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Chapter 183

The investigator, who was guarding the office of the official residence, bowed down.

“Yes, there was a report. All the bishops are present, so you can come right away.””This is the only time we can unite. Even if the Creator realizes it, it won’t be sooner.”

Of course Jonathan is convinced that such a thing doesn’t exist in the world.

It is a time when there is a widespread claim that the firestorm of Sinbeol is a dry thunder and the image of the revelation of the saint is a fog in the mountain range. The breath that the God of Creation exhaled into his veins concluded with the gas that Ji-yeol smoked.

At least God doesn’t exist in this day and age. The law exists, but there is no character. The only thing that exists is the cycle in which the soul is born in the body and then dies.

If such a thing existed, he would not have been chosen as the messenger of miracles, pushed by his parents to become a priest.

Nor did I owe the priest’s sins to an innocent woman.

Therefore, the temporary gathering of bishops today is also for extremely secular reasons.

On one side, to make the Archbishop’s plan go away. To find a way to turn the other side upside down.

‘That’s funny. Where the hell is the noble will of God here?’

It’s a dogfight for a handful of people to take the lead.

‘Well, I’m the hardest swimmer of all.’

A desperate male struggling to set up a windbreaker for a woman who bears my sins.

If the god of creation really exists, there is no way to play such a prank if he is truly a noble benevolent being.

Jonathan, who sneaked a laugh at himself, arrived before instead. Following the priest’s guidance, he entered the scheduled meeting place.

The main hall has a chapel chair. Instead of a table, he sprinkled a damp powder on the floor to draw a circle. A bright fire burned from the candlestick surrounding him.

Bishops stood in a circle, wrapped in a circle. Yonatan filled the empty midnight direction. The priests held lanterns and surrounded them in concentric circles.

The main hall was filled with light reflecting candles and crystals. The high wall is supported by pillars carved of saints and saints. The round rose window on the ceiling glowed a subtle hue.

Yonatan got the rhyme in the middle of it.

“Excuse me of the investigation and editorials. It’s taken a hell of a long time, but we’ve finally got results in tracking the heresy that’s been circulating every day.”

A bishop, who was courteous to the harsh language, coughed in vain. Yonatan ignored and went on.

“I’d be grateful to the lay priests. It was a lot of trouble because I asked him to find his tail. I’ve managed to get a clue.”

Not long ago, it was a while ago.

No matter how many times priests have been involved in heresy, they have repeatedly made a mess. The system, however, is a overcrowded metropolis. It was very difficult to detect a small group of people moving through the slums.

In the end, a group of heresy began terrorist activities. The priests who were in charge of the chase were discouraged by the idea that they could not stop their spirits.

Jonathan’s views were the opposite. He saw this as an opportunity.

When a mouse tries to bite a cat, it means it’s at a dead end.

The more you jump, the more you’ll see the gap. So I kept a close eye on the activities of the remnants. On the day they had an accident, they were ordered to increase the intensity of the search.

As the situation reached this point, the cooperation of the security forces became easier. Previously, heresy search activities were dismissed as an overreaction by the denomination, but now we are responsible. The security forces were unable to back out.

So I finally found the tail of the problem.

That’s the day they broke the gas lamp and killed a retired soldier. Perhaps because all the young men were mobilized for outside terrorism, the boundaries of the main mountain were particularly loose that night.The priest, who was lurking in search of the area, watched carefully. She immediately reported it to the police instead of the car, which had long been suspicious of the location in question.

However, it is not yet clear whether heresy exists.

So Jonathan called in a snitch who had escaped the herd the other day and reported heresy. He secretly ordered a couple of pieces of belongings that he had previously received as gifts from the north.

“I’ll do this in return for your confidence. Help me a little more to get things in the right direction.」

“Isn’t the word of the Archbishop the word of God the Creator?” You can only order it’s okay.」

“The Shinto are from the north and very religious. It’s nothing. Hide in Ethan’s arms for a while, and open the door inside when the right time approaches.」

The snitch’s eyes were wide open.

“I betrayed you, and how can I…….」

“He’s so smart, too. You’re bleeding from Ippenia, too. After seeing a series of incidents, tell them that you saw a big meaning. You have the courage to get out of there and report, but you don’t have the courage to go back in and lead the shepherd?」

Yonatan used a threatening language.

“Or you’re not the black sheep, are you? It’s strange that priests can’t find it this long. If the Shinto tried to mislead the Church, I’d have to question you heretical.」

“How dare you pull such a wicked trick! Although the child was born in North Korea, he grew up in the empire from an early age and learned the teachings of the God of Creation. I’ll do it as the Archbishop says!」

Religion is very convenient.

If you point to an illusion whose existence is uncertain, you can freeze a person. The teachings that have been brainwashed since childhood make you forget your natural birth. He easily hates others because he is against the will of a rock.

Maybe that’s why you’re flashing your eyes to take over this church. He himself was faithful to that stone, the apostle who best understood the true meaning of that illusion, self-claimed.

Luckily, this delicious pie was taken by a man born with talent and connections. That’s why my eyes are red to eat crumbs. Or would you die of malfeasance if you were being self-serving?


Jonathan continued, sardonicizing at the bishops in front of him.

“It seems that the believer who has been infiltrated under my command has succeeded in responding steadily. Sooner or later, a priest sent to the watch station will come to report further.”

She will announce the start of a heretical rally before this.

