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Chapter 181

Ruslan’s ferocious spirit flowed sharply. There was no blockage in the next word.

“The idea of overpowering the enemy itself was good, but it would have been better to be more careful in choosing the opponent. Of all things, attracting Southern privileged funds.”

“It’s hard to agree with that. How many people in the Empire are currently unhappy with the central government and able to provide financial support?”

Nikolai also responded in a hostile tone.

Ruslan lifted his cane and pointed his head at it.

“That’s the part. The empire had already stabilized and dissolved most of its original continental states. Originally, they were mixed and divided by fighting for the central octo. Wasn’t there a tension between the factions that even the South didn’t want to split up?”

Michael is a case in point. Although he is a provincial governor of the South, he has little lingering attachment to the old times. Rather, it welcomes the distribution network of large stable countries.

“In this situation, you’d better have a wider perspective if you wanted to use other people’s power. Foreign powers are also abundant outside the continent. For example, most countries in the West always crave water-rich land. It’s plausible to break it inside, but it’s meaningless unless the majority of the population is eager to change the system.”

“It’s practically impossible. That’s why I’ve been working on it for a long time. Do you know how much effort you put into getting the South to blow the old Cantova wind?”

“So what are the ingredients of the person who responded to separatism? “Anything is fine, so the poorest want the phenomenon to change, or most of them were old-fashioned vested interests.”

Ruslan looked through the interior of the restaurant imitating the aristocratic mansion.

“Taking the funds they give, disrupting the system as they wish. Yeah, so far, you look fine. But what do you think will happen if there is a war of southern secession as they wish?”

“Are you now worried about the sacrifice of the people?”

Liriya was being sarcastic. Ruslan shook his head.

“Sacrifice is a human matter. Such a thing can be very trivial to someone. So I’m just gonna talk about your loss. If the South wins or achieves some results. Will you let Ippeniah’s gas claim go?”

Listening to him, Juju recalled an incident in which Michael appeared unusually quickly in the system. I certainly had this conversation with him at the time.

“If you go up the Janggang River on a gas cruise ship, the time will be reduced by half.」

“You came here with dozens of bottles of that expensive imported gas? It’s crazy!!”

The south is a rich land. Cruise ship play is popular based on the abundant quantity supplied by jumbo shrimp. Technology to use gas as a power source has already been developed.

Gas is now controlled by the emperor by nationalisation. So it is common for the upper class to get imported gas expensive as a special route. Michael’s flight would have been possible, especially in the South, because such demand was high.

Gas was a resource of much greater importance in the future. The arrival of those Iphenyans from their hometowns to secure themselves beyond everything.But will those who cling to the glory of the South open their eyes and lose their precious resources? Will the failed citizens be allowed to sit at the negotiating table with their full share?

“Now you’re going to look back on the old days of the South and advocate separation. But if things start to turn out to be favorable, they’ll covet this whole huge system after the gold-fed hound is put in a pot. For sure.”

The faces of the Ippeniya have darkened. Liriya responded with a look as if she had swallowed a nail raw.

“Prince, do you think we didn’t know the danger, so we crawled stupidly under the puppet line?”

She kicked the leg of the table once. The water in the glass vibrated at once.

“You’re a good speaker! Like you’re looking down at a playground by the roof! So what’s the real way for us to move bare-handed? At least they are not our enemies! Equally hostile to the Imperial family, raising substantially substantial funds!”

“The Archbishop did not stop searching for heresy despite the imperial divorce agenda. No, it’s rather blue as the days go by day. Priests use religion as a weapon to search and confiscate much more freely than the security forces. We’ve already robbed several places we used to hide out.”

Nikolai glared at Ruslan as he talked to him.

“We couldn’t back down any longer, so we took action. We don’t know when the Emperor’s prestige will be shaken.”

Listening to them, Ruslan narrowed his brows. Only Juju sitting next to him noticed how he felt.

Ruslan is frustrated.

He then said with a sigh.

“If you could have waited for us to break the temple……. No, if you hadn’t picked me up and taken the next few months of hiding, you’d have had time to discuss a better idea.”

Ruslan stood up slowly. Juju quickly followed and stood up. The Ephenyans across the street also flinched and some were on alert.

Liriya was still defensively arm in arm. Nicolado only shut his mouth bitterly because she didn’t wake up.

Ruslan looked down at them with cool eyes.

“I will not denigrate you as a people who do not behave according to the will of the monarch, because I have no intention of declaring myself a prince. But this is a matter of trust between humans. You’re really going to serve me.… If I wanted to talk to you, I would have given you the least clue to contact even if you were forced to hide.”

I couldn’t find it even with the ghost king’s information network. Juju helped Ruslan in his words, even as he was nervous about what would happen.

Ruslan wanted to find the remnants first and talk. He expressed his intentions and tried to find room for compromise between the two.

That side handled Ruslan’s veins too heavily. Although there is room for consideration for being cautious about contact and handling, the current attempt to communicate is too one-sided.

