juju’s hand. Juju looked up at the building to see after a long time.

It is located about a section away from the main building of the palace. It was his first visit since the operation, which brought food to enter the palace.

At that time, I only visited my room lightly. Today, I came back with a formal subpoena.

Usually, there was only one reason why the Privy Council called for outside personnel.

“Many of the questions will be focused on me, even if they are being questioned.”

Ruslan said, sticking out his elbow. Juju naturally put her hand on it.

“You were called out together to see if my statement was correct. If you think it’s hard to match, I’ll answer in full tone, so listen carefully.”

“I’m good at lying, so I can do as much as I can without your help.”

Juju looked back at the semon performing in the back.

“Semyon, do you think you’really? To listen to what Ruslan has to say.”

“I’m fine. You need a trick to survive. What can I say when I taught my young master that he should do so should.”

The death of the Knights Commander also affected the court.

The fact that she died here by Lynch itself didn’t matter.

The general manager has accumulated a lot of grudges as an unmanned man who has represented Seonhuang for many years. If it wasn’t for her ability to crush the enemy herself, she would have been assassinated. It was no wonder that he was attacked and killed in the face of a debilitating moment.

But the killer identified himself as Ippenya.

It left a message expressing its independence. They, who were mixed up like any other part of the continent, rebelled actively for the first time.

Even for Ruslan, this incident was a bit of a surprise.

He was hoping his compatriots would calm down under the water as they were. He also predicted that it would be for the time being.

Albert’s authority has weakened due to his divorce wish, but if he moved hastily, it was against Ippenya. It is an opportunity for the Imperial people to unite as a target of Iphenya. It was like a blessing in disguise for Albert.

They believed they had predicted it by then, but the opposite happened. It was a radical course of action that was hard to fathom.

The court, as well as Ruslan, was embarrassed. Ignorant of the true nature of the remnants, they thought Iphenya was out of the blue.

Then why did it have to be at this time?

There was a speculation that the empress’ wish for divorce might be a paving stone.

This was not good. It has already been known to the court that the empress is friendly with the granddaughter. Someone could have guessed that the granddaughter who had stayed in the north had a connection to Ipeniya.

“The North is geographically closer to Ippenya than to the system. A granddaughter could be close to a fallen nation. The Grand Duke, who died, was passive in the war.’

“Given the qualities of the Grand Princess, it is possible that Yeon-chi hid her ambition even though she was young. Didn’t you come to Seoul and give orders in advance and encourage the empress from behind?Such public opinion was at a disadvantage to give room for creeping.

The north was part of the Kingdom of Bondigo. But it was a far and rugged periphery from the whale. Emotional ties to the central part of the empire were weaker than other subordinate regions. Small suspicions quickly spread to exclusivity.

Iphenya’s invasion suddenly changed the tide. Here, Ruslan made a new move.

“I might as well climb the altar.」

Juju recalled what the man walking next to her said.

“The empress’ wish for a return and divorce. I myself have been dealt with as an intermediary and indirect involvement in it. But there’s still a claim that I may have instigated Dorothea and manipulated the Empress. To clarify my current position, with less suspicion at this time.」

“Somewhere between a secret investigator and a state funeral.」

“Humans who have died recently. Especially regarding the top union leader. It was pointed out that I believe in the emperor’s trust and overdo it as a sniffer dog. Some people are criticizing me for blurring the Holy Grail of the Emperor. Of course it’s true that Jeong Jin is so smart that I think he’s the one who noticed this.」

He had pulled his lips as if not to worry.

“I don’t think we should pretend to be loyalists for the time being. Just before impeaching a son of a bitch.」

So he secretly chained to Dorothea in the back.

In response, Dorothea began openly criticizing Ruslan at the court.

The step-orabi is suspicious, I’m afraid. While staying in the system, he recruited the people who died in the North by citing their northern background. There is no clear evidence that he instigated the death of four young girls, but he may have been directly involved in the death of the Knights.

It was the exact opposite of the real inside story. However, some people took such suspicions with considerable confidence.

Albert, who had been daunted by a divorce petition, would have welcomed the conflict. Not only was he suspicious, he was willing to instigate the Grand Duke brother-sister relationship.

It is not clear whether Albert gave direct instructions to the Privy Council or indirectly.

Anyway, the Privy Council agreed that the explanation of the parties is needed. The inquest was decided, at least briefly.

Ruslan responded to the summons in an unhesitating manner. Juju was called along for being his closest friend and circumstantial involvement.

There are three goals that Ruslan will achieve in today’s meeting.

It denies cooperation with Dorothea, denies rebellion against the emperor, and denies association with Ipeniya.

Juju had never been directly questioned by the Privy Council, but he had a little knowledge. Dozens of people are fighting a war of words. Ruslan had to hide his truth by disputing all the questions they asked.

Although this war of words was notorious for being difficult for even people with strong wills to endure…….

Juju was at ease.

“Well, Ruslan, you’re gonna be fine. I’ll just keep an eye on it.”

“Oh, my God. There are two sides to trust. I wanted to get some support.”

Ruslan’s tone grew a little sulky. Instead of flashing sharply as a masterpiece, he looks grumpy like any other early twenties.

After seeing it, Juju became restless and put her hand up. Nails dug through the black hair poked lightly at the ear wheels. The fingers rounded through the cartilage and pressed against the earlobe.

I tilted my head this way and whispered.

“I want to, but I can’t because Semyon is watching.”

Semyon heard only the kisses from the palace hall in the waiting room. If Juju now implements her heartfelt support, there will be a serious problem with the old man’s heart.Ruslan paused at the words. While I was walking back, I blinked a few times quickly looking at Juju.

