Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 182

At that moment the magic disappeared at once. The illusion was broken and returned to the scene of the restaurant. Ruslan’s hair and eyes were colored with different colors at slight intervals.

The Ephenyans faltered, half bewildered, half overwhelmed. One of them whispered to Liriya.

“Well, Liri, what are you going to do now……?”

“Nicole, if you could do something new…….”

“What do you want me to do with that in front of me? Even the purity of the organization is threatened.”

Nikolai replied with a grin.

This is certainly not good. They gathered under the banner of liberation. We had only come to an agreement to make an individual sacrifice for the noble cause.

However, if the prince’s purpose was to impeach the emperor, the cause of sacrifice is reduced. The legitimacy of the movement that even carried out violence is fading.

All the more reason to think of a last resort here today.

Lyria managed to pull herself together and speak.

“I admit there was a jump in the line on our end. I thought I did some research on you. But there was also a hidden secret.”

“I wouldn’t have hidden it if I’d come and tell you in personally. I thought you weren’t interested in regaining your parents’ pitches.”

Lyria recoiled at the word pitch. I wanted to ask about the whereabouts of the relics, but I was conscious of my colleagues around me.

Instead, I brought up another word.

“……I don’t like the people of the Empire, but I think they should pay me back if they are indebted. Prince, I apologize for my prejudice that I have taken the misunderstanding towards you as it is.”

She loosened her arms and slowly stood up.

Juju sensed the atmosphere and quickly got on the ball. As he responded, Liriya took out the sickle she was hiding in the back dance.

“But mobilization of southern funds is inevitable. I’ve been working on this side for a long time even before you showed up on the system. You and we are already deeply intertwined. And the presence of a prince is necessary for the organization anyway.”

“It means that I will conciliate you by force to your home country. That’s why you’ve got people all over this building, right?”Juju shouted pointedly.

From the weapons and posture they were holding, I had guessed it wasn’t just for security purposes. If possible, it was brought in to mobilize force as a final means. Considering their power, it is fair to say that almost all young men who can fight are here.

Lyria was cool and positive.

“Yes, Juju, they’re the ones I brought to guard against you. ……I don’t know if it’s worth the blood. Anyway, since they’re imitating the military, they can’t ignore orders from senior leaders.”

Juju was aware of what she meant.

“I need an excuse. I’m going to say that I’m forced to miss my goal after the opposition’s resistance and armed conflict.”

“And there’s room for a little more discussion on this side by side. You’ve been in a bad mood since before. What are you really?”

Lyria uttered, jokingly and lightly. She came forward.

“Don’t touch your colleagues. I’m fine as long as I’m alone.”

That’s what Liriya said, pointing the sickle this way. I gave Nikolai instructions with a chin.

Nikolai seems to have agonized over drying for a moment. But he sighed with a hint that there was nothing he could do. He hand-signed the rest of the group.

It was an order to withdraw. Young men with crossbows rushed out of the annex. Ruslan asked Juju.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I knew this would happen, so I wore pants.”

“No, that way.”

Liriya burst into laughter.

“Prince, don’t be arrogant hiding behind your lover! I’ll tie you up and take you away!”

“You have to correct the facts repeatedly. I’m not trying to shield him.”

Rusland, who said such a thing, beckoned Semyon. I meant to prepare a carriage at the bottom.

“I’m trying to keep you out of the way.”

At that moment Juju noticed Ruslan’s glance. The doctor he was trying to say was succinct, so he didn’t have to use whole-tone magic. The shape of the mouth alone was enough to convey.

Come down when you’re done.

Juju smiled secretly. His reading is often double-triple, even when the plan is broken. However, even Ruslan did not include variables in the situation in which Juju loses.

Ruslan said as he left the annex.

“If you want your pitch back, come to the Grand Duke. It would be much appreciated if you send me a pre-message message on the egg seller’s flight that I visit twice a week.”

“Prince, I don’t know how you talk…… you don’t like it!”

Liriya rushed in. She knew it was a losing battle, but she didn’t throw her purpose completely away. I was going to beat Juju and hold him.

Juju also read Lyria’s mind.

She may be a good leader for the Ippenigans. But that’s not a reason to let her off the hook.

Juju looked directly at the other side. Liriya blocked the scythe with her wrist. I kicked it right away. The opponent hit his chin while it collapsed to retrieve the weapon that slipped.

It worked. The opponent, whose goal was shaken, took out the tablecloth at once. Spread it out, disturb the view, and tighten the fist. He went straight into Nanta without hesitation.

* * *

“Are you sure you don’t mind if I refuse your request?”

Coming out of the building, Juju asked Ruslan carefully. Ruslan looked this way.

“Which request are you referring to? You don’t think they’re asking for a wedding?

“That’s it. That’s it.… in many ways.”

Juju glossed over her words for nothing. Closer to Ruslan, he stretched out one hand and folded his arms. And buried his face in his forearm so he wouldn’t look into my face.I don’t like myself asking this kind of story.

Earlier, I clearly saw how Ruslan pulled him. Nevertheless, now that the situation is over, I want to check again.

Was he really willing to reject Liriya without a single hesitation? In fact, I might have measured the profit a little bit. It wouldn’t have been a very bad suggestion for him to name a man from Ippenya, even at the risk of southern funding.

‘Even though I beat her up a lot.’

Juju grabbed him by the sleeve.

