Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 187

Albert has been nothing but depressing. Her pride, which was hurt by the empress’ divorce wish, did not heal. At last, when the Knights General died, I thought I had reached the peak of misfortune.

But luck still follows with him. Thanks to his patience not to hate his one remaining friend, Jonathan set the stage this far.

Of course he didn’t revamp Albert purely because he cared for him. I didn’t want to kill myself. Albert also noticed his innermost thoughts.

But anyway, there was a sign that things would go away. The strategy of using Ippenya to induce public sentiment was valid.

In fact, he had briefly forgotten the existence of the fallen country because of his lethargy.

However, Yonatan visited due to the issue of supervising the funeral of the Knights. He said he wanted to get permission to read war records stored in the storage. It was in the name of writing a doze off of the Knights to recite at the funeral.

I didn’t think that reason would be a problem later. I allowed it, but I assumed that there might be other intentions in asking for records that were left deep in the storage.

Albert looked around the storage with Jonathan at the front. The Knightsman’s life was scattered like a fragment in the history of numerous wars.

Yonatan, among other things, pointed to the latest record for Iphenya.

“Albert, have you heard of magic?」

Albert blinked at the unexpected words.

“You mean the art of the North? Rumor has it that it’s a big deal, but I know it as a training method. I’ll do the same thing as building a tower of matches.」

“Ah………………………………………………When did you ever say that to Lena?」

“Did I? I don’t know if I did. We talked about gas distribution rights this time last year.」

Then Jonathan looked at me with a strange look.

In fact, he was at a loss. Irene noticed where knowledge was twisted and gibberish.If she had sent Albert a will from the beginning, the will of information might easily have been right. But the friendship was damaged, so I wasted my effort.

But it’s in the past. Jonathan didn’t even tell Albert that. More importantly, he was informed of the information.

“I guess there’s a magic story written here somewhere?」

“There’s a little comment left in the memorandum of the father.」

Albert looked back at the dusty shelves in the storage.

“Officially accessible minutes are kept in the Imperial Library and accidents in various places. What’s in the storage is unedited diaries and confidential. I handled the memorandum left by Boo in his later years and put it here.」

It was Albert himself, the next emperor, who did so.

He felt that he could no longer be bitten by his death, which had been postponed as much as possible. However, pride in past achievements could not be put down until the moment of death. For that reason, he wrote down the whole thread of his life as a record.

Albert later quietly dealt with the servant who recorded it. Memorabilia was read once and transferred to storage.

It was a judgment mixed with practicality and emotion.

I don’t know how much senile words may have been mixed in this record, but it shouldn’t be given room for political abuse later.

And as a child, I felt bad. There was no mention of a child in the oral memorandum. He made many children and put up fights without countermeasures, but it felt stark that he treated them as purely by-products of his glory.

There are only a couple of lines of confession about magic.

In the Memorandum, the precepts arranged strangely long the process of conquering Ippenia and its subsequent achievements. It is mainly about gas. The following comments were all about magic, along with an overview of what kind of technique it was.

It was useless.

Jonathan wanted a copy of that very passage.


“I thought of a great way to use it.」

That’s all he said at the time. First of all, it was the capacity to cross-validate the temple’s records.

Jonathan suggested turning the public eye to heresy at that point.

Albert added a ploy to that. It is weak with simple heresy. Let’s put a curse on him and pass on the mistakes he has made.

It’s a superstition made up in a hurry. But isn’t it an unidentified rally in foreign countries? Even if the displaced people kidnapped a child and ate his liver, they would have believed it.

Scary stories are interesting because they are provocative. Fear is the easiest emotion to overwhelm a person. And with a little stimulation of these two things, humans easily reject extraordinary beings.

Albert had fully tested this strategy in the process of crowding out Charlotte.

What has the word “villainess” dropped her from, neither villain nor villain.

I regret that I should not have done so now. However, a Buddhist priest is a Buddhist priest and a religious scholar is a religious teacher. It was used effectively and applied again. As expected, it hit the mark.

In Albert’s opinion, the monarch needed to look powerful to the people.

However, it is better to be a victim than to be written off as an assailant and leave public sentiment. This is especially true when foreign countries are opponents.

