Completed Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues?


Chapter 194

The priest took a deep breath. In his heart he nodded heavily, apologizing to the dead sisters and forefathers, Jimo of Ipheniah.

“He’s a child of creation. ……you’re right. I have nothing more to add.”

Jonathan clapped his hands and woke up.

“I knew it! Immortal immortality was ultimately the art of transferring souls? You’re going to live on someone else’s body, right?”

“I don’t know for sure! There’s no precedent for human beings! There’s only one person who does the magic. Only the old king, who regretted the short life span of a dying dog!”

The priest hurriedly added because he was afraid of any misunderstanding. As I was nervous and my voice rose, my hungry body became dizzy. She managed to keep up the good fight against the bad luck.

“There was a reason for the taboo, so it was a flawed grade in the first place. Originally, it was impossible to completely obliterate the soul born into the body. The dog, who had been enchanted, also caused anxiety because he couldn’t understand the spirit mixed in the proposal…….”

“Of course he is. The power failure of the body can’t hold the soul, does it? Indeed, some might think, but it’s a difficult way to do it. How crazy would you have been if you liked a dog?”

“What do you southerners know? My hometown is the land of my mother in a dress of snow white.… I don’t know what magic was after in the face of the severity of nature.”

Unconsciously, the priest, who put the tune of the song in his mouth, made a sneer.

Digging snow and breaking ice, you can do it with your bare hands.

You can drive away wolves and beat bears with a spear knife.

Aura is the power of the soul. The continent, which was prone to war over the midfield octo, used its power in general for force. People specialized in harming people.

Ipeniya in the snow field has little to contend with foreign countries. In a land where nature overwhelms humans, there is no room for civil war. In the event of an avalanche, the village is buried, and if the ground does not melt in spring, the food will be on alert that year.

In the face of absolute force shaped like a jimosin, human strength is nothing but dust. Count a little more, but there’s nothing to be healed.

So Ippeniah began to study the power of the soul in different directions.

They observed and calculated the nature of the target to a microscopic extent. And in response, it developed into a technique to explore the essence of the aura, the inner soul.

So that people and people can understand a little more. So that we can help each other in front of nature that we can’t beat.

“He’s a child of creation. Don’t compare the imperial savagery with the legacy of Iphenya. Magic is a highly calculated technique. I’ve heard that creating a new magic requires that much passion and concentration.

The priest exhaled quickly. While reflecting on her long-awaited country, she calmed down little by little by little. Stretch your shoulders as if you were getting nourishment from the light from the ceiling.

“Without love, magic cannot be invented. So did the magic of immortality. Even though it’s an animal, it wouldn’t have been tried if it wasn’t for a loving heart.”

Even when the priest recalled the shallow magic he knew.

The king’s magic, which overlooks the human soul, was originally designed to save a man from distress in the snow. The magic of memory hung over Liriyah’s helmet was the heart of a parent who would survive alone to his daughter.

The Yonatan who was listening was stunned.”Madam, do you play lines?”

“Don’t you understand? Whatever it is, it won’t work to hear it now. Didn’t your emperor destroy the royal family and kill all our companions? Even if your emperor covets immortality, there is no one to do it!”

The priest shouted with emphasis on ‘no’.

Jonathan looked down at her with his mouth open.

After a while, I laughed. I took a couple of steps to clear my mind in a small prayer room.

“So is he. The wizard… wasn’t there?”

“Go tell the Emperor. “If you pursue immortality, you will make the same mistake as your father.”

“Yes, yes. Anyway, today’s interview was useful. Thank you for teaching me top secret. As promised, the compatriots will be released. She won’t be able to go out for a while, but I want her to eat as well as possible.”

Yonatan took a light step.

“Our God sitting there, he wouldn’t want to see people die. If you keep rejecting me, I’ll stick a stick in your mouth and stuff you with wheat porridge. So stop resisting in vain.”

After talking, Yonatan opened the prayer room door.

“Fierce to the Emperor?” That’s funny. You can’t trust me to change your body. Albert won’t do that kind of trick either.’

