Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 184

Liriya was walking in the night with a raincoat. It rained in pursuit. I had a little pain in my shoulder, which I had dislocated a long time ago, because I was using strength with one arm.

She had a thick rope in her hand. At the end of the knot hung a trapped man.

A little while ago, that man wriggled and resisted. At least now, he has lost his mind and has no movement. It was all covered with water dragged down the rain.

Ippeniah Jimosin seemed to have given grace. If the blood running from the man’s wound remained on the floor, cleaning up would have been troublesome. But thanks to the rain, there was no trace.

My colleague, who was following me while being wary of left and right, spoke to me.

“He was the one who was a child.”

“I was a coward, and I was in a martyr mood.”

Liriya wiped the rain running on her chin with her sleeves.

She’s been urging a snitch to confess the last few days.

There are several bases in downtown Jejudo that are arranged by southern sources of funding. It was all a house disguised as an ordinary family home.

Liriyah led a snitch around the house with her colleagues. Then, by alternating carrots and sticks, he tried to find out who the snitch had returned to.

Of course, the answer would be the temple and the archbishop.

The important thing was next. There will be crumbs that the snitch heard in Daishinjeon. Inside the temple, I tried to figure out what Ippenya was going to do.

I’ve been working on a snitch for the past few days. But this man repeatedly said he didn’t know, and didn’t give a particularly helpful answer.You really moved without thinking?’

Is it enough to live as a poor second-class citizen for the rest of your life?

That’s why I would have run away.

A man once stepped into this organization, then backed out of fear of confronting a huge empire. So far it is a normal weakness. There was room for consideration.

But he didn’t stop there. He ran to the temple in one breath and rattled on it. He was trying to be recognized as a civilian by the weak side of the strong.

He used his fear and anxiety as a shield to exert active malice. Liriyah hated it and tried to kill this guy. Instead, a circle that had been hidden under the pole had been formed in his heart.

Then the man showed up on his own. He clung to me like a close friend that he had succeeded in his spotty retaliation. It was an amazing thing.

A few shots of fire acupuncture was not enough. However, even if he craved for days, he couldn’t throw up anything to use, so there was nothing he could do.

There is a mountain of challenges at hand. I didn’t have time to drag this one out. We decided to proceed with the purge as soon as soon as possible.

Liriyah reached a bridge.

There was also a branch of the long river that penetrated the system here. The light spread in the late summer rain danced on a strong current. I went down the stairs facing the river and pulled for a small piece of beef.

The iron door opened. Below it was a sewer.

As the system was newly reorganized after reunification, numerous waterways were created under the ground. It was a facility to smoothly supply and circulate long-steel water to overcrowded large cities.

In the meantime, Ippenya has been constantly moving places to avoid detection. As a result, the chosen hideout was this groundwater. Since it is a waterway under the ground, it is not noticeable and does not reside in a specific base, so it was possible to avoid reporting around.

“This is 19th Street in six sections. It’s that way.”

Lyria beckoned after reading the section marked on the wall. Colleagues ran after her. After exiting the long cave, the waterways came into contact with each other.

The Ippeniya called this spacious space the Hall.

Numerous Koreans were already gathered and sitting on the lime floor. The hometown song is in full swing following the priest’s lead. The chorus echoed on the sewer wall, giving a solemn tone.


Nikolai, who was waiting in the back, slipped out of his seat. His eyes looked over the snitch.

“You seem to have brought him safely. You’re not dead yet, are you?”

“The more a man like this, the tougher his life is.”

Liriyah forced the man tied with a rope to sit up. When I slapped him a few times, the man came to his senses and opened his bruised eyes.

“Maeguk-no, are you awake? Dude, your gums are sore and your front teeth are falling out.”

Lyria, who confirmed the man’s condition, wondered. During the interrogation, I did put a needle in my gums or toenails. But he didn’t do anything fatal enough to blow a part of his body away. It is strange that the front teeth fall out, as if they were crushed on the floor and scratched.