He was sucking his lips as if he was swallowing a dry saliva. His ears were red just now, if any, touch-sensitive irritation.

While facing the face, Juju suddenly had a sense of crisis that this man was approaching. By the time he felt his earwheels were burning up, the waiting room door sprang up in front of him.

Ruslan turned his head with a false cough.

“I’ll take your heart. I’ll try to get it over with.”

“Please, I said deer steak for dinner.”

“I’m going to have to shorten my time.”

He seemed confident, even though the actual interrogation could not be at the disposal of the subject.

The receptionist let them in the waiting room. After a while, I was called that I was ready and moved to the conference room.

The conference room had no windows. The interior was cool with the coldness of the stone wall.

Lawmakers sitting side by side on the long sofa on both sides watched this side. The chairman clipped his fingers in the high chair seat in front.

Dorothea was sitting in the auditorium behind the chair. It was over with one look at Juju. This is because he was busy with his performance criticizing Ruslan.

“Please sit over here.”

The guide whispered. Juju sat in one of the references.

Standing in the middle, Ruslan smiled as he looked back at the crowd.

“I believe it’s Korean. I can’t believe so many people are here to ask a question to one person.”

“Earl Keitel, of course this is not the place where criminal law rules sinners.”

The Privy Council Speaker sat upright and looked down at him.

From the moment she dropped her mouth, the hands of her aides became busy. Shorthand has begun.

“But I opened this extraordinary session as an adviser to Her Majesty. Bio, who wishes to clarify the recent allegations against the count with a sincere statement. Do you accept this?”

“Of course, as a child of the Creator, a faithful servant of the Emperor, and the eldest son of the Grand Duke. I promise I’ll tell you without a single lie.”

The chairman’s eyebrows rose slightly.

Ruslan von Keitel is officially the Grand Duke’s nephew. Although he is said to have been adopted, he has been distant from his successor since he received the earl. Nevertheless, he calmly called himself the eldest son.

To the Chairman, it was seen as a subtle belittlement of Dorothea, the red girl. I didn’t like it, but I cleared it with a shallow sigh and proceeded with the next step.

“Before questioning, swear.”

The aide brought a glass plate used in the ceremony. Ruslan put his hand on it and recited a perfunctory oath.

The chairman looked down at the juju.

“Mrs. Giuseppina. As a testifier, please answer any questions with sincerity.”

“Of course, I promise to answer without lies.”

Juju said with a very sincere look on his face. Compared to the brutal atmosphere at the time of the succession, I was confident that I could overcome this pressure.

When the chairman winked at him to start, the congressman over there opened his mouth.

“Recently, His Majesty was shocked by his divorce. Lose the energy to govern state affairs and often make gloomy faces in Cabinet meetings. What has the Seal of State been doing since he is in charge of keeping the Seal beside it?”

“The other day, we had a survey of people in the eastern part of the country. The results were collected thanks to the cooperation of the Sinjeon Diocese. We’re looking for architects and helping them develop new construction methods that complement traditional house structures to move to the practical stage.”

“Your Majesty’s consecration of the Earl as an auspicious letter meant that he should be taken care of himself. Can we focus on local conservatism and not on the insides of the collapse?””Even if the stem shakes in the cold wind, the tree must be firmly rooted so that it doesn’t fall down. I don’t know if it’s appropriate for those who only take care of the decision at the Privy Council, but I think it’s beneficial for your support to pretend to look after the East.”

The lawmaker, who understood the sarcasm, showed anger. Ruslan went on without caring.

“I’m sure you remember I mentioned this on the carriage to the annex. As I said before, if the government supplies a new safe method of construction, traditional houses will disappear naturally. It will also be effective in cultivating a new sense of unity as an imperial citizen, except for the old waters that remain in the east.”

“I thought that was right, too. If you’ve answered, someone else go ahead and ask.”

Another congressman turned his hand as if he had waited.

“I understand that the New Testament serves the country, but isn’t it an ostensible move?”

“The surface doesn’t mean my shadow is moving around.”

“Stop playing with words. The other day, he privately dug into the back of the top union leader, and this time he was instrumental in finding the evidence Her Majesty used to declare divorce.”

She exhaled once and asked in a sharp tone.

“If I’m not the only one walking around in the shadow of the count, why is the shadow cast over and over again by the inquest outside the palace? What are you doing pulling strings behind the scenes?”

Asked, Ruslan sighed.

“I only ordered the security forces to suppress the gang, and I dug up the harrowing rumors because they pointed to the Marquis. Finding corruption is in compliance with the rule of law. The evidence was also received from Her Majesty’s secret order, saying the circumstances were suspicious. I never thought it would be used as a support to express an exit.”

It was a nonchalant explanation. The voice of refuting has increased.

“I can’t say anything. I wouldn’t say I didn’t know until later! There is no such thing as circumstances. It’s all suspicious even for a child to see.…!”

“As a countryman, I want to tell you how amazing the situation was when I came up to Seoul. I didn’t know that the continent’s first city would be so cluttered with security. When I looked into the reason, I heard that the atmosphere that was disturbed by the frequent battle of Amtu and street battles during the succession war has not been recovered yet.”

Ruslan looked over the nobles sitting on both sides.

“That’s why His Majesty is often suspicious of everything, and he’s fed up with the malicious rumors that impure people are making. I’ve been exploring here and there because I’m a servant and I’m taking the initiative.”

His smile turned into a laughing light.

“By the way, you’re busy discussing dogs and puppetry clowns as you come out to this cool building in the summer, drinking Eastern silk from a safe house with Western rugs.”

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