Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 176

Then another lawmaker heard from the back screamed.

“Earl, I don’t know who else to follow you in luxury!”

“I refuse to go outside. But if I have to repeat the explanation I gave to my sister, my expenses come from inheritance and buddha. It’s not a luxury, it’s a consumption of scale, because bank investments are profitable and debt-free.”

After talking, Ruslan grabbed the two ends of the newly-made cane after it cracked the other day. The body of the finest plum trees and the silver head were extravagant.

“Anyway, the North says that the goat is my friend only by looking at the horns of the bull, but I understand that your question is the same.”It was sarcastic just to hear.

He who understood what he was saying noticed even deeper between the lines. Rather, there was an indication that the Privy Council might have prepared such a meeting because it wanted to hold the court in the background.

Ruslan has taken the lead completely. Gentleman, who asked the second question, pulled the ruffle of his sleeve out of anger. But there was nothing else to reply to.

The third questioner folded his arms and slowly opened his mouth.

“What the Earl claims is that a series of events simply fulfill their responsibilities. It happened. The whole bad result was a coincidence. Is that right?”

“I don’t deny that it affected the top union leader’s feelings. There’s nothing I can do about dying in my grass. I don’t remember doing any physical harm.”

“But the death of the Knight is different. He’s done something.”

The eyes of the conference hall were all focused on Juju.

Juju opened her eyes and put on a casual look.

“It’s not an easy story to believe, but I heard that he pushed the Knightsman into the rapids. I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe the old man was arrogant and let his guard down. Thanks to him, the leader was put at risk, which soon led to death. In fact, can you prove that the Count did not ask him to impersonate Mangguk?”

The man appeared to have reached speculation that Juju might have killed the Knights Commander.

If he had the chance, I would have beaten the old man to death myself.’

However, he did not display the body in a high place. The act reflected an unconsciousness to show off performance.

Juju looked at the broken man grudgingly.

“No matter how rough I was, you’re so mean. The leader didn’t get hurt even in the torrent. For such a strong man, falling into the water would have been like a sting. Her Majesty knew that and ordered it.”

“Then it’s a coincidence that the people who died went berserk and killed the leader?”

“That’s too much of a leap. He can’t even buy it. Can he do that?”

Ruslan cut off the question. After a brief glance, he turned to Rep.

“Let me explain one by one. First of all, you misled what the Knights General had done as if it had been planned in advance, but you were wrong about the facts as if you were not able to attend Won-haeng’s farewell.”


“Until the morning of that day, the general was supposed to escort His Majesty. It was spontaneous to trade places with someone else. Everyone was unexpected, so I didn’t know either, and I can’t predict the Queen’s annoyance at the leader’s carelessness without the Creator. See, after preparing the conclusion, it’s all tangled up.”

“If the count’s touch reaches the Knights, we can trade places!”

“I understand your intention to fill the hole, but let’s start by preparing physical evidence.”

“Earl, what’s the point of making a case for this side, not making an explanation?”

Another person has stepped up to the plate. Ruslan looked coldly at that side.

“So you want me to be framed first and prepare this side for proof of innocence? Do you mean to support the pillar because you brought the roof? When this is just the insight of the Emperor’s advisory body, what the hell would Her Majesty ask for and rely on state affairs!”

He shut his mouth. Ruslan quickly changed his angry tone and turned the topic around.

“The situation has nothing to do with this. I was rather surprised to hear from you at the official residence. Perhaps the man who was upset about seeing me off that day wants to splash dirt on him.”

The word was implicitly referring to Dorothea.”Who ran out as soon as he heard of the return of the Empress? Isn’t there a separate person who swept the floor and wiped it? I’ve tried to please Her Majesty more than anyone else, but I think it’s opportunistic that the tragedy afterwards has been overturned here.”

The people who heard so far had no choice but to fall for it.

Count Keitel is truly determined to take over the Grand House. How much conflict must have been in the north, as the granddaughter is in front of her and she has no qualms like that. If the deceased archduke had seen this, he would have lamented that he should not have felt sorry for his nephew from outside.

Dorothea watched Ruslan from behind the chair for a moment. Then he stood up and approached the chair.

Bowing down, she tipped off the chair slightly.

“Sorry to interrupt, Privy Council Speaker. Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Do it.”

“Early Count Keitel. I knew earlier that you would take the grace of the Grand Duke with a quantum body, so I will not fight in this place.”

“I’m just honored by my sister’s consideration.

“I’ll ask the lady sitting over there.”

Dorothea suddenly turned to Juju.

“Juju, you, who were originally my maid, seem to be a different person day by day, following the count. Where did you come from when you overpowered the Knights?

Juju stood up to be obedient. Dorothea’s words continued.

“It’s not uncommon for people to deal with techniques. If you find your talent when you’re young, you’ll get an early knighthood or priesthood education. Explain how you, as a maid, suddenly wore an aura.”

Juju looked at Dorothea’s complexion and noticed her intentions.

He pretended to question her and laid the groundwork for her. It was a sign of moderation before wild speculation and vigilance spread about her aura.

Half the time it was Dorothea’s real curiosity.

I thought it was the result of Ruslan’s education that Juju’s personality changed. You must have adapted yourself to social skills and new surroundings. However, it was curious to hear that he even dealt with rare techniques in the world.

On the contrary, Sophie, a no man, remained calm.