The snitch mumbled something, nodding his dusky head. His eyes were wide open and he was mesmerized.

Nikolai understood what he was saying and frowned.

“I’m praying for the Imperial Church.”

“Humph, you’re a traitor to the last. Leave him alone, he’ll die anyways.”

Liriya took it in stride and turned a blind eye to the snitch. I made eye contact with the priest in front of me and said hello. The leadership then agreed to proceed with the purge.

“What do the elders say about the prince?”Liriyah was unable to get involved in this re-argument because he was questioning the snitch.

Instead, a much smarter childhood friend than Liriyah did a great job. Nikolai calmly explained the restaurant incident to the leaders who were not there.

True meaning of the prince appearing in the system. His purpose and the magic he used.

And the fact that the prince, of course, Liriyah himself, had doubts about the marriage alliance.

“Always the same. I’m impressed that the Geunwang faction has the same virtues as their predecessors. Realists are protesting that they cannot be dragged around by the prince’s personal will. The latter questioned why he even failed to subdue with force. He said, “I think you’ve been swept away by emotional theory with your youthful vigor.”

“You’re gonna hear all the white noise. If it’s sour, tell them to run themselves. Anyway, there’s a great woman escorting the prince. It doesn’t work with force, but you’ll have to experience it yourself.”

Every time he stood in front of Juju, Liriya always felt the overwhelming gap in performance.

Liriyah also showed knowledge of the aura earlier. However, he could not express his country’s magic because he had no one to teach him. I only learned how to strengthen my body through self-study.

Still, it has been recognized as the best in the organization. As such, I always whipped myself that I should take the lead in playing for the liberation of my country. Even now, I keep breathing and training every morning.

However, dealing with Juju made my training poor at once.

If you let her explode, one person will destroy the entire tissue.’

I think it’s possible if it’s a juju. Thinking of her, Liriya throbbed again in the restaurant. He said, rubbing his forearm.

“Nichol, I can tell from your words. It would have been a repeat of the debate that did not conclude. Still, the rally was held. The High Priestess worked very hard.”

“That’s right, because he’s the spiritual pillar of our Ippenia.”

The priest was singing the last verse of the hymn.

Her head was adorned with wood modeled after reindeer horns. He also wore red cotton cloths that did not suit the summer of the system.

She was a heavy-handed speaker, with a slender figure in her middle age. Cotton clothes were particularly hard work in damp sewers. But the priest was adamant.

“I’ll do my best not to be ashamed of my dead sisters.」

The temple was destroyed and the faithful woman was exterminated. Having inherited the priest simply because she survived, she had a firm belief. He tried to pass on the legacy of Jimosin faith and continue the maintenance of his sisters.

Liriya admired her unwavering attitude. The same goes for Nikolai. Maybe all the Ippenigans here did. The compatriots would sometimes show political differences and then be tied up under her beautiful song.

‘Even a lady like that doesn’t know why the new sisters had to die.’

The temple collapsed at the end of the war.

When Emperor Georg buries all the wizards alive. So when Liriya’s biological parents, who fled to the royal command, were caught in a search and died. The temple was also damaged on the grounds that there might be a trace of magic.

There were a lot of rumors among the survivors. But it remains a mystery why Georg tried to wipe out magic so badly from the world.

Because no one knew what the last magic King Zahari had done.

The reason was simple. The name “last magic” was literally given because it was made last. That is, it was a state-of-the-art secretary developed by King Zahari, the last monarch of Iphenya.

The only time the magic was carried out would be when Georg was used. So no one knew what magic it was or what it was for.Without their own words, the survivors would not even know the existence of magic.

Some of the testimonies left at the last minute were. King Zahari is said to have coaxed those who wanted to stay with him to flee.

“There’s a magic I invented. Actually, it’s my wife……the secret I made to pass on to Valentina…… I can enlighten the Emperor of the Empire.」

Liriyah recalled the king’s image on the helmet.

