Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 189

Juju turned her head after Dorothea’s eyes.

Bilma did not change. His pungent physique and forearms developed from carpentry remain the same. Perhaps on the way back from grocery shopping, he was hugging an envelope full of groceries.I don’t think he’s been through much trouble. Relieved, Juju bowed her head slightly. Bilma recognized her and was pleased.

“What’s up? You’re here with another friend today. Is Nadia sick?”

“He’s waiting in that tea house over there. Sometimes you have to give them a break.”

“Break time sounds good. Bet addict, why don’t you guys take a break? A man will fall before a mouse.”

“Bilma, I can’t afford the new lane. The rat keeps slipping on the uphill!”

“Feed me some energy. I’m going to have an important talk with the guests over here. Don’t disturb me and stay calm.”

After talking, Bilma swirled to the back door over there. She on the other hand tapped the cheek of a man crouching like a bear. The man flinched while watching the race, and Juju recognized him. It was a man who always guarded the residence of the ghost king.

The man woke up grumbling. Then, he pushed the crowded person little by little inside and opened the front. Juju took Dorothea across the board.

Climbed up a ladder in a warehouse-like space. Then came the attic where Juju had visited the other day.

Juju, who came inside, first gave Dorothea a chair. And I told Bilma, who spread the groceries on the table.

“That’s a good idea. The first floor disguised as a rock bottom.”

“Teas and shops are too expensive to maintain. There’s no problem with having people stay, and I’m glad to hear all the rumors. It’ll be healthier than a dice or a card.”

Bilma replied coolly, and put the turnips from the market in the basket. Juju was amazed to see the lush rosemary pot next to it.

“You’ve grown up a lot.”

“It’s a daily meal from Mirta. Do you want me to soak it in sugar water?”

Bilma pre-opened the dried rosemary into a glass. A spoonful of sugar poured hot water and the crude tea was completed.

Dorothea has been looking around inside for a while. Bilma also offered her a glass. Dorothea naturally received it out of the blue. It was the moment I took it to eat. The color of the stained glass and the old smell instantly deteriorated.


It’s the first time I’ve encountered food that I’ve been born and raised as a granddaughter. The body reacted reflexively before thinking with its head.

Juju put down her glass and hurried up.

“Is it hard to drink, miss?”

“Lady, not a maid?”

Bilma asked out of curiosity.

Juju opened her mouth to explain. But Dorothea was faster. She raised her hand, stopped it, and put the glass down.

“Listening to you, I get it. With clothes like this, I’m no different than a sewing kid.”

“Miss Juju, who is this girl?”

Bilma asked, pointing her finger fearlessly. The juju in the middle said as carefully as possible.

“That’s the gold rope I told you about. I mean… a very high man.”

Bilma’s complexion changed suddenly.

“What? I thought I was going to ask you to find someone from Ippeniya again. Didn’t I tell you I wouldn’t get involved with anyone higher than this? Did you forget this isn’t just my stubbornness? It’s a principle that Mirta established in her lifetime!”

“It’s not like that! Just a lady here…….”

Juju was also embarrassed and was in a hurry. I’ve never seen Bilma so angry, who always had such a strong impression. Looking at his serious and cold face, he was nervous that he would be punched at the door.

Then Dorothea breathed in once. He pulled himself together and gulped down his glass. Out of the blue, Juju looked back over there.”Lady.”

Are these siblings learning how to drink hot tea separately? On the other hand, there was a stream of false thought. Dorothea, who put the glass down, looked up straight at Bilma.

“Say your name, or I’ll say your name. Bilma, I’m sorry to be surprised at the unfamiliar taste of the car. I think I misunderstood you, so can I explain myself?”

Bilma blinked and stepped back a couple of steps. I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms.

“You must be a really high man. You don’t have to identify yourself. The Countess brought him here, and at this age, she must be the rumored granddaughter.”

“That’s correct, as Juju said, you’re a clever man. Then I can determine whether my explanation is true or false.”

Dorothea straightened her back.

“First of all, I’ll tell you how it goes. I’m not here to ask you for any favors. I just wanted to meet you once.”

“We’re not the kind of place people know. Did you hear that from that lady?”

“I deduced.”

Bilma raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Me, too, but my brother Count Keitel was originally born and raised in the North. There is no connection in the system. But everything I hear after I come to Seoul. No matter how much he believes in my brain, it’s impossible to do such a feat without any information.”

Juju couldn’t stop herself from saying harsh words and let out a dry laugh. Even though Ruslan is a man who is absolutely precious to her, he seems to be a little mean to Dorothea as ever since.

Dorothea continued.

“I’ve come up to the system and found no sign of hiring high-quality trafficking. But while I was searching the Imperial Palace newsletter to find out how the system is doing, I found one thing that caught my eye. There was a record of the top union leader reporting to the security forces.”

Irene had a history of reverse detection of Myrtha before.

Then two ghosts caught died in the basement. Irene reported that they died while smoking poisonous candles because of their poor behavior.

That concludes the case. Trouble that often happens when a servant is misemployed. It happened long before the disturbance between the Southern Plants and the Cancan Theater. There was no connection between Irene’s death and the incident.

Only Dorothea read some lines in this record. She knew Ruslan was knocking down four young girls. Therefore, he doubted whether the incident was a tragedy caused by delving into the situation of the top union leader.

So, she concluded on her own and put in a stovepipe.

I know there’s a separate network. Just in case, share it with me.>

I couldn’t back out after all this.

Dorothea still held grudges against Ruslan. Ruslan had both guilt and resentment about trying to take revenge alone.