The body may be a shell, but it is part of human nature. Even if the soul remains the same, when the appearance changes, the perception of others changes.

Even this technique is uncertain how much of the soul the body’s originator had will blend in. There is a risk of losing yourself.

Are humans common in the world to bear such burdens?

‘If you’re not a man who can’t be helped, because he’s broken into a state of impossibility…….’

As it happens.

Jonathan knew a man with such circumstances.

A girl who wanted to be a good speaker and was more relentless than anyone else in cleaning up the disturbances, but was stuck by Albert, who had followed her since childhood.

The woman who was locked in a brain cell by Albert. Jonathan himself joined the punishment at that time.

Yonatan tried to uplift his darkness from her false accusations. When I faced the crime of being jealous of my brother, I was struck with disgust. He pushed hard without asking or arguing.


“It must be nice to have Yoni out of the house and live freely. What priest do you think you are? You don’t really like any of the girls you’ve been playing with, do you?」

“What are you talking about? Of course he………it’s true that there isn’t.」

“Oh, look.”

“If you’re jealous, catch one at the temple festival. Well, Pasha, he’s stiff and I can’t help it. If you ask Lena, she’ll bring you a basket. Pick a nice guy and have fun and break up neatly.」

“How could you do that to Albert? Albert doesn’t like noisy things. If I do that alone and get hated by Albert, I’m done…….」

ah ah


“You look like Lotte.」

Albert, I admit that one of your eyes is extraordinary.

Honestly, I was wondering what you were talking about. But you saw it right from the beginning. If you’re going to find out at once, why are you stuck in a brain cell?

I found it. It was damn hard, but I finally found it.

The magic of immortality was the last puzzle.

An ace in the hole that Emperor Georg was obsessed with. It finally came round and round here. Jonathan turned back the years. Numerous twisted causes seemed to lead to a single line.

Let’s make a assumption.

Charlotte was revived by the magic of immortality. There are now only two people left who can do the magic.

Rain in Iphenya, which was said to have disappeared from snow mountains during the war.Or maybe she was secretly harboring a child.

Just in time, there is a man in the north who was said to be a child of the great Count Keitel. The people of the Islands recognized him as the character of the Grand House, and no one knew exactly what he was born.

The hypothesis originally assumed by Irene and established by Jonathan is becoming more and more substantial.

Now what needed to be secured was physical evidence.

I wanted to burn it as soon as I dug out the secret, but I changed my mind.

Albert’s ruse was right as a result. The priest needed to live as long as possible.

That woman had plenty of room for bait. The longer the heresy referee drags on, the higher the opponent’s nervousness. I’ll take action in any way I can.

No wonder – if this hypothesis is true, the next target is definitely himself.

Yonatan, who was considering countermeasures, frowned. The vision is black again. It took time to adjust to the brightness of the passage.

I held the prayer room door with one hand. I fumbled for the lock with my other hand. By the time I counted to three in my mouth, the shape was barely clear. I turned the key around and locked it.

Elysee was fidgeting from the wall and watching this way. Jonathan approached her.

“Did you tell him? Are you sure you don’t want to go to her?”

“I’ll go later… …” I can do that much too…….”

When Elise was handed the key, she clasped it. She looked at Yonatan with a frightened look somewhere.

“What did you say to her? “Suddenly, send a man to the Army.”

“You don’t like it when I talk to another girl?”

“Don’t keep saying weird things! Yes, just in case you did something scary again.…. He hasn’t taken a sip of water. And then, uh, if I really die, if I die…….”

“Well, Elise, people don’t die that easily. Even if she runs to the underworld on her own, I’ll grab her hair. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Elise cringed her shoulders.

I am well aware of his abilities. She was a beneficiary in the past. The child in the stomach ate up his energy, and he couldn’t properly overcome the plague, which was only an early symptom.

Yonatan, who came down after hearing the news of the plague, clung to her recovery. With no time to turn to other families.

If I hadn’t missed the right time in the wind. If only their condition hadn’t worsened. I don’t think only foolish himself would survive.

