Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 188

Act 17 – The Deuteronomy of the Stage.

Over the next few days, the temple has accused Ethan of misdeeds every day after day. The art community, where funds flowed in through sponsorship, responded most easily.

The press was fifty-fifty.

On the other hand, he said: It is an overly mystical argument to call a curse out of the blue without a clear investigation. On the other hand, the opposition party refuted the claim, saying, “We don’t know how the North handles the aura.”

At this time, the thoughts of ordinary citizens were at the bottom of the stimulating base.

As was the case with this time last year’s phonetic injury.

It’s true that the Ippeniyans killed knights and soldiers, no matter what. Perhaps the four young girls who died over the past year and this year could be the result of the hatred of the people who died. And the power of the soul was much more known to the temple than to universities and magazines.

The story of immortality, which was rumored to have disappeared a long time ago, has been mentioned again. Rumors spread that Shen Huang almost wore a curse in past wars.

What specific curse did the Yoseung of Ipeniya put? How it was scattered around the system.

Details of these questions have remained undisclosed.

However, Daishinjeon said he was standing on very strict guard and investigating it, so we will know soon. Whatever it was, the people who were destroyed must have done something very unlucky and ominous.

The fact that they rallied in the sewers also instigated unrest in the city.

Tragically, the theory has spread that the river may have been poisoned. It was only for a short time. It was a very credible argument by citizens, but it lacked grounds. Even then, no one died after drinking water.

Thus, rumors of the poison quickly subsided, but some occasionally caused stomachache with drinking water. There was a commotion that this might be due to a curse. The man who was swept away by it shouted, “I don’t know what curse will build up in my normal body.”

Not everyone believed in the curse completely. There was an atmosphere of doubt. But the hysteria created by extremists scattered the city with something else instead of curses.Anxiety spread like seeds and lodged in a person’s head and heart.

The “just in case” mind is the best ingredient for business above all – Irene would have said so if she were alive.

Since the mastermind had already been dead for a long time, Jonathan decided to refer only.

Following the archbishop’s instructions, the production of sacred objects was spurred. There was no significant difference from existing items. However, it was touted as a special production by the congregation.

“Look, it’s an all-nighter feast to soothe the troubled Shinto spirit of the times.”

“Oh, my God, you’ve done a great job. What’s the effect?”

“It will cleanse the veins and the veins to prevent the bad luck of the curse. Apply to the doorknob or sprinkle on the well. The paper flower here used a special paper with ground ore powder. The waves from the flowers purify the atmosphere and clear the soul.”

In anxiety, faith has soared in demand as a special product. There is no way to know how many months’ worth of donations the funds collected will be equivalent.

After judging that it was a business, the denomination sent a person directly to the Imperial Palace. It was to add a promotional effect named credibility to the sale of sacred objects.

The emperor was the main target of the curse. If the curse of ruin is true, naturally there will be a lot of bad luck around him. Oil and paper flowers filled the emperor’s bedroom.

Albert did not stop such meddling. Rather, he left a message praising the archbishop’s loyalty and friendship.

“I can see where my misfortune has come from these days, seeing that anger is lifted just by looking at the holy water. The collection of reactionary groups should be governed by imperial law as the background of a series of murders, but the temple has arrested them, so there is room for disposal.”

Ruslan was listening to it as a new secretary of state and asked.

“Then what would you do?”

Albert turned his head leaning against the roof and looked back at him. He said, staring hard at the pupils, which were said to be the characteristics of the Great House.

“I will speak Korean after hearing the results of the church’s investigation.”

“Then let’s put the Army’s investigation behind us for a while. I’m afraid that the lies of the captives will trickle down to the temple’s god. Don’t let them kiss at the same time.”

“It’s worth listening to what the Earl says. I will order you to do so. Will the Army be patient with the internal victims, when one of them tried to stir up a civil war?

Albert turned his head and looked down at Ruslan.

Ruslan forced the tip of his lips to harden.

“The murdered colonel is retired. The Knights Commander was active. And yet, the Knights are controlled by the Imperial Command. They will persevere as well as they can if the king assuages them, as he did to the Knights.”

“Jim turns around and points out that he’s neglected the Army. I’ll keep it in mind because it’s the right old saying. Can we also hear opinions on the disposal of the captured remnants?

“First of all, try to conciliate. Aren’t they so rebellious that they even instigated civil war? If they try to enlighten themselves with yellow silver, they may change their minds and confess something.”

Albert looked down at Ruslan. He seemed to be thinking something through for a while, then replied as if it were nothing.

“You have a point. Even if it’s Ippeniya, it’s like the rest of the war caused by the Emperor. Write it down there. Whatever reaction they’ve made, Jim will be treated as an imperial. Eat and go to bed, and try to enlighten yourself first.”

Listening to the secretary’s words, Ruslan was relieved inside.This has not led to a situation that will leave an aftertaste.

The Ephenyans captured in the temple were generally slow-moving, that is, those who were indifferent to combat. An extremely ordinary citizen of both profession and character. Someone in the organization who would have been in charge of chores and contacts.

Ruslan had met them face-to-face at Army headquarters.

I felt a tangle of mind.

Even though I had thought that I didn’t want to stand on their heads, I had a heartbreaking feeling.

What a shallow pity. I asked myself, but it was a little different. There was much more sense of guilt. I realized that this might be what the Grand Duke said in his lifetime.

But it’s not easy to get them out of this position. The demand for release is beyond all grounds. I spoke carefully so as not to catch a glimpse of the man sitting on that throne.

