Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 191

“Your Highness, the Grand Princess. Have you come all the way here?”

“I stopped by while I was on an outing. I just wanted to have a cup of tea with you.”

Dorothea sat on a guest sofa served by the chairman. She took star candies wrapped in oil paper from the inside of the skirt and spread them on the table.

“I bought it outside, so I’ll take it if I want.”

“It’s a great pleasure to hear that your majesty gives you snacks…By the way, did you go out of the palace?”

Free foreign travel would be almost impossible considering her current position. He confessed that he had been to a secret operation by deceiving the eyes of the eyes.

The Speaker wondered what had happened, Dorothea remained nonchalant.

“I know Her Majesty’s eyes are flashing. We can’t help but sit idly in the court palace in this situation. I took the risk because I wanted to look outside with my own eyes. I’ve been watching and I’m saying this because I think the chairman will understand what I mean.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I’m so grateful that you trust me. So, how was the wind outside?”

The Chairman asked, disconcerted. Deep down, I secretly liked the granddaughter’s platform, so I brought a teapot myself and poured it into the glass.

Dorothea took a sip of the tea and replied.

“The wind smelled old.”

“What do you mean smell?”

“Your Majesty overpowered the temple to appease public opinion. I only read it as a librarian, but the old temple had great authority over the mediation of various kingdoms. The institutional streets were not strange even if the evils of that time were revived.”

Dorothea picked up a star candy and carried it to the edge of the oil paper.

“For this reason, Her Majesty is politically stranded and is defending the Imperial Palace. It was thought that it would not be polite to leave the emperor as a husband and wife. It was also questionable whether the system would be controlled by the provinces when it was so cluttered.”

The Speaker looked at the Grand Princess with a deep lead.

I only met him a couple of times, but it reminded me of the Great Prince who died out of the blue.

Dorothea, speaking for a long time, was conscious of the chairman’s silence. Then, he blushed because he thought he was acting too aware of his thoughts alone.

“Did I say anything shallow?”

“Oh, no!”

Only then did the chairman come to his senses. I smiled quickly to soothe the girl.

“That’s what you think. I realize a lot. So… are you concerned about the phenomenon?”

“At this rate, the confusion may grow even bigger. If Ippeniah is excluded in this way, anxiety in East and West, which were subjugated in the era of Zen Dynasty, will rise. Is there any guarantee that they will not rebel against the regime in the future. Maybe this country is too big for an emperor to handle.”

Dorothea reached the top of the pile of candy, and the precarious shape quickly collapsed and scattered on oil paper.

The Chairman asked insinuatingly, just in case.

“Well, your Highness, do you have any other ideas for governing this continent?”

Dorothea casually opened her mouth to answer. Then I shut up quickly. It wasn’t a topic to rush into.

I almost leaned on the Privy Council chairman because he usually took good care of me. I thought that there would be no problem even if I talked about foreign oil, but it was too early to fully believe and share this topic. It was still necessary to be vigilant.

So I quickly took a step back.

“If Her Majesty asks for an opinion, he will file an appeal. I’m going to get a bonanza next year, so I deserve it, right?”The Chairman gained a faint conviction just by saying that. My frustrated heart was relieved a little. There was a voice of generosity in itself.

“I see. I wonder what kind of gem it is. But your Majesty Albert is busy searching for the curse.”

“I’ll wait for you to open your ears. Wouldn’t you like to listen to what your people are saying?”

“I give advice to every Cabinet meeting. But it’s not easy because he’s sensitive and reproaches me if I have any flaws in my speech and attitude.”

“……it must be hard for you, too.”

“What can I do? He is the emperor who will lead this empire. He was the last to rise to the throne and beat his competitors.”

“It’s a succession process, by the way, a man of no fault in legitimacy.”

“Sometimes I think of a wise man’s words. Have you ever read anything? It is a proverb that even an informed monarch should be punished if he loses his duty. Your Majesty Albert, though, has not yet made a decisive mistake.”


“It’s a shame.”

The chairman spoke with all his bones.

The wind came in through the open window of the office. The curtains fluttered. Dorothea’s black hair, inherited from her mother, also shook.

Nothing has been said for a while.

Dorothea swallowed a dry saliva.

The remarks just now were both interpretable. It is regrettable that the tragedy that the wise man said could come to the emperor, who has been doing well without making mistakes. Or.

It’s a pity that the emperor ‘didn’t make a decisive mistake…….

Dorothea clasped her hands casually. My palms were slippery reading between the lines of silence.

The chairman remained calm like an old man. She naturally reached out to the table before Dorothea asked a hasty question. I picked up the star candy and melted it slowly in my mouth. A satisfied smile spread over the wrinkled face.

“It’s a simple taste. I guess it’s a snack eaten by citizens in the lower neighborhood. Did you buy it yourself?”

“Oh, yeah. It was my first time holding a silver coin, but it was a fresh experience.”

So far, he has only touched silver with utensils or accessories. Dorothea recalled the girl who would have stirred sugar in front of the fire for a long time for the nips.

“Old people tend to crave sweets in the afternoon. Thank you for sharing it with me on purpose.”

“You took care of me the other day. I’ve visited various court buildings, but no one listens to me as well as you. I’m always grateful.”

“That’s very sweet of you. Your Highness, please keep that heart for a long time.”

The chairman had a meaningful laugh.

Dorothea emptied a cup of tea and left the Privy Council. The chairman approached to close the window he had left open.

“The middle class, who had worked since the reign of Emperor, is now close to retirement, even because of their age. Chancellor Otto is old, too. He is eyeing several candidates to replace him, but he is holding out without taking over…….’