Emperor targeted by the curse scattered by the ruin. Emperor who has been falsely accused of assassination politics after losing people around him one by one.

Thanks to Ippeniya, Albert was able to pose as an unlucky monarch. Sympathetic support will grow further in reaction to earlier abuse.

“While I was at it, I was going to find a way to weave a brother and sister in the North.”….’

Albert, quite excited, looked down at the girl before him.

The exhibition room did not open a window for the preservation of art. Instead, indoor gas lamps used only in the imperial palace illuminated Juju’s blonde hair.I thought I wanted to see you since the palace disturbance. However, we are facing each other in the summer season.

Albert said hello after confirming that Juju was dressed in a revealing neck and shoulder.

“Long time no see.”

“I’d like to know why you suddenly paged me in this situation.”

Juju said out of the blue. I wasn’t in the mood to accept old farmland.

She and Ruslan were just peeking at the possibility of coordinating views with Iphenya. Unexpectedly, however, Yonatan lost his player.

The extent of the damage to the remnants was not even estimated. There is no way to know whether it is destruction or destruction. Juju secretly asked the ghost king to investigate, but the two organisations had long since ceased to travel. It was hard to expect much at this point when Mirta also died.

Elise’s plan to spill the beans over her pregnancy went up in smoke.

I admit it was a mean move. I planned to pity an innocent woman. But for now, it was the only way to bite Jonathan.

But public opinion has completely eroded the mood with the incitement to heresy. At this point, it was obvious that it would turn into a black propaganda to harm God’s apostles.

Why does Albert have to point the finger at Juju?

If it was an envoy, he could have refused it on an excuse. But I sent the servant to officially contact him. It was an official Hwang Myung.

On such a subject, the place of appointment is not even real.k.a.

Juju glared at Albert with a look at him urging him to answer.

Albert smiled and walked slowly through the gallery.

“It’s like Jim chose the wrong day. Why, did something happen at home? Count Keitel would have gone to see my work separately.”

Ruslan is now in the Army’s main quarters. Originally, he was in charge of detecting the remnants of Iphenya after Dietrich. This time, he went there, saying he would cooperate with the search for the identity of the captured remnants.

He even said that to the juju. Juju understood that it was a lie for fear of leaking words. In reality, they’d be working on a ploy to save them.

“I hear you and Her Majesty are still at odds. I thought you’d hate to see me.”

“You secretly sided with the empress and did something cute…… I was disgusted.”

Albert skimmed through the Pyeonaek on the wall.

These are new works that were well received by the Academy of Arts this quarter. There were still many religious contents due to the support of the temple. In particular, there were many materials such as ascetic roads and fights against demons.

The end point of the hardship repertoire usually converges to salvation.

Albert turned to Juju.

“But you were forced to do it at the request of the empress. I felt rather sorry for you after I calmed down. Now that you’re involved in a marital problem.”

“It’s been a month. Did you invite me here to apologize?”

“This will put the Empress in a difficult position.”

Albert suddenly changed the subject.

Juju slightly narrowed her eyebrows. She’s been standing in one place for a while and not moving. Since the opponent’s intentions are not easily guessed, it is best to pretend not to know.

“Did Ethan set up a scapegoat for Her Majesty?”

“No, quite the opposite. The Great God of the North scattered curses on this country. Didn’t all the disaster come to Jim? In the midst of a series of bad luck, even the Empress declared that she would separate from Jim.….”

Albert, who was moving, stopped at one point.

“What would be the public sentiment if the truth of the fuss caused by the Empress was due to the curse of the fallen nation?”“…….”

Juju pressed her tongue against the roof of her mouth.

Currently, Batilde is best to defend the Imperial Palace. From the moment she filed for divorce, there was no room for compromise with Albert. If you give in to false rumors here, she’ll lose.

“The Empress is an intelligent woman.”

“Jim knows, divorce is a matter for both of us. But I’m afraid the timing has become strange. Anyway, if the empress of a country gets involved with the heretical judge, it will hurt the royal family’s dignity.”

Albert spoke as if he were genuinely concerned. Then, he added as if he suddenly remembered it.