“You just fly the tray when the time is right. Keep away from her in case she harms her.”

Elise was, and still is, adapting to reality.

I couldn’t help it even if it was stupid.

Some women believe in one’s brain and ability and live alone. Sometimes, even her family and her husband shake it off. Like a migratory bird flapping into a faraway country.

But Elise, she felt she was more of a hen.

It’s so hard to even waddle the world.

She didn’t even know exactly what this situation was. I only accept what Jonathan and other temple people say. The heresy of the dead has cursed evil and awaits God’s punishment. For Elysee, it was hard to understand more than that, and it was hard to even take care of my body and child right away.

So Elise tried to nod again this time.

But something wriggled in my mind and I asked back.

“He didn’t look so evil. I think I’m getting weaker and weaker when I leave it on the stone floor of the prayer room. At least if you move to a room with a bed…….””What are you talking about? You want me to leave you in a crowded place?

I purposely locked you in a deep place, but you’re a fool. Then, they are encouraging the North Koreans to take them.

Jonathan shouted when he saw Elise’s crying face. I was so nervous that I was emotionally treated emotionally. I softened my voice.

“And I’ll be naive and warm to anyone. I’ve managed to suppress it with the power of God, what if the curse spreads while moving the place? Elise, you don’t have to be enthusiastic. Just relax.”

“……because it’s your child here?”

Elise asked, conscious of the ship. Yonatan frowned many times.

“What’s wrong with the kid now? It’s all for you.”

Then Jonathan couldn’t stand the urge. Elise’s chin was lifted up and his lips were siphoned off for a moment.

With a little satisfaction, he left the aisle with a whisper that he was busy with other business.

Elise was left alone.

What should I do from now on? She went back and forth nervously. Then, I brought a tray of food, thinking that I should work hard at my task.

The priest was still seated in the prayer room. Elise put the tray down in a chair a little away.

“Well, it’s not good if you don’t keep eating.

The priest sat down with his eyes closed.

Elise suddenly observed her face. It is the first time in her narrow life that an Ipheniya has appeared.

She looked quite old compared to her slim figure like a girl. There was no grumpy side to it. On the contrary, he looked reverent like an adult portrait.

It was just that much of an increase. An evil heretic who does not follow the teachings of the Creator, he is no different from himself.

Am I thinking of being guilty?’

Surprised by himself, he opened his eyes that the priest had closed. He talked to me in a difficult voice.

“Well, can I ask you a favor?”


The priest curled up his stiff upper body.

“Blood, leaking.”

Elyse recognized what she meant by her posture. Covering his surprised mouth with his hands, he ran outside. Scoured the cabinet in the waiting area, pulled out a bunch of unknown clippings and clips, and returned at once.

The priest accepted with gratitude. While she was taking care of it, Elise turned to the door and fiddled with the doorknob.

“Thank you. I guess I was relieved to hear that my compatriots will be released. It started out of nowhere.”

Greetings were heard from the back.

Elise couldn’t answer quickly. I approached to hand over the unknown earlier. Will it be okay?

The priest went on regardless.

“But don’t rush around next time. It could go wrong with a body with a child.”

Elise looked back in surprise. The child must have been nervous to hide the pregnancy around him, and his stomach didn’t get bigger even when the moon was full. But what about her?

“Don’t tell me you’re…….”

“No way. I’ve never had a baby myself, but I’ve had quite a bit of experience taking care of pregnant women. Many of the Ephenyans were born on the streets after forced migration.”

The priest, who said so, sat on the stone floor again.

“It must be hard for you to take care of yourself, but you’re having a hard time caring about me, too. Isn’t it hard?”

Elise, who heard it, suddenly choked up. I struggled to control my mind. It didn’t make any sense to her.

The fact that such a man is an evil heresy. And the fact that Yonatan sells the holy water with pride in his imprisonment.

I don’t need anything. I want to stop this breathtaking secret and live as long as others can.

Even if it’s a sinful relationship, as a father of a child, I need you to stay with me now.Elise sniffled. The child whined in the stomach.

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