Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 200

Later, the sound of Liriya was sucked into my ears.

Wait, wait, prince, are you okay? He jumped out of nowhere! You’re doing something ridiculous!


Far from being a common sense sight.

Jonathan, who rose with his arm strength, tried to step on the railing. Ruslan held his cane reflexively. As soon as he opened the lid and tried to stab Yonatan, Juju rushed in.

“Get out of the way, that won’t do!”

Hold on to both ends of the dress and lift it up as hard as you can. I didn’t mind seeing underwear. Jumped high and stepped one foot on the railing I kicked the other foot with all my might.

The heels are stuck in the chest.

The blow worked for sure.

Jonathan gasped and swallowed his breath. The body pushed back seemed to float in the air as it lost its balance.

At that moment, he swung a crystal wand. He bounced up in a recoil with a cane on the outer wall. Successful in stepping on the railing, he pulled his cane back and hit Ruslan.

Ruslan picked up his weapon and blocked it. A sharp noise sounded when the blade hit the crystal.

Jonathan was laughing.

“Oh, I’m not very good at this.”

“The Archbishop……!”

“It’s not that different, is it? Why don’t you tell me why you’re up here?”

Ruslan clenched his teeth. He twisted his wrist and let his opponent slip.

Unlike Pascalina, it worked this time. Jonathan was quickly pushed back. But instead of falling, he grabbed the railing and jumped into the stall.

Seeing him, Ruslan put the blade of his cane forward. He pushed Juju with his other arm and stood on the other side. There was a gap of about ten steps.Ruslan seems to have been able to afford to calculate even in this situation. Juju found him smiling in the guise of calmness as much as possible.

Archbishop, please tell me how this happened.

Yonatan cut off the tone expressively and asked back.

“How, what, work?”

“I’m surprised that you’re suddenly acting strange. I thought there might be someone like us who would take refuge on the stairs, but I can’t believe you’re coming up from there. You’re mistaken for the pitching clique from earlier.”

Ruslan pretended to be relaxed at all. I dusted off the jacket on the shoulder.

“And you’re attacking me out of the blue. I know we’re in a hurry, but please calm down first. The security forces will be here soon, so let’s catch our breath for a moment–.”

“Hey, there’s the blonde.”

Jonathan cut off the conversation.

Juju looked over at Yonatan with her eyes tightened. Ruslan wrapped himself in front of her as if to cover her up.

“Do you have any business for him?”

“Never mind, Earl, I’m not here to babble with you. Why don’t you answer me, Mrs. Juju?”

Juju squeezed Ruslan’s sleeve.

I think it’s time for an answer.

“Holy Father, I’m sorry I kicked you. I was just surprised.”

“No. No, no, no.”

Yonatan came a step forward. And then I took the next step.

“That’s not it. Why don’t you just be honest? Did you just come here to kick me? I don’t think that’s the case.

He got closer and closer.

Yonatan had a lot of hair. The hair that was roughly cut off by the arrow was very short. At first glance, it reminded me of Moden’s boy priest more than a decade ago.

Jonathan took five steps. His hair started to grow again.

“If you’re going to do it anyway, let’s get it over with. Did I say something wrong? No, actually.”

I’m here to pick your neck.

Just before he was halfway through ten steps, Juju made a decision. He ran out with a shout of laughter. Leaves Ruslan in the back and jumps.

The target has already been set.

There is a paper hanging from the top of the tower. A huge street pole that crosses the inside of the roof. The bell below it is the size of a person’s It was fixed with a copper ring the size of an arm.

I grabbed the horizontal pole with both hands. He kicked up his leg just like that. I put a ring between my ankles and twisted it with the strength of the pole. Muscles and aura seemed to burn.

The ring is distorted. The released paper fell down the road.

Yonatan also stepped back in bewilderment. Juju slid down the round ridge of the bell, wrapped his arms around it, and raised it as a whole. I screamed, squeezing the center of my stomach.

“I’m going down! Ruslan is here!”