‘Ruslan… ..wasn’t seen as a man of soul.’

Liriah, who criticizes Ruslan, and even the modern royalists who exist on the other side, would have had a similar sense.

Probably considered a jewel doll with royal blood circulating. For some, I’d like to wipe it fondly and brag about it, but for others, a piece of bread is useless because it’s not a loaf of bread.

Ruslan exhaled and lifted his chin.

His hand moved slightly, like a conductor.

There was a person who flinched the crossbow launcher in an unexpected action. But the next moment everyone was stunned at once. Even the juju became dumbfounded and opened its mouth.”Wait, Ruslan. This is…!”

The counterfeit ornaments of the restaurant disappeared in one fell swoop. I can’t even see the table covered with lacecloth.

Juju has witnessed this phenomenon several times already. It was not long before Ruslan realized what he had done.

The snow-covered mountain, this landscape that eroded the view of all the power here.

It’s an illusion created by magic.

“Is that the place from the war?”

Semyon let out a sigh. The old man’s tone proved that this was not a fictional landscape. It resonated even with young people who had never seen their country in person.

And far away.

Perhaps the angles and positions of each person looked different. Because despite being perceived as a front sight in Juju’s eyes, the people opposite did not look back. Their eyes were also glaringly glued to a point in the front, like a juju.

A black-haired, military-clad woman got off the horse. It looks like Dorothea.

She approached a wriggling object buried in white snow. The object struggled to escape the cold and slope that somehow froze itself.

The woman sat on one knee. The fur hat fell back. The platinum blonde hidden in it was revealed.

The face I witnessed on Liriyah’s pitch, which gave part of the characteristics to Ruslan, gave me a white breath.

Blue eyes met red eyes.

Ruslan’s eyes are blue now. Hair, the color of the winter moon, scattered on the forehead.

Someone slipped a crossbow from his hand. Someone faltered as if hesitating whether to kneel down.

A transfer that, unlike gas, had never been seen even though it was a treasure for their country. It actually unfolded before my eyes. Overwhelming wonder and even self-esteem and hostility collapsed.

“Is this magic?”

“The sad news of the royal family that adults used to say?”

“Georg really invaded our country to get this……?”

Liriya was not embarrassed. She was the only one who knew magic. I opened my eyes and looked at Ruslan.

“That’s who you are. Is this your story?”

“I’m not sure if you’ll listen, even if I’ve been up all night. I think it’s better to show it to you in personally.”

“Until now, I’ve only thought that the Queen had some kind of deal with the Grand House, but this is…….”

Nikolai, who opened his eyes wide, watched the memory flow one by one. Unconsciously, he reached out into the air to see the true nature of the illusion.

The move could have caused him to lose his balance with his leg. I tilted as if I was going to fall. Liriya pulled his arm this way as if he had folded his arms.

Nikolai was unconscious of the action and kept his eyes on the fantasy. As time went on a bit, his face changed as if he had fully understood the postwar situation.

“That’s why you’re in the system.”

“Not for personal prosperity.”

Ruslan replied calmly.

Juju was also deeply moved. I knew how he decided to avenge himself. However, I felt completely different when I witnessed it with my own eyes.

This fantasy was Ruslan’s universe.

Memories flow proudly like galaxies, pointing to one truth.

Egotism as much as a human being can exert. In the meantime, Ruslan could be born alive in this world, thanks to someone reaching out their hand without losing their reason.

The benefactor was struck down by a new evil spirit.

Ruslan came all the way here to avenge the crime and to protect the family left behind by his benefactor.

Juju has made a new dent. Ruslan’s only goal was Albert. Four young girls were technically Juju’s own revenge, and Ruslan was only supportive.Ruslan endured much longer than he did. He hasn’t had a sense of revenge yet. We’ve been through a lot of misunderstandings, but we’re just about to reach the top.

“Do you understand everything now?”

Back to his true self, Ruslan often has a noble appearance that makes him ashamed of the juju he looks at.

The frosty spring of snow looked over his countrymen.

“In a way, we were already on the same path. But thanks to your unilateral judgment of me, I wasted useless time.”

Ruslan lowered his eyebrows as if it was a waste of time.

“If I needed the money, I could apply here. If autonomy was needed, we could negotiate after the goal was achieved. Gas has already become too much of a profit-making relationship, but once the grandmother became emperor, she was able to open the door for conversation.”

That was the maintenance of the Grand Duke. She felt guilty about using the resources of the land she had trampled on by madness. So they sent exploration to the Guipenilla area to explore the terrain and to develop unexplored areas of similar places.

Nevertheless, the opposition shouted with a hint of pride.

“Do you want to blame us? The whole great plan went awry?

“I wish I had at least tried to communicate. We could have a more productive conversation than a political marriage that the parties didn’t welcome.”

Liriyah sighed heavily.

Even if the previous hundred words of logic were dismissed as coming, this alone could not be denied.

It was a regular song.

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