An event to tighten internal discipline. A public purge of a traitor.

Jonathan didn’t expect to be the perfect spy for the snitch from the start either. You think they’re gonna let the kid who’s trying to find my country get away? No matter how smooth you talk, you’ll doubt it unless it’s a wild goose.

If a snitch has a way of speaking, he will overcome this difficulty and permeate deep inside.

If not, it is a tragedy. The Ippeniya will question what he has ordered. I don’t think the chieftains who beat up the Knights will use a good method.

As a result of opening the lid, unfortunately, he was not a good talker.

The snitch must have gone through quite a painful process. We don’t know what torture will be like in North Korea.

Groups engaged in violent activities become sensitive to outside attacks. The remnants will exhibit snitch as an example to root out any possible source of trouble. It is the most effective way of cracking down on internal discipline.Then, a rally must be held once.

I don’t know if they’ll move again this time, but we’ve got a backup plan in place.

I’ve given hope to the snitch. If your personal safety is in danger, you should ask for salvation as much as you want.”

Wherever you’re taken, leave a mark with all your might. Then, the priests who were lurking nearby will immediately respond and save the believers’ lives. If I want to save my life, I’ll do it with the determination to die.

Although the priests were not assigned as saviors. Yonatan sent them to check the snitch’s infiltration and monitor his whereabouts.

“When the report arrives, I’ll head directly to the location. Does anyone have an objection?”

“Why are you so close to a place where you can send a priest?”

“This is a judge of heresy that is disturbing the country. We must not spare ourselves to act on behalf of the will of the Creator.”

Because it’s the only hand that can reverse the current situation.

“Today’s goal is to capture Ethan alive. Revealing their misdeeds and disabusing them of their recent misdeeds. Have you finished preparing for the communion prayer?”

“We’ve taken measures to open it as soon as you get off. Then, the petition submitted by Her Majesty…….”


Yonatan put it bluntly.

The face of the faction that tried to support the empress hardened. Jonathan hid his delightful feeling in the smile under the candlelight.

“This is an opportunity to punish heresies that cause national hardship along the path led by the Creator. I don’t think it’s time for Daishin to waste his power on imperial family affairs.”

Whatever conclusion the bishops’ meeting brings, the empress’ divorce doctor has already fatally wounded Albert.

Batilde won’t back off from here, much less. What if she has infinite patience and submits her wish until the approval of the Daishin War is granted?

In a way, that is the worst situation. It is impossible to reverse a marriage that has been broken up. So the empress’s wish for divorce was a powerful one for the temple.

It is not known who made the game the other day. It may be the Empress herself, or it may be Count Keitel or Princess Licht, or it may be the reincarnation of Lotte.

But from now on it will be very different.

Heresy refereeing is an area that the temple specializes in. Jonathan was at best the head of this group.

If you don’t have a trick to turn the table upside down, you’ll have to clean it up!

The frustrating game is put on pause. Instead, create a flow with a new game that you lead!

Despite the trouble of my divorce, here’s why I persist in following Ethan!


cried the volunteer who was guarding the main gate. When permission fell, a familiar face rushed to his knees.

Jonathan was a priest who had been placed on watch. She lifted up her wet face from the rain that had just begun to fall.

“As Your Holiness has shown. Heresy gathered at our home and started a rally.”

“Well done, did the lamb to guide us leave a sign?”


The priest pulled out what was hidden in his sleeve. He held it out in both hands as if it were an imperial attack.

“The sudden rain washed away the blood, but the sign of purity was clearly left.”

Her palms were crammed with human parts.

A tooth that broke itself. The fingernails that I pulled out secretly. The hair that would have been ripped off. Toes that must have been crushed and dropped.

Yonatan looked down at it insensitively. Before long, I looked around in a grim tone.”We can’t neglect ourselves in the arms of the denomination, can we?”

It seems that he did well as the snitch told him to do.

It took something to mark the path he was being taken. However, even if I secretly hid the chalk or powder, I would have been caught and taken away. To hide it in the stomach and vomit it out was something that could only be done professionally trained.

So the only token a snitch could leave was his own body.

Will he be executed as an example or will he put a flagpole for his request for salvation at the expense of a part of his body? The snitch chose the latter as a survival instinct.

Maybe he’s drunk on himself sacrificing himself.

Whatever it was, Yonatan was good enough to use that mind.

“I promised to heal you when I got there in time.’

It wasn’t an empty word. It wasn’t that difficult, so I could do it for you.

I don’t know what it’s like to rain. You’re unlucky.”

Anyway, it’s time for departure.

Priests lined up one after another and held up a crystal cane. Yonatan also left the main hall with his own crystal cane.

The bishops were scattered to take charge of their duties. Just before leaving, Jonathan called in one of them and asked quietly.

“You stood and you were in charge of the work. Have you completed the cross-validation of the documents and the church records from the imperial vault?”

Then the bishop leaned down and answered.

“The record of the progress of the war, the collapse of the heretic temple, is certainly consistent. I know that the record of the Emperor speaking with a clear mind is clear.”

“Yeah… before you died, you left something for your son.”

Albert’s father, who was very senile. Jonathan didn’t like him very much either, but today he’s a little grateful.

Emperor Georg once confessed to a magical sighting.

Then there is no reason to hesitate whether it exists. In order to capture a human being who would cough up a long-standing questionable answer, Jonathan led the priests into the early morning rain.

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