Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 190

Dorothea tilted her head on the way out.

“Juju, no matter how much you want to boss the intelligence community. Isn’t it too much of an exaggeration to be the heir to the evil girl Charlotte?”

“Oh, no. That’s why Charlotte was notorious in the north! I’d rather be a big shot if I wanted to borrow a halo.”

Juju added, flustered inside. I didn’t know this would happen when I roughly glossed over Bilma’s identity. Fortunately, Dorothea thinks it’s a lie, but if she had been suspected of something wrong, she would have been tired of explaining.

Dorothea looked this way gently.

“You’re trained in swordsmanship, aren’t you? He knows how to use art. Ruslan said he took you to the role of a social partner. Turns out you were training him to train him to spray?”

“Oh, well, you know, the Earl has extraordinary powers. That’s why he discovered the hidden talent in the proposal.….”

“It was strange to have you as a contact information organization in the first place. What the hell does Ruslan think you are? Is it such a bad thing to bring you here and make you do nothing? I didn’t even order fruit peeling when you were waiting!”

“You know, fruits are prepared in the kitchen, and you don’t eat them very much.”

“Of course, Ruslan is the only one who eats only three meals a day in the north, where farming is not easy. ‘Cause he has an extravagant appetite!’Dorothea grumbled down the ladder. Juju, who followed, had no choice but to laugh.

“The earl’s appetite here is abstinence. Lady, don’t be so hard on your brother.”

“Does Juju like Ruslan that much? What if I dragged you down this rough road?

On the floor, Dorothea rubbed her lips.

Juju read her stroke and pressed her chest.

“I said I’d join the Earl.”

Charlotte, who escaped from the brain cell. The original juju deep inside.

“I wasn’t dragged by the Earl, I walked with him. I’m totally committed to the Earl’s plan. It’s not just the Count or the Lady who wants to settle the Grand Duke’s scores.”


Dorothea glanced and pulled the door open.

“There was a reason why Ruslan was so excited about his engagement at the Privy Council.”

“You don’t want me to be a count?”

The rock-paper-scissors is still preoccupied with mouse races. Juju opened Dorothea’s front and crossed the room. Meanwhile, Dorothea, who was biting her lips tightly, finally answered the doorpost.

“What I don’t like is…… is not a no.

Juju blinked at Vivi Korn’s answer. Dorothea grabbed Juju’s sleeve and muttered low.

“If Ruslan takes him away, Juju will never serve me again. But the juju is better than going anywhere else. Still, if you dare to take him to the bedroom…….”

“But lady, you’ve done a great job without me.”

Juju took Dorothea outside. Walking the streets, I looked at Dorothea’s complexion.

Charlotte in here killed three people who were once friends. In the process, I have never felt sorry. Despite being so vicious, Dorothea felt guilty.

“I’ve identified Batilde, but I can’t reveal it to him.’

Dorothea is looking for the original juju.

Juju is the girl who was Dorothea’s only friend in her lonely life. There was a genuine friendship between the two, even if it was a top-down relationship. Dorothea relied on her, and she cared for Dorothea like her own brother.

How would you take it if you said it was all a lie and changed people now? No matter how strong Dorothea was, it was harsh. This girl has already been dragged to the heart of her life at an early age.

‘And I steal your life as it is……. Juju.’

Charlotte’s soul raised Juju’s hand and pressed her chest. Before I knew it, I felt the natural touch of my body.

For the sake of the sleeping girl in here, I deserve to devote myself to the great house. The soul became hot again with a will.

While I was strengthening my mind, I saw the destination over there. Juju, who first found it, raised his hand and pointed.

“There it is. The one the ghost king told me to meet.”

A girl was selling candy in a corner of the alley. Juju led Dorothea to approach her.

The girl noticed the signs and looked back. Perhaps they thought they were ordinary guests, they said in a hoarse voice, sticking out a taffy board on their shoulders.

“It’s cheap, it’s delicious. Homemade candy. Two silver coins in a scoop.”

“That’s too much. Sell it with two-fifths of a spatula.”

The girl, who understood the code, quickly looked around. It was not long before the dirty face came back here with a spearhead.

“Did Bilma send you? Freshman?”

“We’re just guests. I thought you were Bilma’s foster daughter.

In other words, as long as this organization is maintained, this girl is the next ghost king.

The girl replied, biting her lips with her hands.

“Yes, but I guess you’re what Bilma calls a cash cow. Why did you ask me to meet you?””Memorize this lady’s face here.”

Juju introduced Dorothea. The girl stared at Dorothea without saying hello.

“So what?”

“I told you to share your means of contact with this lady when something happens. And if you find any news about North Koreans while walking around, you should report it. Not your foster mother, but an egg dealer in the upper class over there.”

“Okay, put the money in here.”

The girl shrugged her shoulders and opened a glass bottle on the taffy. Juju put in gold coins pretending to search for candy wrapped in paper.

Dorothea faced the girl as she watched a series of processes. I opened my mouth, which was lost in thought.

“How old are you this year?”

The girl whistled as if she was asking for anything.

“I’m seventeen.”

“You’re the same age as me. Excuse me, what happened to your face?”

“Huh? It’s because I’m sick. Have you ever been sick?”

Dorothea was silent. I dropped my eyes.

The girl identified the gold coins in a glass bottle, whether she did or not. The payment was satisfactory, and soon his face brightened up.

