Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 177

Everyone in the audience looked back in surprise at the out-of-the-box remark.

Linde blushed as he realized he was in a hurry and shouted straight away.

But there is not enough time to make excuses. She quickly crossed the hall and knelt before the chair.

The curious Dorothea asked first.

“What’s going on?”

“Your Highness, it’s murder. Someone died in broad daylight!”


Shocked by the word, Dorothea stepped back in surprise. Some in the Chamber also rose to their feet and began to rumble.

The Privy Council chairman was cool-headed. She held Dorothea’s cold hand tightly to her senses and asked.

“When, where, and how did someone die? Let’s talk calmly and in order.”

Linde made a fuss and replied with a nervous face.

“Well, I heard it happened about an hour ago in the city square. Someone shot a crossbow and broke the gas lamp. He even shot a person in the midst of a crowd of frightened people. The dead man, apparently, is the castle of Foehler…….”

“It’s Colonel Foehler. Ippeniya was spearheading the war. I’ve been retired for 10 years.”

A short sigh was followed by the Privy Council Chairman.

“Where did you come from?”

“This is Commander-in-Chief, North. The news went straight to the army’s main office after the incident. As soon as he heard from you, he found the Grand Duke.”

“Did the unsub leave a sign that identified us as Ifeniya again?”

“I heard something was written on the arrow. I’ve heard it before, so in detail…….”

The chairman nodded. And shouted out loud.

“The situation is urgent, so we’ll dissolve the extraordinary session first. I believe that the allegations against the Secretary of State have largely been resolved by the Q&A session so far. And based on the current situation, it is fair to say that the issue of the Mangguk is irrelevant to the Great House.”

Other Members have rightly and agreed with the Chair’s reasoning.

The Knights Commander is politically worthy of removal. But killing a retired soldier didn’t do any good.

If we consider the utility, we can aim for the effect of confirming the origin of the mastermind. But the trick was grand to pull off just that much. It was both dangerous and inefficient.

Of course, it’s hard for a young grandmother, as well as a count, to know a long-retired soldier. He was in many ways unfit to manipulate or impersonate Ippenya and target her.

Other doubts about the north have been wiped out. That doesn’t mean that the case has disappeared.Murder in a crowded square, following the hanging of bodies.

Charlotte in Jujuan wriggled. This is not an assassination of spray. It is a campaign aimed at confusion.

The conference room was cluttered with individual seats arranged and leaving. Everyone will have to roll the abacus over the inside story and aftermath of the incident. At least I needed to look through my address book to see if I had invited the deceased to tea time.

In the meantime, the Privy Council chairman was troubled by the young grandmother. I asked a question at a close distance.

“What will you do, Your Highness?”

The granddaughter was not as weak as the rumor, but she was not strong enough. If you can’t calm down because you’re afraid of a series of murders, I was going to take you to your residence.

Dorothea turned pale and picked her own breath. The shocked look faded away and soon became mature.

“I’m going to the Imperial Palace.”

“What do you mean, the empress, to Her Majesty?”

“Yes, since he expressed his intention to leave the country, he and His Majesty have become estranged, and these days there are fewer visitors. But she’s still in the empress’ seat, so someone has to deliver the message. You two haven’t broken up yet, so I’m determined to remain respectful as a bellwether.”

“That’s a great idea. Let’s get the wagon ready.”

The chairman secretly exited Dorothea with praise. At an early age, staying in the palace due to political necessity must be a thorny cushion. Even though there were a series of chaotic incidents, it seemed good to the chairman’s eyes to find his job without showing any signs.

On the other hand, how can someone just say anything? The chairman called in a lawmaker who made absurd remarks earlier and told him sternly.

“The Marquis in Bingn. Today’s remarks will be disciplined later. He should be held responsible for quoting the emperor’s background to defeat his opponent. We will consider the gravity of the matter before we dispose of it, so we should be prepared to resign from the Privy Council.”

Gentleman distorted the angry face. However, he resigned sadly because he could not pick up what he had already said.

The chairman also spoke sternly to Ruslan.

“Early Count Keitel. The same goes for you. No matter how much I’ve heard, I can’t believe you’re making such a fuss in the conference room! Next time, refrain from acting in front of your granddaughter’s Highness.”

Ruslan, who was about to take Juju out, quickly turned around and put his shoe back on. And bowing like a dancer who finished a performance.

“I’ll keep your words in mind, Madam Speaker.”

“We will not allow access to the Privy Council for the time being. On the day the ban is lifted, prepare to turn your apologies to those who are surprised here today.”

“Thank you for your strict disposition. I’ll give you a waffle with apple jam.”

“Are you going home like this?”

“No, I’m going to see the crime scene.”

The chairman’s eyes are a little bigger. Ruslan sneaked a glance at Juju and said.

“The Army will report, but I am in charge of the seal, so I will replace the eyes of the Emperor. Your Majesty Albert would welcome what he’s saying after seeing it for himself.”

Ruslan convincingly convinced the chairman and walked out of the Chamber. A whisper came to Juju, who walked along next to him.

“I’m comfortable when I don’t have to come to the Privy Council. It was punishment that a decent chairman would come up with.”

“I feel it every time, but I don’t think many men are as cunning as you.”

Then Juju recalled what Ruslan had said earlier.


He has mentioned engagement or marriage several times. However, it was the future that I put off because I was busy with things to do right away. It was my first time hearing a direct name, so my heart was in a uproar.

