Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 178

Semyon stared at the young man for a moment.

Then, he smiled in vainly.

“Are you going to ask the Earl for a favor? If you send me a message with your signature, I’ll check and process it for you. Please excuse me for not answering at this time.”

But even the old man knew it by sixth sense. The young man on the horizon is not just a college student or a low-ranking aristocrat. He only escaped the situation by using his wits for a moment.

Semyon turned around as if nothing had happened. As I walked out of the alley in a flat manner, I heard the sound of footsteps as I stepped at an irregular beat.

“You’re still in good shape at that age. You look like you used to be a guard from your physique.”

Nikolai threw a horse.

It’s bait, Semyon doesn’t show up and ignores the voice. Nikolai never stopped, though.

“I’ve been sneaking in for a long time because I’m sure you’ll show up near the scene. Why don’t you keep up with me?”

Let’s ignore it. Semyon decided to focus on the glass bottle in his hand. Condensed droplets of water rose on the surface of the bottle in hot weather. Like the sweat on your back.Calm down, it’s not the first time I’ve met someone who’s been trying. There have been a few times when an employee who manages a mountain fortress questioned the origin of the owner’s hat and loyalist.

Didn’t you memorize it over and over again? Ma’am is a small noble woman from a faraway region, and the young master is a wealthy man of Count Keitel, and he happens to be a mountain keeper who serves them.

Being single for life, there used to be a woman I met for good, but even that was futile. Far from seeing his children, he broke up without reporting them to the temple. As he struggled with the rabbit trap and chased away wolves, he did not have a chance to reach the dead country’s phone.

It’s been well over 20 years since I lived such a forged life.

The day he was appointed by the King Sun in the white hall of the Palace of Ipeniya, the day when the young prince ascended the throne, and the day when Rain, who was beaten, delivered a blessing with his first child, were all gone.

The Grand Duke’s servant also knew that the Count’s old secretary was such a figure. Semyon has not now been confused or caught up in the past to look back.

“Mr. Semyon, hold on. Can I talk to you for a second? We are not trying to attack. I’m asking you to have a little conversation.”

Nikolai spoke persistently.

Semyon thought to himself. There’s a gang member hiding around that young man. But if you take the main road, you won’t be able to sneak in.

What if they ignore it thoroughly? If you lure him in like this, it will be a chance for the young master to step on the tail of the remaining party. A lady who is good at reading feet is also waiting in the carriage.

It was at that time when the old man was making fun of his steps.

“Hey, Mr. Semyon! Don’t you know Mrs. Katyusha? I think you know.”

Semyon stood tall at the words.

Nikolai smiled with a smile of remorse.

“You can’t say you don’t know. She had a sister who was a royal guard. She died believing that her brother Alyosha had escaped from the snow mountain with the queen. About seven years ago!”

I lost my grip. Semyon grabbed the sliding glass bottle in a hurry.

He is nothing but an acquaintance of a remote mountain in the north. He is the one who ordered the Grand Duke to supplement his hat, who is not familiar with mountain life. The name Alyosha, I don’t know, I don’t remember…….

“……I’m dead. I was shot by an arrow and slipped away from the chasing army. Our son reached out to save it and together…….”

I couldn’t deny it.

How can I forget. How can you pretend not to know.

Nikolai took off his hat in mourning.

“That’s a shame. Your daughter, Miss Olga, is still alive. I’ll let him know.”

He put his hat back on and quickly caught up with Semyon’s steps. It was like walking side by side. He even handed out his hands to share a glass bottle.

Then Semyon realized that he had already been drawn into that young man.

But the name that the young man brought up had magical temptation. It was enough to shake the hearts of people who had forgotten their family and relatives for a long time.

Eventually he couldn’t resist and opened his mouth.

“If Olga was still alive, now…….”

“I’m already 40. We had a hard time confirming your identity, too. You’ve forged the past thoroughly.”

“……what’s your name over there. Which family’s son was he?”

“I’m Nicolai. But you won’t know even if you name your parents. Unlike you, who were guards, my house was just a small town resident.”

That statement was true. No one Semyon knew from his hometown had a son like him.

“Do you know Daniel and Blana’s daughter?””You mean Liri? Of course, he’s a dependable friend. Are you wondering how the only child of the palace wizard would fit in with someone like me?”


“I know, even on our part, aristocrats are trapped in that idea. But there’s no distinction between subjugating all together. We are all one compatriot, comrade and comrade. Of course, some people seem to have grown up in a completely different way.….”

Nikolai had a smile that left a strange afterglow.

Semyon felt bad when he saw the young man’s face. It was a smile that seemed to laugh at the foundation of the world that he had built up so far.

But in the meantime, the alley was over. There was still a midsummer afternoon in the square, and the floating population was busy outside the cordon.

On the other side, there was a carriage with a high speed. Nikolai, who found him, returned the glass bottle to Semyon.

“Hurry up and go to your master. I’ll leave you at this point.”

“Wait, you. Why would you approach me, no, what happened here……!”

Semyon was embarrassed and tried to hold him. It was a moment when I realized that it was not easy because of the glass bottle in my hand. I noticed something change and looked down at the bottle.