“All right, you need to know your address to make contact. Let me know where you are.”

Dorothea defeated what Juju was about to say and approached the girl herself. The girl’s eyes opened wide and blinked quickly as she whispered in her ear.

But the girl wasn’t chosen as the successor for the ball. He quickly calmed down and opened Dorothea’s palm. Then he drew something with his index finger and whispered a quick word secretly.

The secret talk is over. The girl threw out a taffy.

“I’ll give you a scoop. I learned how to make it. There’s licorice flavor and peanut taffy.”

Dorothea spoke softly to Juju.

“Juju, if I sell her whole board here, don’t tell me you’re helping her fundamentally. Charity in my temporary mood, right?”

“Yes, ma’am, if you’re being sympathetic, please stop.”

Juju said in a nutshell.

Her soul was born noble, but closer to that girl than Dorothea. So I understood. Clumsy benefits only insult people who are faithful to their livelihood.

“But wouldn’t snacks be okay sometimes? It would be okay to sell a little more.”

Dorothea was encouraged and encouraged. When she reached out her hand, Juju took the silver out of her pocket.

What Dorothea chose was star candy.

The girl wrapped two or three spatulas in oil paper and handed them over. Dorothea held it tightly in her hands.

After work, Juju took Dorothea to the main street. An Army soldier whom Jofi had captured was supposed to pick her up.

Meanwhile Dorothea distributed star candies to Juju. She herself put a pill in her mouth.

“How does it taste?”

There was a weak moan from Dorothea, ‘Umm.’

“I’ve tried this as tea food, so I thought it would be okay. It tastes different even though it’s the same candy. Well, what I ate was poppy seeds dipped in sugar from the south and colored them with florinated water.”

“It’s probably the cheapest sugar in rice flour. I didn’t even color it.”

“I was just born in the Great House…… it grows so differently from your taste buds. I think I know why you refuse to be blooded.”

Juju looked at Dorothea and said suddenly.

“You’ve done it yourself, lady, so you’re good enough.

Albert of Moden had more opportunities to encounter this life than any other imperial family.

But he didn’t realize it until the end. Rather, he was ashamed of his past in a small castle in the barley field. He was obsessed with the sense of damage that he was born as a prince and stuck in a humble place. I became an adult, unable to shake off the anxiety of my survival.Would it have been nice if he pointed it out by his side?

But Charlotte was also young at the time. It was just an illegitimate girl who wanted to leave the stuffy house. A girl who yearns for a splendid institution and hopes to be in a place where lovers shine.

The same was true of other friends. They became friends because they had similar deficiencies, but eventually split up like this without being able to help each other.

As I began to avenge myself, I hoped that I could correct some of the mistakes I made.

Dorothea will be fine.

Well, Ruslan chose this wood himself.’

Across the street, the loser walked around. He was apparently a swindler who jumped on the bandwagon. He was advertising by selling clean water without a curse.

While glaring at the pathetic behavior, a soldier rode over from the other side. She pulled the reins and got out of the saddle. Dorothea, who checked the soldier’s face, nodded at Juju and climbed on.

We’ve got a safety device in place with this.

Juju changed her headscarf and walked toward the teahouse where Nadia was waiting.

* * *

At that time, the Privy Council chairman was scolding his aide.

“Nawon, you’re making a lot of noise. Even if it’s a curse, isn’t it an argument with unclear grounds yet? What’s the point of spraying incense on the Privy Council building?”

The aide retorted after a smattering.

“But, Madam Speaker. The Privy Council won’t look so good except for the Emperor. If there’s anyone who understands the curse of ruin in this building…….”

“If the Ippenigans had a real curse, they would have had a stroke. What are you trying to do with the emperor’s advisory body? I won’t stop you from writing because you’re personally anxious like your Majesty. Don’t make a big deal out of the Privy Council!”

The aide eventually bowed out, greeted and left.

The sighing chairman opened the window a little. Leaning deep into the chair, he touched his forehead.

“Your Majesty will raise both hands and feet. What good does this temporary dodge do in the long run?….’

In the eyes of the Speaker, the curse of ruin was a false incitement.

Anyone with a critical view would have recognized. Education or property did not matter in this matter.

First of all, the timing was too perfect. And it didn’t add up. If Ippeniya really curses, why not use it in past wars?

However, the presence of external enemies easily excited the public.

This isn’t it.

A monarch should not rule the country like this.

There were actually many wars and frequent civil wars in the prehistoric era. On the other hand, the stabilization period after unification. It’s time to look at how to maintain peace on a continent that has only been sealed as one. In a way, Albert was given a much more difficult task than conquest.

It is acceptable as the rule of law to arrest and punish terrorists. However, the emperor and archbishop have established the entire Ippeniya as heretical beings.

It’s the hardest thing to take a first step in nature.

Today, this treatment could be the starting point for a split in the public opinion in the long run.

It’s a country that’s barely been put together. In the future, if we cover it with excluding the lineage of the subjunctive state whenever there is a problem, what will be the outcome in the future?

In the extreme, there may be another split in a century of unification. I don’t want to imagine how big the shock wave will be. It will cause chaos that is incomparable to the old days.

The sound of knocking disturbed the agonizing chairman. I said bluntly, “It must be an aide.”

What else is wrong with you?

“Your Highness has requested a visit.”The chairman rose from his seat in surprise. The office door opened and Dorothea appeared.

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