The fight earlier was a disgrace. I bashed Liriya in a very cool. Losing her mind holding a sickle, she later threw it to the Ephenyans.

On the face of it, it seems faithful to the cause of winning.

But a dark heart lurked in the depths of the heart. A sense of crisis about a girl trying to take my place.

Liriya respected Juju in her own way, but Juju couldn’t possibly like her.

I was ashamed of myself. I don’t think I can ever be nice, either. After watching Ruslan’s heart with magic, the realization that I was a dirty soul deepened.

Not even brazen enough to be proud of yourself. It’s asking Ruslan a test question again. I bit my lips thinking how annoying he is.

Ruslan looked down at the juju hanging from his arm.

He knew her for the most part now. I could understand how you felt.

A scar in your heart that hasn’t healed yet must have been stimulated. She is anxious because she is reminiscent of her past experiences. I can’t help it without confirming the truth.

I shouldn’t force myself to show my face at times like this. I’ll hang on to her personality.

So Ruslan reached out the other hand, sweeping her hair gently.

“I told you, I will never abandon you.”

“Oh, yeah, but…….”

“I’m not going to make you funny in front of others. Even if they offered to give us all of this continent and the sea, I would refuse.”

The night wind swept through my ears. As if Ruslan had beckoned it.

While the carriage was walking along the waiting lane, Juju was hanging on to Ruslan. Ruslan kept sweeping her hair and cheeks until she pulled herself together.

Semyon opened the carriage door. Ruslan looked back at Juju, sending him up first.

“Semyon, do you think I made the wrong choice?”

The richness that I have felt since I was a child was exceptionally strong tonight.

Is he an Ippennyan? Or is it the imperial people who betrayed you?

Even his biological mother didn’t give him the right answer. After all, he is living today completely unaffiliated by either side, wearing a magical shell.

Today, however, he firmly rejected the offer of his compatriots.

He chose this side for Juju, not himself. If it weren’t for her, there might be room for another thought. But I didn’t hesitate because she was already there.

Semyon bowed deeply. Just like Ruslan has been doing since he was very young.

“It’s your place, so it’s up to you to decide for yourself, not for me to comment.”

“Maybe. I don’t like the way you’re the owner, so I thought you’d stick that way.”

“Now that I don’t have to carry him around like I did when I was young, I would have thought about it if they were active in recruiting me. You were buried in the halo of the young master and didn’t receive much attention.”Semyon took a gimmick joke and closed the carriage door. Riding next to the horseman, he gave a signal to start.

Juju sat side by side next to Ruslan and leaned his head against him. Whisper to only Ruslan.

“Semyon is a good man.”

“……it’s not good enough for me. I’d like to let you relax once everything is sorted out.”

At first, he seemed to be able to trust the wicked woman, but now he takes care of the juju for granted. I was grateful for that.

Juju made Ruslan look this way and hugged his neck. Ruslan was drunk with a cuddle of hands.

“Let’s get it over with. Since I’ve done something today, Ippeniah will be quiet for the time being.”

“Now that I know I’ve been hiding my true intentions, I’m going to revisit my actions inside.”

Ruslan’s hand swept Juju’s back. The other hand was hovering in the air as if it were hesitating a little, and finally made a decision was made. My hand touched my chest after breaking through a single layer of cloth.

“In the meantime, we will kill the Archbishop and shake up the Church. It just so happens that the church’s supporters have caught their eye on the divorce. It would be fastest to figure out their movements and let the scandal flow in naturally.”

“Mrs. Elise’s pregnancy…….”

Juju let out a sigh. He started a friendly caress. The palm of the hand, which became a little rough to hold the horse, wrapped the breast, and pressed the pinnacle of the finger to stimulate it.

In a way, it’s a ruthless ploy. Elise, who may be a victim of Jonathan, will enter the middle of the whirlpool. Juju wasn’t sure if this was right, but it couldn’t be helped because things were urgent.

Revenge is a burning thorny path. Who can blame even Jonathan for his own sins.

So justified Juju turned to Ruslan. I wanted to kiss you. When I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, they gave me what they wanted. I crumpled in my arms as I mixed the saliva.

I like Ruslan. I love this man. A man who brings me out of the dark, who caresses the sick repeatedly.

I won’t let anyone touch me. If anything happens, I will destroy, grind, and destroy this body and soul…….

* * *

It was a rainy day.

It got a little cooler as summer passed, but it wasn’t enough to turn on the stove. Jonathan was waiting for something, looking at the dark fireplace in the Archbishop’s residence.

Suddenly, I looked up and checked my watch. The night has grown old.

‘Elyse must be sleeping.’

She said she was very sleepy these days. Maybe it’s because the child in the body is slowly growing. I can say that I’ve gained weight.

This year, Elise endured the heat with a pregnant body. Jonathan sent ice several times, using his nephew’s excuse.

Although it was kept for use in the bingo of Daishinjeon Hall, it did not feel guilty to use it privately. Since he is a stone person, can’t you use some of your personal information?

Other than that, I couldn’t do much. It was a situation where the eyes of the checkers were flashing, so Yonatan had to save himself.

It was a lot of work, and I attended a series of meetings to see if the damn divorce wish was doctrinal. And still, chasing the magic of Ippeniah.

Then what I’ve been waiting for came.

Jonathan lifted his head at the knock on the door.

“Confess, did you find Ethan?”

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