“Yes, the grandmother who was staying here smiled at the empress. The other day, he criticized Count Keitel, but given the way it works, there is a possibility that the grandmother may be mistakenly suspicious. He is not very familiar with the system because he was born in the north. I’m not too happy about that as an imperial householder before the Emperor.”

“Would it matter if Her Majesty trusted them?”

“There is no place where a third person’s tongue can dance with a sword like the palace. It’s hard to keep silent when the middlemen start to make their opinions.”

Albert spoke nonchalantly as if he was the only one who had tried to control the spirits of his servant. On the spot, I looked up at the high wall.

“So, I don’t want the Empress to be in trouble for the time being. Even if I get rid of this painting soon…I mean…

Juju raised her head and followed her eyes.

I didn’t know because it was hanging high. Only then did I realize. The old collective painting hung.

Why is the stuff I heard was in Albert’s bedroom here? I did, and then I saw for sure the next moment.

This is a replica. The thing that hung in Irene’s villa. This painting depicts Batilde in Charlotte’s place from the beginning. That’s why they left it in an exhibition room that is open to the public.

What I said earlier sounded significant. Juju asked a question of inquiring.

“Are you going to divorce Her Majesty of the Empress?”

“It’s up to the gods to decide.”

Albert replied flatly. It was not long before the color of his face softened.

“And it’s also up to the Church how long it’s going to take to oust heresy. Do you understand what Jim is saying?”

“That’s too hard for a dumbass like me.”

Don’t beat around the bush and do it right. When Juju questioned him with that heart, Albert took a few steps this way.

“I know why you joined the fuss of the empress. It is in your nature to do justice to the people you are close to.”

Like Charlotte one day.

Albert recalled her again in Juju’s daring eyes. He suppressed his longing and went on.

“You go to the empress and tell her to collect her divorce wish. We can discuss the relationship again later. There’s nothing good about increasing the burden on the temple.”

“Why don’t you give your name yourself?”

“Will my words be heard by those who are already sulking? Understand, no one has been close to the empress for as long as you have been.”

In fact, I needed an excuse to see Juju’s face. I didn’t even want to visit a woman who said she liked another man.

But for the time being, I was going to keep a relationship with Batilde. Not yet, until he’s got a clear head.

Until we confirm that the hypothesis that Yonatan hinted at is true…….

“I understand what you mean, Your Majesty. But please take away this yellow light.”

Juju stepped back as close as he got to him and bowed his head.

Albert asked back, not looking offended.

“Can’t you do it?”

“Your Majesty has already decided. I’m afraid I’ll get angry trying to persuade you. If you hear me wielding the Empress around you, you’ll be someone to the Count.””You’ll regret it.”

“Your Majesty Batilde? The more you do that, the more convincing it would be to visit the Imperial Palace.”

Batilde’s mind won’t be broken now.

Since then, there have been several recommendations. Juju refused and stepped down.

As soon as I left the exhibition room, I asked the servant to give me cold water. I got thirsty when I talked to Albert.

‘If Albert wants to jump on this situation, he has no choice but to physically solve it.’

The existing version was completely disadvantageous to Albert and Jonathan. At that point, Yonatan chose to stop and clean up the plates altogether. Then he took out a new plate that he had prepared and gained the upper hand.

Of all things, it became the most disadvantageous round for Ruslan.

No matter how good he is at talking, it’s hard to win this game. Every time you take a step, a handicap called birth ties your hands.

The juju came to a conclusion. In her view, there was only one way to end this round.

Kick it and flip it over.

* * *

Albert alone stayed in the exhibition room and scanned the painting.

In fact, I had to go back to my seat and look at the political affairs. He had many other guests besides Juju because he was the emperor.

I wanted to get a little bit more carried away.

He fell in love with art after a long time. I watched the picture with emotion.

The canvas depicts an anecdote of a ascendant who climbed a thorn tree mountain in the past. The ascetic looks at the rising star that reappears before him every dark night. It is a story about the salvation of God in the principle of rising and falling stars.

Albert murmured as he looked at the rising star in the painting.

“You’ll regret it…….”

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