“You’re going to carry it down?”

“Do what you have to do! I’m going to crush him!”

Whatever it is, I’ve already read this side’s intentions. Then you don’t have to waste your time mumbling around.

Juju carried the bell and rushed straight ahead. A huge chunk of copper rushed from a narrow stallion, and Yonatan could not help it. He was swept away by the bell even before he could afford to escape, just as he was run over by a runaway carriage head-on.

It fell down endlessly.

The whole landscape on the ground filled the whole view. The air in the air permeated into Juju’s nose.

Even during the uncontrollable free fall, she breathed an aura. Hanging on a bell covered with Yonatan, he tried to mitigate the impact.

The wind blew, the wave decorations of the black dress fluttered like crow’s wings. What it looks like to a man on the ground. Perhaps only the size of the falling species will be visible.The fluttering hair was a little restrained. I realized that the headband presented by Ruslan was properly fixed.

The earrings are made of pearls tailored to them. The juju sent a full note down.

It’s gonna fall that way. Get out of the way!

– What? Falling?… Are you crazy!

Liriyah’s startled rant quickly drew near. The rose window on the ceiling had already been broken, but the paper had to be smashed further. Five-colored glass powder scattered dizzyingly out of Juju’s sight.

What the fuck!

The bell rang to the point where my ears were tingling.

There was a loud tremor on the inside. It’ll be swinging in all directions and hitting the inside. An ordinary man dies at this stage, even if he accidentally saves his life from the crash.

“Is this the end of course.

Juju pulled out of the paper and slipped down.

I had a throbbing pain all over my body. It was said that the shock was relieved by releasing the aura with skin, but it could not even prevent strong sound waves. It seems impossible to avoid a full blow by doing such a ridiculous thing.

Lyria was with her colleagues on the wall over there. She, who was nervous as much as she could, uttered an absurd tone.

“If it comes to life, that’s more of a problem…….”

But Juju didn’t let the guard down. I watched the condition of being away from the bell for a while.

The reason Jonathan is exceptionally powerful here is that he is mastering the atmosphere and the veins here. Falling from the air cuts off much of the source of power. Therefore, he thought that he would be able to secure the chance with a single hit.k.a. single stroke.

But I don’t think there’s a chance of winning.

Said a sense of discipline as a sprayer. I don’t feel like I’ve done it. Even though we’ve got a bell this big.

I heard a loud voice from the inside as if to answer it.

“Oh, oh, right. It’s no use of hypothesis. It’s so fast when I see it with my own eyes.”

Liriyah freaked out. Juju gave a cold wink.

“Get out, get everyone!”

“Leave it alone with you?”

“You were supposed to do that from the beginning. Quick! Get the formation ready so we can go anywhere right away! Ruslan will find you in a little while!”

Juju could not see Liriya’s face beyond his pitch. So I didn’t even know how she felt.

But Lyria didn’t go against Juju’s opinion. Accepted, she nodded deeply. I was under the illusion that the pitch had a grim look on its face.

“I’m coming, live!”

“Just worry about your life.”

That’s what I said, but Juju didn’t relax. I watched the bell with strength in my eyes.

There was a risk of being caught off guard. It was a time when I thought I’d rather crush the bell from above.

Something happened to the quiet bell for a while. It crumpled up with a bang, and then split.

Juju raised his arm to block the flying debris. It was obvious what would come next.

Jonathan stood up in a dusty ceremonial robe with a crystal cane. The hair has grown and slightly over the shoulder.

‘As soon as it hit the ground, it absorbed the energy.’

Juju slowly turned sideways. Since the paper is broken, is there anything else to use as a weapon?

It was unlikely to be possible. Chairs and altars were mostly burned. What is still intact is gathered in the corner to use it as a barricade. There were only paintings and sculptures on the wall, so I couldn’t grab anything right away.

Meanwhile, Jonathan stumbled a little, feeling dizzy. As soon as I tried to pick up the crystal cane again, the tool was limited. The part that Ruslan blocked with the blade split helplessly.


