Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 185

The interior of the sewer was filled with buzzing echoes. Unspeakable confusion spread, mixed with the noise of the current in the ditch. From the destroyed ceiling, lime powder dripped down.

Jonathan looked everywhere, waving his hands as if chasing a flying bug. A relaxed voice came out as if to judge the vegetables on the shelves.

“Let’s see, the number of heads…It’s about the same as I expected. Originally, about 1 to 20 percent of all enthusiasts crawl out to this kind of rally. So do we.”

He turned his eyes to the stiff priest.

“Are you the cult leader?”


“What’s wrong with me? In Continental, yes, no, don’t you know? Do you want me to put you in Ethan’s hands? I’ve already noticed you’re sitting on one spot just by looking at your deformed antler horn decorations.”

Yonatan moved his steps. Every step of the way, the crystal cane touched the lime floor.

The priest trembled under the pressure of unknown force.

Head of the same religion, she couldn’t stand up to that man. The difference in skills was remarkable.

The emperor Georg nervously obliterated the magic. It destroyed the temple, but magic belongs to the royal family. No such high-altitude technique has been handed down to temples. Since very few Aura users of Ippenia are usually raised as wizards, new women are not much different from ordinary people.

So the identity of the sisters who adore Jimosin is no big deal. It was the result of a naturally sensitive girl returning to faith.

When it comes to the time when you go up to the priesthood, you may feel the atmosphere due to the accumulation of power.

“Maybe it’s because it’s a cult. You don’t seem to have much knowledge. This is just an old lady.”

The priest here wasn’t originally a very distinguished divinity. Everyone died in the war, so they were forced to take over and lead the people to this point.

“You are… the son of the Creator who leads the continental order. How did you get here?”

But the priest, as nonchalant as he could be, spoke.

The voice, which he considered his only advantage, rang clear. A clear voice that’s too good to echo in a stale sewer.

I want to run away if I can. But it shouldn’t be.

Failure to move in such a closed space could lead to a disaster. Koreans should not have had a fever in their heads and given them room to make a mistake.It was dead quiet around him, as it responded. The tense air flowed. Anyway, this was the majority and the archbishop was single-handed. I couldn’t predict what he would do with his body alone, so I was looking over there without moving hastily.

Liriya, who is down the back ditch, also swallowed only a dry saliva. The priest moved slightly to hide her.

Jonathan saw through the situation and smiled with his eyes.

“What is it? I came to judge the cult in accordance with the will of the Creator.”

“Did I cheat them out of their possessions? Or did you tell me to serve my chastity? How many verses of the song soothe the sorrow of manghyang, and your God was so narrow that he hated it.”

“Madam, I don’t want to have any more doctrinal discussions because I’m tired of it. And since history, the stone mass has never been used as an excuse scarecrow……!”

Jonathan slammed the floor with his cane as soon as he finished talking.

At that moment, the sewage system vibrated greatly.

Rumbling, the walls and the whole floor trembled. Everyone was screaming as they rolled over.

Liriya, who was going down the ditch, also collapsed. She plopped the body of the fallen man when she died. The body that was about to fall into the water barely escaped being swept away by the current. However, droplets of water splashed from behind soaked the bobbed hair.

He was raised by a rebound that pushed the body away. She was safe, but the body was spirited into a dark conduit.

What the hell is that?!’

There’s no more time to peek at the opportunity. Liriya kicked the wall and ran up. Holding on to the shaky ground with his leg, he picked up anything he could reach.

It was only after being held in hand that the object was identified. It was a wooden chair that sat on when the priest sang. It’s nothing, but Liriyah threw as hard as she could over there. I was going to break the head of my son in that judgy suit over there.

I wonder if the problem was that it was too hard.

Jonathan didn’t bat an eyelid on a chair flying from the front. He didn’t even seem to want to use the cane as a weapon. I just showed my palms slightly towards the chair.

It would have accelerated since we flew. Moreover, it was impossible to block an object that size with one palm.

But the moment it touched Jonathan’s fingertips, the chair suddenly broke apart. Scraps of wood scattered.

“You son of a bitch!”

Liriya jumped high on the floor. He pulled out a sickle and swung it.

This attack was a little effective. I’m trying to avoid scythe’s trajectory.This is because Nathan took a light step back. The Yeongdae at the end of the sickle was released from his shoulder and came this way.

The shaking stopped at that moment.

“Of course!”

It was exactly what Liriya predicted.

It was strange that he suddenly broke through the ceiling without a single extension in the first place. The inner walls of the sewer are coated with lime and brick. It was strong enough to break the ground with a pickaxe. But how do you get down here naked?

To break this easily, you must find and press the vital point of the earth’s bloodstream – the vaginal vein.

If you are a master, it is also possible to destroy a building with a few strikes.

The author found a suitable spot on the ground and destroyed the sewer ceiling. And now I’m in touch with the veins in this space. As a result of operating the aura in the body on the spot, it shook the space now as if the thread was bouncing and vibrating.

‘Theoretically, it’s likely……!’

There’s a man who uses it in real life?He only activated blood vessels by connecting to the vaginal vein, collected aura in his palm and shot lightly. And yet it is this much power. Even if he spends half a hundred years training, he is not in a position to achieve.

Liriya broke out in a cold sweat.

It reminded me of the first time I witnessed Juju. At that time, Liriya was under the illusion that she had met a whale in the sea.

The archbishop at hand was similar. The difference is that I feel an incomprehensibleness lurking in the deep sea.

But one thing was for sure.

No matter which way you compare yourself, you only have one shrimp.…!

Regardless of Liriyah’s keen perception, Yonatan snapped at the front of the lost ceremonial robe. Unexpectedly, I had a cold smile.

“……you’re distracted. There’s a cult member. The sickle tells me you were the main culprit for hurting the Knights. Do you use aura?”