The label of the glass bottle has changed.

It is customary for such bottled drinks to be tied to a cork and labeled with the store name. The paper was replaced at some point with a new note.

It was obvious who was responsible.

Nikolai said, wearing a hat slightly.

“We both know the truth, don’t we? I was just talking to Miss Olga because I wanted to tell her about my relatives. I put the message in writing there, so please forward it. I’ll see you later.”

He supported his rich legs with a cane and walked out to the other side. It was the moment when how many people around the young man appeared and surrounded him. The crowd quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Semyon was a bit late. For the poor rain and the prince, I have vowed to forget the past and be loyal. He was shaken that his pledge with himself was easily broken in front of the recognition of his hometown.

‘No, no. I will not change my mind to serve you.….’

When the Knights Commander died of Lynch. And when I saw the scene of this incident.

It really didn’t occur to you at all? Were you able to be as dry-hearted as you were when you faced the grudges that you and the young lady were dealing with?

Semyon grew old. If his son had been alive, he would have become an old man who loved his grandchild playing hunting. The wife, who wanted to protect the royal family together, might have been enjoying the brazier with the sword in her hand.

One of his minds, desensitized with time, was prickly stimulated. It was awakening the feelings that Koreans had long suppressed.


Much more direct, destructive, expression of anger than pulling down Georg’s vehicle.

The evil spirit of the fallen Epheniah rises and emits into the Empire.

Sensing a sense of crisis, Semyon checked the contents of the new label on the glass bottle. I ran without delay.

When I knocked on the carriage door, Ruslan immediately opened the door. Semyon briefly explained the delay and put out the bottle.

The red drink in the glass bottle shook like blood. Ruslan read the label. Juju asked because she was out of sorts.


“You invited me to dinner. This is today.”

The label was torn in his palm.

Semyon, who heard a ruptured sound, was stunned. The sound of nothing was somehow considered ominous.King Zahari and Valentinavi’s legacy, the sole descendant of the House of Ipeniya. The key to the doom and gloom.

Originally, a boy named Ruslandi was born with an extremely heavy birthmark. Still, Valentina raised her son only as a child of the man she loved.

Semyon has been faithful to her will so far. As a result, Ruslan had no intention of calling himself a prince.

Even after growing up as a young man, he considers himself a member of the Grand National Family. And to avenge Prince Licht, he planned to avenge the Emperor.

We’re almost there. At this point, two completely different revenge intersected.

Will it be able to co-exist?

* * *

Juju swallowed the prepared meat pie.

The deer steak that I expected for dinner ended up missing. It was such a waste to hit the ground.

Once I returned to the Great House, I didn’t have much time left. All I had to do was change my clothes for the night party.

Today, I chose the most frequently worn doubles for this season in the southeastern coastal region. A thin, monochromatic fabric is wrapped around it and fastened with a jeweled string.

If Inge in the costume room had seen it, he would have talked a lot about the revival of poor beauty. The actual purpose was separate.

I didn’t have a lot of natural pants.’

Underneath the sullen outerwear, wide trousers, low-heeled shoes, long hair tied high. I was careful to make it easier to move around.

I’m calling this way on my own from the back of Ipennya. Nominally, it was an invitation to dinner, but I didn’t expect to be able to really eat.

In reality, it would be a tough negotiation to even drink a glass of water. That’s why I’ve had a meal in advance.

Juju looked over at Ruslan, nibbling on a cucumber sandwich from the other side. I said to him, who seemed to have no appetite.

“They’re terrible children. A person invites a difficult day through interrogation.”

“Maybe I knew it in advance and caught the day.”

Ruslan eventually put down the sandwich unwillingly.

“I think we’ve got a funding line somewhere. Knightsman may be a coincidence, but today’s crime is an unworkable operation without careful planning. It’s highly likely that my radius of action was also included in the variable.”

“Did you gather people from your own country? Or do you have any assets buried in you? Like Mirta.”

“……there would be no reason for them to enter if they had such funds. And I wouldn’t have posed as a homecoming gathering by passing snacks around. The recent sudden aggression means that it hasn’t been long since the back-pushing force was added.”

Ruslan finished his meal with a cup of tea and stood up.

“You’ll find out what the power is at today’s dinner.”

“I want it to end as quietly as possible.”

Juju crossed her arms saying so sincerely.

Whatever Ruslan might be like, she has no affection for the Ippeniya people. The feeling of destruction was also simple. Thank you for sending Ruslan down to yourself. That’s about it.

Her own revenge alone was busy embracing their grudges. At best, it is time that Jonathan was stranded by the temple’s checkpoints. With the next step to be sought, Ippeniya was not happy to intervene.

And the man beside me was precious. Ruslan is also thinking about his country in his own way. They didn’t know a thing of it and hated it when they kept messing up.

“If you say useless things, I’ll rip your mouth off and shut you up.”Liriya’s face flashed across me. Likewise, homophobia rose as a radical soul owner.

The place of appointment was a fancy restaurant in downtown Jejudo. The entrance was empty. Access to the public is restricted.

Liriya sat arm in arm in the innermost annex.

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