Jonathan threw away his cane without regret. The round crystal rolled on the floor like a child’s toy. He put his hands on his waist and said.”Oh, my God, you’re still trying to figure out the means. I think it’s worse than when I was active. That’s why I’m afraid of Albert.”


“You’re Lotte, aren’t you?”

It was a ridiculously plain tone.

Juju gazed at the man in front of her. Despite hesitating to answer, Jonathan did not seem nervous. Rather, he moved his shoulders and laughed.

“It’s funnier if you say no now. That’s great, Albert. I’m getting mad at him, and I’m gonna have to catch you.”

“What are you going to use me for?”

“You have the Imperial Emperor and Prince Ipennya in your hands, don’t you?”

Juju’s heart sank at the moment. I used superhuman patience not to show off my face to Jonathan.

What’s going on? Don’t tell me that the priest who was caught here threw up Ruslan’s identity.

But Lyria was assured. She’s the last person to do that. If I decide to die, I’ll do it. I’m not the type to tell secrets.

‘……What’s the use of such a guarantee?’

Juju exhaled shallowly.

One doesn’t know how to change in extreme circumstances. Even he did. I prayed that I was sorry for a crime that I had never committed.

Then, the priest may have said something else but pointed the opposite to the truth.

It doesn’t matter what way Jonathan figured out the secret. If you kill him here, he’ll shut up, too.

Jonathan looked at the girl who remained silent.

For him, the Prince of Iphenya was really just a guess. I’m just saying this deliberately, but I don’t say yes or no.

This attitude cannot be done by a 19-year-old maid. No matter how you change your body, you can’t hide the spirit of experience and age.

Confidence grew that Charlotte was clear.

“Hey, Lotte, you’ve grown up. You always read Albert’s countenance like an idiot. This time, we’re going to hook another prince, and we’re going to grab the court. Turns out there’s a trick to dealing with men.”

“Why is your tongue so long? You must have had a lot of shock earlier, huh?”

“Well, that’s it. If I catch you, it’s much more useful than a North Korean lady. Apparently, you’ve emerged as two men’s weaknesses, and it’s worth a lot of money.”

“Leave a will. I’m gonna shut up your son with this whole building.”

“I don’t care if this building collapses, but I want you to cut me some slack. ‘Cause I’m the one who’s responsible.”

Juju became abominable of the man. Flames flared out of his stomach and threw out old age at the same time.

“What the fuck!”

I ran first because I had nothing to catch right away. Sliding on the floor, he kicked a broken piece of copper. He went into his arms looking for a chance for the other side to bounce it off.

The closest weapon depends on this body. I clenched my right hand into my chin. Jonathan’s aura was blocked as it radiated into the atmosphere. Twisted up and rolled up my left knee. While the dress skirt fluttered for a moment, he quickly threw out his left fist.

An aura focused on the left hand sprouted. I bumped into Jonathan’s.

The struggle was only a matter of seconds. I clenched my teeth with just a short push and pull.

They’re behind. Jonathan’s two feet gradually lost balance and were pushed straight to the wall. He managed to stop just before hitting a barricade chair.

It’s not enough. Don’t give me a break. That guy is again a feeder and integrate tightly with infinite power.

It was a moment to take a big leap forward and kick his head. An intense intangible energy came upon us. He stepped down in a hurry to defend himself.Jonathan laughed as if he had had had enough.

“You’re really trying to kill me.”

“Of course!”

Juju didn’t even feel the need to quash her anger anymore. I shouted again.

“I’m here to pick your head. Yoni! I am! You’re like me, like the others! Fuck you! I’m back here!”

I vomited with all the contempt I had hidden in my mind. It was just when Juju was catching her breath.

Jonathan was silent for a moment. His expression was extraordinarily cold.

It wasn’t long before the reply came back.

“Lotte, yes. I apologize. I’m sorry about what happened then.”

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