Based on the emperor’s attitude, the desired goal must have been achieved.

If you were a narrow-sighted person, you would have judged that it would be beneficial to close your eyes and cut them off. It would be convenient if Koreans or whatever they are turned away from them.

But if you choose to abandon them here, you don’t know how far the cause and effect will go.

Ippeniya’s remnants have not yet reached total destruction. Ruslan has clearly confirmed that Liriya and Nikolai are not on the list. Then they must be locked somewhere and preparing for their next move.

Their eyes are watching. I have to be afraid of them myself. One should not hear resentment that kicking the throne on one’s own is the product of irresponsibility.

The resentment that he bought should not extend to the reign of the new emperor.

So Emperor, in fact, I may be walking a lot more recklessly than you.’

Even the reason for stimulating the mind is to consider the utility of revenge. No matter what the actual action is, this intention is not a good man.

‘I was prepared to pay for him…….’

Ruslan remained casual and stepped down from the audience. Passing through the passage of the Imperial Palace, I suddenly encountered a maid.

It was a familiar face. As he passed by, he asked at first glance.

“What are you doing, Grand Princess?”

“He’s lying down because he’s not feeling well. It’s a strict order not to let anyone in until evening.”

The lady-in-law bowed her head down. And then he scuttled back to his original position.

Ruslan nodded silently.

* * *

“What’s all this? It’s a drug dealer or palm reader.”

Dorothea said in a quirky tone. She was looking up at a paper flower woven with thread above the doorpost.

Juju smiled with a countenance.

“You’ll see something similar from now on.”

“You mean that sign?”

Dorothea pointed to the signboard. The wooden board carved with a plane was scrawled with the brush strokes of “Of Mice Race.”

“It’s like a race for the common people.”

“Is the person I’m meeting today a contestant here?”

“Isn’t it the same investment……?”

Juju did not know exactly, so she answered clumsily.

The interior of the first floor of the multi-family house was narrow. A wooden lane was installed on the other side of the fence. The people around it were making noise.

Two silver coins for the first emperor!

“I’m the Five Daughters and the Three Nips!”

It’s a trick to race with rats caught from home.

The rules were simple. Spray wheat grains all over the lane and let the mouse run. The winner, who arrived at the target fastest, is called the ’emperor.’

But animal acrobatics were not the main focus for them. Juju sat Dorothea in the wooden chair behind him and asked.”Are you okay with all the dust?”

“I don’t cough this much anymore. You sure you don’t mind?”

“I’m used to this kind of activity, so I’m fine.”

Juju knew what Dorothea was talking about.

Of course, the granddaughter’s secret activities themselves were dangerous.

All the more so, considering Dorothea’s position. She is only a guest of the court palace on the surface, but is actually under the emperor’s checks and surveillance. Originally, it was difficult to even go out at will.

In fact, Dorothea rarely escaped from the court. A normal person would soon get tired of being suffocated. Familiar with bedroom life, she was enduring this situation without complaining.

Even so, the emperor may change and try to kill. It’s hard to live with Jong-sook like this. It would have been hard to endure the suffocating daily life with the guts of most people.

Dorothea was determined.

“It doesn’t matter because I was equally anxious when I thought I was being held back by Ruslan. In fact, I’ve done enough rehearsal thanks to my great brother.」

Dorothea, who used to be, sneaked out today.

Now she’s changed into a shabby dress like any common girl. Juju was similarly dressed and accompanied by a secret act.

Juju whispered into Dorothea’s ear.

“What did you do to the palace when you came out?”

“I knew this would happen one day, so I looked for someone who was working in the palace. There’s a kid who looks like me in sewing, so I have a mole on him.”

Dorothea threw her eye at the rat crawling through Lane.

“By now, he’ll be in bed in my pajamas. Linde’s gonna pretend he’s gonna get in and out. The royal family doctor won’t approach you if you say you’re suffering from shortcomings.”

“Linde would do a great job. There’s no one to follow with a straight lie.”

“You’re a little shallow, but you’re smart. I quickly got used to the system. Although I don’t rely entirely on you…….”

Dorothea suddenly looked away and flicked her thumbnail.

“Then I was in bed acting like a baby, and you had a hard time trying to please me. Now I’m doing it by myself, and you’re just like any other lady. So maybe we’re on better terms apart.”

“Such a thing to say, miss.”

It was when Juju swallowed his saliva with a sense of guilt for deceiving Dorothea again. Dorothea stood up from the chair. I took a couple of steps to watch the rat race.

“By the way, an emperor to a mouse.”

Her eyes chased a rat climbing uphill.

“I’ve heard of the nickname “The Great Mouse of the Mice the Great. So this is how the world looks at the emperor. To the point where I can put it on this kind of yabove it.

” Over the last bad luck for improvement right, wait at least, instigate. in The Curse of the ipeniya”

Albert’s image, which was a recent abyss, has temporarily recovered. The divorce petition, which was the decisive factor in public opinion, was buried vaguely.

It’s a stopgap measure that doesn’t know how long it’ll last. Albert would have had a hard time tolerating this situation.’

Now he means he’s sorry for even that gain.

Dorothea, who had been watching the race for a while, breathed out a big breath.

“It’s good to see you down there, too. You mean I have to deal with this kind of teasing.”


“That’s why I decided to visit him instead of calling him out.”

Dorothea looked up and looked at the woman coming over there.

It was the next of Mirta, the second ghost king, Bilma.

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