Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 193

“Yonatan, I’ve given you permission to visit here, and I’d like you to answer that. What the hell is the point of getting a copy of this memorandum?」

The storage room had a high ceiling even though it was a basement. The only thing that lit up the dark room was a gas lamp.

Albert was surrounded by the light he had plundered from the north, and his murky blonde hair glowed dimly.

“The Emperor’s Personal Skills. It’s a big talk. The reality is an old man’s self-praise. If there were any gaps in the magic mention, I would have realized I was suspicious before anyone else.」

“But here, there’s a description that invades the soul.」

“Yonatan, I don’t want to be confident that I’m more of an expert than you are. But I’m confident in reading and pointing out Mac. Fine-tuning the atmosphere according to their theory, wouldn’t it be to split the running water with your fingers? It’s still a game of hands. If you take your hands off, there’s no sign of it’s gone.」

At first glance, it seemed right.

But Jonathan couldn’t readily agree.

The blue flower, which suspected the use of magic, also remembered that no trace was detected no matter how many times the vein of leaves was analyzed. It resembled the reluctance when the scene of the incident was too clean.

“This description. Yes. Maybe it’s a metaphor for your father. Immortality did not exist, and magic was never practical. I’m sure it means that small country was only possessed by such a prank. It would be credible to criticize narrow opinions in a well.」

“Will it be?….」

“Jonathan, he’s a sick father to me, but now that I’m here, I know why he lived such a life. An emperor needs justification to wake up in the morning and drink water. Even more so when it comes to war.」”You mean, it was just a cause of eternal war?」

“It’s true that Boo-Hwang was obsessed with immortality. If it were real, I’d think it was a better chance. But no matter how senile he was, he would have waged war purely and simply. The person who achieved the unification title worked only with madness without rolling an abacus while being friendly to the periphery?」

Emperor Albert burst into laughter at his own grass. I looked up and looked through the war history in the storage.

“At that time, the profitability of the gas was uncertain. It was a time when there were many doubts about whether it was worth securing enough to risk war. It must have been a burden to send troops both at home and abroad. Especially how the West would have taken it beyond the arid zone.」

“Oh, well… You must have felt unlucky. There’s a gas well over there, too.」

“At that time, the father-in-law was at an age when it was inevitable to transfer power to the next level anyway. It’s possible that senility was rather a useful cause. I therefore believe that the war was a war for gas. Thanks to you, the Imperial Palace and the Islands lit up a new lantern.」

After speaking, Albert swept down the glass hat of the portable lamp.

“Yonatan, I don’t know what you’re obsessed with. There is no need for supporting substance in inciting a curse. Fear will take you for granted. You don’t need to dig up a theory buried in ashes?」

Jonathan was reticent for a moment. If I bring up Irene at this moment, I don’t know where to go against Albert’s nerves.

But the magic of holding Count Keitel’s lifeline didn’t know what the clue would be. That’s why you don’t give up and chase. If you die like any other four young girls, you’ll be in trouble.

To be honest with you, Elise had to vomit on how she was now.

That’s all I hated. Albert seems to want to confide in Jonathan, but Jonathan couldn’t.

We must not expose our weaknesses. Albert is quick to snatch and use it to swing his way.

So Jonathan decided to make another excuse.

“When you saw Count Keitel’s Chong-hui, didn’t you say that Charlotte was reborn?」

The reason why they can still be friends. The weakness they are saddled with together.

Albert’s face changed a lot when he stabbed that part. I would have kept a straight face if I was in front of someone else, but I was honest with Yonatan.

“Do you really want to say that it has something to do with her?」

“Honestly, the other three died one by one, as if the specter of Lotte had captured them. Coincidentally, all three of them were involved in Count Keitel.」

“That’s what I’m saying. ……of course I admit that Juju looks like Lotte. I once thought it would be better if it were a mystery! But Lotte, we buried the body ourselves. Count Keitel came to Seoul some time later.」

Albert’s voice, which was speaking quickly in embarrassment, was cut off. He remained silent for a moment, recalling what happened last year, and soon opened his mouth.

“To report the details of Lotte’s escape from an ice brain cage…….」

“Albert, I think the whole thing is a mysterious phenomenon. But magic is mysterious enough for us.」

That’s when Jonathan first spoke out his hypothesis.

Albert remained silent for a while with his eyes wide open. Yonatan has been diligently transcribing the lines from the memorandum.

Shortly after, the pen that was transcribing stopped moving.

“It’s still a hypothesis. I’m not sure until I catch the North Korean guy and guess what he’s saying.」However, it is difficult to deal with the aftermath if it is later found to be a wrong deduction. I dug a hole in advance to escape. Albert doesn’t know when or where to blame others.

But I became curious purely as a friend. So Jonathan called Albert.

“Hey, Albert.”


“If there really was a way to revive Lotte, what would you do?」

I didn’t expect much of an answer, so the tone of the question was casual.

Albert blinked his golden brown eyes. At first, the slow movement gradually accelerated, resembling a three-syllable note in a score.

He had a gentle look on his face. On the other hand, it became a face that was bursting out of my heart. Even Yonatan has become so powerful that it feels unexpected.

The eyes reflecting the gas lamp flashed for a moment. An intoxicating color. Originally difficult to handle like fragile jewelry, reflecting in a messy direction.

It was not long before an open answer came out.

