Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 179

Juju followed after Ruslan and looked around.

The interior was splendid. These restaurants are usually founded by chefs who have a career in aristocratic mansions. He is in business thanks to his status as a person who has money but does not receive invitations.

One guard on every pillar and corner. Most of them were young. There are a few dozen at a time.

Since the issue is an issue, this side has come clandestinely. It was thoroughly disguised so that the destination did not leak. There were only three of them, including Semyon.

After passing the table in the hall, I entered a separate room divided by curtains.

Liriyah and her colleagues were gathered like soldiers waiting in a male trench. Except for Liriya and Nikolai, next to her, each had his own crossbow.

Liriya did not stretch her arms. I just raised my head and did a chin move.

“You’re here. Sit down.”

It was a personnel appointment that omitted the editorial. Ruslan pulled out Juju’s chair first and sat down himself.

“You cut your hair.”

“That’s the first thing you want to say? You said Parakho, does a man who’s obsessed with color come in first?”

“I won’t deny it, but don’t distort your intentions. I thought I knew why I couldn’t find your trail.”

Ruslan answered calmly and opened the menu on the table. I skimmed through some pages and then covered it.

“Tomato salad with olives, please. And steamed small shin.”

“The kitchen is empty. If you’re hungry, I’ll give you buckwheat pancakes and salted fat. We eat it all the time.”

“If you want to appeal to poverty, I’ll consider supporting a paper ghost organization. But you didn’t come to borrow money from me.”

Ruslan looked straight at Liriya across the street.

“Is this the answer you’ve been hiding for months? What the hell are you doing that you’re not showing up for, and you’really?”

Juju looked at Ruslan wondering when he had said such a thing. Nikolai whistled. Liriya, like other colleagues, has a dark face.

“Did you notice?”

“It’s obvious that the menu is southern. I wonder if the chef here is from the Southern aristocracy. Maybe he thought he had a better chance of winning the system than home. There are a lot of people who yearn for delicate southern culture here. Especially those who go in and out of these commercial restaurants and go beyond the upper class.”

Ruslan pushed the menu to one side.

“If you want to rent a whole restaurant like this in the evening, you need money, but above all, you need connections from the owner. Maybe the aristocrat, the original employer of the cook, is connected to you. I’d have thought I’d be able to pay off my ruined life when the old times came back. Then it would not be strange if I secretly gave money to Ippenya, who is Lee Hae-deuk-sil…….”

‘Stop! Enough with your reasoning!’

Liriya shouted as if she had had had enough. Ruslan’s exact words rather raised hackles, and his complexion grew worse.

“You sneaky son of a bitch. If you had used that slander in your country, the liberation would have been advanced by five years.”

“Unfortunately, that’s a little far fetched. At that time, I was a little inadequate because I had just finished my secluded life and entered the Grand House.”

Ruslan spoke casually and picked up the glass in front of him. Juju quickly took it away, smelled it and took a sip. I checked that there was no poison in the water and gave it to him.Lyria asked, looking carefully at the figure.

“Did you live in seclusion with the queen?”

“Originally, he died when I was fourteen.”

“14 years!”

Liriya burst into laughter.

“Didn’t she, as the mother of the country, even think of finding the people? You’ve been hiding incompetently since you gave birth to the king?

“What profanity!”

Semyon, who was listening from behind, burst out.

“At that time, Valentina was exactly your age! Do you know the spirit of going through snow mountains when you broke up with your husband? Who dares measure your son’s feelings for protection? What would your parents say to you in the afterlife?”

“It’s no use nagging at your biological parents who’ve never talked to you before. A former Guard senior. You say the same thing as our modern-day elders.”

Liriyah glared at Ruslan and stroked.

“What do you mean you’re a kid? So now I’m bleeding to get my country back! You put the people off for a reason? It’s a place where you can take responsibility for the people under circumstances! You’re married to a king, not ready to be!”

Every time a word passed, Ruslan became quieter and quieter. Juju looked at his side of the face. It didn’t show any signs, but it was as cold as a white chill.

He doesn’t feel well.

Juju was upset, too. But isn’t it too much to attack your mother? I couldn’t hear it and cut in.

“If you keep talking nonsense…….”

Then Ruslan reached out and pressed her leg. His words continued as he swallowed his words.

“Putting blood on it.” You’re the one who killed the Knights, aren’t you?”

“Today, I killed the colonel with my own hands.”

Lyria replied without much hesitation.

Juju scanned the Ippeniya lads sitting around her. They would have been involved in the attack with Lynch. You surrounded the Knights, broke the gas lamp.

Ruslan’s words have become discreet.

“I can’t criticize your methodology. No, considering the number of minorities, factor assassinations should be considered the most effective hit.”

“Well, does the Emperor’s imitation seem to you to have used our strategy?”

“I’m just curious about the utility. Did you really think it would be profitable to kill now?”

Ruslan did not elaborate. But they also understood what I meant.

Violent action at this point could backfire on the Empire’s inner circle using Epheniah as its outer counterpart. It was pointed out that he did it with full foresight.

Lyria replied in a dignified manner.

“I thought it would be profitable.”

“Have you considered the possibility of a recovery in the declining Hwang dynasty?”

“To be honest, it’s none of my business for the empire to rally against the emperor. Of course there could be such a reflection effect. But rather than that, we chose to scatter ashes on the emperor immediately.”