At one time, the choice to give itself was reckless and incompetent. The king could not save Ippeniah by magic after all.

But after witnessing the overwhelming power of Liri himself, he changed his mind.

There is also a superpower in the world that cannot be helped. The king did not sink in horror before him.

Actually, it was worth the courage, not the performance. Liriyah realized that belatedly. Along with him, questions about magic, which he had belittled as a powerless technique, grew.

The last resistance a man had – what was it?

The Earl would know that.’

The last survivor of the House of Ipeniya.

The son of King Zahari.

Liriya now knows Ruslan’s purpose. If he really had a heart to rebel against the emperor, there was a good chance that he would take advantage of his father’s legacy.

It is the magic that King Ipeniya seized on the Emperor of the Empire. If the Replicator Prince gives out the number of spleen, isn’t it causally this way?

It seems more likely than immortality, which was the cause of the collapse.

Liriya had also heard the story of the magic of immortality sealed with taboos. Big talk, it wasn’t really that big of a deal. In a way, it was pathetic that I had been searching for simple principles all my life.

Move your body. It sounds plausible, but it’s not a very useful recipe. Every creature is born with its own body and soul. Just as the flesh of a tangerine cannot grow with the thin skin of an apple, humans are also completed by combining the two.

It was unlikely that souls with desperate circumstances would be common enough to live with changing their bodies. The secret will be buried in history. It wasn’t a waste.

In Liri’s opinion, gas was more valuable than fire and immortality. And the mystery of the veil of magic was even more mysterious.

“I’ll have to talk to the prince in a different way, too different way.”

Liriya suddenly spoke to Nikolai. It just so happened that the song was almost over.

Nikolai, who was singing the chorus, swallowed his pronunciation and looked back.

“Right, if any more adults talk about political marriage, it won’t leave you with a temper.”

“Are you done talking? Nicole, do you want to see me walk around arm in arm?”

“He never misses you.”

Nikolai unexpectedly answered in a single stroke.

His eyes scanned Liriya’s round eyes and downcast lips. I didn’t know what I was thinking with a smile.

“I didn’t say anything because Liri seemed to accept the adults’ suggestion.”

Liriya looked at him for a while, then snapped bluntly.

“I’ll talk to you later. It’s distracting.”

“Go ahead, we’re in the middle of something important. The priest’s speech will be over soon.”

The priest touched the hands of his compatriots and recited a few traditional idioms. It was about uniting and encouraging each other even in difficult reality. At first glance, it was obvious, but for those who lost their roots, intuitive teaching was like a lantern.

When the speech was over, it was time to purge.

Liriyah led the snitch along with her colleagues. Shouting out loud criticizing his performance, he threw the man into the back ditch. I went down to the floor and killed him with a sickle.You can’t show everyone the execution in person. Instead, the result was reported indirectly through a scream on the sewer wall.

I managed to get it done. It was at that time when I was going to climb the ditch with relief.


A loud roar. Screaming of different parts reflected against different walls.

Liriyah had a throbbing heart. I quickly reached the top floor and stepped up.

“What’s going on? What’s going on……!”

At that moment she swallowed her breath.

The lime ceiling of the sewer was pierced. Crumbles and dust were mixed in the rain and spilled on the floor.

The rally is already in chaos. The compatriots backed down on one point.

Liriya, unfortunately, noticed that Nikolai, who was there, was lying down. One shin is pierced by a crystal cane.

Archbishop Jonathan took his cane and shivered.

Dressed in ceremonial clothes, he looked this way. And he swept his wet hair in the rain, saying it was a waste.

“I tried to save you, but you were a little late. Well, this is his luck, too. It can’t be helped.”

The sound of footsteps on the ground became loud. Yonatan said, raising his hand toward priests lowering the rope ladder.

“That’s enough. I’m all alone. Give up the idea of all the cult members here getting out of here.”

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