Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 186

Yonatan identified the flesh stuck in the back of my neck.

Smaller than two knuckles. There was no poison on it. It’s probably a reserve in case the crossbow arrow is broken.

So he didn’t have instantaneous trauma even though he was stuck in his throat. The reason why it was not detected in advance was because of its extremely weak power. The flesh thrown with bare hands does not create a breeze.

I was able to hit him in the back of the neck because he was unusually quick with his hands.

However, it seems that the seat inside was not very good. With cervical pain, vision was blurred.

Yonatan grinds his teeth.

“That’s North Korea……What were you gonna do with me like that? One leg is not enough for a cripple?

“Haha, I made a mistake. My other leg used to be a jerk. It doesn’t make any difference if it hurts a little more……!”

Nikolai, with a wry smile, pulled his tattered legs to his feet. He put his weight on his cane and held on to one leg.

Jonathan, who was dogged by false resistance, raised his hand toward you.

“Don’t be persistent. All right, die soon. It’s annoying.”

As the body’s energy was activated, the blood flowing from the back of the neck stopped. The vision flickered once again. It was at a time when I thought that the miracle of healing could not even remove the shock.

“I told you, watch your back.”

As Jonathan tried to shoot energy at Nikolai, his long hair was pulled back. Liriyah slammed Yonatan on the floor and swung a sickle.

“This is how you get caught for doing the same tricks! Yo-Seung, you’re dead!!”

Her sickle fell towards Yonatan’s neck. It was the moment when he pulled his arm to cut it down.

Liriya’s body flew away with the feeling of popping. The sickle spun in the air and rolled around against the lime floor.

Yonatan raised his body that had been stuck on the floor. Mumbled without shaking the dust of the robe.

“That’s too bad it didn’t go the way I wanted it to. I have someone waiting for me.”

Blood burst from the back of my head and flowed down. Blood veins pulsed violently as the aura was released to the whole body at once. Because of that, the area that stopped bleeding at best did not overcome the pressure.

Barely able to pull herself together, Liriya caught her breath.

The surprise earlier was almost the only chance. But I missed it. The same trick won’t work on the author.

Being the same aura user, it was different.

To the point where the pride of the knighthood was humbled by the removal of it. The general manager was old and worn down by external factors. And at that time, Liriya was accompanied by many colleagues to act as a shield.

That archbishop, on the other hand, is a young man in his prime. He was a priest, so his movements were clumsy, but his efforts overwhelmed his physical condition.


What should I do, Liri?

Comrades scattered throughout the sewers. Some would have been caught, some would have resisted.

And the priest is lying over there. Saving her from a distance, I couldn’t even imagine a way to defeat that man.

In less than a second, a lot of thoughts crossed Liriya’s mind. Then she suddenly made eye contact with Nikolai, who raised herself across the street.The conversation didn’t go back and forth.

But I knew what I wanted to say.

Lyria was convinced and bit her lips. The hair, which is prone to heat, has barely cooled down.

Chewing your gallbladder feels better than this.…!’

A step back for progress. In order to return to Kwonto in the future, the first task was to gather scattered colleagues.

Liriya ran as she was. He picked up a sickle that fell on the floor and rushed to Yonatan. It was apparently a head-on attack that spared no lives.

Jonathan laughed in vain. He took a light step aside to avoid.

Aiming for the gap, Liriyah ran to Nikolai. He grabbed one arm and threw Nikolai up through a hole in the ceiling.

It’s hard to throw an adult man even with his aura-enhanced strength. But it was important to send it up first.

Nikolai, who clung to the hole with his strength, managed to escape to the ground. Liriya also disappeared from the hole behind.

“Oh, I missed it.”

Jonathan spoke in an under-motivated tone.

The noise from the waterway over there was getting closer. The priests’ rabbit hunt was almost over.

They can’t generate huge transfers like Jonathan. But headcount has been a valid weapon for generations.

Also, priests are sensitive to water veins. It was possible for them to control the current rising from the rain.

On the other hand, Ippeniya’s remnants are like playing with crossbows at the most. Even if there is a loach that escapes by chance, it will be difficult for all to escape safely.

“If there was a man who resisted with magic, I would have caught him. Maybe it’s because we’re all dead and nervous during the war, but we can’t find any abnormalities.’

It doesn’t matter. We’ve got a priest that was our number one goal.

All Propaganda needs is a leader. It was a waste of time to persistently brush up on small things.

It was none of Jonathan’s business whether the escaped men set fire to the cage with grudges. The security of the city was Albert’s area of recovery. If you’ve fed me this much, I won’t be dissatisfied with myself.

Jonathan twisted his hair to one side. Blood dripping from the back of the back soaked the spine.

It was a minor wound, but I felt uncomfortable. I was wondering what the hell was going on, but a couple of investigators dragged the unconscious priest over here.

“We’ve captured him alive. I can’t help but admire your formidable divinity.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve done a little tricks. Just wake him up.”

One investigator raised the crystal cane without hesitation. The priest managed to come to his senses after being beaten in the back a few times.

Meanwhile, Jonathan accepted the horn decorations handed over by another priest. It was thrown away to reduce the weight of the priest when he ran away.

He laughed and put decorations on his head. It was much heavier than the triplet used by the archbishop.

“Madam, why would you just throw this away? You’re sick and tired of it in the face of a crisis, aren’t you?

The priest let out a faint groan. A fervent priest lashed out at her.

