Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 192

Yonatan, who left the main hall, passed the state administration after defeating a lay priest who wanted to lead the way. Paper flowers planted by women’s volunteer groups are scattered in the garden.

Among the shapes modeled after autumn flowers, there were a few that were particularly eye-catching. He looked at the worst-shaped flower and headed to the building across the street. It is a place where volunteers stay and pray.

Volunteers were busily doing chores with laundry on them. They bowed flat when Jonathan appeared.

“What are you doing here, Holy Father?”

“I’m going down to the prayer room. Tell the other priests not to approach them.”

The prayer room was semi-basement structure, so I had to go down the stairs. Or maybe it’s because of the doctrine that prayer should be held at the lowest place.

The reality was the best place to lock people up. It is also good to give an excuse to pray to God for self-reflection.

So now the prayer room was off limits. The smell of perfumes was vibrating under the pretext of purifying the curse.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, priests staying in the waiting room came out to greet them. He was a heretical interrogator and a lay priest in charge of access control. After the formal greetings, they were clamoring for their present troubles.

Yonatan has become troublesome even to them. I raised my hand to make the fuss go away.

“Okay, I understand your hard work. I’ll have another face-to-face interview with her, so you guys hang out for a while.”

Only then did the priests let up a little. Yonatan asked another question, thinking he could not wait to burn him at the stake.”Where is your wife?”

Then a priest pointed to a deep passage across the corner.

The priest in question was trapped in the innermost prayer room.

Elise was sitting with a chair in front of him. He put his hands together and murmured his prayers.

Even though it was the beginning of autumn, it was noticeable that he changed to long clothes earlier. This is to hide the bulge. Even though he had inflated his sleeves and skirts to deceive his eyes, he somehow looked infinitely small sitting like that.

The child in her was a few months old now.

‘Maybe half a year…….’

It’s a time when you can’t do it even if you want to.

By that time, you’ll have hands and feet? How much is the face done? I heard that the moment you give birth to a boy or a girl, it’s decided.

Who does a child look like?

The priest tipped off Yonatan, who was lost in thought.

“As you said, I asked you to take care of Ethan. It was less objectionable than when my priest was in charge. But if you want to destroy erosion, you can’t help it.”

“You’re going to eat what you give me, you’re bothering me. I’ll try to rule heresy myself. Get away.”

Jonathan strode over there. Conscious that the priests have not yet completely retired, he used public appellation.


Elise seemed to be deaf. Jonathan, who had been waiting for a while, changed his words when he realized the disappearance of the sight.


Elise then looked up in surprise.

Jonathan fell on one knee. It doesn’t matter what happens. I put my hand on the back of her hand and looked up.

“He’s just pretending to be working. He’s praying passionately again. She must be thrilled to hear it. How are you feeling?”

“Well, I thought it would help me melt my heart. I’m… okay. It’s not the first time.”

“By the way, she’s a woman who won’t budge even if priests who live on this take turns rushing in. Don’t bother me, keep an eye on me while I’m talking.”

It was for her own good that Elysee was assigned this job from the beginning. It wasn’t for the Ippeniyans in there.

Currently, Daesinjeon is mobilizing all volunteers to keep up with the sales volume of sacred objects. Women’s volunteer groups are also motivated, bringing children to fold paper flowers constantly.

Elise could not get the hang of it in this atmosphere. However, she is not in a position to be honest about her pregnancy.

I thought about forcing myself to decorate a bottle and leave it at home. However, even though the checkpoints had subsided, there was still a threat left.

Count Keitel’s blonde hair.

The girl has already been in contact with Elise several times. I don’t know what I’m going to do to mess up this time.

I’m not sure if you know whether Elise is pregnant or not, but here it’s better to assume that you know. If they spill their words, they will make a counterattack by making a false scandal.

However, it was clear how Elise, who would be swayed in the process, would be treated.

That’s why he made a rough excuse and turned it this way.

Anyway, I had to leave it within my reach. And taking care of Ethan’s safety is nothing more than carrying water and food.

Just in time, most volunteers were afraid of curses and were reluctant to contact Ethan directly. This was a privilege that was neither too much nor too little, so it was worth the trouble.Jonathan swept Elise’s round cheeks.

“Or do you want to go see Johan?”

“It’s okay, I’m going to take a nap with the others at this time.”

Elise answered a beat late, and took out a small key and handed it over. Jonathan received it and opened the prayer room door.

Suddenly, my vision blacked out. At some point, the light came back like a lie.

Here we go again.’

Maybe it’s because I’m tired from imitating work that doesn’t suit me these days. My eyes have not been in good condition since I was hit by a North Korean. The trauma to the back of the neck healed quickly, but the eyes connected to the area seemed to be shocked.

It’s bright and dark. This is what happens when you move from dark to bright. Well, if you leave it alone, it’ll be fine soon.’

Is this a problem when internal injuries are recovered? Jonathan didn’t care too much.

The woman before him was more important than him.

Elise closed the door outside. The prayer room was a little dark again. There is only a ray of sunlight leaking from the window on the ceiling.

The priest of Ipheniah was sitting in the sunny spot.

It was a haggard face. I’m sitting on a cold stone floor. It seemed far more faithful than Yonatan.

“Madam, you’re going to end up in a hurry. Do hunger strikes increase your credibility?

Jonathan dragged a chair into the corner and sat down. Heresy interrogator would have brought it.

The priest opened his mouth in a precarious voice like a candle in front of the wind.

“There is no such thing as my divine power, but I can read your horrors. I will fall down here rather than cause trouble to my fellow countrymen.”

“I don’t understand anyone who claims to be self-sacrifice like this. What good is it if it’s written in scripture after death?”

Yonatan let out a laugh.