The same situation would have been hated to be repeated in the system. And Ruslan, just in case, determined that it would be helpful to announce the existence of the ghost king.

‘Cause if there’s any trouble ahead, at least you’ll be able to entrust yourself.’

The organization of the ghost king doesn’t even know the emperor. The top union leader, who had barely stepped on his tail, died and shut up.

Then in the event of any emergency, Dorothea could do enough to hide it.

Of course, I intend to do my best not to let such a situation happen. However, he is assessing an all-out war against Daishin. Juju had no choice but to keep in mind the possibility of failure as well.

Ruslan agreed with him.

“Let’s make it a preliminary. It’s not the first plan for me. Because I was drawing a picture that if things go wrong, I’d definitely escape you.」”What’s that, Ruslan?」

“Well, it has to be bait. Fortunately, there is a very good hand. The secret of birth to catch the eye of the whole empire.」

There’s no such thing as that.

I don’t like that at all. I don’t want to think that Ruslan takes all the blame for failing.

But Ruslan was nonchalant. I said with my fingers crossed in a relaxed manner.

“Please don’t think of it as some sublime spirit of sacrifice. Like you said, I’m proud of a cunning villain, so that’s the point. It’s a judgment as a ploy. You’re much better at moving far away with Dora than I am. And I’m more eloquent than others, so I can handle any kind of interrogation.」

“……I still don’t like it. Think of a better plan.」

“It’s okay. It’s the worst-case scenario. And for me, it’ll be a chance to get a glimpse of the turnaround. To me, my father left me…….」

Ruslan, who went so far, rested his chin and looked far away for a moment.

There was silence for a while. Ruslan then dropped Juju on his lap, blurring his words. A round arm wrapped around her waist, folded fingers.

“Anyway, I agree that we need a second proposal. You preside over Dora so that she can reach the ghost king. In the meantime, I’ll think hard about how to deal with those compatriots.」

At that time, Juju was hurt for no reason and caressed Ruslan’s cheek. Eventually, I hugged his neck and held my breath for a long time.

It would have been better if we didn’t understand each other. Then, would you have been less afraid of parting? Maybe I didn’t have to endure this or that chest pain.

The fact that I love him. The fact that I’m loved by him. It was a very happy and nervous fact. It has become a great nourishment to cope with the knife-like reality. But if you slip on the wrong foot, then you’ll come back in even greater pain.

No, Ruslan. No matter how resourceful you are, you’re wrong this time.

I can get over it much better. I used to be Albert’s lover. I’m the only one standing up to him.

No, regardless of the efficiency of the scheme, there should be Ruslan in safety. No matter what the number of trumps, Ruslan won’t be using it. If either side has to endure failure, mine is better…….

The horse was eventually swallowed without being brought up.

And brought Dorothea to Bilma.

Juju, who explained the whole story, told Bilma again.

“The second ghost king. Again, I’m not here to be your authority. I’m just saying I’d appreciate your help in case of an emergency.”

“I’ve heard that the Earl is preparing to fight against the Great War.”

Dorothea helped. At that time, Bilma gave his eyes a paper flower that was roughly on one side.

“I know the temple is a joke. Nor are the people of the North a race to resort to such dubious tactics.”

“But you’re all taking the holy water and keeping it at home because you’really? There are already a few in this house.”

“It’s because there are people who are arguing that houses without holy things are one of the dead and the dead. I have to make a living, too. I had no choice but to leave it to make others look good.”

Dorothea lamented briefly. The situation was unimaginable in the Imperial Palace.

“What have the Emperor and the Archbishop done? It’s not… it’s not rule.”

She was born long after the fall of Ippeniah. War is a generation encountered only by historical things. Corruption, which was difficult to understand in type, was unfolded raw.Sides are divided in the hope of vain gain. Hate is used to teach people to save. Only then did the teaching of the Grand Duke of Mother come vividly.

Dorothea suddenly recalled the everyday scenery she had brushed across from her journey. At the same time as the beautiful color peace I saw at that time, the messy collection of the dusty attic overlapped.

This is the Empire. It’s the world.

It’s a country where someone has to take responsibility and lead.

“Ghost king, I respect your intention not to be involved in power.”

Dorothea pulled herself up from the chair.

“But it’s impossible not to be involved in politics. Empire’s people…… as long as you are a citizen. Even the holy things that occupy your place right now are tied to politics.”

“Your Highness, the Grand Princess. What are you trying to say?”

“I just want to say that.”

Dorothea looked around the narrow attic. Crumbles of wood flew away with dust and seemed to cough. But I held it in.

“What my misfortune saw as luxury, type and number for someone is life here.”

Thinking about something for a while, Dorothea looked back at Bilma again.

“I beg you, with all due respect. As Juju said, in the event of an emergency, do you mind if I ask you for a moment?”

“You may say you’ll pay for it, but I’ll pay as much as I can.”

Juju added a helping comment.

Bilma walked toward the workstation with a look of embarrassment. I thought I needed some time to think.

She picked up a trimmed log. The sculptures were cut off several times to straighten the back.

“I can’t take on the Grand Princess. But I can handle a girl.”

Only then did Juju’s face look straight with relief. Dorothea was also in full bloom.

“Thank you for doing me a hard favor.”

“Don’t like it too much. You’ll get the payment. I don’t know what you’re up to, but do it as long as we don’t get involved. It’s even more so when you think about who you are, regular lady.”

“What do you mean, not Earl, Juju?”

Dorothea asked back as if she didn’t understand.

Juju was chilled with aghast. Bilma blinked without any time to stop him.

“That girl, she’s the one who’s in love with the evil girl.”

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