“Even in the north, I thought the situation was strange. He was hiding himself. From his walking, I thought he might be a talented man, and he was correct.」

“Even the imperial knights didn’t seem to know at all.」

“That’s because they’re not good enough. Well, I’m not good at handling techniques. There was a master that I often bumped into, so I quickly recognized his similar appearance. The Pascalina.」

It was not easily understood. Juju was afraid of strangers?

Even though Juju was pretty, she was in charge of fine work in any mansion. It was unfamiliar with last-minute activities such as watering and cleaning the back of the house.

I was afraid I could answer the question well, but Juju opened her mouth without much hesitation.

“Yes, I happened to be able to use it.”

“Aura has been born with a power failure and blood vessels, so she can see what she’s got from a young age.”

One person spoke with a grain of doubt. Juju was not embarrassed.

“I accidentally poisoned myself in the North. I heard that he was belatedly relieved. The Earl heard it and for the fun of it included swordsmanship in the lady’s education.”

“It’s good for your health to train your power. Wouldn’t it be good for me if my beauty didn’t change for a long time?”

Ruslan threw a joke. Women in the left frowned at the words imitating Parakho. Dorothea was completely disgusted.

“What a profligate horse to say in a place like this!”

“Unlike my sister, I’m a grown-up.”

Ruslan dismissed the cry and spoke softly.”He was born into a farmhouse and served as a maid of honor, and was never known to the world for his beauty. Didn’t it become brilliant only after we put it in the system? We’ll find out what jewels were hidden in our bodies. In that sense, I’m afraid there will be many people in the East who suffer from hardships of life.”

Ruslan glossed over the truth and cleverly turned the topic around. Privy Council chairman responded to the last sentence at his disposal.

“That’s definitely a problem. It’s only after such a long recovery, especially for young children who will carry the future.”

“I would like you to focus more on the national crisis. You must be very relaxed because you have a lot.”

This completely alienated the flow from Juju.

Several more questions have been asked since then, but Ruslan answered without hesitation. The atmosphere in the conference room became increasingly dull. I couldn’t dig out more even if I questioned others keenly.

“So the Earl has never come into contact with Ippeniah?”

“If I’d been in touch, I’d know the temple. I’ve been involved in the heresy search.”

Ruslan once cooperated with the temple in a survey. There was an atmosphere that it would not be a lie.

put up with no income in the endOne Member who failed to do so began to force himself.

“Early Count Keitel. All your suspicious activities could be pure coincidence. But it remains to be seen whether it’s a coincidence.”

Ruslan looked back at him with the same look.

“I’d like it to be over. What’s left?”

“You took a beautiful woman and gave her access to the Imperial Palace. If the divorce wish is accepted, the empress will be vacant. Aren’t you prepared to dedicate yourself to the Emperor at this time?

At that moment, Juju covered her mouth with her hands to swallow a laugh.

On the contrary, Ruslan was expressionless. The heat drained away from the red eyes.

“Go ahead.”

“I’ve seen you push Chonghui to dance with His Majesty in the New Year! Emperor Georg’s father was also originally a husband and wife dedicated to the princess, but the other way around! You could use this opportunity to bring the government to justice to your Majesty!”

“Bingen So marquis, can’t you take your absurd remarks in a strict conference room!”

The Privy Council chairman said earlier. The lawmaker, who called his name himself, wince his shoulders.

“It’s amazing. The reason for the extraordinary meeting today is to make the truth transparent, not to interrogate! I cannot forgive the Chairman for bringing up the level of newsletters on the streets. Your Highness is listening!”

“Mr. Speaker, I see the possibility and I have reasonable doubt…….”


Ruslan only pulled his lips and laughed. The eyes were not smiling.

The next moment, even Juju was surprised.

Ruslan pulled the blade from the cane. Without picking up the lid that fell on the floor, he was out of position. He strode to the speaker.

Gentleman backed away in a panic. But he was blocked by the back and wriggled in an unseemly.

“The argument needs a basis. Can you be sure of that on the honor of your family?”

“Hey, hey, get your weapons out of the conference room! No matter how arrogant the Grand Duke is!”

“It’s not a gentleman’s attitude to insult his fiance.”

There was a loud noise from the chair. Dorothea tried to pop forward without realizing it.

Others remained silent because they were nervous. I knew I had to dry it with my head, but I couldn’t move because of the terrible atmosphere.

Ruslan slowly lowered his eyes.Gentleman suddenly realizes when he encounters him. How this man won the confidence of an insidious emperor, and how he could remain in mysterious circumstances.

A cold and beautiful face was acquired.

“The engagement is still, but I and she promised a future. Unjust speculation and insults are nothing short of degrading my wife. Do you understand?”

Hearing that, Juju shuddered casually.

The shivers swept through the body, cringing even in the middle of summer.

I’ve never heard such a direct word. Even Albert always offered to put a pearl crown on me.

Ruslan slowly raised the blade of his cane.

“Fortunately for you, I’m not very good at swords. Maybe the stabs won’t kill you like this. I’ll probably be charged with injury, but I’ll pay a few thousand golds to take into account the previous insult.What will happen to your bones and flesh that have been slaughtered with poor performance?”

“Early Count Keitel. During the interrogation. Even if you threaten me like this……!”


Ruslan chinned towards Juju.

Gentleman bit his lip. Clenched his fist, stood up and bent over. She looked like she was humiliated by the former maid-turned-government.

Then the door of the conference room opened in a hurry and someone shouted.

“It’s Byeon-go, it’s the work of the dead!”

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