Ruslan is really determined to have a woman like him around for life. I intend to announce to the world that I will be a family member with this woman. I intend to leave a signature on the deed.When I realized how I felt, I felt somewhat chubby. Happiness is as sweet and light as sugar in the heat, so it floats away as if it is about to disappear.

Ruslan’s unexpected behavior may be a disturbance that is installed without any hesitation to others. However, it was a most touching confession for Juju.

I wanted to hug Ruslan and express my true feelings for a long time. But it wasn’t the time to bring up the easy-going story about the murder that was just around the corner, so I forced myself to swallow it.

Ruslan smiled faintly whether he knew Juju’s mind or not.

“That’s the greatest compliment ever. Then let’s head out to the square.”

Ruslan identified the ensuing Semyon and escorted Juju. The carriage ran fast.

The square has already been heavily guarded by security forces. People from the Army’s main camp were also busily coming and going.

The scene of the incident was just below the statue of Emperor Georg. When Juju met Mirta the other day, there was a lot of stalls around here, but now everything has been withdrawn. The soldier was marking the place where the body fell with chalk.

Sophie was next to him with her arms crossed. Ruslan crossed the cordon and approached her.

“What happened?”

Sophie recognized the two and offered her respect.

“The body has already been transported to the main compound. They told me to keep my seat. I’m asking you to pay for playing without a proper position in the system.”

“I heard the man who died this time was hit by a crossbow.”

“I pierced my forehead correctly. We’re investigating witnesses in which direction they flew.”

Knightsman was also scythered in the forehead. In Juju’s head, Liriya, who was intercepting from the roof of the back alley with a crossbow, came to mind.

I looked around quickly. A multi-story building surrounding the roadside of the plaza carriage caught my eye. Downstairs, there are shops, banks, and offices. On the other hand, the upper floor was occupied by a person with light pockets, so there were quite a few vacancies.

‘If you sneak in there and shoot the crossbow.’

I looked up at the gas lamp. The glass surrounding the conduit was broken and worn out. It wasn’t the work of one person, judging by dozens of broken backs.

‘You can break a high gas lamp through a building window. But it would be impossible to hit someone passing under the statue here in range.’

Is there any possibility he was hiding in the crowd and sniping from the ground?

It’s hard. The shooting itself was easy, but there was a high risk of being caught. Crossbows are too big a weapon to hide. You can hide it around a long cape, but if you walk around in that outfit in broad summer daylight, you’ll notice it most of the time.

One thing to point out in a feasible way.


Juju clasped her palms once and opened it.

She knew because she had used all kinds of things with a weapon. It throws arrows directly with force that has become stronger through aura operation. Depending on his ability, it was possible to penetrate the skull beyond the scope of the crossbow.

Liriya once escaped after solving paralysis even though Juju himself bled. She’ll know how to use an aura for the most part.

Ruslan was more interested in the criminal’s identity and motive than in the execution process.

“There was a message on the arrow. Did you retrieve the evidence?”

“I took it with the body. It’s not a big one, it’s an arrow letter from the old war days.That’s great. The content would have been recorded…….”

Sophie paged the secretary over there to recite her notes.

This is our retaliation. This is a movement of pride to reclaim our land, our resources, our eternal sword. This is our total intention. Ippenny, long live the liberation of Korea!>

“It’s much clearer than the note the Knightsman had. I guess it’s because I’ve gained confidence from my previous success.””That’s probably why we’re aiming for the time of the funeral. Like last year’s arson, the Army may be martial arts and alert…….”

Sophie smiled bitterly as she looked around the mess.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be targeted. The generals don’t want to die with their forehead stamped on them.”

“Is there a lot of people in the upper ranks of the Army who fought in the invasion of Ipeniya?”

“Most of them are retired or discharged, but about two to thirty percent remain. When Pascalina was an enemy, there was a lot of young blood in the upper floors. I understand that when she suddenly died and changed her workforce, she brought quite a few people back to the back room to fill in.”

“……okay. I’ll look around a little bit more.”

Once Ruslan had a conversation, he backed out of the cordon. It was to avoid disturbing the cleaning of glass debris.

Juju followed him to the carriage. And he told me the reasoning process. Ruslan became troubled with his cane head on the tip of his chin.

“You’re right. No one is as good as you in this kind of work. That means they’ve got enough connections and money to sneak into that building’s vacancy.”

His eyes became sharp. I sent a juju up on the wagon, and then I took a foothold and paused. I kept looking back as if I was worried about my compatriots.

“Moving at the same time as the imperial crisis, the trick became bold in a short time.”


“What are you doing this for? Are you rushing me to watch this? Or for other external reasons……?”

While watching, Juju reached out unexpectedly and grabbed his head. Turn this way and make eye contact.

Ruslan looked stunned. Juju grabbed him by the cheek and cried out.

“What do you eat first?”


“I’m tired of talking at the Privy Council. You have to take a breath and think. Otherwise, your head will explode. Semyon, can you get me a bottle drink nearby?”

“I couldn’t agree more with you. I bring a watermelon punch dipped in cold water.”

Semyon escaped from the waiting area and headed to the store over there. The snack shop was located in an alley behind the square.

A young man came next to him, who bought several bottles of water bottles.

“Mr. Semyon, is that correct?”

The old man with his face up ran into Nikolai. He smiled with a cane on his hand.

“You’re also from the north, aren’t you?”

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