“Well, in this situation, your struggle wasn’t wrong, so I’ll admit it. You have a hunch, don’t you? I’m in the net right now.”


“We’ll see how long you can overcome your instincts with your will. I can do it if you really want to. More than that, hey.”

Jonathan leaned down and lowered himself.

“If you’re in a state of exile, be honest with me. You’re still strong, aren’t you? Be a good judge like a leader.”

“……again, state the magic.”

“In Continental, yes, no, you’re good, aren’t you? That’s enough for a nod. I can ask the Emperor for leniency if you answer my reasoning honestly and honestly and wrong in my reasoning.”

This woman doesn’t have an aura ability. But she survived the temple of Ippeniya. The place where Sun-hwang himself collapsed because he suspected his connection to magic. It’s impossible to know nothing of magic with such ingredients.

In a way, heresy is just a by-product. It’s a bonus.

Jonathan’s real purpose was here.

We have to kill Count Keitel. If you don’t rule him out, you may end up with another four young girls. I don’t want to witness Lotte’s touch from the underworld.

I’m not afraid of dying in itself.

More than that, after that.

After she died, she.

The sin of wanting your brother’s wife. Elise is taking on the sin of her own volition. He is suffering from a loss that he can’t afford to fall into.

So Archbishop Jonathan should not die yet. Don’t back off. To solve it somehow and make sure she has a safe baby.

“Madam, if you’re bored, let’s talk candidly again. Emperor Georg. Have you met him?”The priest shook his shoulders slightly. She shook her head almost reflexively.

“Yes, your answer remains unchanged. I recorded the temple and I guessed it. It says Colonel Foehler, who died the other day. Why the hell does a soldier’s eyes go round in front of merit. A friend I know did that too…….”

Jonathan, who had been reminiscing for a while, returned to reality.

“Today I’m going to talk about my personal experience. I, I’ve met. Albert’s father, the current emperor. I was called in because I was told off for a long time.”

“Your Majesty, this is a priest who works miracles. He’s a person I’ve been close to since I was in Hwang Jaryeong. Maybe I can become an archbishop in the future.」

“Well, I may have lost it when I was young, but when I get old, I’m a grumpy old man. What kind of regret did he make so much fuss that he wouldn’t die?”

I didn’t know at that time because I was young. It’s a little understandable now. He laughed at himself for being a rather messy adult.

“I have nothing more to say about my and Shenhwang memorandum.” I don’t know what to say.”

The priest cleared his voice with his mental strength.

The memorandum has already been interrogated several times. Or there’s a record of Seonhuang’s last magical experience.

But he also eventually avoided an accurate description of what the last spell was specifically. He was reluctant to mention it even though it was the most honest moment in his life. It left only an assessment.

<Tortured a wizard just before burying him alive to gain knowledge of the training process, but it is an esoteric way. This is a spirit-invading sage. You can’t live forever with this.>


It was useless.

The priest didn’t want to know what he’d been through now. As a result, the temple was also suspected and collapsed, leaving a scar torn to the soul. Whenever I think of the scene at that time, my whole body stiffens.

Let’s get our act together.

She was originally a new woman. There was only one secret that this body knew.

The fact that the prince who succeeded the magic is still alive.

The priest had no opportunity to think deeply about the individual. This is because he has spent all his energy mediating internal conflicts.

But regardless of his status, he was also a child of Ippeniah. A descendant born with the work of an unfamiliar country, just like Liriya and Nikolana and other postwar generations.

If I reveal myself, I can lead the child to his extremities. That archbishop probably promotes magic as a curse of ruin, what would happen if the prince’s identity was revealed?

The priest forced his trembling hands out of hunger.

All you have to do is deny the prince. If you ask for the prince’s whereabouts, only that…….’

But Jonathan suddenly brought up a whole different story.

“Well, it’s up to you to decide whether you really don’t know. Since you didn’t answer me straightforwardly, I had no choice but to deduce with the data I had.”

“What, you mean?”

“My friend once told me about magic from a shirt man. He said magic is a way of exploring the soul. And Shenhwang is…… I don’t know what I’ve been through, but I clearly stated in the memorandum that it’s a spirit-invading method.”

Jonathan looked straight down at the priest.

“Magic is the secret to interfering with the soul, the aura. I’ve hypothesized this far through cross-validation. Oh, maybe it’s possible to control the aura’s power failure or blood vessels.””He’s a child of creation. What the hell…….”

“Then what’s immortal? What did the Emperor Georg sense in his magic and affirm the impossible? I called my youngest son’s friend who I always threw away. I was determined to live long. I mean, why was it so quick to give up there?”

“It was an illusion that the emperor wanted to be immortal. Don’t you know that your empire was his senility?”

“Yes, ma’am, you’re getting close to the answer.”

The priest did not know the English. Did you lose your judgment because you didn’t properly? No, but he didn’t say anything dangerous.

What the hell is the Archbishop trying to dig up?

“I’ve read and read and thought through the damn memorandum. ……what did the old man want to live forever. He was so proud of his life that he went crazy. Based on what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced, I probably wish I hadn’t lost my old youth– or older.”

Albert agreed with this statement.

Georg, a child born at seventy, said his father certainly did.

“Magic is the power to interfere with the soul of others. And Shen Huang experienced the power in some form, and realized that he was far from immortalizing his desire. Then, in the first place, how did rumors of immortality arise?”

Jonathan suddenly had a stiff look on his face.

He was reflecting on the horrors he experienced last year. A grudge in a big, dark cave. The traces of friendship I sent myself to the abyss.

“Madam, yes and no are enough. Just answer this.”

Jonathan finally came up with a hypothesis in his head.

“The magic of immortality, the secret level that Ipeniya has been hiding, is it to plant another soul in someone’s body?”

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