Ruslan gave a silent, inquisitive look. Liriya bent one leg and sat in a half-seat.

“In reality, it is difficult for a small organization to dismantle a large nation. So it’s not a big factor for us to see a slight fluctuation in support around the emperor.”


“The empire and Ippenia were enemies anyway. I don’t care if the empire sees us as enemies. I would rather live as a stoned Ippeniya than be mixed up and ignored.”

“There’s a disagreement on our part, but it’s true that they were dominant.”

Nikolai stepped in. Liriya frowned at him and went on.

“Prince, do you know what joy it was for your companions to destroy the Knights? I’m glad she’s in a bad couple’s fight. Thanks to you, we washed away our enemy’s dust for the first time. People who lost their families to her cried and applauded!”Liriya jumped to her feet, unable to overcome her emotions. The palm of the hand slammed the table.

“While you travel between the Emperor and the Empress and the Grand Duchess as a decent bat! We moved with a determination to step on the northern snowfield again!”

“I know you don’t like me very much.”

Ruslan replied in a dry voice.

Semyon leaned down as if he wanted to say something. Ruslan raised his hand to defeat him. And said Juju and Semyon as if to listen.

“I’m fine. I’m not going to make an excuse for my situation. I can’t help it if you blame me for neglecting my responsibility as a prince.”

“Ruslan, why are you so……! She doesn’t even want to understand from the start!”

At the moment, Juju shouted with a boiling heart.

Instead of looking back at her, Ruslan stretched out his hand under the table and clenched it. Like when I sewed my torn forehead on a sickle. Realizing solid power, Juju dared not say more and remained silent.

“But as you can see, I live undercover as a member of the Grand House. Now I can’t even put my birth forward.”

Ruslan poured out the following words at once.

“What brought me here today? I don’t think you’re trying to kill him. What are you going to use me to promote your organization?”

Of course Juju wouldn’t have forgiven them if they had the heart to kill. Ruslan also believed in her to some extent and came here by himself.

Liriya slid the hand that hit the table slowly. I sat back in my seat with my mouth shut.

Nikolai read her mind ahead of other colleagues. Liriyah needed to be prepared. So he replaced the introduction.

“We’ve had a long agreement within the organization about you. In fact, our postwar generation, including Liriya, has never seen a royal family. I don’t think I need you.”


“But Ippenilla needs a centripetal point. Whether politically or mentally. Now, the priest is leading the way. Even though it was poorly inherited by a war-surviving newcomer.”

“I heard the temple collapsed, but did someone survive?”

Semyon in the back sighed.

Ruslan also knew the existence as knowledge.

The small kingdom of Ippenia had a simple system compared to the continental countries. Ten noble families dominated the country, centering on the royal family. And religiously, there was a priest who served Jimosin.

There is a big difference from size to content from the continental denomination. Compared to the Creation God faith, whose doctrines have been advanced over the years, the Jimosin faith was primitive and simple. He focused on praising and worshiping the land that melts ice and blooms life.

That was the heresy that the archbishop was making scary noise.

But this wasn’t a desperately important issue now.

Nikolai had a smile that Semyon considered ominous.

“That’s the way it is. I needed an ornament that followed the blood of the royal family. Unlike our generation, there are many adults who cannot imagine a country without a king.”

“That’s a rather exhausting guess. I don’t want to be a prince.”

“Of course, for you who are career-oriented…… I’d rather be a confidant of the Imperial Emperor than a king of the ice land. That’s why they’re trying to make an offer.”

Nikolai drank water and said.

“Do you think we simply kill people out of anger?”

“I felt that the message was getting more sophisticated. Don’t tell me you intend to reveal your political demands next time or next time. You’re going to take lives as hostages and threaten them?”

“That’s about right. In reality, if a powerless force wants to carry out its will, the only answer is violence.”Nikolai’s words unexpectedly provoked Juju.

I remembered the succession war. Albert was the youngest and weakest. So Charlotte felt I had to be strong, and relentlessly eliminated anyone in her way with violence.

I’m sure that’s the right way to go now.

I regret the fact that I trusted Albert and followed him. But I didn’t think the belief at the time was wrong, even if I mourned the victim.

As long as humans and humans are intertwined, there are positions and moments that must be killed to live. The same was true of them.

Arriving at the idea, Juju was the first to sympathize with the dying people.

I still didn’t like to bother Ruslan and make him look like a bad person. Apart from that, however, it began to make sense humanly.

Regardless of her feelings, the conversation continued.

“What we want is simple. The right to move to my country and live. And gas ownership of the land. I’m asking you to acknowledge Ipeniya’s autonomy and return the output.”

“You want me to lift the Emperor’s mandate.”

“Thanks to the success of his career, the count has already taken the oath of state. Isn’t it a good position to persuade the Emperor? At least you can settle it with gradual acceptance. We will serve you as king even if you belong to the empire right now. The profits of the gas flow into your hands. Don’t you like it?”

“What are you going to do to ensure that you are loyal to me?”

Lyria, who had been silent for a long time, opened her mouth.

“We had a heated debate about him at the rally the other day. I’m here to inform you of the conclusions made by the leadership.”

She looked at Ruslan with reluctant eyes.



“Marry me and tie up the organization and destiny. It could be a contractual marriage with a deadline.”

At that moment, Juju stood up, knocking her chair back.

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