“Shut up! Ma’jong of the invader, a social forerunner of the Emperor!”

Liriyah poured as much as she could and kicked her leg forward. I missed it. I stepped on one foot and came at me to take a sickle again. Then he took care of the crossbow and shouted out loud to his colleagues who were trying to cover it.

“It’s no use! Don’t try to help, just split up and run!”


A colleague shouted sharply. She clenched her teeth and groaned and knelt on one knee. Fast forward the arrow and loaded it. While Liriya’s vision was confused due to the rush, he intended to shoot at the leg.

It was a mistake. It would have been a valid judgment in normal times, but it was not a good match.

It was the moment when the arrow cut through the air. Surprisingly, the archbishop’s detection, which was a target, was almost simultaneous. It wasn’t already a normal human reaction rate.

Upon launch, Yonatan, who opened his eyes wide, swung his neck. My eyes met with this side of my face, which was bizarrely turned away from the sickle.

“Why didn’t you listen to me?”

His one hand swung up. There was a shock wave.

The atmosphere was disturbed and the arrow stopped in the air. The arrow trembled on the spot and soon bent to the other side. It bounced back and fell into the woman’s collarbone.


“No, that’s why I…… Ugh!”

To check the condition of her colleague, Liriya inadvertently looked away. Having not missed the opportunity, Yonatan lightly swung his cane and hit the plexus.

The fist-sized crystal weighed quite a bit in itself. The stomach vibrated at the same time as the dull pain spread. As the stomach acid flowed back, the view circled.

Liriya clenched her teeth. I tried to swallow back the bitter water, but it was force majeure. Sour liquid was crushed on the face on the floor. As I tried to wake up, something thumped from above.

Jonathan slowly looked around, stepping on Liriyah’s head.

The Ippeniya are running away with a bang.

The woman who was hosting the rally flung out the heavy chairperson. I’m running in someone’s hands. It was funny to see the dark sewer desperately fleeing to the other side.

It’s useless. Why would I want to take this place alone? In the meantime, other priests were scattered and blocked in advance.

Next is the boring rabbit mall. Jonathan scoffed at the trouble of searching the library.

“Look at them, North Koreans. It’s like a bunch of gutter rats running away.”

Liriya, who was listening, grabbed a sickle. Jonathan looked down at her.

“Why. Are you upset? Do you want to lament why you’re being persecuted? Or are you going to call it a legitimate holy war?

The man’s foot was under a lot of strain. Liriya squashed her nose on the lime floor, but her eyes opened wide.Is this guy here to get me?

Then it might be better to get caught here. I wish I could promote the safety of my compatriots as one of my own. He was determined to die as an Ippeniya, unyielding by any oppression.

Stubborn, she suddenly looked sideways at the floor over there.

Nikolai couldn’t escape.

It is on my mind.

I couldn’t even tell if he was alive or dead on this floor. Are you breathing? Blood flowed from the shin pierced by the Archbishop’s cane and was on the floor.

Jonathan, on the other hand, quickly lost interest in Liriya.

I thought maybe I could see the magic because this woman seemed to wear an aura. But he’s stuck even though he’s pushed it this far. Maybe it’s wrong.

Then I’ll have to work towards the religious leader.

In conclusion, Yonatan became a little drowsy. It was hard to find, but it’s too easy. It was not much of a surprise to say that the people were doomed with mystery.

“Don’t hold grudges against me. If our God of Creation really created this world, it was a bad design.”

I didn’t even believe in God in the first place, but I muttered as I thought.

“If you’re all the same children, you shouldn’t let them use your aura. Some people can use the power they can’t use even if they train themselves to death. Are you kidding me? It’s not just for high-minded people.”

Jonathan doesn’t even really take the admiration of the old saint. That much of the transfer could be made by unbelievers like himself.

As far as he knew, there was only one man in the world with a heart close to an adult. A foolish and foolish woman. But the woman was given no power.

If this is the way of the world, it’s a major defect.

“A knight and a priest are all bullshit. Both have something in common that discipline is so strict since childhood. What’s the reason? People with this power need to be turned down earlier…Isn’t it …?”

These two domesticated groups were located in the confines of the ruling class for generations. It also plays a role in actively hunting when users who are against society appear.

The Knights Commander was foolishly treated the other way around the other way around. Jonathan had no intention of doing so.

Slowly raise your hand. As I took a deep breath, the stinky air penetrated into the lungs. The atmosphere’s energy is sucked into power failure. It was integrated into the energy of the vein when spread throughout the body.

His power failure finally absorbed the power.

The metabolism of the whole body has become active. The hair that was touching my ears quickly grew and quickly reached my back.

At that moment he gathered a part of his fingers. He aimed over there with only his thumb and index open.

“And like this, bam.”

The aura gathered at the tip of the index finger and fired as if it were an arrow.

Feeling the turbulence of the atmosphere, Liriya rose in surprise. I lifted my head a little bit against the force of my legs pressing from the top. At that moment, I could see the priest collapsing after being hit by a shock.


“Always watch your back. Well, we’ve got a big fish out of it. The rest of them will take care of themselves.”

Liriyah understood what was in Yonatan’s tone.

To this man, the Ippeniyans were nothing from the start. A pyramid that doesn’t care if it’s swallowed or not…….

“But you need to be held. You have to pay for killing a man, don’t you?Jonathan bowed down with a sneering smile. It was about time that suddenly long hair poured down and reached Liriyah’s ears.

A sharp sound pierced the air. It stopped with a hook.

Jonathan’s expression is stiff. Frowned with pain for a moment, he raised one hand and recoiled in the back. Bloody skin was pulled out.

“You too, back…”…you have to be careful…….”

Nikolai said with a short breath.

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