“It’s an irreversible temptation. We have to save him. There’s no reason not to revive him.」

“Well, would Lotte want that?」

“So you don’t want it? The latter is better between past misunderstandings and dying like a dog in a snow mountain?」

“Of course he didn’t want to die either. We did what we wanted, didn’t we?」

“You can’t apologize! If you apologize!!”

Albert burst into emotion out of the blue. After Batilde expressed his divorce, the resentment that had been tolerated came out in unison.

“Yes, she died, so I lost my chance to explain! I’d apologize if I could bring him back! There was a misunderstanding, there was no room. I won’t do that again! You think I’m gonna find it difficult? You can’t do it even if you want to! It’s the same now, even now, if, Jonathan, as you say……!」

Suddenly, raw resentment poured out, and Yonatan held back his desire to step back. The opponent was hot, so he became cold. There was a voice that was impolite.

“What do you want to do?」

Albert then took a step back as if he had been attacked unexpectedly. I guess he needed to think for a while. Unconsciously, the hand around the mouth lost strength and slipped to the chin.

He soon made up his mind.

There was a smile around my mouth.

“Is Jinju a big deal?」


“Yes, if she stays with me the way she used to be…… will bring treasure to the world. I’ll put you in a position worthy of the Emperor’s companion. I may swear to never make a mistake on the spur of the moment again, to be with you forever…….」

When Batilde was empress, she was drawing a compromise worse than this. When I first heard of Lotte’s death, I regretted the plan. Taking you to a small castle in the suburbs and quietly enjoying a sweet life.

But who knew the woman he chose as emperor was such a liar. Sagal that makes a fool out of a man with a smile.

Charlotte killed a man. Albert was afraid of her. But there was really a cruel woman, a wicked woman.

Then there was no need to hesitate. I want to win Lotte’s heart again by making all apologies if I can turn back. I want to be the best woman in the world and hold her in my arms indefinitely.

It was possible. It was possible.

I am not the emperor of this empire!

Jonathan spoke to Albert, who was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Hey, Albert. You’re so… …”

“What’s wrong?”

Jonathan shook his head saying no.

I didn’t think it would be useful to talk to him anymore. If he had a relaxed mind, he would have turned around nicely, but now he is tired of dealing with this friend.So he swallowed inside a horse that almost popped out of his mind.

You’re a good speaker.

Why didn’t you do that earlier?

* * *

‘Well, that’s a race, so we’d be friends.’

Jonathan thought, looking down at the distorted face of the priest.

This is how friendship works. After a bunch of similar guys get together and do a lot of stupid things, they rot or split up together.’

Jonathan looked back at the face of the modem.

They were all poor guys somewhere. Children who are dissatisfied with their current situation and looking for a solution.

That’s probably why he worked so hard to make Albert the emperor.

Albert was their representative, more precarious than anyone else, and was in a position to achieve. Everyone was young and feisty at the time. He believed he could be crowned emperor and prove himself to the world.

The shining youth ended on the day Albert was crowned. Friendship that has reached its goal has lost its place to go. Charlotte was the first to be eliminated in the confusion.

From that moment on, the downfall may have been a natural fate.

“Answer me, old lady. Word of mouth means that the magic of immortality was known to some classes. Don’t you know a thing or two about royal secrets during the state ritual?”

“What are you going to use now that you know it? What’s the use of…….”

“You’re changing the subject, aren’t you?”

Jonathan dug in quickly. The priest was caught off guard and swallowed his breath.

I thought you might ask for the prince’s whereabouts. Don’t tell me you’re gonna bite the taboos that died a long time ago.

How should I answer this?

At the time of emptying the palace, I understand that wizards had disposed of most of their inheritance in advance. Data that have not been sorted out were incinerated by Shenzhen. And all the sorcerers who were running away were captured and killed in the alive burial ground.

“At that time, the empire was afraid to take the sorcerer and test his rank. The old emperor said he might take away the body of an innocent man indefinitely. But now all the officials are gone and dead…….’

There are no wizards in this day and age other than princes.

In other words, even if you know the salary, you are the only one who will do it.

If so, should we rather choose to retreat for the sake of advancing one step forward? Reveal the secrets of the trick, but emphasize that the wizard is all gone. Then, it seemed that it would have an effect of hiding the prince’s existence and attracting attention only to the technique itself.

Words were followed to urge the priest who could not make a hasty judgment.

“You can’t answer me with your bare mouth, can you?”


“Well, I don’t think negotiations to reduce the intensity of interrogation will work for you. You said you didn’t want to bother your countrymen. I’ll put pressure on you to release the men you handed over to the Army.”

I heard Albert is just pretending to be a teacher because he’s a useless servant anyway. Even if released, the watchdog will follow. You won’t be able to join the organization soon.

At the story of compatriots, the priest was shaken.

I felt like I had this problem all because of myself. I decided to die like this. But if you open your mouth now, a few people can save you from the highlands.

Wouldn’t human lives come first rather than insisting on keeping secrets that can no longer be realized?

The priest finally opened his mouth.

“Not by pressure. You have to let him go.….”

“Do I look like a piece of cake? I’ll do it for you right away.”

Jonathan got up from his seat and opened the door. Elise, who was waiting outside, was given the priest’s name and told him to speak. I closed it back and came in.”The guy who just got his name called will go to the army. Is that enough?”

The priest thought briefly for the last time.

But the answer has already been set.

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