Because the horns were heavier than expected, the injured neck became more painful. Yonatan stopped playing profane tricks. I returned the decoration to the priest and borrowed a handknife. As I was roughly cutting off my long hair, the priest murmured.

“If you’re going to execute him for being a pagan…… here with the knife at once…….”

“Won, the spite of people in cold countries. Why is your mentality so brutal?”

My hair has fallen a lot. Jonathan leaned down and whispered to her.

“We also advertise ourselves as merciful gods. If you kill her for committing a cult, the public will say, “Oh, yeah, good job.””What……?”

“Self-consciousness is at its best. We’re not gonna make all this fuss about killing you. Goddess of the Dead, you’ll be in a lot of trouble in the future, but hang in there. I wouldn’t miss a meal if I could, and I’ll treat you if you feel like you’re going to die.”

“What the…!”


Jonathan suddenly leapt in and shouted at the priests, who were gathering one by one.

The priest was forced to rise, gripped by his hair. There was no time to groan. The Archbishop’s voice rang loudly in her ears.

“This is what heresy is! It’s the true nature of the beast! The revelation of the Father’s Creator led us to the criminal who scattered the curse of destruction!”

The priests shouted and applauded. The whole sewer was about to ring. Dreary dust seething and stinky.

* * *

The mood of the system changed in line with the lull in the late monsoon rains.

Nevertheless, it was disturbed by a series of murderous dramas by the people who were destroyed. No matter how irrelevant the target was to the lives of ordinary citizens, citizens were uncomfortable with the presence of groups that killed people on the roadside.

I don’t know what a radical organization will do next. When anxiety was mounting in the city, a manhunt was caught out of the blue.

It was a great achievement made by Daishinjeon himself. The archbishop himself gave in to the wicked heresy with his faith.

In the past few decades, the Church has been a secularist. The absolute power of faith is decreasing day by day. There is no suitable competitor, and believers are spread throughout the continent, so it is a level of maintaining the status quo. The authority that I had as a mediator in the old era of divided kingdoms was lost.

But this time, he made a very decisive achievement.

The remnants of the priests’ capture were handed over to the Army. A woman named Chief was under investigation in Daishinjeon.

Public sentiment naturally paid attention to Daishinjeon. They exclaimed as if a dying tree had bloomed one day in their front yard.

“I thought you were digging into the imperial divorce, but sometimes you do a temple thing!”

“Hidden in the sewers of Ipeniya, where the gruesome curse rally took place. Isn’t it because the curse has seeped into the ground?

“That’s all. You know, people around him have been dying since last year. In fact, they say it’s all because of the people who are dead want and curse.”

“Oh, my God, they’re the only ones who changed their country’s name? We were all in a position to draw borders a hundred years ago. I dug snow at the end of the continent and let you live in a warm place, and you’re doing everything you can. If you’re going to do that, tell them to go to our land.”

A prayer meeting was held in line with the rising public opinion. It was an event to criticize heresy and pray for the purification of the curse.

The zealots were willing to climb the hill instead. Those who suddenly reflected on their usual shallow beliefs also gathered like clouds.

The number of people was great. As much as the New Year’s celebration, it was packed to the front yard.

The archbishop mounted a wheeled platform and toured directly between them. The prayer amplified by the aura was as loud as the voice of the Creator. He shouted himself, looking down at the congregation.

“My hand will act as a miracle of creation. He who is cursed, come up here. “Those who have a headache, those who have a stomachache, those whose skin is swollen, I will heal the suspected disease.”

“Your Holiness, Archbishop! I’ve been having a headache for months! Please do something about this poking thing!”

“Come on up, come on up! Kneel down and worship the Father Creator. Look, the pain in his head is gone, the catastrophe of destruction is gone! Thank you, Creator!””Thank you, Creator! Thank you, Creator! Thank you, Creator!”

Yonatan’s miracle, powerful, simple mechanisms are simple. Contact therapy only boosts your body’s vitality by activating your energy.

There is no specific prescription for a disease. However, humans who had been troubled by the long-standing illness had a temporary spark. It was particularly accepted as a panacea for the poor with malnutrition.

Among them, there was a phenomenon bordering on fraud. When the Archbishop’s hand touched it, the bent hand stretched out and he heard deafness.

All of them were pre-arranged decoys.

If someone had looked a little closer, if he had doubted it a little deeper, he would have realized the truth.

But the miracle authority was never compromised or questioned. The authority of privileged power was stronger than the truth. The excitement in the field paralyzed rational judgment.

The recent illness and misfortune of the Empire are all attributable to the curse of the fallen nation.’

That’s what the Archbishop, who was signified by the Creator, said. The witnesses, who admired the miracle, ran down the hill as soon as the prayer meeting was over and spread the rumor.

It was the moment when the authority of the denomination peaked after the establishment of the unified empire.

The supporters inside the denomination shut up about Jonathan’s dominance. In this situation, I raised the issue of divorce.I felt like I was going to be a big criminal. Even the act of secretly handing over a seminary priest to his nephew’s tutor was ignored.

The quality of singing fanaticism.

It is exactly what Albert once commented.

“You sons of bitches really…….”

Juju murmured as he walked down the aisle of the Imperial Palace.

The reality of having to deal with such a double triangle is unpleasant.

The servant who was guiding opened the door of the exhibition room. Albert, who was standing with his hands behind his back from the inside, turned this way.

He had a smile that was so pleasant that he wanted to punch him.

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