Albert said he was unstable, couldn’t bring himself to let go.

The Knights Commander also died in retribution. The old generation cannot sustain the court indefinitely. It is time for a change of mind. However, the emperor, who is supposed to lead at the peak, deals insidiously with people.

In the meantime, four young girls were supported from behind to form a strange balance. However, at the time of the disappearance of the three, Albert became the emperor, but without a single foundation, he rose from the court.

I’m holding out for now. But Albert is only 30. It’s a healthy constitution, so it’ll be on the throne for decades to come.

Will he be able to lead this long-term war, as he has never achieved anything like the emperor?”You may have improved your reputation a little by driving Ippeniah, but Her Majesty seems to be determined to divorce.’

What will happen if a divorce is established.

‘Once again, search for opponents, proceed with national spirit, refurbish the Imperial Palace, produce successors…… Oh, my God, how much did you spend on the problem during the war, and you have to deal with the confusion again…….’

The chairman shook his head.

Although it was an advisory body for the emperor, it often felt like its hands and feet were cut off these days. But she decided to use her final calling.

First of all, we need to hear from the inside of the court.’

Very, very discreetly.

* * *

Yonatan was looking down at the view from the bell tower.

Today, Daishinjeon’s front yard is also a long picture. The unprecedented craze for purchasing sacred objects worked properly.

There are several more temples under the system, but Daishinjeon was the best in terms of the crowd. It was thanks to the spread of rumors that the church’s home was safe and spiritual.

It’s coming up pretty fast. Here, if you want to come up without a carriage, you can’t stop cursing.’

Jonathan never went to work on his own since he became Archbishop. Why would I climb this steep slope if I had to do some ascetic service?

‘Well, the climbing effect will make you healthy. I didn’t lie in that sense.’

This would also be grace if it was grace given by a saint. The sound of the back door came to the cynical Yonatan.

“Are you looking for me?”

The lay priest wiped away the sweat.

“You were in a place like this. I’ve been looking for you for a long time because you left in the middle of the debate and I haven’t heard from

“Oh, I came up because I felt suspicious from afar.”

“Huh? What’s the scoundrel this time!”

“That’s fine, I think he misread the usual atmospheric flow. I’m sure you’ve become more nervous.”

It’s a lie.

I actually played hooky. I was tired of being locked up in the main hall and saying, “What about Ethan’s I couldn’t stand it, so I came up to the open place to get some fresh air.

But in the eyes of a lay priest, it was merely regarded as a formidable divine power. He bent over and led Yonatan’s way.

“There is no place to follow the bell tower with the view of Hagiya. Not only does it overlook the system, but it also gives a panoramic view of the whole landscape.”

“It’s just that these spiral stairs are very troublesome to climb up and down.”

Jonathan got it back. The narrow stairs were only wide enough for two people to stand side by side. Every time I stepped on it, there was an echo.

“What is she doing?”

It was a simple instruction, but the lay priest ahead understood.

“If you’re a monk in Ippenia, you’ll sit in custody and pray. Heresy interrogators are having a hard time because they’re willing to fast. One, what do you see in the form that the Creator gives at his mercy?”

I didn’t order you not to starve, I did.

Jonathan retorted, pointing it out in his mind.

“Heresy is possessed by a spectre. If you want to imitate a saint, I won’t stop you, but you can’t die before the Divine Edition.”

“The interrogators say we should get rid of them as soon as possible, but may I ask when you’d like to confirm?”

Closer to the ground. Yonatan, who had not answered for a while, responded by stepping on the last step.

“……the revelation hasn’t come down yet. For the time being, persuade him to convert.”

The subject of revelation is not the Creator.

It’s Emperor Albert.

Jonathan didn’t want to prolong this issue either. There’s a lot to be concerned about locking up a person. It would be terribly convenient to lock the door roughly in the basement. But I couldn’t do that because I had a religious face advocating mercy.She succeeded in mending the empress’ divorce wish. The interests of horror-based creatures were so enormous that the movement to check inside the denomination also subsided.

A priest is also a glutton. How can we abandon a leader who has secured such funds at once?

There, heresy was prepared to be judged as a finishing the mood. I was going to open the referee’s office and spice it up in a few rounds.

The highlight of the show is of course the burn.

At that point, the authority of the church will fade away. Let’s scour all over the country to root out native heresy. Quite a few political challenges will be swept away by this atmosphere.

Albert, of all things, stopped this brilliant plan.

“There’s no hurry if you’ve got it. We’ll see about that’s it.」

What’s wrong with you at the table again?

But it was hard for Yonatan to push Albert away. In this situation, there was no guarantee that Albert would not stab the back of his head.

After all, he’s a hell of a emperor. What if he brags about the fabrication behind the stage? What if you’re determined to exert pressure on the Church?

By then, of course, Yonatan was going to jump in to die with him. But the consequences of losing their place now won’t change.

If so, what the hell made you do this?

So Jonathan laughed hard.

“What do you see in the good eye?」

“You’re the best hostage. The great bait was caught in the Creator’s net, and the only thing left is to destroy the rushing fish.」

The main idea was to wipe out the remnants of the sewage system.

Anyway, he’s crazy about self-preservation.

The temple knew that the priest would not be let go of his hands, including the part where he slipped over.


Yonatan put down the emotions that suddenly happened.

‘I’m so sorry for what it seems to me. Hang in there because he’s a poor life…….’

That’s the only way I can get rid of my awareness of being a yard dog. He moved on, reflecting on his suggestion. It was to confirm the safety of the priest.

I meant to get a reply from her just for today.

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